Working for a Living Ch. 03

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Third part of on-going story. It’s a bridge to the next two parts. After you read it, I’m sure you’ll see where those two parts will lead. Enjoy!


It was Friday afternoon just before 4p and just returning from a ten day business trip in the midwest had me dreaming of a cold beer and a quiet weekend at home. I was surprised to see a Ford truck pulled up near the house. Looking closer, I saw Washington plates and thought about who the hell it could be unannounced on a Friday.

I pulled into the garage and grabbed my bags out of the backseat. Walking around the front of the house, I didn’t see anyone so I kept walking around the deck. Getting around back, I saw someone swinging in my hammock enjoying the warm afternoon sun. “Can I help you?” No answer so I walked around beside the swaying hammock and gave it a nudge.

She jumped with a start. “Chris, you’re finally home!” as she pulled her iPod earphones out. I shook my head, not believing my eyes.

“Kelly, what are you doing here? Where’s your mom?”

She swung her legs out of the hammock and gave me big embrace, wrapping her arms around my neck as I dropped my bags. I couldn’t believe how tall she had become, as I found myself nearly looking her straight in the eyes.

“Mom’s not here. This is my trip. I hope you don’t mind me showing up like this, Chris.”

I stepped back from her. “Let me have a look at you. Damn girl, you’re all grown up!”

Kelly was wearing tight Levi’s and an Old Navy t-shirt. Her long hair was mostly blonde with streaks of red, extending half-way down her back. She always had a smile that would light up a room, just like her mother. She stood 5’7″ and had curves in all the correct places. Her young woman breasts tightly filled out the t-shirt she was wearing with just a hint of her nipples poking through.

“What do you mean ‘you’re trip’?”

“You know, I graduated in May and this is my senior road trip. Don’t you remember me telling you the last time you were in Washington I would come visit you after graduation?”

Smiling, “That was three years ago. I can’t say I do remember but it’s good to see you anyway. How long were you planning to stay?” By now I was picking up my bags and leading us into the house.

“Until you threw me out!” I looked over my shoulder with a raised eyebrow at her. “Just kidding. I figured through the weekend if that’s alright with you.” Ten minutes later we had her stuff inside as well and I had showed her to the guest room.

“Can I get you something to drink? I’m having a beer, it’s been a very long week.”

“How about I join you?”

“Last time I checked, the drinking age was 21 pretty much everywhere.”

I opened two bottles of Moose Drool, a local dark beer brewed in Montana, handing one to Kelly. She took a drink it was obvious this wasn’t her first. We walked back outside into the fresh air and sunshine and talked for a few minutes while enjoying the beer. “Why don’t we get cleaned up and then I’ll take you into town for some dinner.”


A little past nine, we were sitting in front of the fireplace catching up on the past three years. Years ago, I had lived next to Kelly and her parents in western Idaho. That was before they divorced and Kelly moved with her mom to Spokane. I’ve stayed in touch with all three of them as we had been close when neighbors. I stumbled home from their house on more than a few occasions after Kelly’s mom, Teri, had fixed dinner then we sat around drinking and playing games.

It had felt like Kelly had been flirting with me all through dinner but I really thought it just my imagination. I’d known her most of her life but she really did seem a bit different. I just chalked it up to a long couple weeks of traveling. “How’s your mom doing these days? Seeing anyone?”

“She dates but no one special. I’ve got some pics on my Apple, let me get it and I’ll show you.” She hopped up and I caught myself watching her tight ass swish with her Levi’s as walked. I heard her stopping in the kitchen before she returned.

She was smiling as she walked towards me, Apple in her left hand and two Moose Drool’s in her right hand. “My bottle was empty so I figured your’s was too.” She had changed out of her t-shirt into a loose button-down blouse and I could swear she had removed her bra as her breasts swayed under the thin fabric.

“You trying to get me drunk and take advantage of an old man?” Kelly didn’t answer, she merely smiled and took a drink from her bottle.

Her Apple booted up and it found the wireless connection. She opened up her my_space page filled with pictures of her and her friends. She snuggled in close to me, our shoulders rubbing together with the Apple sitting on her lap. Clicking on a link, a graduation day photo of Kelly and Teri appeared. “She looks great. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since I’ve seen you two. I saw your dad about six months ago.” Kelly kept flipping through pictures of her mom, it kızılay escort was obvious they were still very close. About twelve pictures into the slideshow, it looked like they were indeed very close. Kelly let the image stay on the screen just a bit longer than the others before clicking to the next picture.

I couldn’t tell if she had done it on purpose or not, but I surmised she had. It was a picture of the two of them in just panties and bras, Victoria Secret’s-style undies, and it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Kelly was using her right hand to control the Apple and her left hand had rested on my upper right thigh. I didn’t say anything about it until she slid it between my thighs and began to lightly stroke my leg.

I turned to look at her, “I think you’ve had a little too much beer, young lady.” She didn’t stop moving her hand on my thigh. On the contrary, she let the Apple slip between her legs and she turned her head to kiss me. Our lips met and the sensation was electric. Her tongue slipped past my lips and before I realized it, I was being seduced by an eighteen-year old girl.

I kissed back momentarily before breaking our embrace. “Damn Kelly, what are you thinking? I’m as old as your dad!”

She didn’t back down or hesitate. “Chris, I’ve been thinking about this ever since you last stayed at our house. I want you and I drove almost 500 miles to be with you. Now, you’re not going to disappoint a lady, are you?”

My mind was quickly turning to mush as I sat next to this incredible looking girl beside me. I kept telling myself that I’ve had beers with her father and that I was more than twice as old as her but I was losing the battle as guys often do.

While I debated with myself, Kelly pushed the Apple away from her as she nimbly unbuttoned her blouse. Her ample breasts were now visible to me. I could see her dark brown nipples firming. She pushed herself between my knees, her face inches from mine. Kelly brought my hands to her breasts as she leaned in and kissed me hard.

My hands reached forward and caressed her soft breasts. Her smooth, young skin felt heavenly to the touch. My thumbs rubbed across her hardening nipples as I felt her lips to mine. Opening our mouths, her tongue invaded my warm mouth and it was clear she was in control of me tonight. Kelly brought her knee up between my thighs and I could feel her rubbing me with urgency. My hands squeezed and caressed her breasts as they hung from her body. It seemed the more I rubbed her nipples the longer they became. And then I flashed on her mother and remembered that she always had large nipples. She would often become quite aroused when we were sitting around and drinking. Kelly’s were just like her mother’s.

Soon, her hands were fumbling with the buttons on my jeans. As the last button unsnapped, Kelly broke off our kiss. Her eyes were piercing as she pulled away from my body. She reached down and tugged on my jeans as I lifted my hips off the floor. She pulled them all the way off my body and then crawled between my legs and squeezed my inner thighs. My cock was standing straight against my body, precum already oozing from the tip. Her hands moved up my thighs and I gasped when the nails on her left hand raked the skin of my cock. Her right hand caressed my sac, her fingers moving all around it. All I could do was watch her and make every effort to remember to breathe!

Her mouth descended upon me. I felt the tip of her tongue invade my peehole, drilling for all the precum. When satisfied, she opened her mouth and slowly slid down my entire length. I could feel her tongue lapping the underside as my cock filled her mouth. Maddeningly, Kelly lowered her mouth slowly down the length of my shaft before finally bottoming out with her nose pressed against my groin. Her right hand continued to tease my sac as is hung down from my body. She began to bob her mouth up and down on my cock but only about two inches at a time. I could feel my cock against the back of her throat with every downstroke. This was a totally new sensation and it had me so near cumming in no time at all. It was as if she sensed it and she slid her mouth free of my cock letting it slap against my belly.

She smiled as she straightened up between my legs. “I’ve heard about you old guys not being able to get it up more than once a night and I have a better place for you to cum.” She giggled as she said it as she saw the look in my eyes.

“Only once will not be a problem,” as I pulled her face to mine and kissed her hard.

Kelly wiggled free of her of jeans and treated me to the sight of her shaved, moist pussy. She spread her legs and lowered herself down onto my erection. Much like her actions for oral, she slid all the way down until she was resting on my body. Kelly pulled my shirt over my head and pressed her skin to mine. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. As her tongue once again danced with mine, she kolej escort began to lift her hips up and down on my cock. Her muscle control was amazing and I could feel her gripping my cock as she neared the crown only to slide back down my length. I sat as still as possible, letting her magnificent body work magic on mine. Her grind, was long, slow and deliberate as she rode up and down my shaft. Amazingly, whenever I felt myself nearing, she would glide back down my length and would not move. It allowed me to catch my breath even though her kissing was sucking it from me!

Kelly broke our embrace and put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. She picked up the pace of fucking significantly, riding me as hard as I ever remember anyone doing. I could only take sixty seconds of this physical pleasure before I shot my load deep inside her as she buried my cock in her pussy. As I did, I felt her body shake on top of me as she rocked her head backwards. Her orgasm mixed with mine inside her beautiful body. She paused only long enough to enjoy it before fucking me for probably another minute before her body shook again and she collapsed against me. She was panting from lust and physical exhaustion as I caressed her in my arms.


I was surprised to see Kelly sitting up in bed as I returned from my morning run. It was just 7a and I figured she’d still be in dreamland. With coffee in hand, I walked over and gave her a kiss. “What you doing awake so early?”

Kelly had her Apple on her lap, the sheets over her thighs but her beautiful breasts exposed to my eyes. “Just updating my blog. Telling my friends about my trip to Idaho and the interesting guy I met.” She smiled at me as she said it. “That coffee only for you? It sure smells good.” I sat my coffee down and turned, “Just a little cream, please”.

“So what are you telling your friends? Let me see.” I handed her the coffee cup.

“Go take your shower and I’ll show you later. You might even get a compliment or two.” I gave her an odd look. “I added that picture I took of you yesterday to my ‘special friends’ section. A few friends of mine have a password to see it.”

Steam from the hot water filled my large two-head shower as I stepped inside to clean up from my run. I had only been in a minute when I felt a whoosh of cool air from behind me. Kelly’s hands were wrapping around my chest as she hugged me from behind. Her fingers played with my nipples as she pressed her breasts into my back. “I thought you might get lonely in here without me.”

I turned around and snugged her body to mine. Our bodies were a good fit and I brought my lips to hers. By now, my erection was growing between us. The hot water washed down over our bodies, raining down from opposite sides of the shower. My hands circled around and squeezed her asscheeks. “Damn”, I thought to myself, “her entire body is so smooth and tight.” The middle finger of my right hand moved down the crack of her ass until it found her tight rosebud. I pressed against it and she pushed her body to mine. I took that as an invitation to explore further. My finger pressed against the rim and the tip popped inside of her. As it did, her mouth devoured mine with her tongue going wild against mine.

I turned Kelly around and pushed her against the cool tile of the shower with the water hitting us from both sides. It washed down over her back as I dropped to my knees behind her. I pushed my face between her asscheeks and my tongue probed her rim. Kelly pushed her ass back to my face, obviously not shy about anal. I could feel her relax her sphincter as my tongue probed. My erection was now complete and I stood up behind her. I moved in right behind her with my cock between her thighs. She reached down with her left hand and pushed me inside her waiting pussy. I began to slowly pump in and out of her pussy as I reached around and rubbed her clitty. Kelly was pressing her full breasts against the cool tile, flattening them with her pressure. I could hold back my desires no longer and slipped my cock from her pussy and quickly pressed it to her asshole.

I leaned into her and my cock slipped inside her asshole, taking my crown with a pop. “OH GAAWD,” Kelly moaned from her belly as my cock stretched her hole. I pushed harder and began to stroke in and out of her hole, going deeper with every stroke. I could feel her muscles tighten around my cock feeling an amazing level of suction as we fucked. I moved my body ever closer so I could thrust deeper inside of her sexy ass. Pumping in and out as the water washed over our bodies. Kelly pressed her right hand to her clitty and was frigging herself as I attacked her asshole. “Pleeasse Chris. Cum inside of me NOW!” she screamed at me. I buried my cock inside of her asshole and shot my load deep into the crevices of her backside. As I did, I could feel her body convulsing under me as she brought herself to orgasm.

I leaned forward and she bent her ankara escort neck to kiss me. Finally I slipped from inside her. Kelly proceeded to lather and scrub my body. I noticed my juices running down her thighs as she relaxed her body. We finished our shower without saying a word.


“And why are you smiling so?” Kelly crossed the room wearing nothing but a long t-shirt.

I was sitting on the floor looking at the computer screen. “I see I earned all three icons for my performance this weekend.”

She ran over to look at my screen. “How did you get there? You have to have a password.”

I was looking at her webpage. One section was password protected and marked for friends only. I also found the interesting pictures she had teased me with the previous night. “You forget I’ve known you nearly your whole life. RoxyDog was only my third try.” Kelly punched me in the arm. “I see I’m just the second to earn icons for oral, fucking, and anal.”

“How did you figure that out so quickly? Roy was my boyfriend my Junior year.” I could see her cheeks begin to blush. “What else did you find snooping?”

“Hmmm, let’s see. You also like pretty girls, but I’m not surprised at all.” I noticed her nipples begin to point through her t-shirt as it hung down over her body. “And you have some very interesting pictures on your site. I’m especially intrigued by this one.”

I flipped to a different window and there was the picture of Kelly and her mother dancing very close together at a party. They both were wearing lingerie and showing bodies that would make Victoria Secret proud.

“Doesn’t mom look hot in that picture? That was at a friends graduation party.” Kelly’s right hand was now between my legs and giving me quite a rubdown.

“Does your mother party with you often?”

“We have fun together!” And with that Kelly pulled the t-shirt over her head and took the computer from my hands. She pushed me on my back and pulled off my shorts. She crawled between my thighs, her beautiful, full breasts hanging downward. Her nipples were quite hard from seeing herself. Her eyes met mine, then she lowered her head and her lips wrapped around my erect cock. Her right hand stroked up and down, following her lips the length of my cock. Kelly stroked me this way for a couple minutes, her eyes seemingly never to leave mine as I watched her. Without warning, her lips left my cock but her hand continued stroking quickly. She opened her mouth and took my left ball into her warm mouth. I could feel her tongue lapping at it as she sucked. As I adjusted to the sensation, she spit the left one out and sucked my right nut past her lips. Her mouth devoured me, as she inhaled it felt as if she would swallow me whole! The entire time, her right hand pistoned up and down the length of my cock. Finally she spat my right nut out and took my cock back in her mouth. As she sucked on me, I could feel my juices rising. Without warning, she pressed the index finger of her left hand to my rim and pushed inside of me. The shock and the sensation sent me over the top. I blasted my cum into her mouth as I thrust forward. After taking my first stream of cum down her throat, she let my cock slide from her lips. Her index finger continued to wiggle inside my asshole. Her hand stroked my cock and a second stream splashed on her cheek as she smiled at me. Kelly’s right hand released my cock and she used her fingers to push my cum to her lips. Licking with her tongue, I watched in awe as she swallowed the remainder of my cum. “My god you are a BAD girl!” was all I could say for her performance.

She laughed at my comment as she released my anus from her finger. She moved quickly up my body and kissed me before I realized what she was doing. I could still taste my cum on her tongue.


“Chris, I’m glad you could make it for dinner … and you brought a friend.” Elizabeth’s eyes scanned Kelly’s body from head to toe. “Come in you two, dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.”

I’ve known Elizabeth and her husband Ronny for nearly twenty years. In fact, Elizabeth and I have had a bit of history on our own before she met Ronny. Kelly was wearing hip-hugging jeans and a black t-shirt that fit snugly over her breasts. Elizabeth wore a cute little sundress, an ode to the warm weather. Ronny offered us beers and we all stood around the kitchen as Elizabeth finished up dinner. The chatter was light though Elizabeth was quite curious about Kelly. I could see Ronny sneaking a peak at her whenever he thought no one would notice. Kelly held her own and it was soon time to sit down for dinner.

“Let me clear these plates and I’ll get us dessert.” Elizabeth got up and took a couple plates to the kitchen. “Damn.” She returned a moment later with a sheepish grin. “Ronny, would you go and get us some ice cream? I thought I had some when I went shopping.”

“Come on Liz … it’ll take 45 minutes to get back. We’ll live without it.”

“No … we need ice cream with the apple pie. Take your buddy with you. Kelly and I will have everything cleaned up by the time your back.”

I thought I noticed a wicked smile in her eyes, but gave Ronny a nudge. “Come on, I’ll drive.” I gave Kelly a kiss on the cheek as we walked out the door.

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