With Six You have a Great Time

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The day was finally here. Our friends from up north were finally visiting Lisa and myself and going to spend a long holiday weekend with us at the nudist resort.

Darrell and his wife Donna and George and his wife Veronica were making their first trip to Florida and joining me and Lisa.

I had made all the arrangements and the six of us were going to stay at the resort’s luxurious cabin which featured three bedrooms, kitchen, family room and had a six person hot tub on the deck which overlooked the pond.

I arranged for a van to pick them up at the Tampa airport that would take them directly to the resort. They were expected to arrive at noon time today.

Lisa and I were already at the resort and were checked in. We got naked as soon as we settled in and the weather was cooperating and expected to be hot for the weekend.

Lisa jumped into the hot tub as we waited for our friends. No sooner than she got in, the van pulled up with our four friends. As the four of them got out of the van, Lisa joined me in welcoming our them, even though she was dripping wet.

I introduced Lisa to the group and I could already see that both Darrell and George had their eyes on Lisa and knew then that it would be an interesting weekend.

George and Darrell introduced us to Veronica and Donna, who looked like they had the devil in their eyes as I saw them eyeing my semi hard cock and Lisa’s smooth, wet pussy.

When all the introductions were made, we all went into the cabin. Darrell and George led the way to the respective bedrooms with their wives following.

After some time passed, George and Veronica came out of their room naked. Darrell and Donna followed them out and were naked as well.

I asked the group if they would like a short tour of the resort and they all said yes. Lisa and I led them to the pool where there were a few naked people playing. The resort hot tub also had some naked people in it.

I then showed them the trails and explained that they were pretty secluded. At that point, George and Veronica said they would like to walk the trails and Darrell and Donna opted to go to the pool.

Lisa and I led the way along the trail but shortly after we started, George asked if he could walk with Lisa which we had no objection too and I wanted some time with Veronica anyway.

As we walked, I could see George’s hands sliding down to Lisa’s ass. Veronica saw what George was doing and turned to me and said that it looked like George likes Lisa. I smiled and said that I hoped so and placed my hand on her ass.

Lisa turned around as George kept his hand on her eryaman escort ass. She smiled and said that she and George were going to take a different trail and for us to meet them back at the cabin. Veronica yelled to George and Lisa to have fun and we would see them back at the cabin.

Lisa led George down a secluded trail as Veronica went down the other trail. I found a spot that was pretty secluded and by that time my cock was standing straight up and ready for some fun. Veronica looked down and smiled and asked if I wanted to have some fun. I immediately said yes and she kissed me. I returned her kiss and pulled her to me, my cock pressed up against her.

Veronica dropped to her knees and her mouth found my cock. As I looked down, she started sucking my cock and then my balls. I started playing with her tits and felt her erect nipples getting hard. It didn’t take long before I told her I was ready to cum. She sucked harder and I shot my cum into her mouth as she tried to swallow every drop. My knees almost buckled from the intense cum I shot into her mouth. We rested for a few minutes and headed back, arm and arm.

By the time Veronica and I got back to the cabin, we noticed that Lisa and George still were not there. After a half hour went by, Lisa and George came in. I asked them if they had a good time and they both said yes. It was then that Veronica and I noticed cum oozing out of Lisa’s cunt and down her leg.

Veronica looked at me and said it looked like they had a real good time and we all laughed as Lisa tried to brush the cum off her leg.

At that time, Darrell and Donna came in and wondered why we were all laughing. We just told them that the four of us had a nice time on the trails.

Dinner time was approaching, so we all took turns taking a shower and got dressed to go to the resort’s dining room.

The six of us had a very nice dinner and we discussed the plans for this evening. Donna said she wanted to go into the hot tub, as did I. Lisa said she would like to get to know Darrell better. Veronica said she would like to go into the hot tub too as did George.

So, after dinner we went back to the cabin and Donna, George, Veronica and I got naked and went into the hot tub.

Darrell and Lisa got naked and staid in the family room, watching a favorite orgy porn movie that Lisa liked.

From the hot tub, we could see Darrell and Lisa in the family room clearly and they could see us in the hot tub.

Everyone was having a good time and enjoying each other’s company. I had a couple of bottles of wine that we were all esat escort enjoying.

I moved closer to Donna and I must have been staring at her breasts because she asked me if I liked them. I looked at her and told her I loved them and reached over to touch them. As I did, George moved over and he and I had Donna in the middle. Veronica just watched.

I started playing with Donna’s tits and George kissed her and started feeling her up as I started sucking her nipples. Veronica moved over and placed her hand under Donna’s ass and lifted her up so her pussy seemed to be floating. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Veronica’s tongue working on Donna’s pussy. Donna was getting a complete work out.

As we played in the hot tub, I saw Darrell looking at us and then I saw him turn to Lisa and kiss her. Lisa must have returned his kiss because I saw them in a bear hug, their bodies pressed together. I stopped what I was doing and watched Lisa and Darrell play.

I told George. Veronica and Donna to stop and for us to go inside where it would be more comfortable. We got out and dried off and went inside.

Obviously, we did not bother Darrell and Lisa as Darrell was on top of Lisa fucking her. Lisa looked up and saw us and told Darrell they had company but he didn’t stop. Soon, I could tell Darrell was ready to cum and sure enough, he shot his load into Lisa’s cunt. We all applauded as he rolled off my beauty.

Lisa raised herself on her elbows and asked if anyone wanted some as she was ready. George got down and mounted her and slipped his big cock into her cum filled cunt and started fucking her as Veronica offered her support. George came quickly and his cum exploded into Lisa and his cum started gushing out of her cunt.

I got on the floor and laid on my back and told Lisa to ride my cock. As she did, cum was flowing out of my girl and down onto my cock and balls. It did not take long before I gave her some of my cum too.

Veronica replaced Lisa and Darrell joined her on the floor. He was hard and Veronica guided his cock to her slit. She spread her legs enough for his cock to gain entrance into her wet cunt. With our encouragement, Darrell shot his cum in her and he rolled over as his limp cock slipped out of her cunt. I was next and mounted her and easily got my cock in her cunt and started to fuck her. George was applauding as I shot my cum into his wife’s cunt.

George went over and knelt besides his wife and managed to get her to suck his cock. It sure didn’t take long for him to cum as he pulled his cock out and shot his load on his wife’s face ankara escort and tits.

The rest of the night we all shared each other many times until we fell asleep in piles of naked, cum soaked bodies.

The next morning, we were still pretty spent from tbe night before but Darrell and Lisa continued were they left off.

Darrell had Lisa on the floor on all fours and had his cock pointed as Lisa’s inviting ass. He must have used soms lube because her ass hole was glistening wet.

By this time we were all up and watching the two of them.

Darrell started to insert his big, hard cock into her ass very slowly. I could see Donna watching closely. As Darrell was pushing his cock in, Lisa was pushing her ass back to fully seat his cock in her. In no time he was fully seated in her ass.

Darrell started to fuck my beauty’s ass and she was fucking him back. In the meantime, Veronica got on the floor and laid underneath Lisa and started to suck her nipples as they swayed back and forth with each thrust from Darrell.

Donna knelt down next to Darrell’s cock and started licking his cock as it was sliding in and out of Lisa’s ass.

Darrell yelled out that he was going to cum and then shot his load into my girlfriend’s ass. His cum was oozing out her ass as he continued pounding it until his cock went limp. George went over to lap up the cum as it spilled from my pretty’s ass.

The last day was special. We all chose who we wanted to spend the day with, one on one and at the end, we would have an orgy. Everyone agreed and we started to pair off.

Lisa chose George; Veronica chose Darrell; Donna chose me

We all went to a bedroom and closed the doors.

Now, I could not say what went on in the other rooms but I know they had a great time, As for me and Donna, we had a fabulous time.

Donna told me her ass was still virgin and wanted me to be the first. I told her to get on all fours as I lubed her up. I positioned my hard cock in front of her ass hole and started to guide it in, going ever so gently. After some time, Donna pressed her ass back as I pushed my cock further into her. Soon, my cock was fully seated in her ass. We rested a bit then I started slowly fucking her ass. Donna started fucking me back and I was ready to cum. She kept telling me to cum in her ass and I sure did, filling her tight hole with all the cum my balls could produce until my cum was oozing out her ass hole.

After we rested, we joined the others in the family room for a last night orgy.

The next morning we all got up, showered and dressed and got ready for traveling home.

We decided to make this an annual event and then we said our goodbyes.

We hugged and kissed and Darrell and Donna, George and Veronica got into the van and headed to the Tampa airport. Lisa and I drove home and it was all a beautiful memory now.

to be continued…

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