Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 07

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I would like to thank the readers for all the feedback. Please feel free to send me suggestions, this group is no where near finished exploring their sexual desires.


We drove to the local leather/sex shop where Carol and I have purchased a few sex toys before. I love this store it has all types of leather outfits, every sex toy you can imagine, movies, and paraphernalia beyond your wildest dreams. I figured, knowing Carol, we would be charging a fortune today.

Laura was a little apprehensive getting out dressed as we were and about to go into an adult store, but Carol took right over and grabbed Laura by the hand, “Come on let’s get you all sexed up. Come on boys follow along and hold hands.”

David grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers. Laura looked back wide eyed, smiled, and then turned back as we walked into the store. As soon as we walked into the store Laura looked like a child walking in a candy shop. She cowered a little to Carol. Carol pulled her through the store straight to the clothes racks. Holding up a leather push-up bra and matching crotch-less leather panties she held them up to Laura, “Nope, not quite what I was looking for.”

She moved down the rack and pulled a pair of leather hot pants, with metal rings for a belt, a couple rings attached to the hips, and a matching leather vest. She held them against Laura “Nice, go try them on,” and pointed her to the dressing room.

David and I both noticed a little skip in her walk as she went to try on the outfit. Carol walked over the boots, grabbed a pair of thigh high leather boots, and handed them to Laura just before she reached the door on the dressing room, “Try these on to.”

While Laura tried on the clothes, Carol grabbed a few more garments, grabbed David and I by the hands and shoved us into the booth next to Laura, “You guys try these on.”

David and I stripped down before we even looked at the new clothes. David and I looked at each other as we both said, “HOT” at the same time.

We quickly pulled on the leather pants, but the ass was cut out so we were totally exposed. For tops I was given a vest that came up just above my waist and did not close. Carol chimed in over the top of the door that David would wear his harness with those pants. We both had boots already at home which was going to complete these very hot outfits. Then we were both given thick leather collars with a ring dangling from them. We could barely contain our hard-ons.

We all stepped out at once, Carol must have run back off in the store somewhere, we looked at Laura and she was really hot. Carol came up on us and whistled. She told David and I to get down on our knees in front of their mistresses. David and I both knelt down, Laura looked at Carol with a questioning look, Carol clued her in fast, “They are our possessions now, anything you want them to do they will do. You are in charge. Watch this, David kiss Tony.” David turned to me and kissed me on the lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I eagerly returned the gesture.

Laura looked at us, “Wow, in public they play too?”

Carol told her, “The more humiliated you make it for them the more they like it, and that makes for great sex later.”

Carol looked Laura up and down, commenting, “When you wear the vest honey, no shirt underneath next time.”

We went back in the rooms and changed back into our clothes and handed Carol our stuff over the top of the door as we finished getting undressed. We came back out and Carol had two bags for each of us and we were given instructions not to open them. We got back into the car and we drove to home in a flurry of excitement.

When we got home Carol called in for pizza delivery and while we waited she said we would all change into our new clothes because after dinner we were going out to a club. Laura was scared, “Are you sure we can go out in public dressed that way?”

Carol gave her a stern look. That look that instantly makes you realize you made a mistake. “You have to be more confident Laura. Be tough. Be in charge. These fuck slaves will do anything you want if you just snap your fingers. If they don’t, there will be hell to pay, and that is a whole other story. Now let’s get changed before the pizza comes, I want to see his face when he delivers.”

When the pizza boy knocked on the door David answered and motioned for him to come in for payment. David had on his leather harness, collar, pants, and boots. When he turned away, and beckoned for the pizza boy to follow, the boy’s eyes just about fell out of his head as he stared at David’s exposed hairy ass. The boy was probably 18 years old, surfer looking haircut; he stood about 5’5″ and most likely was a virgin.

Carol dragged Laura over to the boy to see how much was owed. The poor boy lost his speech. I bet he thought he had died and gone to heaven, two beautiful women dressed in just a vest with barely their nipples covered, leather shorts, and thigh high boots. Carol began working halkalı otele gelen escort him, “Come on boy spit it out, how much do we owe you?”

The boy stuttered out “th th thirty t t t tw two dol dollars mam.”

Carol looked offended “MAM? Do I look like a fucking MAM to you little boy. Can you be anymore insulting than to call me MAM?” when she said this she put her hands on her hips pulling back her vest and fully exposing her tits to him.

The boy was shaking like a leaf and staring right at Carol’s tits. “Nnnnnn, nnnoooo mmmaaammmm, I mean mmmmiiisssss, I I I Im sssooo ss ssorry.” He was almost in tears.

Carol continued to berate him, “You insult me then you say you’re sorry, if you’re so sorry then why do you have a hard-on in your pants boy? Maybe I should contact your boss and let him know his little driver boy is making rude comments to their customers and then walking around all horned up?”

The boy went beet red and the tears started to run down his cheek “No, no please don’t I just started this job. I don’t need any trouble. I just want to deliver your pizza and go, please. I’m sorry.”

Then Carol came up to him and gave him a nice hug and pulled his face to her chest and cradled him like a little boy. Carol patted his head “SHHHH SHHHH, there, there, its ok little boy you don’t need to be scared.”

Carol looked at the three of us, smiled, and then winked. Laura was juiced up and ready to go, she was getting into the scene. Laura walked up to him and hugged him as well, exposing her tits to the back of his head. This kid was being smothered in tits. Laura was learning very quick, “It’s ok little guy, the big bad lady didn’t mean to scare you, let me make it up to you. I promise you that it will feel real good.”

Laura looked at David and me, “Ok you two cock suckers, come and make this little boy happy. Now get on your knees and service this young boy’s cock. And don’t you dare stop until he fills your mouths with his little boy cum.”

David and I got down on our knees in front of the pizza delivery boy, unsnapped his pants, and pulled them down along with his tidy whities. His nice young boner slapped back against Carol’s thigh, who was now feeding him her tit. David and I started by licking his young shaft and balls. The boy needed the girls to support him; his legs were getting weak and shaky.

It didn’t take long for us to make bring him to the edge. The boy was whimpering like a baby as he sucked Carol’s tit. David and I continued to suck on his cock and balls. Laura, no longer the novice, reached down and fingered his tight little virgin hole which pushed him over the edge and he shot his creamy load into David’s mouth. David quickly moved the spewing cock into my mouth to catch a couple of fresh squirts.

Carol stroked his head, “There now, that wasn’t so bad now was it baby? Maybe next time you deliver us pizza we can make you feel even better, wouldn’t you like that?”

Carol stuffed forty dollars in his shirt pocket, “Keep the change lover,” then planted a nice wet kiss on his lips. The kid spun around and Laura kissed him as well. David and I pulled up his pants and he left holding his unbuttoned pants up.

The girls laughed, turned to us, and kissed us. Neither David nor I swallowed his seed, we held the cum in our mouths to share with the girls. When Carol kissed me and Laura kissed David we gave the girls the boys cum. They both were thrilled. Carol licked her lips “Now Laura that is the way to control a boy.”

Laura pulled away from David, “That was so fucking hot and so powerful, it’s official I love the mistress role.”

We ate the pizza and laughed about our little friend. The boys were told to clean up while the girls stared at out exposed asses as we were doing the dishes. We went out to the car and the boys were instructed to ride in the back, while the girls rode in the front. We drove to this local bar called Renegades, which had a lot of motorcycles parked out front. We all got out of the car. Carol handed Laura a leather strap and they both turned to us and attached the leashes to our collars.

Carol said, “Now nobody will bother you. Laura, keep a tight rein on that one there he may stray to get fucked,” as she pointed to David. Then she laughed and tugged my leash to follow. We went in the door, the music was playing, and guys were playing pool and socializing. We walked through the bar and got a few stares. I noticed there were both men and women on leashes, and there were people just talking and drinking. We went outside to the closed patio in the back and took a table in the corner where we could see everybody, inside and out.

Carol ordered us drinks and we enjoyed being out in public dressed in just about nothing. I could feel the stone bench against my ass. When Carol and Laura talked they both were very animated with their hands causing their vest to open and close flashing their boobs. It was all halkalı rus escort so hot.

There was a guy in the corner on a leash being held by a huge biker chick. The guy only had on a leather g string and his collar. Guys would come over and shove their dick down his throat and he would blow them. The chick looked at Carol as they exchanged a silent conversation with their eyes, “He was a bad boy, I caught him blowing the Gardner without my permission. Now he has to blow 20 guys tonight as punishment, then I’m taking him home and tanning his ass and fucking him until he begs for forgiveness.” Carol smiled and gave her thumbs up.

David and I looked at each other and thought we wouldn’t mind that punishment. Then we saw this grossed out fat guy, smoking a cigar that looked like he hadn’t showered in a month, come over and drop his disgusting load down the guy’s throat. The poor guy’s eyes watered while he blew him. And that is why we stay in our little circle. We finished up our drinks, got up and headed for the door. We went outside and all got in the car.

Laura was the first to talk, “That was so much fun, being this naked in public was so hot, I am so horny now. Can we go home and fuck now?” She looked to Carol for approval. Carol looked back at her, reached a hand across to her crotch and started to rub it, and then she reached up and tweaked her right nipple. Laura gasped and put her head back. “That feel so good Carol, I love your touch”.

Carol drove in a different direction than our house; she drove to a public park in the hills. It was now 9pm and the temperature only dropped to the 90’s, it was an Indian summer night for sure. Carol parked the car and we all got out.

Carol followed a path into the trees, pulling me by my leash, “Come on Laura we have to take our pets for a walk. If we play our cards right we may get it doggy style out in the open.” Laura started to walk pulling David by his leash.

We went off the path and into a small clearing, Carol turned towards us and unzipped her shorts from the crotch making it like a skirt, wide open with no panties and her pussy was fully exposed. Turning to the sound of another zipper, Laura did the same. Carol then instructed us to drop our pants and sit on a fallen tree next to each other. David and I complied and sat on this bark covered tree with our pants around our ankles and our cocks sticking up in the air. Carol and Laura walked over to us and sat in our laps, facing us.

They wrapped their legs around our backs and adjusted their pussies onto our cocks. Once imbedded on our cocks, Carol leaned over to Laura and, wrapping an arm around her neck, pulled her close enough to start kissing her, but not before she told me and David to start making out. We must have been one hot fucking site.

The whole time the girl’s kept gyrating on our cocks. The way they sat on our cocks the skin was pulled so tight that I couldn’t cum. I think that was their intent, it was all about them. Laura and Carol stopped kissing, but encouraged us to continue to make out, especially Laura “Ya, that’s it baby kiss him, lick his tongue. I love watching men make out, it’s so sexy and hot. Oh baby kiss your man, make him happy. Feel how wet you’re making me while I watch you kissing a man? I bet you’re thinking of sucking his cock later, or do you want to be fucked by him?”

David moaned in my mouth as we had our tongue war, “Oh that’s it isn’t? You want a nice hard cock up your boy pussy don’t you? You like cocks, in your mouth, in your ass OH GOD.” Laura was talking herself into an orgasm and came while just sitting and moving on David’s cock.

Carol bounced up and down on my cock a couple more times, smashing my balls, while she went into her orgasm. The idea of being caught or watched out in public was an added bonus.

We got up pulled up our pants and went back to the car and headed home for some real fucking. Neither David nor I were allowed to cum. Our crotched were soaked with pussy juice as we walked in the night air.

By the time we pulled into the driveway we were all busting at the seams to cum. The girls ran ahead us, let themselves into the apartment, and disappeared into the bathroom. David and I went up the stairs and entered the apartment, we could hear the girls talking and giggling in the bathroom. I went in and put a porno movie into the VCR and David and I sat on the couch and began to slowly stroked each other while we watched the movie. We kept each other semi hard, but didn’t bring each other too close the edge. We wanted to save that for the girls.

The girls came out of the bathroom both wagging huge 12 inch strap on cocks and nothing else. Carol was carrying another three foot double headed dildo. David and I looked at each other and smiled, still holding each other’s cock; we flinched in each other’s hand. What they have planned, we would soon found out. Carol took charge, as usual, “Ok sluts get on your knees and be prepared halkalı türbanlı escort to get fucked until you can’t walk.”

David and I quickly got off the couch and assumed our position on our knees next to each other, and facing the girls. The girls stepped forward and shoved their cocks in our faces, out of impulse David and I started to suck on them. The heads were huge; I could barely get it in my mouth. But as I kept trying my ass kept flinching, anticipating what was to come.

Carol pulled her cock out of my mouth and told me to turn around and crawl a few steps forward. I complied obediently. Then Carol instructed me to side step so that the bottom of David’s and my feet touched. Carol stepped next to us and Laura moved to the other side, “Good boys, I like that you listen so well, you must like to be fucked really bad don’t you sluts?”

David and I both responded, “Yes mistress. Please fuck our slutty boy pussies.”

The girls slapped our asses hard, causing both me and David to bite down hard to hold back the scream. Another blow to each cheek, and then came at least four more before a tear fell from my eye. I would imagine the same was happening to David.

My ass was on fire and my cock was dripping and hard. Laura noticed this, “Look at this pussy he likes being spanked like a little baby don’t you sweetie? This is making you hot isn’t it? You like being spanked by a girl, a girl that is going to fuck you like the little pussy girl you are? You’re such a pussy, eating men’s cum and taking a cock up your ass. You want me to stick my cock in your boy pussy and make you feel all nice and full of cock?”

I bowed my head down “Yes mistress please fuck me I need your cock inside me, fuck me hard, stretch my pussy open, fuck me until I can’t walk.”

Carol started in with more instructions, “First you and David will fuck me and Laura with this three foot dildo, in our asses. Once we are ass to ass, and full of cock, you will get in front of us and push your little tight pussies onto our cocks. We will all get our asses fucked at the same time.” Holy shit this is going to be hot.

David and I got up and the girls assume our positions. David and I lubed theirs asses good. They obviously cleaned each other out in the bathroom, nice. I filled Laura up with lube and fingered her good, twisting and widening her ass. Laura was moaning like a whore, “Hurry up and stick that cock in me pussy boy, I need to be filled with cock.”

I took the end of the dildo and inserted the head into her hole. As I pushed it in Laura jerked back against the intrusion sending about three inches into her, with a grunt from Laura, “Ugh, that feels soooo sooo good.”

David now had the other end lined up with Carol’s ass and guided her hips back onto the head of the dildo. As Carol pushed back onto the dildo she was pushing another two or three inches into Laura as she screamed out, “Oh god that is good, the pressure is going to make me cum.”

Carol yelled at Laura, “hold on bitch until I get this fucker in deeper, let me catch up. Hold onto the cock boys we are about to push back from both ends and get this fucker in us. Ready Laura, on three push back, 1….2…..3…”

David and I held the dildo in the middle and guided the remaining amount of cock into their asses when the girls pushed back. Both girls pushed their heads to the floor and started to grind a bit into each other and slowly moan, “Mmmm god that is so fucking filling. Now sluts get in front of us and scoot your pussies back onto our cocks.”

David and I quickly lubed each other up so we can take these huge cocks that the girls had strapped to them. We got into position in front of them. The girls lifted up slowly as we scooted underneath, the girls using our bodies to brace them up. Once I lined my ass up with Laura’s cock she used one hand to guide the cockhead to my ass and told me to push back harder. I felt like a fence post was being pushed into me, I’ve never been stretched so much. I had to put my head to the floor and reach back with both hands to spread my ass a bit more. I used my head to push myself back on the huge cock. It finally went in, the pain was blinding, I cried out “Oh shit that fucker is big.”

Laura didn’t let me off the hook and shoved it in more, “Shut up and take it slut, you know you like big cocks.”

I could feel David pushing back on Carol’s dildo now forcing more of my dildo to go in. Once we were all impaled Carol started the cadence, “You boys will have to lower your heads so we can lie on your backs then you will do the fucking and Laura and I will lay here and get fucked. Now slowly pull off our cocks. Good, now push back against each other. Now back out a little and push back. Oh god that is so damn good.”

We went slowly for about five minutes taking more of the dildo and enjoying the ride. Laura couldn’t take it anymore, “Faster, fuck faster, ya that’s better.”

As we picked up the pace we were then instructed to push back harder each time, “That’s it fuck yourselves harder, slam back harder, yes that’s better, now faster and harder.”

We got into a steady rhythm until Laura started to cum hard, “Oh god my ass is orgasming, oh my god harder make me cum, yes, oh mmmmm!” Laura was gripping my sides hard and I felt her body tremble on my back, it was so hot.

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