While the Cat’s Away Ch. 02

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I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful response on the first chapter. I really did enjoy writing it and this follow up chapter.

I hope you enjoy the story.


Chapter 2

The next morning, I awoke or rather was awoken by the sensation of Daniella sucking my cock. She sucked with such youthful vigour, which her mother more than matched. She soon proceeded to mount me and guided my cock straight into her ass. She gave an approving moan as she did so, then she began to fuck, nice and slowly.

She remained a splitting image of her mother, the same light blonde hair which drew me to her mother was drawing me to her and my cock into her asshole. Daniella’s tempo began to increase as I proceeded to finger fuck her pussy. I fingered her to orgasm and she was left speechless as she came, whilst riding my dick which remained in her ass. She leaned back and lifted herself off my dick and proceeded to climb on top of her mother and kiss her on the lips.

I slipped in behind them, stuck my fingers back inside Daniella. I then licked Sam’s pussy, all the while Daniella kissed her again. All of this woke her up, and she loved the sight of her daughter on top of her and me pleasuring them both from behind.

I continued doing what I was doing, they began to moan, seemingly in unison. Sam didn’t take long to come, Daniela was trembling soon after and her second orgasm gripped her as well.

Mother and daughter held on to one another as they came down from their respective orgasms. Daniella then rolled off her mother and she saw me. I went and slid my dick inside her pussy, she lit up with a smile and I kissed her in return. I then fucked her hard, and she wanted more.

She moaned loudly and she was in awe, maybe not expecting my stamina to be that intense. She was a force to be reckoned with and gave as good as she got. She raced through another orgasm and I kept going at it.

I eventually came myself, but not before making Sam cum once more. Her pussy dripped with my cum as it seeped out. Daniella leapt in and hungrily sucked up the cum. I laid back and watched the most intimate mother daughter relationship I had ever seen.

Sam eventually got up and announced she was going to cook breakfast. Daniella, quickly cuddled up next to me and we just laid there grasping one another’s naked bodies. The sun shone through, the now open, curtains and illuminated her delicious ass.

A little while later Sam called to us and we headed to the kitchen. We sat at the kitchen, still undressed of course. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and great conversation. Sam’s daughter was quite a clever and witty young lady who was going places.

Sam dropped something and bent over to pick it up. It was quite a view, as she lifted her upper body up I stopped her. I prompted her to lay on the kitchen stool. She knew exactly what I wanted and she wanted it too. I moved in front of her and she guided my cock into her mouth. She began to suck, and it was fucking glorious.

While Sam continued to suck my cock, Daniella indicated she would be back. Soon she returned wearing a strap on with a purple fake rubber cock pointing ahead. She moved behind her mother and rammed it inside. Sam moaned her approval at the sudden penetration, but mother’s intuition told her Daniella was responsible.

Sam would later tell me she saw the strap on in her daughter’s closet but said nothing. Perhaps hoping a day like this would come eventually. Daniella relished the scene in front of her. She was penetrating the pussy she came out of and loved every second of it. Daniella’s work was bringing her mother to an orgasm.

I pulled my dick out and heard Sam’s moans as I moved behind Daniella. I enjoyed the sight before me as I slipped my cock inside Daniella’s tight little asshole. She let out a loud moan as I did so and I continued to fuck her hard and deep inside the ass. Sam screamed as she came, her daughter then pulled out of her pussy. All the while I kept my dick inside of Daniella. Sam undid the strap on as I continued to fuck her daughter in the ass. She sat down and enjoyed what she saw.

Daniella was now bent over and intent on getting my dick as far in her ass as possible. bahçelievler escort She howled like a wolf in heat. Samantha’s eyes were seemingly glazed over in lust. She wanted her daughter, in a way most mothers don’t and she did not give a fuck. I eventually felt my release and shot it right up Daniella’s asshole. When I pulled out she turned to me and jumped and I lifted her up. We shared a deep passionate kiss.

“Thank you, you were my first man,” Daniella said to me.

“You are welcome Daniella,” I responded, which brought out a smile from her and her mother.

I gently put her down and she walked over to her mother and gave her a slow, long kiss on the lips. She did this while she pushed out her ass ever so slightly and used it to further entice me. It seemed she had inherited all her mother’s sexual energy and exuded it, much like Samantha alluded to in one of our many conversations.

It was a Friday, she was wearing a top which tapered into a skirt. She also paired it with a pair of blue jeans. She was dressed rather colourfully. I asked her if that was the sort of thing she would have worn in her younger days. Her response was that she wore less. I was thinking how she showed off so much skin when she was younger.

She also told me how she was always partying when she was in her youth. I later found out she never went to university. That simply highlighted just how much she had achieved in her life.

I then led the two women to the bedroom, some equipment was present which I had brought with me in my car and I began to unpack. It was a fucking machine and I began to set it up. I ushered Sam toward me and she followed without hesitation.

I started by blindfolding her, and ensuring she could not see anything. I then placed ear muffs over her ears so she could not hear anything. I then laid her on the bed and began to spread her legs apart. I produced hand cuffs and cuffed each of her arms to their corresponding legs. I then connected her to the chains I had hung from the top post of her bed.

I walked around her and put a ball gag in her mouth. I then wheeled in the fucking machine. I positioned it and secured it in place. I gave Daniella the honours of switching on the machine. She then pushed the switch and the machine came to life. It pushed forward the artificial dick and began to move forward and back inside her pussy.

“Come Daniella, let’s go pick up a friend for your mother.”

“Who is it?”

“A co-worker of your mother and I. Come you’ll see.”

“Do I have to get dressed?” Daniella asked while placing her hands on her hips to emphasise her nudity.

“Not too much,” I responded with a wide grin.

Daniella quickly disappeared and returned only a little more dressed. A little yellow summer dress is what she had on, a little lift of her dress revealed she had nothing on underneath.

We then headed to my car, while the machine continued to fuck her mother. On the journey, Daniella and I got talking and getting to know one another as we did not have the opportunity the previous night.

“It’s good getting to know you better Daniella,” I said.

“Yes, it is good to get to know you as well,” Daniella replied.

“I think we both know I’m not looking to be your father, especially after last night,” I said to her.

“Ha, that’s for sure, I understand. I just want to thank you. The way you love my mother, she deserves it after all she has been through.”

“Daniella, I do love your mother. She told me about her first marriage, and I kind of guessed what has happened to her current courtship.”

“Yeah, my mother slept naked with him every night but he never showed any appreciation for that. They stopped fucking a long time ago. His mother always treated my mother and I like outcasts, like we didn’t matter.”

“I know, she told me about that as well. We talked about everything. She always had time for me, I remember when I left the company she always kept in touch.”

“That’s why she called you last night, he had left, his mother told him to come to England. He listened and left us behind.”

“Wow, I never thought he would do that to Sam. She has been through so much. Daniella, I don’t know where this balgat escort is heading or if there is a future beyond a couple of days of debauchery.”

“I understand Billy, I do know that you care about her, and I think you care about me.”

“I do, I only realised how much the day I left the company. I told her that I was going to miss her and then hugged her, I had never meant that more than I did that day.”

“She told me, we share everything,”

“Including men?” I enquired with grin.

“Now we do,” Daniella responded with a laugh.

We continued on our way to meet Jacqui a woman whom was a co-worker from my days at the tech company. She is extremely attractive, brown eyes, dark hair and a body to die for. She always accentuated what, I presumed, she felt was her best asset, her breasts.

She often would leave plenty of cleavage on display at the office, which rarely would slip my mind. Soon we pulled up outside her home and called her up. She came outside with a maxi dress on but with her cleavage spectacularly on display.

“Hey Jacqui,” I spoke to her as she drew me in for an embrace.

“I remember that dress,” I said to her

“Not quite like this I imagine,” She responded as she emphasised her breasts as they heaved out, courtesy of the wide and plunging neckline of the dress.

“Certainly not Jacqui,” I responded as I give them a little squeeze.

“I’m assuming this is Samantha’s daughter you have with you?” Jacqui enquired.

“Indeed, she looks like her mother, even fucks like her too.”

“Well, I would like to find out first hand.”

“That is precisely why we are here.”

“Where is Samantha?” Jacqui asked.

“Cumming,” I said, with a look on my face that explained everything that my words did not.

“Well let’s go and make her cum some more.”

Jacqui took a ride with Daniella and I back to Sam’s house. It was eventful with Jacqui eating out Daniella’s pussy as she provided easy access to it. Soon though we had returned. We walked in the door and heard Sam moaning in lust despite the ball gag in her mouth.

I went in to check in on her while Jacqui and Daniella got naked. I undressed myself as I continued to watch Sam get fucked, I remained quiet and she was unaware of my presence until I switched off the machine. I slowly lowered her down and began to undo all the restraints. She was a bit groggy but she regained composure rather quickly.

“How was that?” I asked her.

“I love being fucked, whether it be man, woman, or machine. I would often pleasure myself, thinking about you.”

“I did too Sam, the day you told me you slept naked.”

“Yes, I noticed the tent you pitched, much like the one you are pitching now, minus the tent of course.”

“I always suspected as much, anyway I brought Jacqui back with me. She is with Daniella. Why don’t we see what they are up to, shall we?”

Samantha readily agreed, we walked into the next room and found them scissoring one another like there was no tomorrow. We held each other close as we watched the erotic scene unfolding before us.

“You raised her well Sam,” I said to her.

“Thank you,” Sam responded with a kiss.

After the two ladies brought themselves to orgasm. I helped Daniella up while Sam brought Jacqui to her feet. Sam kissed Jacqui and began to fondle her pussy. They moved to the bedroom and Daniella and I followed.

Sam laid Jacqui on her back on the bed, despite being solidly fucked for an hour and a half her resilience was amazing. Sam began to eat Jacqui’s pussy, and I bent Daniella over and began to fuck her. She let loose her potty little mouth and urged me to fuck her harder.

Never one to turn down a lady’s request, I thrusted harder and faster. Her moans escalated in volume accordingly. Sam and Jacqui were not to be outdone and escalated their moaning accordingly. A veritable surround sound experience of three women I so wanted to fuck were there in that room with me.

The moaning was shattered by their orgasms, which were being passed around like free samples at a supermarket. I dumped my load into Daniella, and she enjoyed the feeling of it inside her pussy.

I had drained my reserves and energy. I told the ankara escort ladies present I needed to rest to continue our frenzied fuck festival. They obliged and joined me in the bedroom. I loved the feeling of dozing off with three beautiful women all completely nude.

After what felt like an eternity had past, I was awoken by Daniella sucking my dick like it was the fountain of youth. She slobbered all over it has her hands tended to my balls. Daniella then lifted off and graciously allowed Jacqui to taste some of my morning wood.

Sam was asleep but not for much longer. Daniella was kneeling by the edge of the bed to begin fisting her own mother’s asshole. She started gently with one finger but quickly worked her way up to her whole right hand. A bit of her forearm then followed. Jacqui looked on in disbelief at what she saw. She looked on, standing beside the bed while I fucked her from behind.

Samantha then opened her eyes and saw Daniella looking directly at her and smiled as she continued getting personal with the pussy she came out of eighteen years ago. Jacqui looked on and said that she wanted to try it.

“Sure, why don’t you lay down next to my mother,” Daniella instructed Jacqui.

I pulled out of Jacqui and she proceeded to lay down next to Sam. Daniella repeated the same process on Jacqui’s asshole and soon she had Jacqui and Sam in her grasp in the most literal sense. Sam and Jacqui gasped in disbelief. Daniella’s hands may have been small but they certainly had quite the effect on the two ladies currently laid out on their backs.

I stood watching whilst slowly stroking myself to the sight that was in front of me. Eventually Daniella pulled out her fists and then let Sam and Jacqui taste one another’s assholes as they licked her fingers. Once they had finished their ‘tasting’ Sam and Jacqui shared a kiss. The three ladies present then turned to me, or rather my cock which still stood hard and yearned to fuck some more.

Daniella was the first to kneel before me then she proceeded to give my balls attention. Jacqui and Sam also joined her, positioning themselves on either side of Daniella and began paying tribute to my cock. They licked my cock from one end to the other, they did so in sync at first but then began to alternate and did things to drive me crazy. It was quite the scene having three gorgeous women tending to my cock and balls at the same time.

Eventually, Daniella stood up and turned around she wanted my dick inside her. Sam and Jacqui stood up and began to fondle Daniella as my dick was thrusting in and out. Daniella howled in pleasure as I fucked her and she was heading toward orgasm. I fucked some more and she came, trembling and heading towards her knees. My dick popped out and her orgasm was squirting juice all over the floor. Daniella turned to face me and laid back on the floor with her back against the bed. She was catching her breath.

Jacqui then stepped up and wanted my dick inside of her as well. She jumped up and I lifted her up and slid her onto my dick. I fucked and thrusted upwards, much to her delight. Her mouth was open, her eyes were closed and moans of lust were all that was to be heard.

In the corner of my eye I noticed Sam and Daniella cuddling and holding each other ever so gently. They happily looked at the scene unfolding in front of them. Daniella was rubbing her mother’s pussy ever so slightly much to her delight.

Jacqui was not far from orgasm and soon came with her pussy squirting all over the place as I put her back onto her feet. She too proceeded to sit on the floor, resting against the bed next to Daniella as Sam got up to once again savour my dick inside of her.

She gestured me back to the floor and I complied. I laid on my back and Sam climbed on top of me and then slid down my shaft and began to moan with pleasure as she fucked me.

All the while Jacqui was busy softly fondling Daniella’s pussy and both were deeply enjoying it. They too enjoyed the show Sam and I were putting on. Sam was closing in on an orgasm and I was on the same path. Sam stayed on top of me as we came in unison, I exploded my load deep inside of Sam as her pussy was squirting the other way at the same time.

Sam then laid down on top of me and my dick popped out of her and we just held each other. We kissed and that brought applause from Jacqui and Daniella. Sam and I decided to give them an encore and kissed once more.

Eventually we all rose to our bare feet, got cleaned up and went to get ourselves some breakfast.

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