What Happens When You’re Away

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When we first started dating, I realized that your job would take you out of town for large periods of time, and I thought that I would be fine with it. But more and more, I find myself missing the feeling of you laying beside me.

He calls me then, and although my heart belongs to you, when I hear his voice it makes my body begin to quiver. He says that he’s been thinking about me a lot lately, ever since we last saw each other and he can’t help but wonder why I stay with a man who, he thinks, doesn’t satisfy me in every way. I tell him that I shouldn’t be talking to him, that I’m waiting for you to call and he sighs dramatically. He tells me that I shouldn’t wait for you, that if only I gave him a little chance, he’d do his best to please me.

I can’t help but flirt with him. I know he wants me, and I’ve been alone for so long that I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt you between my legs. I suddenly become aware of the fact that I want to touch myself, and since you said you’d call over a half an hour ago now, I decide to go on without you.

“If you go, I’ll go Mary it’ll be like we’re sleeping together” He laughs, feeling that he’s getting closer to getting what he wanted from me all along.

“Well, what can I think about when I slip between my sheets all naked and alone, honey?”

“Hmmm, I think that I have a suggestion…if you want to hear it”

“Please tell me”

“Well, what if you were to picture me crawling in my bed all alone, and equally naked, slowly starting to rub my cock under the sheets?”

I feel my pussy start to get wet when he starts to use the dirty talk. He’s known me a long time, and knows that that, most of all, is what causes me to be turned on the most.

“What are you going to be thinking about while you’re laying there rubbing, honey? Perhaps simply me laying naked in my bed, and getting wet to the point where I have to touch myself while thinking about fucking you?”

“Yes Mary, and the idea of you being wet thinking about me is all ready making me start to get very hard, almost to the point of being uncomfortable in these shorts. Is that what you want to hear me tell you?”

I smile, knowing that I’ve got him exactly where I wanted to as soon as I heard his voice on the telephone.

“Then i guess you’ll just have to get rid of the shorts…won’t you?” I ask in the most innocent voice I can manage.

“Is that what you would like me to do, Mary?”

“Yes, and actually, I’d rather have you totally naked. I’d love for you to think about me while you stroke your cock, but I have a rule. The rule is, is that you can’t start touching yourself until you’re totally naked and lying between your sheets, not sitting on your couch talking sincan escort to me on the telephone. You can’t touch yourself until your cock is *completely* hard from imagining me, honey, then you can start rubbing.”

“Fuck the rules, Mary. If I want to rub my cock I will, especially if I’m hard because of thoughts you instigated.”

I know that he’s becoming even more horny than I initially anticipated he would be, he’s starting to use the authoritative tone that I haven’t heard in a long, long time.

“But if the thoughts are of me,” I ask sweetly, “Don’t I get a say in when you start trying to make yourself cum over them? I think it’s fair, hon.”

“No, Mary. I don’t. Because you make me horny, and you should be thrilled that I am so horny thinking of you that I’m rubbing myself through my shorts thinking of you right now.”

“Oh hon, I am thrilled, and if I didn’t want you to I wouldn’t have suggested it… not that you need my

suggestion to stroke your cock and make yourself cum. I like that you’re at that point, and when you get right down to the skin-on-skin contact, where you grip your shaft hard and think of fucking me… that’s the part that i’ll be picturing when i rub my pussy, babe.”

“Mmm, you know it makes me even hornier when you talk dirty, Mary. And you expect me not to slide my shorts down and start rubbing my cock after hearing that?”

“Absolutely, I know that you know all about anticipation and how it makes it all the better when you finally get to cum, I told you that the last time we talked. Why do you think I haven’t pushed my

shorts aside and started rubbing myself yet? It’s not because I’m not turned on – I can feel my slit getting moist as I tell you all this, but I want it to be *good*.”

“Anytime I think of fucking your pussy, it’s *good*, Mary.”

I smile, I have him to the point that, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t will his cock to go soft. He’s at the point where he needs to cum now, and that’s the point I was waiting for.

“Well then if you’re so ready to grip your cock and imagine it’s really my tight little pussy

surrounding it, darlin’, how come you’re still here? I thought that you were going to go lay between your sheets and get naked there.”

“It’s simple. If I cum right here thinking of you, I’ll probably still go lay down and still rub my cock again until I cum again.”

“Oh really, hmm? You think you’d be able to fuck me twice in a row if I was there with you and told you I wanted to feel your cock inside me even after you came?”

“Give me ten minutes to rest, and staring at your beautiful naked body as I listen to your dirty talk, Mary, I’d be hard again and more then willing tandoğan escort to fuck you again.”

“While you’re resting, can I lay beside you and tell you the dirty things I’m thinking about while I massage and lick your cock until I can ride it again?”

“I won’t need ten minutes to get hard again watching you licking my cock, you’d be able to feel it grow in your mouth.”

“I’d love to be able to slowly lick our cum off of your cock until you were ready to go again, honey. I’d be so wet after that, that I doubt I’d be able to fuck you again for very long without cumming straight away.”

“I love thinking about how it would feel to have my pussy spasm around your cock..I think i’d be addicted to that feeling of being filled from the inside if I had the chance to feel you again.”

“Then why don’t you give me the chance, Mary? I would love to make you even wetter by kneeling between your legs and sucking your pussy before I start fucking you. I love imagining how it’d feel to be buried inside you when I cum hard.”

“God you make my pussy so wet. That’s the part that always gets me off when I think about it enough – having you holding onto my hips either because you’re above me, or fucking me from behind, and just telling me how much you like fucking me, how hard you’re gonna cum inside me, asking me if I like having your cock fill me up.”

“It’s not fair for you to start talking like that and not want to rip off all your clothes and fuck right now, so I can cum deep inside your wet pussy tonight when you know I want to.”

“Talking like what, honey?” I ask in my best ‘innocent’ voice, “I’m merely suggesting things to you, you can go if it’s so painful for you.”

“No, I want to cum here on the phone with you, and then again when I go and lay down, since you’re making me sleep alone…”

“Does that mean I get to keep telling you about what I think about when I imagine you and your cock?”

“Mmm, yes, Mary. Tell me what you picture in your pretty little head of yours when you’re alone to play.”

“Well, you know I get a lot of free time in bed alone, so sometimes I imagine just straight, hardcore fucking until we’re both wet and sweaty and exaughsted. Sometimes I imagine little role-playing

fantasies where I get to be the naughty school girl who gets bent over her desk and fucked by her teacher who’s tired of her teasing him.”

“So you would submit to me as your teacher as I start to spank your ass? I never knew you wanted to play kinky like that.”

“That’s because you never asked…and uh huh, but only if you promise to make them nice, authoritative spankings.”

“Don’t worry, I’d make sure you learned your lesson about ankara escort being a tease.”

“I haven’t seemed to have learned it yet, have I? Other things I something think about are I imagine that you’re my neighbor and that I needed you to come and fix something, but you end up cumming in a different sense. Sometimes I imagine you’re watching me from somewhere in the dark while

I fuck myself with my fingers…and then I get to suck on your cock until I beg you to cum on my chest, and down my belly so that I can run my fingers through your juices and finger myself again.”

He’s breathing deeply now, I can tell that he’s close, even if he doesn’t tell me so. I know him well enough to know that he’s throbbing shaft is going to explode any minute and I secretly wish I could lap it all up.

“Which is your favorite role playing fantasy?” He asks.

“The teacher/student one, I think.”

“Mmm, and after I spank you… how would you like to be fucked, Mary?”

“Well, for some reason I always imagine fucking twice with that fantasy – once where I get to be bent over a desk and taken, or on all fours from behind while I turn around to watch your face while you pump your cock in and out of me…”

“Mmm, baby if you were here you’d be fucked more than twice, that’s a promise.”

“I know honey. Then the second time is where I get to be on top…teasing the head of your cock by just nestling it between my pussy lips, or taking just the head inside, or sliding my pussy up and down the length of your shaft until your dick and your balls are all coated in my juices.”

“God you’ve got me so close Mary.”

“So that’s the teacher fantasy. There’s the whole thing where I want to be taken, but then after that, I want to tease and hear your beg me to fuck you …you see?”

“Oh yeah, I see it. Now if only I could hear you cum for me…”

“I’ll cum for you, honey…just not right now. When I do though, I’ll imagine the head of your cock just starting to push my pussy apart and when I slide my fingers over my smooth pussy lips, past my clit and push them inside my tight little hole, it’s going to be you I imagine sliding into me.”

“Oh God, you make me so damn horny, Mary. I wish you could see the length of my cock right now…”

“I can tell that you’re almost ready to cum baby…don’t stop yourself from doing it. I want you to want to fuck me so bad that you groan and whimper when I stop taking your cock inside me, and hear you moan when I start to ride it, telling you to keep your hands on my ass as I fuck myself on your cock over, and over again. Would you do that for me?”

A groan and laboured breathing are my responses.

“You know, I should ask you to come over here and lick this off my stomach for me, Mary…it’s your fault it’s there.”

“I’ve been asked to do worse things, darlin’. Think that you could be ready for round two in about, say, 15 minutes?”

“Sure, why?”

“I’m going to get my keys, honey, I’ll be there soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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