Wetter Than the Pool

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You’re at an open pool party that someone from your local community college is hosting not too far from your house, people ranging from the most popular kids in the school to even the shyest kids who have never spoken to anyone. You’re laying down on a lawn chair minding your business when you see her walk by, her bikini being a white top that does not hide her boobs and a white thong. She jumps into the pool just too wet her body (something you’ll do later) and then come out to sit at the edge of the pool, letting her legs dangle in the water. You stare at her from behind, wanting to take her from behind (as in fuck her right then and there), but know you can’t do it with everyone here. You get off the lawn chair and go sit down next to her to talk.

You guys make small talk and you notice that, while her boobs are completely exposed because of the very small and revealing bra she’s wearing, her boobs are also completely visible through the white fabric and you can see the outlines of the circles around her nipples. Her entire chest is in full view for you, and you can’t help but stare. Although it’s about mid 60’s to 70’s outside, she complains she’s cold and how she forgot her towel. You decide to be a gentleman and tell her she can walk with you to your house and you can give her a towel there if she wants and that she could also change there. She happily agrees and as you stand up, you look down at her and see completely into her bra that her nipples are hard and pointing out.

You reach your hand out to help her stand up and she does, except she does it with her ass to your crotch and as she gets up, she rubs her ass on your dick. She turns around to see that she left your pants wet, which are now outlining your dick print, from her soaked and revealing panties. Her face turns bright red and she apologizes, although you know she did it on purpose. You both begins to walk back to your house, confining to chat casino şirketleri normally. When you get home, you realize you two are the only ones there and you invite her up to your room.

Because it’s the summer, you have the air conditioner on and it’s a little chilly, which causes her nipples to become even harder and more visible, but you now realize that her small pussy is also visible through the white see-through fabric of her panties. Because they are also wet, they stick to her very well and you can even see her pussy lips outlined. She calls your name out and tells you how cold it is in your room. You go to turn off the air conditioner and, when you turn around to look at her again, you notice that she is facing away from you in front of your bed.

You go up behind her to grab a towel that’s laying on your bed while you intentionally press your hardening dick up against her wet ass. You press yourself further into her as you reach over and grab the towel and offer it to you. She turns around, your bodies still touching from how close you are, and her boobs pressed against your stomach because she is much shorter and smaller than you. You tell her you’ll leave her so she can change, but she quickly tells you that she needs your help to undo the straps of her bikini because she “cannot reach them.” You tell her you would be more than happy to help her, and you reach for the strings in the back that hold her bra together. You purposely slowly undo the strings, move your hands to her chest onto her boobs, grabbing and squeezing them a little to grab the bra, and you allow it to fall onto your bed. You then go for the panty strings and she bends over in front of you, she says it’s “so you can get a better view of the strings.”

Her pussy is in full view right now, and you can’t help but stare at it as you loosen the strings and allow her panties to fall onto the floor, revealing her beautiful, casino firmalari small, tight pussy. She notices you staring and asks, “do you like what you see?” and you can’t help yourself anymore. You say “I sure do” and lift your right index finger and barely touch her pussy, and she starts moaning. You stick the tip of your index finger inside her and realize how tight it is just for your one finger, and you start imagining how tight her pussy will be on your big dick when you stick it in later. You stick your whole finger in and you realize she is so wet that she is now dripping down her thighs. She is practically shaking at just having your finger inside her, it is driving her crazy. You decide to try and add your middle finger and, once you do, she moans even louder and her pussy is so tight around your 2 fingers that you think there’s no way your big dick will fit inside her. You start to slowly slide both fingers in and out of her, doing it slowly on purpose to make her go crazy.

She screams at this, you feel her pussy tighten even more around your 2 fingers, and she squirts, making your pool shorts all wet. You immediately stick your 2 fingers in her again and begin to finger fuck her faster and harder than before, and you can hear the wetness of her pussy as she is dripping from you doing this to her. She is moaning really loudly in pleasure and squirts again, even harder than the first time. She now begs you to stick your dick inside her, she wants to feel you inside of her all the way to her stomach.

You remove your shorts, which are soaked in her squirt, and you position her so she is bent over your bed. You move right behind her and, with the tip of your dick at the entrance of her tight pussy, you notice her pussy is so small that your dick is twice the size of her entrance. You place the tip right at her small, tight entrance and she lets out a small moan. As you try to push your güvenilir casino way into her, you realize it’s not going to fit easily, so you start forcing it in and she begins screaming in pleasure and telling you to not stop. Once you get just the tip in she gasps and asks “are you all the way in yet?” Your reply is “only the tip is in, you still have the rest of it to go” and she begins screaming and moaning at how good it feels as you continue to force your way in. Once you get only halfway inside her, she can’t control herself and she squirts again, a lot. So much that you have to pull out of her tightness. You slam yourself back into her to where you are halfway again and she is shaking at how good your big dick feels inside her small, tight pussy. You are able to get all the way inside her this time, and when you reach balls deep inside her you feel her pussy walls, meaning you have filled her entire pussy with your huge dick. She squirts again, and you have to pull out to allow her to.

You slam it back in again and fuck her hard. She begins to loosen from how hard and passionately you are pounding her tightness, and relentlessly squirts another 4 times. You feel yourself getting close to cumming from how tight and amazing her tight pussy is gripping your dick. You tell her you’re going to cum soon and she begs for you to cum inside of her, however she squirts another 2 times before you do. Once you feel the cum about to come out, you pull out and slam yourself inside of her one more time, reaching all the way balls deep, filling her small, extremely tight pussy past her limit with your dick and your cum. She screams in pleasure and tells you she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to walk for a few days from how amazing you made her feel and how good you fucked her tight pussy. She lays there for a few seconds and, when she realizes she doesn’t have clothes for an outfit change, you give her some of your clothes and tell her she can stay for the night if she wants since it’s just you two at your house, and she happily says she would love to, and that maybe you could go repeat what you did just now later on tonight. She puts on your clothes with your cum still inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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