Weekend at the Beach

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The week was busy for both Tom and I, so on Saturday, we decided to get out of the city and go on an adventure together. We headed down to the Coast, to a tiny beach just off the highway. It was a decent drive out of the city, but provided at least some form of respite from the heat in town.

We had been together for years, so we had a “spot” — The other side of the beach near the rocks, about as far from the carpark as you could get. It wasn’t easy finding a spot, there were people everywhere. I suspect being the week after school holidays, couples were starting to reclaim the beach again.

We are both reasonably active for a couple in our early 30s, but Tom is the one that spends most of his time in the water, today day was no different. We set up our towels and before I had time to ask for a bit of sunscreen on my back, he was off.

I watched as he threaded his way down to the water through the crowd, there was definitely enough traffic to make the people watch interesting. I have to admit, one of my favourite things about the beach is checking out people in their bathers, I find it endlessly entertaining. I am always shocked at who wears what, well more to the point, how little they wear. Perhaps the beach is far enough out of the city that no-one thinks they’ll see anyone they know? There is definitely no way our friends would trek out here.

I usually don my itty-bitty black bikini down here. I definitely feel self-conscious in it, but I know Tom likes how my boobs look in it. I’m about 5’7, so any bikini I find looks tiny on me and doesn’t hold my D-cup properly.

I looked down at Tom in the water, he was on his way out with a guy probably in his 40’s wearing fluro-green bathers. They were doing that “we started talking, but now have nothing to say to each other” walk. They separated off and Tom came over and lay down.

I asked who he was chatting to. He turned over and vaguely pointed to where the guy had joined his partner. They were obviously having the same conversation because I could see her subtly peeking over at us as well. I laughed and Tom turned all the way around to take a look, we couldn’t see her properly, but I could tell he was trying to get a decent look.

We both held the stare too long and as she popped her head back up she caught us looking, Tom flipped back around, visibly embarrassed. I watched as she smiled and hid back down behind her partner. We were both an impressive shade of red as we giggled to each other.

I put on my sunglasses and kept my eyes on them as Tom lost interesting and opened up his book. After a while, she stood up and dusted the sand off herself. She turned to look at us and I watched as she started walking over… not just in our direction, she was making a beeline for us.

She was pretty, probably about 40 as well. Big boobs, nice legs, biggish bum, with beach-blonde hair, in a tight one-piece. She definitely had confidence.

I nudged Tom and he turned to look over his shoulder at her. She smiled as she saw us checking her out. When she was close enough to earshot she waved and said “hi.” We both smiled back, still evidently a little embarrassed about getting caught staring.

“I saw you two looking over and I thought I’d come and say hi.” We both giggled. “My husband said he had a nice chat with you before. You guys did a couple of laps together?”

“Yeah, lovely guy,” said Tom, smiling.

“How are you finding the beach today? Significantly less busy than last week,” she said as she scanned the beach.

“Yeah, just a really nice change from the city” I spurted out, “we just popped down for the day.”

“Fantastic, yeah we’re just around the corner, this is our local I guess you’d say” as she pointed to somewhere behind the trees.

“Sorry I should have introduced myself, I’m Shelly and that’s my husband, Mark.” She gestured over towards him, he was lying on his side looking back at us.

“Oh, we’re Kate and Tom,” I offered back.

Shelly ended up sitting down at the end of my towel and chatting to us for a while. She told us what they did for work, the beach being their sanctuary and about how she and Mark had recently moved down from the city.

Shelly was describing how it was a little lonely for them given the town has a bit more of a retirement vibe, when all of a sudden she started to go a bit red in the cheeks and looked away. She turned back and looked me directly in the eye.

“Sooo… Mark and I were talking. I know this might be little presumptuous but we were wondering if you two would be interested in coming over for a drink when we’ve all had enough of the sun for the day? There really are usually just oldies around, we’d love some younger company.”

I could almost hear Tom’s jaw drop.

“Ahhh we probably should get back to the city shortly, thanks for the offer though,” I said, it was the best I could think of, it definitely came across as a weak excuse. “It’s just that we have to return the car to my sister before 5.” ankara escort I hastily added.

“Not a problem, maybe next time.” She looked disappointed but smiled.

“Yeah, absolutely.” I grinned.

“Nice to meet the two of you anyway.” She said as she offered a light wave, turned around and started walking back to their towels.

We both lay in silence for a minute watching her, before Tom rolled back over toward me. “Holy shit,” he said quietly, “was that what I think it was?”

“Shhhh, Tom. Let’s talk about it later.” I said through a smile.

“Haha there’s no way they can hear Kate, look at how far away they are.”

I just gave him a look and turned over.

I lay with my head on the towel thinking about it for the next 20 minutes. I’m pretty sure that was what we thought it was. She was attractive for sure, and even though I hadn’t seen him up close, I was full of nervous energy. I was too distracted to read, so I decided to pack up. I guess I also felt a bit awkward sticking around after saying “no.”

I stood up and attempted the awkward ‘towel around the waist change’, Tom’s favourite because he likes to look under the towel and watch me untie the sides of my bikini bottoms so he can get an eye-full.

With a final few glimpses at the couple, we walked the length of the beach back to the car.

We started to unload on each other as soon as the door closed, we laughed our heads off. We talked about all the variables, and both agreed that It was a pretty strange experience, they were definitely swingers. Probably weird because of how open she was… “Very upfront,” Tom suggested. After we’d got it all out of our systems we just sat in the front seats, quietly, thinking.

Tom finally broke a silence, “why not?” I was a little taken aback, but he sort of had a point, we’d just discussed how I didn’t have any major reservations with sharing him and he felt the same. We’d been together for five years, so we had definitely chatted about it before, more out of curiosity than anything else. We had always returned to the same place, deciding to try and stay focussed on each other. To be fair, we had never had an offer though.

Tom followed up, “We should go and have a drink with them, just see?” I wasn’t so sure, we had just met them randomly on a beach, it was a little unnerving. But to Tom’s credit, after a bit of convincing, I agreed to go back and have a chat.

We walked back onto the beach and about halfway down realised that they had left. I could tell Tom was disappointed, I was too if I was being completely honest.

I have to give it to Tom though, he doesn’t give up easily… “She pointed to her house, let’s at least drive around and have a look”, he said as we walked back to the car.

“Sure, I’m happy either way”, I said, even though I was reasonably confident there was zero chance we would see them again.

We drove around the streets for about twenty minutes, finding no trace. I could tell that Tom had all but given up when I spotted a pair of fluro-green bathers drying on the porch of a cute little house, “they’re that guys trunks, seriously, I remember them, Tom”.

Tom stopped the car and smiled. He reversed a little and peered out my side of the window, “You might just be right Kate”, he pulled the car over and turned it off.

“So what do we do now?” I prompted.

“I don’t know, let’s get out and knock on the door,” he said

“What if they don’t recognise us?” I asked

“Well, maybe you should change back into your bikini?”

I looked over to him and he looked serious. I laughed, “You’re joking right?!”

“Well maybe you should, just in case?” he said, trying to maintain a straight face.

I could tell what he wanted. This was just a ploy to see me get changed. Fair enough, why not!?

I reached for my bag on the back seat and fished out my wet bottoms. I slowly slid down my jean shorts, making sure he got the full no panties show. Once they were off I ran my fingers across my lips, dragging the wet bathers over my bald pussy. I wrapped the strings around and tied them all together seductively for him. I could tell he wanted more, but he knew he wasn’t going to get it.

“Well, should we have a game plan?” I said, breaking his concentration.

“For What?” he smiled.

“Well in case they want more than just a drink…” I snapped back and slapped him on the shoulder.

“Well do you want more than just a drink Kate?”, I could tell he was baiting me.

“I think I’m pretty happy with just a drink, we don’t even know them.” I retreated.

He sighed and tried to reassure me,” Kate we don’t even know what this is yet. It probably is just a drink, so let’s not blow it out of proportion”.

He was right.

We started walking towards the house, It was pretty, sort of quaint. I was nervous. I looked down at my hands clenched together, my palms were getting sweaty. “You knock, Tom”.

He looked back at me and nodded.

He escort ankara rang the doorbell and we waited for a few beats. Mark answered the door, in just a towel. He beamed a huge smile and said he was glad we decided to come after all. Shelly appeared behind him, still in her one-piece, holding a glass of wine.

They ushered us in, Mark disappeared to grab us both a glass while Shelly led us into the lounge room. It was a huge space with tonnes of light. In the middle of the carpet were a couple of nice couches and a coffee table.

“We were just talking about you two,” Shelly said as she directed us to sit on the bigger of the two. “We were really disappointed you had to drive back.”

“Yeah, we sat in the car talking about it for a while and agreed that you both seemed like normal people, we decided we should pop over for a drink.”

“Oh yeah, what took so long,” said Shelly smiling widely as she moved on, “I know it was a bit awkward of me to ask you like that, but thought we’d go for it and rip the bandaid off.”

We both blushed.

Mark broke the tension, returning with two more glasses.

“I was just telling them that we were talking about them hun” Shelly gestured as she sat down beside me.

“Yeah what part, in particular, Shell?” He laughed.

“Mark! Settle down” She was as red as a tomato. She could tell we were both a touch uncomfortable, so she brushed it off.

We ended up having a really nice conversation with them for a couple of hours. They were both relaxed and quite funny. Mark and Tom end up chatting by themselves on the other couch, as Shelly and I chatted about why they moved down to the coast to get out of the city. There was definitely playful energy in the room, with everybody’s eyes starting to wandering.

I watched Mark as he returned with another bottle of wine and began filling the glasses. I was able to make a pretty quick assessment of him, given he was only in a towel. I was definitely curious how old he was. He had a great body and clearly looked after himself, but held himself like he was older. Shelly’s touch broke my gaze and I turned to see her looking at me. She moved a little bit closer.

“He swims every morning, that’s why he is such a good looking creature for 45,” she joked. I just nodded, blushing. How embarrassing.

Mark walked over and handed us our glasses. Shelly grabbed his arm and guided him down to the other side of me on the couch.

I looked over at Tom and he looked about as nervous as I felt, but he managed to squeeze out a smile.

I turned as Shelly guided my shoulder-length, brunette hair, back behind my ear and looked at me smiling. “Are you comfortable with this?” She asked.

“With what?!”, I whispered back. She smiled again.

Shelly looked past me to Mark and directed him to stand up. As he positioned himself in front of us, as she put her hand on mine. “Do you want to take his towel off?” she asked.

I was shocked, it was just so blunt. I could feel myself start to shake. It must have been obvious because Shelly gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

I looked up at Mark, he was thrilled, obviously. I glanced over at Tom and he gave me a gentle nod.

I readjusted myself on the couch to move closer to the edge. I could feel how warm my skin was and how wet my bikini bottoms were.

I slowly reached up and touched his stomach, moving my hand down to the knot in his towel. I pulled the knot out and the towel dropped to the floor. I could tell Shelly was grinning behind me, as it began to register how big his cock was. I eased back into the couch, taking it in. I heard Tom whisper “fuck, how big is that thing!?”

I just looked at it for a while, beginning to feel hot all over. I looked over at Shelly, she gave me a gentle smile, “do you want to touch it?” I looked at Tom again and he nodded.

I slowly reached out and put my fingers hand around his cock. I could hardly wrap my hand around it, it was for sure the thickest I’d ever seen. I could feel Mark getting harder in my hand as I looked up at him.

Shelly slid her hand over and placed it on my thigh. I feel a quiver go up to my spine. I could feel Mark’s cock continue to twitch in my hand, as I began to stroke it softly. I wasn’t sure what to do next.

Shelly took charge and changed position in her seat to face me. She started to work her hand back and forth along my thigh, lightly brushing her lips up my arm before giving me a kiss on the mouth. A real, I love you kiss. I felt Mark’s cock get really hard, almost so hard that I couldn’t hold it fully. Shelly reached around my back and unclasped my top. I felt my boobs release as she pulled my bra away. They both moved back and looked at me. I was splayed out on the couch with my legs spread open and only a thin bikini bottom covering me. A very visible wet patch indicating how I was feeling.

“Fuck, you’re so hot. She has huge tits too, Shell” Mark said, looking at me, then to Tom, “You’re ankara escort bayan a lucky man.”

Shelly wasted no time and focused her attention on Tom. “Stand up for me Tom,” she directed. He did immediately, looking slightly sheepish. “I want to see what you’ve got.”

With all eyes on him, he slid down his bathers. He was already rock hard. He has a great cock, not as big as Mark’s but enough to stretch me. I could tell Shelly was impressed. Her eyes fixated on his cock. Mark and I watched as Shelly gots up and walked over to Tom. She knelt down in front of him and slowly moved her hand up his leg, eventually coming to rest with it around his cock. She rubbed it gently, before pointing it directly upwards. She moved her head towards him and in one quick movement, began to lick up his entire length. I watched intently as his knees buckled a bit. Shelly spat on his cock and continued to rub it, as they both then turned to look back at me.

Mark followed suit and moved over to kneel in front of me. I felt his hands move up my inner thighs, my whole body lightly shaking. His fingers grazed my bikini, before he gripped the edge and pulled them to one side displaying my bald pussy to everyone. They all looked at me, spread out on the couch.

I put my hand on his and slid the bottoms back in place. I hardly knew him, I was into it, but it felt totally overwhelming.

Tom and Shelly watched me intently as I readjusted and excused myself to the bathroom.

I locked the door behind me. Turning around to face the mirror I saw myself almost completely naked. I was clearly wet judging by the stain on my bottoms. I recomposed myself by whispering “Fuck it, why not. Just go with it.” a few times in my head.

I opened the door, to find Tom standing there, “Are you ok?”, he looked worried.

“Yep, just needed to take a few” I reassured him.

I led Tom back into the living room. Both Shelly and Mark were sitting on the couch, he has his towel back on. “Are you alright?” they offered.

“Yep, just needed a moment, that all happened really quickly,” I said smiling.

I was composed. I told Tom to sit down and motioned for Mark to stand up. I was conscious they would all want a proper show now.

I dropped his towel quickly and pulled him into me by his cock. He got hard straight away. He got the picture and started kissing me deeply, his hands beginning to wonder. His thick fingers rubbed the outside of my bathers, locking onto my clit immediately. My knees began to go a bit weak. I could feel his cock press into my stomach as he bent down to suck on one of my nipples.

He straightened up and I felt both of his hands on my waist as he guided me back onto the couch, between Tom and Shelly.

He knelt down and teasingly undid each side of my bikini, peeling my bottoms off. He sats back on his knees and looked at me again. They are all looking at me, I liked it. I stared at his cock, all 9″ fully erect and pointing at me.

He crawled up to me and touched my bare pussy with his fingers. He pulled them away, showing the others how wet I was. He smiled at me and lowered his head into my crouch. I felt him suck my clit into his mouth and circle his tongue around it. I moaned loudly. Shelly leaned over and began to suck on one of my tits, massaging the other one in her hand.

I looked up at Tom and motioned for him to start working on Shelly. I watched as he peeled her swimsuit slowly off her shoulders and let it rest on her stomach. Her boobs were huge and Tom straight away started to suck on them. I looked down at Shelly as she expelled a couple of short breaths. She took her mouth off me and pulled Tom’s head up to kiss her. I looked down and saw his swollen cock rubbing against the bottom of her bathers.

Tom quickly pulled away and continued to slide the bathers down over her stomach and down her legs, revealing her hairless pussy. Tom absolutely loves that, and he quickly started licking his way up to her clit. She moaned aloud as well, both of us arching our backs. She pulled my chin towards her and we kissed. To be honest, I’ve never been into the girl on girl stuff, but I’m conscious it will be hot for the boys.

Mark suddenly slid one of his thick fingers inside me, and I started to come hard, I felt it rock my body intensely. Mark registered me push my hips into his mouth and eased up, we met eyes for a moment before he reeled straight back in, working faster on my clit. I shuddered again as another wave hit me. I pushed his head back as I sunk back into the couch heaving for breath.

I sat still for a moment as I watched Mark move over and kiss Shelly as she started to orgasm. She put her hand behind his back and guided him to stand up onto the couch next to her. Tom and I watched as she took his cock into her mouth, it barely fit. She moaned heavily as Tom continued to flick at her clit.

Tom backed off her and we both sat there watching his cock sliding deeper into her mouth. “Do you think you’ll be able to take that?” Tom whispered. I nod confidently, although I wasn’t completely convinced myself.

Shelly, pulled him out of her mouth and looked over at me, “do you want a go? I promise you’ll be fine.”

I nod gingerly.

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