Warren’s Women – Nancy , Judy Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Saturday’s Fancy, Judy & Nancy – Part 1

The girls: Nancy Artz and Judy Caporale Warren’s buddy, Eppy: Epsolen Anderson noted jazz saxophone player

Warren met them at the Jazz Festival on the Fourth of July. They were both cute, and dressed alike in tank tops and short shorts. The taller, a brunette with a dynamite ass and legs, albeit small breasts; the shorter a busty blonde, well a bottle blonde anyway, and also possessing great legs.

He spread his blanket out close to them, after asking if they’d mind. They didn’t and giggled over his butt as soon as he turned away and went about setting up. He’d brought a cooler and his camera along with the blanket. It wasn’t long before the girls took the initiative and introduced themselves.

“Hi,” the brunette said, “I’m Nancy, and this is Judy. Isn’t this music just fabulous?”

“Hi right back to you. I’m Warren and yeah, the music’s good and gonna get better when Epsolen gets into a couple riffs on that sax of his.”

“I’ve heard he’s cool,” said Judy, putting suntan lotion on her arm and appraising him at the same time. She nodded to Nancy, the signal that he was worth spending some time with. Nancy feigned a yawn, the pre-arranged sign that she agreed with Judy’s assessment. Nancy took her time examining him. He had beautiful, thick hair, and wonderful shoulders, and his brown eyes were so expressive that when he concentrated them on her, she felt weak; and they’d just met.

Nancy hoped she would be the one he selected, but Judy had those big tits and that always got the good one. ‘But maybe this time . . .’ she hoped.

“He is cool,” Warren agreed, “I’ve known him since our Navy days. We were shipmates.”

“You know him?” Judy said, totally surprised. “Do ya think you might be able to introduce us?”

“Sure, stay close by. He’ll be around in a while.”

Judy nudged Nancy’s arm and whispered to her. “Did you hear him? He’ll be around . . . .”

Nancy leaned forward and said, “Excuse me, Warren, right?”

“Yes, Nancy… right?”

“Yeah…right. Um, would you like a beer? We’ve got plenty in our cooler.”

“Girls, it would be my pleasure to sit down to a brew or two with you.”

He moved closer to them. Nancy moved to her knees and opened the cooler, popped a can of Bud and handed it to him. He gulped about half down then wiped his mouth with his arm.

“Thank you.” He burped, not loudly but it was obvious that the girls had heard him. “Excuse me. That was a welcome from my lips to my gullet. They needed that.”

“Oh go on, everybody does it, don’t apologize.” Judy said leaning forward and providing him with a glimpse down her blouse. Nancy seethed internally. ‘That cow, waving her tits in his face, I’ll have to do something to counter her and those boobs,’ she thought.

They spent the next half-hour talking about life in general, and listening to the music; drank a few beers and then Warren saw someone coming just over a nearby berm and started to rise.

“Eppy, Eppy,” he called out and waved his arms. “Over here!”

“Oh, my God he does know him!” Judy cried excitedly, as she hugged Nancy.

‘Hey, Warren, my man!” the lithe black man called out as he joined their group and slapped hands with Warren. A humming sound quickly emenated from those around them as they recognized the jazz star settling in among them.

“How long’s it been man?” Eppy asked.

” ’bout four years,” Warren smiled.

“That long ‘eh?” Eppy removed a Marlboro from his shirt pocket and lit it, blowing the smoke though his nostrils. He squatted next to Warren. “How do we manage to go that long without hooking up? Damn!”

“Oh,” Warren said, “This is Nancy and this… this is Judy. Judy REALLY digs your music. She’s got all your CD’s, yeah, she’s a big time fan Eppy.”

Nancy felt herself glow at this turn of events. Warren had picked her! She felt a tinge of sadness that Judy’s big tits had cost her Warren. ‘Let her have the celebrity,’ she thought magnanimously.

Eppy smiled broadly, having picked up Warren’s non-to-subtle message, which the worried Judy had missed. He was ruggedly handsome and of course his picture often graced the major magazines of America.

“Hello Nancy,” he said shaking her hand firmly, and turning to Judy, “and what can I say to a number one fan?”

“A hug would be . . . nice,” Judy managed.

“A hug it is!” And Eppy picked Judy up and hugged her tight. “I love my fans and my fans love me. Well some of ’em do.” He laughed raucously. Judy made no attempt to move away after he’d put her feet back on the ground. In fact she touched him as often as she thought she could with become obvious about it.

“Want a beer?” Warren asked.

“Naw, but thanks anyway; not this close to my set. But I can take all the hugging Judy cares to share with me. That caused Judy to shriek with joy and leap into Eppy’s arms. It was a long hug and after they sat back down, Judy fixed her eyes on the bulge that she had felt pressing against her and marveled as it continued to grow along Eppy’s thigh.

Both Nancy avcılar grup yapan escort and Warren took note of this, but only Warren made a comment. “I can see why they ordered you not to wear shorts today.”

“Huh?” Eppy said, after sipping from a bottle of water.

Nancy and Judy were giggling and smacking one another; embarrassed, but loving it and knowing full well they were the center of attention.

“Oh?” Eppy reached out and made as if to smooth the bulge away, “This little old thang?”

“Thang?” Nancy cried out, “Judy, he calls it a thang.”

“It’s not so little either,” Judy laughed giddily.

“How you tell that Judy girl?” Eppy asked, reverting to ghetto slang. Judy blushed crimson.

“Well Warren, this girl Judy’s got some color, ain’t she?”

“Probably blushing all over,” Warren offered.

“Oh, God… will the two of you just shut up!” Judy said, turning beet red.

“You know,” Warren laughed, “I’d give a hug and a kiss to someone who’d hand me a beer right about now.”

Nancy dove for the cooler, before she realized she’d made a fool of herself. It was her turn to blush. “Here,” she said, holding it out to him.

“Thank you,” Warren smiled, accepting the beer he placed it down beside him then pulled Nancy up against his chest and kissed her.

Nancy’s first thought was that his lips were so soft and gentle. She leaned into him, pressing her perky breasts against him. At the first touch of his tongue, she opened her mouth and drew him in. Warren felt that this girl might prove to be something special.

The four continued to neck and tease one another until another member of his group called Eppy to the stage. He bade them goodbye, for the time being and hopped up on the stage. As his set opened, Warren and the girls huddled close together listening intently and moved to the music. As the set progressed, Warren became entranced with Nancy’s hair, telling her, “It seems radiant in this lighting,” and hugged her close. Nancy felt herself grow moist at the compliment.

Deciding not to neglect Judy he curled her arm through his and unintentionally rubbed the side of her heavy breast against his biceps. He glanced at her and seeing the lust in her eyes dropped his hand to the front of her shorts, let it dangle there for a second and then tapped on her pussy with his little finger.

“You want me to play with you?” he asked.

She smiled at him and shivered, stunned that he would ask such a question.

She hesitated then quickly responded. “Yes,” she whispered hotly, “but I don’t want to hurt Nancy’s feelings.”

“Just a second,” he whispered back and turned to Nancy. “I’m going to pull this blanket over us so we can all fool around a little, okay?”

Nancy was already in a dreamy state what with Warren so close and the music more than she’d bargained for and automatically nodded her agreement. He moved his hand across her perky breasts and kissed her on the neck. She vibrated under the touch.


“Ummm, yeah, nice.”

“Mind if I give Judy some attention?”

“No. Eppy’s way over there and she’s probably lonely.”

“Okay, but it’s just because he’s not here for her. I’ll make her feel good too. But only if it’s okay with you Nancy,” he was casually rubbing her nipple as he spoke, as if it were the most normal thing in the world for him to be doing.

“Go on, kiss her. It’s okay.”

He turned to Judy and kissed her gently, rubbing against her shorts with the edge of his other hand. ‘She’s really cooking in there,’ he thought as Judy’s tongue fiercely laved against his.

When the kiss ended he whispered, “Open your pants for me. I’ll be right back to you.”

Then he twisted his body and found Nancy waiting, her eyes were sparkling and in a hushed tone she asked, “Is she okay?”

“Judy’s fine, but now it’s your turn sugar,” and before he could move Nancy’s hands were holding the sides of his head and kissing him powerfully. She rolled on top of him and Judy shrieked with laughter.

“I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time,” she gasped when the kiss ended.

“Really?” Warren said, noting the attention they were getting and rearranged the blanket over the three of them. “Wow, you certainly know how to kiss.”

“You think?”

Judy chimed in with, “I told you Nancy.”

Nancy blushed and Warren kissed her again, this time under the blanket his hand wandered under her top and cupped the padded bra covering her breast. She didn’t resist and Warren in a quiet undertone asked, “Can you lose the bra?” Not waiting to see if she would do it, he returned to Judy and slid his hand downward, finding the warm nest between her thighs. She had opened her shorts for him.

“What are you doing?” she asked softly.

“You’ll see.”

He tickled her gently, and soon she was rolling her hips against his fingers. Warren kept at it until Judy started to lubricate then he slipped his middle finger inside her. Judy gasped, and her legs tensed, but her subsequent movements clearly avcılar masöz escort indicated he could have his way with her.

Warren rolled back to Nancy; and Judy rolled with him, hoping to keep his finger inside her. Judy was too far-gone to do without the orgasm he’d silently promised.

He pulled Nancy tight against him and kissed her deeply. She had removed her bra, and her nipples were taut against his chest. He continued to kiss her — on the lips, neck and throat; and when she moaned he leaned forward and put his free hand on one breast and in a pushing, spreading motion, flattened it, applying tension to the nipple. Then, opening his mouth as wide as he could, Warren sucked in most of her small breast. And as she writhed against him, his tongue teased the nipple. Nancy was exalted with all the sensations and placed a hand under her other breast offering it to his mouth; her other hand nestled at the back of his head, holding him to her. ‘How erotic, how wicked!’ she thought, ‘and in the middle of all these people too!’

She purred, “I was hoping that you would do something like this. . . .”

“Like it?”

“Oh yeah, but don’t forget the other one. . . .”

He switched to her other breast and began stirring his finger within Judy’s moist cunt. Using thumb and middle finger, he masturbated Judy gently for a few minutes, while she lay still, her head on her arm biting at her fist. The musicians played on some thirty-five yards away and only a few gawkers continued to watch them cavorting under the blanket.

“Touch yourself,” he murmured to Nancy. “What?” She said, caught off guard by the request.

“Go on, touch yourself. For me.”

“I. . . I can’t. . . .”

“Look, I’d do it but I’ve got you and Judy here with me under the blanket and my other hand is occupied.”


“For Christ’s sake, I’ve got my fingers in Judy. . . now do you understand?”

“Oh. . . .”

“Don’t be so surprised, you’re both turned on . . . right?”

“I didn’t . . .”

Do you want me to stop?”


They were silent for a moment as he suckled her breast giving her time to think. His fingers busied themselves with Judy who was on the brink of coming.

“Can . . . can I touch you instead?” Nancy asked hopefully.

“Sure,” he replied with a smile. “But be careful it bites.”

“Oh, you tease,” she said, obviously relieved, and let her hand drift to his stomach.

‘This will be the second penis that I’ve touched,’ Nancy thought as her fingers reached the waistband of his shorts. ‘Better do it quick,’ she chided herself, ‘he might change his mind.’

She gasped after groping through his thick mat of pubic hair and touched his firm shaft, but continued her exploration, rubbing her thumb over the tip of his cockhead.

“You feel . . . silky nice,” she told him.

“I’m glad you’re comfortable with it. Some girls aren’t you know.”


“Oh, yeah. Some are frightened by the size. Of course some are just afraid of it, period.”

“I feel sorry for them.”

“Don’t worry about them. Squeeze it tight in your fist.”

“My . . . my hand won’t go around it.” Nancy lamented as if it were her fault.

“Use both hands if you want.”

She followed his advice and gripped him with both hands. “Like a baseball bat,” she giggled and squeezed.

“And Eppy is bigger than yours?”

“Oh yeah, much bigger.”

“Wow! Oh, like wow!”

“Can’t wait to see his, eh?”

“No. Yes . . . I mean yours . . . Jeez; I just felt your heart beat there! Oooh, I just love it!”

She gasped, “Judy, Judy! Come feel his thing.”

Judy’s inquisitive hand meandered across his thigh; met Nancy’s hand first then closed her fingers on his hardness.

“Ummm, you are a big fella ain’t you?”

Nancy gleefully cried out, “I want to see it!”

“We’re in a public place girls,” Warren said hastily, fearing in their excitement, one of them might shuck the blanket off him.

“Ooooh,” Nancy pouted.

“Tell you what,” he said softly, “You duck completely under the blanket and I’ll hold it up enough so that you can get a good look.”

“All right,” Nancy chirped and clapped her hands as Warren hoisted the blanket a few inches off the ground. Nancy burrowed under the blanket and with only little difficulty saw his partially covered cock.

Suddenly Judy was breathing on her neck. “I want a look too,” she said defensively.

Nancy suddenly buoyed by Judy’s excitement, giggled, and in a cheerful high-pitched voice said, “Okay, let’s get him undressed then.”

Nancy tugged at the elastic waistband of his shorts until they hung down around his knees, and both girls whooped at the sight as it sprang free and stood bobbing inches in front of them.

Judy was the first to act, taking his cock in her hand.

“It’s so . . . warm and hard . . .” She murmured so that only Nancy could hear.

Nancy was mesmerized staring at the head, which was partially covered with foreskin. She had never avcılar otele gelen escort seen an uncircumcised cock before. Judy pulled downward, peeling the foreskin back and revealed the cockhead.

Clearly impressed, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Ooooh!” and began to jerk him off.

Nancy was still in awe of it all and memorized for all time the look of the bulging veins feeding the blood necessary to engorge his magnificent hardon. Then Judy lowered her head several inches and dreamily rubbed his cock along her cheek.

“Me too! Me too!” Nancy squealed delightedly before planting a moist kiss to his shaft.

Judy marveled at the heat against her cheek and turned her head sufficiently and opened her mouth as she recalled blowing Richie Zadanowitz several months earlier. But Richie had come almost as soon as she’d closed her mouth on him and she’d spat him out in disgust. This time as her lips fastened on his cock it twitched, but didn’t spew and Judy began to relax and enjoy herself. Warren helped a great deal by placing his hand behind her head and guiding her.

And what was Nancy doing? To her obvious delight she’d discovered his balls and squiggling further under the blanket was kissing and sucking on them as Warren moaned his satisfaction at her newly found prowess.

‘ I’ll suck his cock like nobody’s business,’ she told herself, ‘as soon as Judy lets it go.’

“Are you two enjoying yourselves?” He asked pleasantly.

“Mmmmmm,” groaned Judy.

“Ooooh yeah,” Nancy cooed between noisy slurps. “Great fun. You’ve a wonderful prick here.”

“I really didn’t think you two had that much experience,” he said, pleasing both girls enormously.

He lifted the blanket slightly and saw Judy’s big doe eyes looking up at him. “Hi there, my little cocksucker.”

“Mmmffff!” Judy replied, and then gleefully returned to her work.

“Warren?” Nancy called from between his legs.

“Yeah, darling?”

“Do all pricks taste the same?”

“You’re licking my balls, Nancy.”

“Oh, yeah. Well I mean your balls then.”

“I don’t really know, not being a cocksucker or ball licker myself. But if I were to guess I’d say they all taste a little different, yet somewhat the same.”


“You know . . . people are all pretty much alike, yet different too. Maybe its what they eat, or how often they wash, things like that.”

“Yeah, thanks. I was just wondering, you know.”

“I love what you’re doing kiddo,” and let the blanket fall.

Warren looked up at the stage and found his friend grinning at him. Laughing, Warren gave him the thumbs up sign. Eppy promptly went into a long Coleman Hawkins like solo on “Body and Soul,” that brought the crowd to its feet cheering.

Nancy said, “What’s going on out there?”

“Eppy’s watching us and getting horny. When that happens he plays better. That’s the crowd cheering him on.”

She shocked Warren by firmly stating, “They should be cheering us on.”

As he was recovering he heard her again. “Judy, can I have some now?”

“Mmmmm, ‘kay. Here,” and she handed his cock to Nancy. “Take over and remember, don’t bite.”

“Ooooh!” Warren hissed as Nancy’s hot tongue licked the underside of his cock. “Just how old are you two?”

Judy, licking his testicle, responded for both of them. “I’m twenty and Nancy’s nineteen. She’ll be twenty in two months though,” she added reassuringly.

Just then, Nancy’s lips closed over his cockhead, sealing it tightly and as she commenced to sucking and nipping it with her teeth he groaned.

“Ahhh, Nancy! You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Removing his cock, she replied. “Yes, a couple times, but. . . .”

“With who?” Blurted Judy.

“Kenny Biddle and Arnie Singleton, if you must know. But I was going to say I’ve never even seen one like this before.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“The foreskin,” she said sheepishly.

“Oh,” said Warren.

“Oh,” said Judy.

“Judy! You have? Whose?”


“Richie Zadanowitz?” Nancy cried. “You let that animal touch you?”

“Sounds more like he let her touch him,” Warren offered teasingly.

“I don’t believe it,” Nancy said obviously losing track of what she was doing.

Warren began to wonder about these two girls. ‘Not wrapped to tight,’ he thought. But his hand guided her back to his cock and she resumed blowing him.

“Ahhh, calimar!” He crowed.

“What’s calimar?” Judy’s muffled voice rang out.

“Just another way of saying that’s a good blowjob Nancy’s giving me.”

“And me!” Judy cried. “Nancy, give it back!”

“Girls . . .?”



“Why don’t you both suck on it?”

“Can’t do it,” Judy said.

“Sure you can. One licks the shaft, one sucks the head. After a while, you kiss and switch places. Make sense?”

“I guess,” said Judy, speaking for both of them.

“You have kissed before, haven’t you?”

“Only for practice, you know?”


“You know, for when we’re with a guy?”

“It’s almost the same, and you are good friends,” he added.

“It won’t make us lezzies or nothin’ like that will it?” Nancy asked.

“Only if the two of you want to become bi,” he told them.

“Bi?” Asked Nancy.

“Lezzies, silly,” Judy put in.

“No,” Warren said. “Bi stands for bi-sexual, meaning someone who has sex with men and women.”

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