Wanting more

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All three of us in our pajamas, sitting on our queen sized bed. Jake behind me, rubbing my back. Me, facing Joe, but afraid to look him in the eye. Shaking from excitement, nervousness, hormones. Are my fantasies about to come true? Something I have been thinking about for over 2 years and it could be happening right now- two guys at once. I finally look at Joe and ask if he is sure he wants to do this. One word.


He goes in for a kiss on the lips. It’s against the rules so I turn away and he lands on my neck. His huge hands cup my face and pull me towards his.

No. No kissing.

Shut up.

And he is taking me- it’s been so long so I’ve been kissed like that. After being with the same man for nearly 10 years, kisses become routine, no feeling. Joe takes my breath away, and I feel my yoga pants coming off. I look at Jake, searching for any kind of anger about the kissing, and all I see is his face getting ready to go down on me. Incredulous about the fact that Jake is allowing him to kiss me, when it was the first ground rule we set up about doing the threesome. But I’m not gonna argue. In fact, as Jake works his magic on my already wet clit, I’m kissing Joe again. Huge hands taking my shirt off and the nipples on my B cups are hard avcılar elit escort already. They have only ever been touched by two other guys (that’s another story, no one knows about guy

), and I’m wondering what he is going to do. I realize that I’m getting all of the attention, and that’s not right.

Boys, take your shorts off.

Both, without hesitation. Jake able to take his off while still using his tongue, and I’m getting close to cumming. His 6, almost 7, inch cock is hard. Harder than I have ever seen it in 10 years. He is enjoying this just as much as I am, like I figured. Joe- not so hard. I lay down on my back, Joe lays on his side, my head in his lap so I can suck his average sized, flaccid dick. As I’m going down on Joe, Jake stops to watch me- and that’s a huge turn on. Joe is the third cock I’ve ever had (and again, no one knows about the other). I’m sucking, licking, stroking, doing everything I can, but to no avail.

Maybe he needs more.

All 115lbs of me straddles nearly 250lbs of this ex-marine, and I freeze. Jake thinks I’ve only ever fucked him. It’s not the truth. Another has fucked me harder, better, so so so much better than he ever could. Joe asks

Hey you ok.

I’m avcılar escort nervous. I don’t know what I’m doing with you.

I’m nervous too. Slow down. Turn around.

I slide off him, and he bends me over, ass in front of jake. Jake obliges. I’ve never turned down anal. Jake begins to slide his so hard dick in. Rubs his cock on my soaking wet pussy to lube up, and slowly slowly slowly works his way in. didn’t take as long as normal, mostly because I was so ready for this. Joe pulls me into him as I’m moaning

Oh god. Yes. Please. Fuck my ass.

Joe wraps his huge arms around me, pulls me in for a long kiss. Tongue everywhere, Joe is using one of his hands to pull my long, brown hair. Harder the longer he kisses me. My ass is being fucked by one, my hair being pulled by another.

I’m gonna cum. More. Please.

I break from the kiss to moan more and Joe shoves my face into his huge, tan, hairless chest. I feel powerless, small in his arms as my high school sweetheart fucks my ass.

Shivers. Shaking.

I look down. Joe still isn’t hard. Not even close. My mouth wraps his flaccidness in moisture. My tongue flicking, urging.

But to no avail. I ask

What do you need? What do you avcılar eve gelen escort want from me?

Nothing. Its fine.

Jake pulls out of my ass, my pussy is dripping. I ride jake, reverse cowgirl, with joe in front of me. Cumming once, twice, three times. He knows where my g-spot is, and finds it every time.

But I cant concentrate on how good it feels because joe isn’t hard.

I get off of Jake. Sit in Joe’s lap.

WHAT do you need? I haven’t been fucking you for 5 years like I have Jake.

I don’t know. I don’t think I can.

No. you know what I want. You cant do this to me. I’m so close to getting what I want.

I’m sorry.

I can’t help it. I run out of the room, crying. I wanted so bad to feel two cocks inside me at once, and I had two of them in my bed tonight. But it wasn’t going to happen. I waited til I heard him say good night to jake, came out and went to bed. No goodnight or goodnight kiss to Jake.


9am the next morning. I walk into the living room, embarrassed to face either. I’m a whore. I wanted two cocks, had two men touching me last night, and they are both sitting on the couch watching car shows. Kiss Jake good morning. Ignore Joe.

Jake gets up to start breakfast and joe hands me his phone. He’s written me a note of sorts…

“I’ve always thought about fucking you. You know that. I was worried about what would happen if I did. Let me make it up to you.”

I can’t look at him. I didn’t know he wanted to fuck me before. He will have a lot of making up to do. Some day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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