“Veronica” the Inflatable Doll

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It’s funny how an inflatable woman can be the only tool needed to help me seduce a straight roommate at college.

While at university, I shared a flat with three other guys. The oldest of these was the son of a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman. His name was Safwan which he told me meant “rock, solid.” It was a constant joke as he usually was both of those things. Being told to stay pure by his family, and being surrounded by three horny students who were always on the pull, made his life with us frustrating to say the least.

No one knew I was gay. I went along with the “dating” and taking girls out but just stopped short of the act of fucking. Everyone thought I was doing what they were doing, but I was the youngest of the group. Safwan was almost 19, I was a little short of my 18th birthday and the other two, Leo and Jon, were both just over the age of 18. Safwan wanted to know every intricate detail of our conquests and I’m sure he dived back to his room to wank off while thinking of them.

The subterfuge of being gay and acting straight is that my three good looking friends didn’t hide their attributes from me. Frequently I was feigning sleep on the sofa while Leo or Jon was fucking some girl in front of me. I could lie there and watch Leo’s thick, short cock pumping into some semi-drunk student or Jon’s long uncut monster being sucked and him pumping cum all over another one’s face. In the semi-dark, I would gently stroke my hard cock while watching through slightly open eyelids while the action took place.

Safwan tried hard not to drink as it was against his religion but, as he said, his father was a hypocrite as he would drink while on business trips abroad and he was also sure he was doing even more! Still though the guilt of drinking could be overcome with the smell of whisky, he couldn’t be tempted to fuck around as his conscience wouldn’t let him. I often wondered, like some other Arab guys, if fucking men was included in the “no” list. He would sometimes look at me strangely and I wondered his he could be tempted to stick if long circumcised cock in my willing hole!

One night when he had been having a few drinks, and I had had considerably more, I told him that I sometimes watched Leo and Jon fucking girls while pretending to be asleep. I suggested that he might get a kick out of it but he categorically said he couldn’t do that to friends. Of course he followed that repost by asking me the intricate details of what they had done and to whom. His hard cock was visible under his shorts while I told him every salacious detail right down to how much the guys came. Of course my drink fuddled mind wanted to see if he was interested in accepting my arse as a female substitute. It came to nothing and when he went to bed, I listened to him beating off while I stood at his door doing the same.

Safwan was a slim, dark skinned and short haired lad with beautifully white teeth and perfectly smooth skin. He had few hairs other than his pubic region and a few on his chest. He was muscular without looking as though he worked out. His frame compared to my 5 feet 9 inches and skinny little waist, was quite large. I had what would be classed as a “cute” body with a pert little arse, pale skin and though my hair was medium to dark, I had some shoulder and nose freckles. Thankfully I had been blessed with a cock which was slightly too large for my frame and it stood uncut and proudly well over 7 inches long with a surprising thickness. Safwan’s I had witnessed only once in an erect state and that was when I walked into his room without knocking. Thankfully he didn’t initially see me as he reached his climax on the bed so I had a few seconds to take in the scene. He was around 6.5 inches long but it was thick and looked like one of those chunky tent pegs you used to tie the guy ropes. It was narrower at the top and thick at the bottom and the cum that shot out of it as he reached climax and noticed me at the same time, was more than sufficient to please any avid cum sucker like me.

Anyway I didn’t like to make the same mistake again so I looked through the keyhole and could just make him out lying naked on the bed. I had, some weeks ago, when the decorators had been sprucing up the flat at the landlord’s insistence, removed the escutcheons which covered the keyhole (blaming the tradesmen) and this meant that when the opportunity arose I could look through into my flatmate’s bedrooms as long as only one was in with me at the time; like now!

His frustration was building and a few weeks before my 18th birthday, Safwan canl─▒ bahis arrived home with a large box and went quickly to his room.

“Been shopping?” I asked jauntily.

“Been solving my sexual dilemma,” he answered.

Now I was curious as he opened the package and showed me the box!

“Lifelike, life size, soft touch, blow up female doll,” it said.

“Wow, that must have cost a fortune,” I said.

“My dad won’t even notice it on my expenses,” he said. “The shop kindly made out a manual receipt for stationery. This is the best they do,” he said as he took it out of the box and then, as you would expect with the deluxe model, he removed a little inflator and started to connect it.

I have to say she was lifelike. At one stage he laid her face forward over a chair and her backside was facing me. I would have sworn blind it was a real naked woman. The plastic was warm and soft to the touch and the “orifices” had a soft touch to them. Even her nipples were of a different material to her tits.

“I’ll tell you Tom, this is going to be better that wanking,” he said honestly.

I have to say that my head was about to suggest another option but I bit my tongue.

“I’ll leave you to break her in,” I said and I left the room quietly.

I went back and looked through the keyhole. I could see the doll lying on the bed, legs open and could just catch Safwan’s clothes flashing across my view before a brief glimpse of his cock. Then all I could see was his dark skinned arse as he lay between the legs and started his fucking. Of course there was no need for a warm up or for any preliminaries as she was a doll after all. I wanked and watched, timing my orgasm just after he came. I saw his dwindling cock dripping cum as he pulled it out and then I dashed to my room before I could be caught.

I had to tell Leo and Jon when they came home.

“You’re fucking joking?” said Jon.

“No I’m not and I’ll tell you it’s a bloody good looking doll too,” I said.

“Gotta see this,” said the guys in unison knocking on Safwan’s door.

They entered and he was studying by the window,

“Let’s see the girlfriend then,” said the boys as I looked over their shoulder.

Safwan blew her up for them and they stroked her and felt her. Jon’s fingers wandered into her vagina and came out with some water on them.

“You’ve been using it already,” he said lifting his finger to his nose. “Bloody pervert!” Of course his indignation was somewhat diluted when he followed with, “What was it like?”

We all burst out laughing and Safwan said we could have a go sometime.

We decided to christen her “Veronica” as that name seemed the least suitable for her.

When my 18th birthday came, all four of us went out on the town to a fabulous Halal restaurant in town. Of course, it was “bring your own bottle” but Safwan was too nervous in Muslim company to drink. Jon, Leo and I had no such fears and polished off two bottles of wine which we had brought and paid corkage. When we went on to a nearby pub, Safwan then started to drink his favourite single malt, Glenmorangie and polished off a few to catch up with us.

It was a merry crew who stumbled back to the flat in the wee, small hours and we continued to talk and have a few more drinks.

“Drink makes me horny,” said Leo.

“Everything makes you horny,” I said.

“Can I get a fuck at Veronica tonight?” he continued.

“No I want her,” said Jon.

“I think my needs are paramount,” said Shafwan in his rich voice.

Someone said, “Why don’t we all fuck her!” I realised it had been me. I had been thinking about the scenario and said it out loud in my inebriated state.

They all looked at me.

“In front of each other?” said Leo.

“I’m not scared,” said Safwan.

I realised this was interesting him a little too.

“Neither am I,” said I.

Leo and Tom, both well pissed, looked at each other.

“It’s the only way you’ll get her tonight,” said Safwan.

“Fuck it, you’re on,” said Leo. “Go get her.”

When Safwan was retrieving Veronica, I noticed the two guys were knocking back beer to give themselves Dutch courage. In the past they had done some heavy petting with girls in each other’s company and I knew that once they had both fucked girls in the same room but under cover of darkness. This was in the light and in front of two other guys.

Safwan came back in, stripped to his rather boring looking pale blue boxer shorts, his erection already evident. He started to inflate bahis siteleri her and to ensure the guys didn’t chicken out. I stripped to my tight little athletic shorts. I wasn’t erect as I was a little nervous in case it didn’t happen, and also in case even fucking an artificial girl was something my body didn’t want to do. I just hoped that being in a nude and all male, all straight company would more than make up for it.

Both Leo and Jon took off their tops but kept their jeans on. However I could see erections on both of them which was a good sign.

When Veronica was ready, Safwan put her over the arm of the sofa and offered her to Leo.

“You first,” said Leo.

Safwan shrugged, took off his shorts and his stiff, thick cock sprung up into the air. The guys looked slightly uncomfortable. Safwan lubed her arse entrance and started to enter the doll. Within a few seconds he was fucking her as he poured out expletives. I watched his dark hairy arse bouncing up and down and his black balls slapping against the doll. Leo and Jon slowly stripped to their briefs and started to stroke their cocks through the material.

Safawn withdrew and asked me to do her. I was already quite hard so slipped off my shorts and my cock bounced up.

“Fucking Hell, where have you been hiding that?” said Leo as my large cock came into view. “You put us all to shame.”

I smiled, proud that a gay guy could still interest straights at some level. I started to enter her, the thought of replacing Safwan’s cock making me really hard. The doll slightly slipped and Safwan came over to steady her bottom. He then shocked me by taking my cock and pushing it in. My cock went rigid in a second as I felt his strong hands grip it. He said nothing and went back to watch with the others.

The exhibitionist in me was really enjoyed doing this and when Leo and Jon finally stripped naked, except being typical straights, they left their black socks on, I was in my element, pulling my cock out and making sure they saw the full length plunging in again. All three were now stroking erections.

“Right Tom, me next,” said Leo.

As Leo went to stick his cock in, Jon went to her mouth and pushed his cock in there. The two of them were very horny and were talking to her as though she was real. Safwan looked at me, his cock in his hand, and winked with a wicked smile on his face.

“Jeesus I’m going to cum in her,” said Leo after only a few minutes of fucking.

His orgasmic howl would have wakened the neighbours if they hadn’t been on holiday. He humped each spurt of his orgasm into the vinyl female substitute and Jon grunted and seemed to do the same at her mouth.

“That was fucking ace,” said Leo as he pulled out, his cum trickling out behind his cock. “Who’s next?”

I assumed that might be it, since the arse and mouth were now coating in cum. Leo and Jon, grabbed their clothes as embarrassment now flooded over them and they headed towards their rooms saying, “We’ll leave you two to finish your fun.”

Safwan suggested I lie back on the floor which I did. He coated Veronica’s cunt with lube and pushed her face down on me before surprising me by entering her arse even with Leo’s cum in it. He lay on her as she lay on me and started to fuck. The thin material between our cocks did little to mask the pressure and strength of his erection rubbing against my cock.

“How does that feel Tom?” he asked.

“Absolutely amazing,” I said.

I was lying quite still and he was doing all the work of fucking and holding her in place.

“I’m going to cum,” I said to him.

“Good, so am I,” he said.

I actually heard the jets of his cum firing against the inner lining which pushed me over the edge and came in Veronica.

Afterwards we lay and laughed.

“That was fun, and at least no nagging afterwards,” he said.

I pulled my shorts back on and offered to clean the doll up but he refused. I wondered why. Mind you even though we had just technically had sex, there was a plastic female between us and I wasn’t sure that it counted, certainly not in Safwan’s head.

We joked about it for a few days afterwards and then we all went back to our routines. Safwan studied, I studied and did a few bars when I could, and Leo and Jon were out all the nights they could, on the pull.

It was around three weeks later. The two guys were going to an all night party over a Bank Holiday weekend and I had planned to do the gay bars when Safwan asked if he could come with me. I had to hurriedly bahis ┼čirketleri change my bar plans to straight ones and off we went.

We both drank a fair bit, him slightly more than me as he was on short drinks. He seemed quite quiet until sometime quite late in the evening he suddenly said to me, “I suppose our little party the other night there is as close to real sex as I’m going to get until I marry.”

I said, “I can’t really comment Safwan, as I come from a different culture to you.”

“I know,” he said, “but some of my friends back home use each other to ease the tension.”

“Oh, I see,” said I, slightly embarrassed.

“I enjoyed the sexual excitement of doing something a little naughty,” he suddenly said, changing the subject.

“I’m sure you did and so did I.”

“Let’s go back and have some drinks at the flat,” he said, “without that horny pair going on and on at us.”

I agreed, not sure where this was leading and also not sure if he was trying to suggest what I thought he was. I decided to act the straight guy and see where it went.

Two drinks after our return, Safwan suddenly said, “Fancy another go at Veronica?”

My cock had been erect for over thirty minutes anyway as the conversation had been skirting around his frustrations for that time.

“OK, if I can manage with all this drink in me,” I said.

He inflated her and laid her on the floor, lubing her cunt. He asked me to go first. I stripped naked as he did the same behind me and then I lay on top of her and slowly pushing my cock into her. I started to fuck her. I felt Safwan behind me and he rubbed his hard cock against my buttocks.

“Do you mind?” he asked.

“Eh, no I don’t,” I said.

I tried to concentrate on my fucking but my mind was enjoying the warm cock being rubbed around my buttocks and occasionally pushing against my hole. I slowed my fucking and gently pushed my arse back up against the tip of his cock. He moaned.

“Can I?” he asked.

“Yes,” I whispered.

I felt the cold lubricant against my bum. I felt his fingers slide in and out as he prepared me. All thought of Veronica was now gone and I pulled out to kneel on all fours. I realised there was no need for protection as this guy was a full virgin and I looked around at him as he lubricated his cock.

The cock head slowly stretched into me. He was going slowly, obviously savouring the moment of his first fuck. It slid effortlessly inside me. In my mind I wondered why I had taken so long this evening to bathe before going out. Was it a premonition?

He stretched his hand around and gripped my cock, stroking it as he rolled me on to my side to gain deeper access. Now he was increasing his strokes and his thick cock was pumping into me. He pushed and pulled, nibbling the back of my ear and kissing my shoulder blades as he fucked.

He suddenly stopped. “I don’t want to cum yet. Will you fuck me?”

Now this was something I had not anticipated.

“If you want,” I said. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve thought of nothing else for the last three weeks since I saw it,” he said nodding towards my cock.

I went to my pocket and took a condom. Out of respect for him I felt I should think 100% for his safety. I rolled it with some difficulty over my very stiff cock and we reversed roles. I lubed his arse, asking him to relax as I did so and after a few moments I lubed my cock.

I took it really easy with him. Many previous guys had struggled with my cock size and a virgin certainly would. It was hurting him, I could tell, but he wouldn’t let me withdraw. I pushed about half an inch in at a time, pulling back slightly then pushing back in. It took almost thirty minutes before I had almost my full length inside him and started the actual fucking. It was heavenly. His hole was really tight, gripping the full length of my cock as though it never wanted to give it back. As I fucked he moaned. Gradually the sounds of pain turned to lust and I was soon shagging him with some speed.

“I can’t hold on Safwan, I need to cum inside you.”

“Do it,” he replied.

By the time the words had left his mouth, I had!

I withdrew and lay back as he climbed on to his knees and blasted a hot load of cum over my chest. He may have admired my cock size but I had nothing but admiration for the volume of cum which splattered over my chest and face.

He apologised and helped clean me before lying beside me and surprising me by kissing me fully on the mouth. We lay there silently for around twenty minutes.

“Can I do this again?” he asked.

“You bet,” I said.

He smiled and said, “At least I haven’t broken my promise of not going with girls before I marry.”

It looked like this was going to be a fun year!

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