Under Glass

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Writing from Detroit, a few weeks after the fact, I’m still wet and hungry for more. I’m a greedy girl when it comes to sex. I just can’t help it.

It took me a full week to recover from New York City. The sex I had was like a million beams of light swirling around me. Illuminating me making feel beautiful and radiant. Looking back on it, it’s a rare delicious treat I will probably never have again.

It changed me, gave me a taste of what I wanted. Two men, an idea I’m still very enamored with. If I could find two men to willing share me, I’d be in heaven.

I’m also a switch and a really enjoy both roles, equally. I can not ever seem to sate both sides.

Two men, One a virtual stranger. I met Alex over a year ago online, so he wasn’t truly a stranger I just never saw him face to face. He’s a smaller man usually I go for but there’s just something about him that makes me wet and loved all at once. The other is my on again off again boyfriend Aaron, the more burly aksaray escort of the two, I don’t know if I love him anymore, but He’s a nice good albeit quick fuck.

Both men attended Maskara with me, Alex sat patiently by my side during the fashion show and Sky Salt’s killer show. There’s more to be said for a nice submissive man, I hopelessly adore a man willing to please me, spoil me, or put me in my place. Alex is a true submissive which drives me wild.

Knowing this earlier in the day I ran out to the Manhattan CVS to pick up some baby powder and sprinkled it in my hello kitty panties so I could stay relatively dry.

During Maskara my top got ripped open by a girl I was fighting with, an ex who had followed me there. She was hoping her display would impress me. It didn’t, I was red faced and exposed with no real way to cover up. It was July in New York City, no one thought to bring a coat.

I took my two gentleman back to the hotel, anal yapan escort having my dress up and my push-up bra clad breasts exposed on the bus was a first. Secretly I loved it, my tits looked fabulous.

Aaron left us back at the room to go drinking with his sister. Alex was far too polite to do anything and I was working up my nerve. I may be a slut but, I’m kinda shy. So we laid together watching tv. It wasn’t until Aaron came back and the lights were off that I was brave enough to start running my nails over his thigh.

To which he responded by gasping and clawing at the sheets, then my deft little hand grabbed his balls and squeezed! He loved every sheer second of torture, my nails clawing him over and and over until we aroused Aaron from his drunken stupor. He knelt watching for a few moments. He knew I liked to be a sadistic little bitch but he’d never seen it. It was one thing, to know something then to actually see it. I didn’t atakent escort know it then, but that moment was the end of me and Aaron.

Aaron started fingering my pussy and wouldn’t let up until he had his entire fist in me. Alex looked rather amused and like he’d been attacked by a house cat. Aaron pulled out quickly and which a strange wet pop and went into the bathroom. I then got up on my hands and knees and told Alex to fuck me, and boy did he, I came six times. Aaron says that was the only time he’d heard me scream that loud was when I was screaming “Master” or getting paid to do so!

At some point Alex stopped and Aaron started. Alex sat beside me watching seeing him still hard, I did what any girl would do…I sucked his dick, I sucked it good in typical Batling fashion, Aaron came in under two minutes and I just laid there stunned. We’d been fucking for an hour and Alex didn’t cum. I was not going to let this rest.I’ve pleased every partner male and female, ladies love Batling, I was truly perplexed.

The answer came upon me like a two by four. Of course maybe Angel Mason, a character from one of my books, took me over but my hand was around Alex’s neck and I squeezing. I licked my lips and whispered

“Cum or I kill you.”

I slept well that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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