Twelve Hours Pt. 18

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8:00 — 9:00

Ron had gone by now. I have to admit, that last thing he did was wild, completely out there and very satisfying. I will miss his presence, but the night was coming to a close. In fact, it was now dawn, with sun creeping into the house through the windows.

Alyssa and Sofia now simply recognised that me and Lily had a thing going for each other. “We’ve got one more room left, but you guys are fine to stay until 10am,” she said to use. We already knew what we’d be doing between 9 and 10. Nobody mentioned Katie, who was still hiding away in the room upstairs as far as I knew, although she might have been out, coming back later. She was out of my life already. Enamoured with Lily, I was completely disinterested in the old Katie. She could’ve saved herself by joining in but chose different. For months, I had been begging her for wilder, unrestrained sex, but she was hiding behind some “decency values” and “mutual respect”. “Respect” was the last thing I wanted — she didn’t get it — I wanted submission, degradation and complete surrender. I can get what I want from Lily, I thought. Katie and her prude ways can go all the way to hell.

The last room was a sizeable square-shaped room with very high ceilings. Just one piece of furniture in the corner — a very small futon-like thing — just two cushions on short metallic legs and no backing. The floor was covered by pale-brown linoleum. At the back, two windows letting inn a decent amount of sunlight from the outside had 3 layers of net curtains hanging from them, blocking any spying from the outside. The most curious thing in the room was a polished pole-shaped wooden bar near the window running the width of the room.

I frowned. “What is this room?”

“Yeah, this can be difficult to figure out,” she acknowledged walking up to the pole, turning around and leaning against it. “It’s a dancing-room — to be precise, a room where ballet dancers can practice.”

She beckoned at us to join her where she stood and went on, “I use this place to practice.” She tittered; she hardly seemed a cultured person tonight with an interest in performing in Swan Lake. That said, I could laugh inwardly thinking of The Nutcracker. “That’s why I am so bendy,” she chortled.

I checked with them, making it obvious my concern with them was phony, “How are your pussies?”

They knew the game I was playing. “Bruised and ready,” Lily laughed. She knelt in front of Alyssa to begin eating her out. Sofia attached herself to Alyssa’s tit. I was behind her already, stretching her ass-cheeks open. What I loved was that by now they were constantly so wet that they took the smell of sex with them everywhere they went.

Alyssa found Sofia’s nipple and pulled on it. I spread Sofia’s cheeks wide open and began eating her out from her rear. There was no sign of those snatches being raw at all — they were all well practised.

Lily got up and leaned against the wooden pole. Sofia and Alyssa sucked on her asshole and her pussy — Alyssa from the rear, Sofia from the front. We were starting quietly, almost gently this time — this would soon change, of course. Lily raised her right leg over Alyssa’s head — her dripping pussy easily accessible now by the other two. Visibly aroused by her smell, they stuck their tongues out to thoroughly lick her. The prelude this time was slow and lazy. Alyssa got up and pulled Lily into a kiss; I love those lesbian kisses. They’re gentler in one way somehow, female lips having that feathery quality, and yet so much hotter when watched by a male — hotter because they are female.

The kisses continued. Allyssa pulled Sofia now into a kiss and found Lily’s moist lower lip. I found myself surrounded by the threesome now. They all knelt down to give me head. I moaned when Alyssa took me in first — the others were gazing up at me seductively. Lily took the clarinet next and Alyssa sucked my balls in. Then it was Sofia’s turn. Three mouths, all quite different in how they used their tongues and the depths to which they took me.

When Alyssa took me back, she began pulling it deeper, sucking harder, opening her mouth wider and bobbing over the dick. I gave out the first moan. Sofia, took over — spreading her spit over the pink head, massaging it. I gasped, my arousal greater just due to the view of those three squatting there, congregating around my hard-on. It started just about engorged and was already much much thicker now going into Sofia’s mouth. She pursed her lips tight around my dick and kept looking up at me. Aw, they were back to bitchy again!

Alyssa took it back in her mouth — they now go closer together, their heads pushing against each other and sucked on it all — Alyssa on my cock, Lily on one ball and Sofia on the other. “Oh SHIT!” I groaned and pressed my hands against the wooden pole, sensing they were getting sweatier already. Alyssa let the cock go, pulling a string of semen with her, kissing now around its head. Lily took over and gave me a quick handjob, concentrating on the exposed mushroom head. canlı bahis She went from the side now using her lips to trace its entire length, joined by Sofia. Alyssa’s tongue added to that, teasing the tip with her tongue, flicking it against in quick lashes, looking up into my eyes devilishly. I groaned — the combined effect of that was too overwhelming and they felt my abdomen and thighs begin to shake.

Now Alyssa took me inside her mouth, sucking hard with loud smacking sounds. Her tongue hit those nerves just under the head that are so erogenous. “Oh — my — gawd—” I moaned. It was spectacular. I tried to keep my hands resting instead of grabbing one or two of them, but it was getting rather hard! Lily took over and gave me a quick handjob, using the precum to lube it up before grinning at me. “I reckon he’s ready, girls.”

“Some space.” Sofia pushed me aside away from the wooden pole. Lily lied down on the floor, spreading her thighs. Alyssa went right next to her, immediately getting on her fours and eating her out. “And what are you going to do?” I asked Sofia.

“This — watch.” To my absolute astonishment, that young flexible body swung around the wooden pole — in an acrobatic feat, her ass over the ballerina’s pole and head upside down (hair cascading down to the floor), placing her mouth right next to Alyssa’s ass and pussy. Stronger than I would ever believe this tiny person to be, she held on to the pole with her hands. She spread-eagled her legs. I positioned myself between the window and the bar behind her. This looked outlandishly hot. Like something out of some porn movie, but one does not expect such acrobatics in actual real life. Yet, here she was swinging over that pole.

My cock oozed juices just from me seeing that. I grabbed her legs firmly and dipped inside her. The cock-pussy / mouth-pussy / mouth-pussy chain was working and loud moaning finally began. Holding Sofia like this felt like I was fucking her mid-air while she was still able to be eating Alyssa out. I could easily start fast, with strong movements of my hips, bucking through her, watching over her hard-nippled tits towards Lily and Alyssa eating her own. Alyssa was actually still going gentle, almost loving, on her, but this was sufficient for Lily to raise up slightly against her elbows and arch her back, pushing her own tits up, subconsciously offering them to be sucked. She stretched her arms to behind her head, her fabulous body sprawled on the floor for everyone to see.

Watching my dick go in that 18 year old’s pussy was really intoxicating and I felt the urge to just ram through her growing fast. She was extremely wet and my dick kept pulling out her juices to the outside when shoving inside her. Her flexible body arched downwards increased her fuckability factor . Her head was swinging down below — she stuck her tongue out and whenever her head swung close enough it would dart into Alyssa’s pussy — a sight to see! Alyssa, moaning louder now, kept feasting on Lily — it was impressive how her gentle work on her was bringing such quick results — I would’ve been more forceful and firm, but she was essentially kissing her there passionately; close, soft, fleshy kisses and sucking. Lily was panting and moaning unceremoniously, surrendering to her completely. She was beginning to writhe and squirm — the sensations were beginning to overwhelm her, gasping into her arm, now starting to push her twat more firmly into Alyssa’s hot lips.

Involuntarily, my thrusts were getting faster and rougher, swinging Sofia more, just like she was a swing in a playpark or a clock pendulum. Her head was flying through the air, her tongue going in deeper into Alyssa’s pussy, making her moan right into Lily’s snatch.

I wanted other pussies to fuck. “Come on, get over here!” They got up and we let Sofia slide off safely. Figuring out the next bit took one minute — their acrobatics ability really took me aback!

Lily stood behind the pole first, facing the window, then arched her back so that her head went over the pole — her hair falling downwards, her looking upwards. Next was Alyssa — she stood facing the window on the same where Lily’s head was hanging. She lifted her left leg and supported it on the pole, the other one firmly on the floor. This placed her pussy inches away from Lily’s lips.

This already looked super hot. But yet again, Sofia surprised us all. Facing away from the window, she somehow managed to stand with one leg on the pole and lifted the other and placed it on Alyssa’s shoulder. Stretching her arms high up, she grabbed one of the beams running just below the ceiling, pushing her tits forward. Her pussy was now easy to rub and finger by Alyssa. I forced my cock into Alyssa’s pussy from behind her.

To be fair, we were probably quite lucky we didn’t have some kind of accident, but weren’t exactly in our “right minds” anyhow!

Sofia’s body looked truly spectacular there. Holding on to the ceiling beams, her slim, well-titted body stretched high, she looked like a fantasy maiden with bahis siteleri bound wrists above her head, just waiting to be abused. My stiff rod gliding through Alyssa’s box, Lily, her head upside down, was teasing her folds and clit. Her boobs arched over the pole displaying her nipples, clearly hard as hell. Licking her lips, she kept rubbing her in hard circular motions, listening to her moans coming every time I thrust in. Straight ahead of me, Alyssa was fingering Sofia, whose body resembled a Greek statue, upright and tightly stretched. Her eyes shut, her lips, thin and moist, parted, she looked like a muse. Lily prevented me from my moment of admiration of her lascivious sculpture-like body by abruptly pulling my cock out of Alyssa and putting it in her mouth. I groaned loudly — not seeing this coming, I was unprepared. A waft of hot air rumbled up my spine. Sofia’s was beginning to feel the result of being fingered — she just looked so innocent and defenceless with those arms up as if surrendering completely. Alyssa was now using her knuckles on her pussy, but froze and wailed loudly when she felt my cock ripping through her again. Having her clit licked at the same time was helping, too, and she was now clearly on the way to cumming; her walls were pulsing more tightly against me already. That feeling of a female body tightening around you as if trying to push you out is so completely drugging and producing the male animalistic drive to keep fucking. By trying to push you out, she makes you want to stretch her wider and go deeper. It’s not very far from this to the male frenzied instinct to submit a woman to your will even if she protests.

Lily repositioned her head over the pole and took my dick up her throat properly now. Ahhhhh, she looked good — her chin up, mouth open wide enough to take it and narrow enough to suck hard. I moaned — that wet tongue of her really got me going.

I needed those pussies away from this acrobatic position. “Get down, I have an idea,” I said. Once they were all safely down, I pulled out the futon to the middle of the room. “All fours, asses high up!” I commanded using a dictatorial tone.

You know you are REALLY a man and are scoring where you have three women with their asses in the air on their fours, just waiting for you. Sofia was on the left, with Lily in the middle and Alyssa on the right. All had their heads on the futon and their asses pushed up in the air. I moved in to suck Sofia’s first, running my tongue up and down her folds. I spent just a tad longer on Lily’s, here adding tugging on her folds into my mouth and darting in my tongue to taste her. Alyssa was last, but I spent the shortest here, keen to go back to Lily. Lily’s hand was already on her ass in anticipation. I slipped two fingers in her, enjoying the feeling of her moisture pushing against her flesh, and used my tongue licking her asshole. Eliciting moaning, I mover over to Sofia, repeating the same.

I returned to Lily now, holding down her ass with my hands and pushed my cock in. Fuck, the position, the angle, the tightness was perfect — going real deep and squeezed again. I groaned keeping the steady pace. Sofia felt for her pussy and started pleasing herself. Meanwhile, Alyssa moved over to Lily and began kissing her neck and earlobes, quite affectionately, as I persisted shoving my cock in her, faster and faster. She bit her lip and grabbed her tits. The fucking was fast but steady and I kept it under control this time, just enjoying the sensation.

With Sofia, the second I started fucking her, she decided to look back over her body at me all the time, keeping grinding her fingers over her clit. Her moaning was louder as we went on. Her stretchy body seemed to mould around me; every thrust took me deeper and further. She started with moans, but pushing her lightweight body around, I made sure by the end she was growling at me. I left, slapping her ass.

Alyssa’s reaction was the loudest. The second she felt my dick ramming through her, she shouted and shrieked loudly — short, piercing sounds. This spurred me to give her a series of shallow but extremely fast high-friction thrusts. “Ohhhhhh!!” she hissed through gritted teeth. “Oh YES!!” Lily shut her up French kissing her shoving her tongue into her, overwhelming her. Alyssa’s screams vanished in her mouth for as long as my cock was cramming inside her.

We all knew, though, this was all a rather gentle prelude to what we really needed. Truth was, the fuck-fest from just before Ron left took some energy out of us and we were going lighter to regain some strength. But now, we were ready again. I needed one of my hard relentless fucks again.

For that, we pushed the futon next to the wooden pole. Lily sat on it with her legs of the edge of the futon. I lied down with my head between her feet. “You!” I ordered Sofia, “on my face and eat her out. And you,” I told Alyssa, “on my dick, and ride it hard.”

“Yes, master,” they played along.

Alyssa was first — she straddled me and facing away from me lowered her bahis şirketleri fuckhole onto mine. “You ride me until you’re allowed to stop, bitch!” I barked at her. Her hot dripping wet pussy was already around me. I grabbed her at her hips and directed her sternly, “Begin!” She started — the angle was good and I was going deep. Loved seeing her round dirty ass and my cock ridding just looking down my body. “Faster!” I barked an order. I wasn’t satisfied until I heard rhythmical ball slapping sounds and her regular moans.

“Now you!” Sofia was told to face-sit me and grind her swollen, sensitive pussy against my lips. She leaned over towards Lily to focus on her cunt. Sofie’s pussy was dripping juices straight into my wanton mouth. Overcome soon by her musty, drugging smell of sex, I affixed myself to her — rolled my tongue and darted it into her fuck-tunnel. She was grinding her pussy against me as ordered — the smooth pussy lips were sliding past me as I was automatically licking her hard, sucking, tugging and tasting her. Soon enough my face was dripping his her juices. She was moaning against Lily’s pussy, fingering her. I heard Lily’s sounds of pleasure, but muted by Sofia’s ass over my face and by growing volume of Alyssa’s screams and shouts, ever more frequent. Instinctively, I grabbed her hips and starting pushing her down harder against my hard-on. Awww! My cock felt thicker and harder inside that cum-soaking cunt. My balls were growing tighter and fuller every time her pussy landed down on me. Soon enough, feeling that familiar rush to my balls, I needed her to get off me. “Suck that dick, bitch!” I hissed from under Sofia’s pussy.

She climbed off me amidst Lily’s and Sofia’s moaning and lying next to my thighs, started going down on me. “All the way up in your throat!” She obeyed, attacking my cock with her tongue first and then taking it all the way to the back of her throat. “Fuck, this is good!” I yelled.

Alright, now I was ready and I wanted Lily for this. I got up and looked at her, my pupils darkening with desire. She saw that and there was no way she didn’t know what was coming. She returned my diabolical smile with one of her own.

Sofia was put with her head on the floor but her stomach, pussy and legs on the futon. Alyssa was in the middle on her fours eating her out. Just behind her was Lily — her head under Alyssa’s ass and pussy. I was kneeling at the futon behind her, holding her legs up.

There was a strong part of me that just wanted to punish her right here and right now. But watching the three girls, suddenly another idea sprang to mind. They just looked too good not to use this to everyone’s advantage. “Here’s an idea!” I exclaimed. They froze as if mid-air, taken aback, I think by how excited I sounded. Lily was the most surprised of them all — in most likelihood thinking I was just getting to work on her hard and now just changing my mind? Not at all. I looked at her, this dark desire still shrouding my eyes. She seemed relieved, although still confused — I was not telling her what I wanted.

The girls got up. “Alyssa, over here?” This was her house, so she’d know where to go next if I told her. I walked towards the door where we stood. I whispered in her ear my plan. Nobody else was to know. The whole thing occurred to me in a millisecond in the first place, but telling it was taking at least half a minute. They couldn’t hear us from the other side of the room and, with puzzled anticipation, watched the expression on her face change from neutral to more and more satisfied and devilish. “O-ho!!” she laughed in the end. “Don’t we have a gutter of a mind?”

“We sure as hell do.”

“Mmm-mmm,” she muttered under her breath. “Come on, girls, the marble room.” The plan was to keep them mystified, particularly Lily.

“Although his plan involves mostly you,” Alyssa said to Lily as we were crossing to foyer to the room. Lily instantly cracked a seductive smile at me. “But although he does, I thought of something special just for you, too,” this was to Sofia.

“Oh?” She jiggled her tits, excited.

“Yep. Little slut like you will love it.”

* * *

We entered the marble room. This was the same room where we used the gel before, long before Sofia arrived. The large one with the 4-poster bed.

“Right, just wait here a second.” Alyssa crossed to room to the far-right corner and to my astonishment opened a door there that was almost invisible to the naked eye — one of those looking exactly like the wall around it. I had certainly not spotted it before. “This is the cupboard for our—” she paused for a second to add tantalising emphasis, “uh, equipment.”

We needed a few things for our secret plan. I helped her bring some of the stuff into the room. The cupboard was just that, an small space behind the door with various boxes and containers on the floor and one large mattress.

We grabbed the mattress first — it was one of those rubber ones that you typically give to guests when they visit for one night. It seemed already well-inflated. Then there was a large box with a lid on it, somewhat heavy. I put it near the poster bed, but did not open. Finally, three rather sizeable plastic bottle with the label MagicGel on them. Lily’s lips curled into a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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