Trucker Fucker Ch. 02

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Big Tits

As we both come to a halt in the rest stop, we are fortunate to find it is currently empty. We have barely stopped moving when you are diving for my crotch, hungry to taste cock and cum. Unzipping my shorts and pulling them down to release my rock hard cock, hungrily swallowing it whole, until it hits the back of your throat and you let out a contented sigh.

The trucker parks up and jumps down from his cab. He wanders over to the car to survey the scene. He can see what a horny cum slut you are, skirt around your waist, seat soaked with cum, one tit hanging out of your top and a mouth full of cock, head bobbing up and down as you deep throat me. Sensing his presence, you adjust your position to your hands and knees offering your fabulous cotton covered ass to him.

He looks at me for approval and I nod. He lifts your skirt and smacks your ass, you squeal with delight that we have found someone who will use and abuse you as much as I will. He can see the cum and juices glistening on your thighs as they run free from your soaked cunt. My replica cock, still buried in your ass, sending delicious signals through your body. Opening the door and bending over he uses his fingers to tease your clit, slipping another inside you, coating it with your juices and licking it clean.

With two fingers now buried in your juicy cunt, teasing and fucking you, my cock in your ass, and a mouth full of real cock, you can feel another orgasm starting to build. He can sense it too, your cunt tightening around his fingers. He pushes the cock back into your ass, deep and hard and it sends you over the edge again. Letting out a muffled scream, and bucking against the fingers and cocks invading all three holes, you cum hard and long.

Knowing that you are on the edge of multiple orgasms again, I pull the cock out of your ass and invite our new friend to lick your ass, whilst he continues to fuck your cunt with his fingers. His tongue running round your ass hole and dipping inside, tongue fucking your sensitive ass, using his fingers in your cunt to pull you back deep onto his tongue. You are getting close again but I think you need a real cock fucking you. He slides the vibe back into your ass, deep and hard, and removes his fingers from your cunt, replacing them with his hard cock. He is a bit thicker than me, but not as long, and you can feel your pussy lips stretch to accommodate him.

Sliding slowly inside you, you can feel him deeper and deeper, until his pubic bone meets the cock in your ass, pushing it deeper too. Telling him to thrust hard, he starts pounding your cunt, slapping your ass with each stroke, using his hands on your hips to pull you back onto him, each thrust pushing both his cock into your cunt and my cock into both your mouth and ass.

Seeing you proudly filled in every hole is enough for me, and I grab canlı bahis your head, wrapping my fingers in your hair and fill your mouth with hot cum. Swallowing as hard and fast as you can, you drink my cum, all the while your ass and cunt are being filled, and you are cumming over and over again, every one running into the next. You are almost at the point when I know you will pass out from the stimulation, and the trucker is nearing his climax too. Burying your head in my crotch again for support, as he continues to pound your well fucked holes, I hear him grunt and can see him start to pump his cum deep inside you, pulling out quickly to spray the rest over your ass. You cum once more and pass out on my lap.

He doesn’t hang around when he is done, but simply wipes his cock on your skirt, zips himself up and heads back to his truck. He has a schedule to keep after all. As he pulls away, I hear a familiar wail and see an unwelcome sight in the rear view mirror…or is it!


I thought of pulling away whilst the cop was approaching, not knowing how long he has been there, and not wanting to have to try explain this away, at least I thought maybe that I should cover your ass up and put my cock away, and just tell him that you were tired and we had to rest, but then I remembered how much you fantasise about fucking cops, and decided to have some fun.

I arrange my cock so at least it is hidden by your head and half cover your ass, but he can still see one cheek and the fresh cum that the trucker wiped on your skirt. He comes to the side of the car and asks for licence and registration. Which I fortunately have easily available without moving. He heads back to his car to check me out and make sure that I haven’t stolen the ‘vette or anything like that.

When he comes back you are just starting to awaken from your orgasmic pass out, and feel my soft cock against your cheek, the truckers cum deep in your cunt mixed with your own, dribbling down your thighs. Your cunt and ass are sore from the pounding they received, but it is a good sore, and you feel well and truly fucked. You start to murmur that we should go home, shower and rest. I tell you that we will go in a moment, that I just have something I need to take care of. OK you say, and slip your lips around my soft cock, more for comfort than anything else.

The cop returns and reports that everything is OK, telling me to move on and have a nice day. He asks after you, wondering if you are OK, I make some excuses and start to get ready to leave. By this time though, you are fully awake and have heard the cop, knowing exactly who he is and what is going on, you decide that maybe you are not so tired after all.

Lifiting your head from my lap, you give him your very best innocent girl look, asking him if there is anything bahis siteleri you can help him with. He sees my half hard cock, remembers your bare ass cheek and the trucker leaving the car and quickly figures out what is going on. He says that he will have to arrest you for lewd behaviour, and asks you to step out of the car.

Not quite sure whether he is serious or not, you decide to behave, and do as you are told, like the good little cumslut you are. Stepping out of the car and putting your hands on the hood. The cop comes around to your side and takes out his handcuffs, asking you to put your hands behind your back.

Doing as you are told again, he snaps the cuffs on you wrists and closes them tightly, hurting you a little, and you can feel the fire building in your crotch again. Spreading your legs, he starts to frisk you. You are still not sure if he is serious or not, but you are hoping for the latter. He starts at your left ankle, running his hands up your calf, past your knee and into the sticky cum that covers your thigh, stopping just short of your crotch and ass. Moving to the other ankle, he repeats the motion.

Removing his hands, he presses himself up against you, and puts his hands in front of you, he asks you what this sticky mess is, your answer is to open your mouth, stick out your tongue and start licking his fingers clean. You can feel him start to grow hard against your ass and you know that you have him. When his hands are clean, he continues to frisk you from the waist up, pulling your top up over your tits releasing them from the stretchy material, just as a breeze blows and hardens the nipples. He pulls the top up and over your head, so that you cannot see what is happening any longer, but you can still feel his body weight pressing you between himself and the car.

Returning his hands to your heavy tits, he takes one roughly in each hand and squeezes them hard, massaging them roughly and whispering in your ear how he is going to fuck you so hard you will beg him to stop. Moving his fingers to your nipples, he pinches each one so hard, you feel a wave of pain assault your senses, which quickly turns to pleasure as it reaches your cunt. Rolling each nipple between his fingers as he nibbles on your earlobe and whispers nasty thoughts in your ear.

He pushes you down on the warm hood of the car, your naked tits squashed against the sun warmed metal. You feel the air on your ass as he lifts up your skirt ot get a good view of your ass, realizing when he sees your asshole that you love to get fucked in the ass, his cocks gets harder than steel. He grabs you by the cuffs and over to the grass verge, pushing you down to a squat, and unzips his pants.

Ripping your shirt from your face, he slaps you in the face with his cock, telling you to suck him like a good little slut. I think bahis şirketleri it is probably safe enough for me to join in now, and so I come over and slip underneath you slipping my cock into your soaking cunt, with one long hard thrust.

Bouncing up and down on my cock, and sucking hard on his, it is hard to keep your balance with your hands cuffed, and one time you slip and your slam down on my cock so hard it feels like it in your stomach, the feeling makes you cum instantly. With my cock now covered in juices, it is time for you to feel real cock in your tight ass, something you have been craving all day ever since you slipped your finger in there.

Lifting your ass up, and moving slightly forward, I position my cock at the entrance to your tightest hole. You have already given it a work out today, so it is not too tight to slip the head in quite easily, but it takes you a moment or two still to get used to the feeling of a real live cock in there. Soon enough though you are ready and forcing yourself all the way down onto my cock, taking me deep in your ass.

The cop is still fucking your face, pushing his cock deep into your throat with every thrust, forcing you to gag sometimes, but loving every minute of it. You can feel him starting to grow and know that you will soon taste your second load of cum today, just as you feel it burst onto your tongue, and slide down your throat.

He is a young cop and without missing a beat, he is ready to feel your warm cunt wrapped around his cock. Laying down on the ground he tells you to come and sit on his cock, so that he can fuck that sweet cunt and suck your tits at the same time. Pressing you down against his chest, I slide my cock back into your ass, filling both your holes for the second time that day, but this time with two real cocks.

We soon settle into a rhythm, and as I slide out, he slides in. You are in heaven now and your orgasms are coming hard on the back of each other, each one stronger than the last. You almost wish that we could finish soon as you are really getting over stimulated, but at the same time, you are always hungry for more and willing to take as much as you can get. You know that as he has just come in your mouth and I did earlier, it might be a while before we are both ready and so you surrender yourself to the pleasure and pain.

Occasionally we get the timing wrong and both thrust in at the same time, this feels like it will split you in two, but it also feels so good, that you cum and pass out, as we continue to fuck you. Coming round and begging us now to stop, to please fill your ass and cunt with cum and let you rest, we quicken our pace building towards filling your willing holes, we both explode inside you, pushing you over the edge one last time, and again you pass out, partially with pleasure, and also partly through sheer exhaustion.

The cop removes the cuffs and helps me to slide you into the back seat to sleep on the way home. He tells me to be careful next time where we stop for fun and sends us off with a caution, for a well earned rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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