Town Cop Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Charlie and I

Charlie and I awoke on the couch, after our night of lovemaking.

I heard Blue in the barn neighing for his breakfast, along with Barry & Danner in the pasture.

Charlie helped me get to my feet and wrapped his around my belly and wrapped me and the babies protectively.

He kissed me and said he’s be home after work. He had to go to court regarding a Fatality Accident involving a drunk driver vs. a high school student at the local high school.

I walked to the bedroom to get a quick shower and feed the hungry horses outside.

After my shower I threw on a pair of Blue Jeans and a Wildwood Mounted Police Tank Top as it was quite warm outside.

I walked to the hay barn and grabbed 2 flakes of hay for Barry & Danner. I tossed it in their hay trough and walked back to the barn to feed Blue and the Barn cats Tiger and Maple.

Blue stuck his head over his stall and neighed as I walked up to him. I gave him a quick pat on the nose and went to the feed room and poured out his breakfast. I also got a quart of milk out for the barn cats for their breakfast.

I fed Blue and the cats and proceeded to walk back to the house.

I heard the phone ring as I entered the kitchen. I answered it and it was my brother from Iowa who had heard about the pregnancy through güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my parents.

“Hi bro” I said. How’s my niece and nephew and Kim? I asked.

“fine” he replied.

How’s the pregnancy? he asked

“well, I’m in month 7 and the babies are quite active.” I replied back

“We are expecting two girls and a boy”. I tell him.

The girls names are Amanda Rose and Charlotte Dawn and the boy will be named Charles William.

We talked for another 40 minutes before he had to get back to work. I decided to finish my website to promote Blue’s Chance at Law History Farms in Wildwood, California.

I ran a couple ideas by my friend who helped my create our website for the ranch.

He said he’d get back to me by the end of the day with the final results.

I went up stairs to rest and watch tv.

I turned on the news and the had a special report on the trial that Charlie was at on the high school student who was killed by a local drunk who had several prior convictions for DUI. He was found guilty of all counts. The family was talking about how well the trial went, and Charlie got on to say that he was glad that the family had justice on the son they had lost.

I dozed off and felt someone sitting next to me on the bed, I stirred and saw güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that it was Charlie.

“Hello sleeping beauty” he said

“hi baby” I replied back.

“I saw the news report and heard what you said about final justice for the family of the teen who was killed”

“he was a straight a student who crossed paths with a guy who should have never been behind the wheel” Charlie said.

He pulled me into his arms and gave me tender loving kisses, I gave them back

Charlie pulled his t shirt and jeans off and pulled me into his arms and continued his kisses.

He then pulled my shirt, bra, panties, and jeans off. To see my pregnant figure and to suck on my ever tender nipples.

I moaned against him as he did. I began to stroke his ever growning erection through his briefs.

He moaned against my breast as I stroked his manhood. Doing so caused me to go into an orgasm.

“I’m coming” I cried against him.

“Come for me baby” Charlie replied. as my orgasm subsided Charlie removed his briefs and pulled me ontop of him.

I felt him enter me in one swift motion. He felt so good.

I decided to savor the feeling of his hard cock in my tight wet horny pussy.

Slowly I rocked my hips against his, I felt his balls resting against güvenilir bahis şirketleri the outside of my cunt, and ass.

Charlie gently sucked on my nipples causing milk to leak from them which he greedily sucked up.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHH” I cried as I felt his cock hit my g-spot.

“UMMMMM” charlie replied back.

Harder, Deeper I rode him as my orgasm quickly approached.

“I’m coming” I cried as my orgasm took over.

“Me Too” Charlie cried as he shoots load after load of cum into my pregnant Pussy.

I continue to ride him causing us both to orgasm together and cum again and again.

I collapse on top of him and he quickly rolls me onto my back and pounds into me.

“Yes, Charlie Fuck meeeee” I plead

“You like my hot thick cop cock fucking that pussy” Charlie asks

“Yes I reply” Harder, Deeper I beg

“Tell me how much you want” Charlie asks as he pounds into me.

“I want all of it baby” I say

“Good here it comes” Charlies gasps as he shoots another load of cum into me.

With Charlie coming I can’t hold any longer and I come too.

Charlie pulls me into his arms and gives me a slow tender kiss while his cock is still embedded into me.

I pull him against me and together we make slow tender love and come together once more.

Charlie pulls out and quickly lays down as we both lay there coming down from our sex high and decided to shower later on after a quick nap.

I fall fast asleep with Charlie spooned behind me with his arms around me protectively.

I felt one of the babies kick as I fall asleep.

Coming soon the delivery.

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