Tickle Her Fancy

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As the stars twinkled in the black velvet sky, the two horses in the barn had finally begun to settle down for a nice sleep. The air was brisk after the sun had set, but comfortable. There was a nice soft, continuous breeze that was blowing from the south through the opened windows of the stable. The stallion, Midnight Wind, and his mare, Willow, were all that was left after the auction of the rest of the herd. So, out of eight stalls, only two were occupied.

Bryce and his new companion of three months, Skye, were in the modern day farmhouse relaxing after a hectic three days from preparing for the auction, which was finally over yesterday. They had spent this entire day cleaning the empty, previously occupied stalls, and spreading straw and hay for the next herd due in two days, on Monday. They sat and talked, sitting next to each other on the leather sofa, about things other than work. Bryce sat with his arm around her, as Skye sat with her legs curled up on the couch and leaned into Bryce’s chest. Neither of them had much time together for three days now, with the preparation needed for the sale. But tonight would be theirs.

Skye had already gotten her shower and was wearing a satin mid-thigh robe. Her clean scent filled Bryce’s nose. Her hair smelled of flowers, and her long legs were smooth and soft. Skye mused herself with the vibration in Bryce’s chest against her ear, as he told her that he was going to go and get a long hot shower. She was madly in love with him. He was considerate of her feelings, a willing partner in all facets, and besides being a very good lover, most importantly, he was her best friend. They had met a couple of years ago at a horse show when Skye and her now deceased husband befriended Bryce with his help at the show. Bryce had spent some time on their farm helping them out, as frequently as they had helped Bryce at his farm, to get settled in when he moved here.

Bryce was a tall man, well into his forties, but in good physical shape. Raising horses kept him in shape, with the enduring labor involved in farming. His hair was a light brown, with a tint of red in it. He too had long legs, but not to the extent of Skyes. His eyes were a deep blue and his chin had a slight cleft and cheeks adorned with deep dimples when he smiled, which was most of the time. He was a good man. Skye never could understand why he had never been married. In her eyes, he was a real Catch.

In their three months of being together, they became quite intimate with each other. He always made sure that she was satisfied in one way or another, sexually. Skye would tease him about having his tongue registered as a sexual weapon. Bryce would simply smile. He seemed to always have something new “up his sleeve” in the art of lovemaking. It didn’t have to be drastic, just a new twist or a different rhythm, but most always he kept their sessions exciting. Tonight was to be proof of that.

While Bryce was in the shower, Skye poured two glasses of red wine for them. She lit the numerous candles around the living room and set the CD player with a couple of their favorite CD’s.

Bryce came from the bedroom toweling his hair. He was buck naked as he always was after a shower. Why not? No kids and a gated entrance to the farm. As he stood in the shadow of the darkened bedroom doorway, Skye looked at him. His long lean form filled the dark void of the black background of the bedroom. His tanned arms bulged with the solid muscle as he toweled dry. Her eyes gazed down his bared frame. Then she held güvenilir bahis her gaze at his semi-erect penis. It hung downward with a slight turn to the right. Its head slung precisely at the bottom of his thick heavy ball sac. Her hunger was growing by the minute.

She sauntered over to him, holding his glass of wine. Bryce took the stem of the delicate glass into his meaty hand. Holding it with two fingers, he held it up and said,” Here’s to us and our night of union”.

Skye tapped her glass to his, making a light tinkling noise. She took a nice long sip of the fragrant beverage. Bryce downed his like a shot of twenty year old whiskey. Bryce walked to the table that held the wine, holding Skyes hand as he did. He grabbed the green bottle by the neck, and pulling Skye by her hand behind him, headed out of the back door to the barn.

Bryce walked with a steady pace, still completely nude, his manhood swaying side to side with each step. Skye, walking behind him, being guided with his pulling hand, smiled, wondering what in the hell he was up to now!

When Bryce opened the door to the stables, he heard Midnight Wind let out a low grumbling, due to the noise of the door being opened. It may have been Bryces farm and barn, but it was Midnights stable. HIS domain.

It was quite a relationship Bryce and Midnight Wind had. The horse knew that Bryce was Lord and Master, but in Bryces’ uncanny way with his steeds, the horse also knew that he was the Ramrod of the stables and the other horses in it. Bryce had Midnight Wind since he was a foal. They spent countless hours together and each had great admiration and respect for each other. Midnight knew that the Master Bryce was in rare form this night. He could just sense it.

The smell of the fresh cut hay and straw wafted over Bryce and Skye as they entered. They could also smell the leathery scent of the well groomed horses. That distinct smell of beasts. A pleasant but raw scent.

Bryce opened the door of Midnight Winds’ stall. Midnights’ head perked as his dark eyes had glints of light from the electric lanterns on the walls of the barn. His ears twitched a few times, showing his curiosity of what Bryce was doing.

Skye too, was curious. Bryce walked to her and handed the thick wine bottle to her. “Have a drink, Love”. As she lifted the bottle to her lips, she didn’t even notice that Bryce had untied the thin satin belt of her robe. When she lowered the bottle, she did. Her breasts protruded from the flaccid robe. Her thin patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair tingled from the slight breeze as it whisked over her.

Bryce took the bottle from her and asked that she stand facing Midnight after removing her robe. Now that she too was totally naked, Bryce said, “ Put your hands on his back and lean into him, and spread your legs for me.” She did as he asked, feeling a burning in her depths like never before. The hair on Midnights’ body felt soft against her breasts. Her hands could feel his sides move in and out as he breathed. Every sense she had was magnified.

Bryce grabbed a long peacock feather that lay on a wooden shelf. He asked Skye to lift her hair up off of her neck with one hand. After she had, he began to slowly trail the round tip of the feather over her neck at her hair line. It tickled slightly, and in another sense was very erotic. Bryce trailed the feather down her arm and then the other one. He drew the feather down her sides, very slowly until he reach her hips, then trickled it straight up her spine to her neck once türkçe bahis again. It was a relaxing sensation, but even as soft as the feather was, Skye felt every inch of flesh that the feather stroked.

Now that Bryce had literally painted her entire back with the feather, he began to stroke her hips and legs. Drawing the feather methodically down the outsides of her thighs and legs, then up on the insides of them. He again asked Skye to assist him. “ Spread your cheeks apart for me My Lover”. And again, she did as he asked. One hand on either cheek, she lifted them slightly, and apart far enough until she felt comfortable.

Bryce then stroked her plump cheeks with the feather. Skye felt the soft feather as it grazed over her hands that held her soft cheeks apart. Bryce dragged the feather tip, beginning at the top of her butt crack and drug it downward, using a little pressure on the quill end to make sure that she felt the feather. The tip disappeared between her spread cheeks. Bryce moved the feather tip back and forth over her exposed rosebud several times before trailing it back up her crack to the top again.

Skye felt her pulse pounding in her ears now. Between the effects of the wine and the excitement of their sexual play, Skye could feel a welling deep in her loins. With her chest pressed firmly against Midnight, her breasts flattened slightly against his side.

“Turn around for me Baby”, Bryce said. When she turned, he told her to lean back against Midnight again, spreading her legs apart as before. She did. Skye leaned her back against the horse, using him like a big, soft but firm pillow. Bryce could see the flushed color of excitement on her face. Now as Skye leaned backward, she lifted her head and closed her eyes, as if in another dimension.

Bryce wasted no time. He set the peacock feather trailing her soft neckline. From her ears down the nape to across her throat to the other side. Then to her forehead and down her nose. Then ever so lightly, he moved the feather tip across her parted lips.

Bryce noticed Skyes’ breasts lift and fall as she breathed faster and heavier. He focused the feather on the outer orbs of her breasts. He began making circles from the outside inward towards her nipple. He smiled as he saw the nipple draw into a tight nub. He did the other breast the same way, until they were a matched pair once again. Bryce etched a figure eight around the outer sides of her breasts and across her chest now, connecting them with his invisible drawing.

He slowly moved the feather down the center of her tummy, stopping momentarily at her sexy navel to draw tight small circles around it. He then continued in a straight line down her center to the Y shaped triangle of her punani. He stopped at the top of her mound. He diverted his drawings to her legs and thighs, working his way upward. His intentions were to subliminally signal all of Skyes flared sensations in her flesh, from her limbs to her womanhood. It was working very well. Without any more hesitation, Bryce took the tip of the feather and swooshed it back and forth across her swollen pussy lips. With her legs apart, there was just enough room for him to wriggle the pliable tip between her soft wet folds.

After a sufficient lashing with the feather, Bryce pulled the tip of the wet feather to his face. He breathed in her scent that basted the feather tip, before placing the flat, matted tip between his own lips, into his hungry mouth. He pursed his lips together tightly, then slowly pulled the feather güvenilir bahis siteleri out. He salvaged all of her wetness from the feather tip onto his tongue. Bryce looked down at himself and looked at the dollop of pre-cum balanced at the tip of his enraged cock. He then took the wet tipped feather and dabbed the tip at the clear liquid, entrenching the slippery drop into the end of the feather. He then placed the feather tip between Skyes partly opened lips. “Taste me, My Love”, he said. She held the tip in her mouth as he tongue swabbed the slick dripping from it.

Bryce tossed the feather to the ground and walked towards Skye. She was still leaning against Midnight with her eyes closed. He pressed his naked body into hers, relishing her soft flesh against him. Midnight staggered sideways with the weight of both of them pushing against him. Bryce took Skyes hand and led her to an opened stall across from Midnight’s stall. He quickly spread a blanket on the fresh cut straw on the floor. Still holding Skye into him, he lay her down onto the soft thick blanket, his body laying on top of her.

With Skye still keeping her eyes closed in her world of never land, Bryce told her,” Look into my eyes, Skye, and see that you own my heart”.

Skye opened her eyes and stared deeply into Bryce’s. She was completely taken by him. She pressed her lips to his and they began a long, wet, lingering kiss. Bryces passion was nearing a fever pitch and he began moving himself directly on top of her. Skye complied eagerly and her legs spread to allow his width between them. As they kissed, Bryce nuzzled the tip of his cock between the soft wet folds of her pussy.

Skye felt Bryce’s heat. The tip of his engorged cock felt as hot as a fires ember. And she wanted to feel his length inside of her. Skye wrapped her long legs around Bryce’s ass cheeks and pulled him into her depths. Slowly, she felt his entire length as it filled her velvet void. His girth was thick and rigid. She felt his shaft as it throbbed when he held it inside of her as deeply as it would go. His heavy balls rested against her ass cheeks, and she felt them too, as he stayed buried to the hilt inside of her.

Bryce began a slow sawing motion, pumping in and out of her. At first he was deliberate, by withdrawing until the tip rested at her opening, then slowly pushed back into her fully. His pace soon quickened. He began suckling her breasts while he thrust in and out of her. Then he would kiss her neck, nipping lightly at times on the soft tender flesh.

Now the thrusts were harder and faster. Skyes’ breasts would tremble with each inward thrust. Her head began to flail from side to side as she moaned loudly. Her release was upon her. Her moans morphed into loud groans as Bryce pummeled in and out of her rapidly, deeply and hard. Her cries filled the vast barn as she peaked, releasing a hard fast wave of passion boiling from deep in her loins. Her pussy quaked with a grasping of Bryces expanding cock as he too was at his point of no return.

Bryce grunted one loud long groan as white hot seed spewed from the tip of his pulsing cock. He bathed Skyes velvet punani with his heat deep inside her body. His cock twitched several times more, before the both of them began to ebb from their trip to heaven.

As Bryce rolled from on top of Skye, they both lay there gasping until their breathing became subdued and normal again. Bryce opened his eyes and lifted his head. There was Midnight Wind, his champion stud and friend, looking at them as they lay there. Midnight nodded his head three times, then gave a wink to Bryce. Bryce accepted his steeds approval as he lay back down with Skye. That night, they slept right there in the stall, snuggled together for a good nights rest.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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