Three Score Years and Ten

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WHEN I WAS IN MY TEENS, I wasn’t very experienced. I was tall, gawky, clumsy both physically and socially. Probably not a bad looking lad, but not one you’d pick out as male eye candy. I had a couple of girlfriends, it never became serious, or progressed beyond kissing and a bit of mutual fumbling.

WHEN I WAS IN MY TWENTIES, I grew up, became more comfortable with people. At university, I had my first sexual experience, and it shaped my life. I regularly met with a group of three other young men for drinks, we’d often play bridge in the Union bar, and occasionally go to parties together. One evening one of our number, Howard, announced he’d invited a group of girls from another college to visit for drinks. Howard with his roomie Mark had the largest room of the four of us, the only one really big enough for eight. We bustled about, one of us went to buy some drink and some nibbles, and got ready to receive our visitors. There was something of a state of excitement when around eight the girls arrived. We sorted out drinks and they settled into the chairs and on the bed whilst we sprawled on the floor.

“Right,” said Howard — he was the brash, handsome, outgoing one and usually took charge — “introductions! I’m Howard, taking Physics, from London.” He looked expectantly at me, the next one to the left.

“I’m Rob, from Lincoln, taking Materials Science.” I looked left.

“Hello, I’m Dave, from Swansea, I’m taking Chemistry.” Dave was in the room nextdoor to mine, more outgoing though still somewhat gauche.

“Hi, I’m Mark, I’m from Bristol, I’m taking Computer Studies.” Mark was relatively quiet but solid, you wouldn’t boss him around, and he wouldn’t boss you.

The focus moved to the first of the girls, a big, buxom — ok, a bit podgy — blonde.

“Well,” she said in a plummy voice, “that’s all very technical and scientific! We are all taking much more lady-like subjects. I’m Daisy, I’m from Chalfont St Giles, and I’m taking History and Politics.” I later found out that Daisy was a nickname, she was actually the Honourable Diana Something-Double-Barrelled, a minor aristocrat.

To her left was a studious-looking tall, slender girl with dark brown curly hair and glasses. “I’m Clarrie, short for Clarissa, I’m reading Modern Languages — well, French and Spanish.”

Next was a girl you’d probably describe as ordinary — average height and build, pleasant but neither beautiful nor ugly face, mid brown straight hair breaking over her shoulders. She simply said, “April, Manchester, English.” Then she caught my eye, with a slight smile and a twinkle in her eye, and I was smitten.

I barely heard the fourth girl, short, petite, a bubbly blonde, say “And I’m Linda, from Nottingham, reading Economics.”

“Great,” said Howard, “that’s something we all need to remember! There will be a test later! So tell us ladies, what are your interests? What clubs or societies are you in here?”

Gradually the ice was broken as we discovered who was interested in art, amateur dramatics, wildflowers, who played what sport, what non-study books we were each reading, and of course the fuel of bad cheap wine and beer helped to loosen tongues. I found that April was fascinated by architecture, loved good food (not that you could tell from her figure), and played hockey well enough to be on the fringes of the Varsity team. I owned up to tennis, but only well enough to be in the college second team, rowing in the College third eight, and an interest in all wildlife.

Eventually it came out that we four chaps regularly played cards, often bridge, but occasionally three card brag for pennies.

“Well,” said Diana, “I’m sure we could take some pennies off you!”

Linda and April both chipped in to the effect that they had no money with them.

“Clothes!” Mark exclaimed, “we’ll just have to play for clothes.”

“Hey,” said April, “I’m no good at cards, that makes me too easy a target!”

“Me too,” said Clarrie, “make it pure chance and I’ll consider it!” I could tell by the way the other girls looked at her this was a bit out of character.

“OK,” said Howard, “how about this. We all get just one card and the lowest loses. Aces are high. If two have the same lowest card they draw again to play off.”

With varying degrees of enthusiasm, the girls agreed. “But I don’t trust you guys at dealing,” Linda said, “I think one of us should be the dealer.”

“I tell you what,” Howard said, “Why don’t you deal first, Daisy, and dealership passes one place left each round. Before each deal, one of you ladies can cut the deck.” Everyone seemed ok with that.

Then April said, “I think this is a bit biased against those of us like me who don’t have as many clothes on as Daisy!” Daisy was wearing layers: a blouse over a T-shirt, a cotton sleeveless open front waistcoat type (I later discovered it was called a bolero), and a silk scarf knotted round her neck, as well as a loose longish skirt with heaven knows what else underneath. “And what about güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri shoes and socks? Are they two items or one?”

“That’s easy,” said Howard, “First time you lose, you come down to four items left on. Your choice!”

Mark went to retrieve the cards and Daisy took them and shuffled. As she dealt each one in turn held their card up.

Clarrie held up the eight of spades. “That should be enough!”

April had the three of hearts. “That’s not good! I hope I get my bad luck out of the way early!”

Linda had the king of hearts. She just beamed.

Howard had the jack of clubs. “No problem!” he said with a laugh.

I was next with the ace of diamonds. “Never do things by halves!” I said.

Dave had the five of clubs. He just smiled.

Mark had the ten of diamonds, and also grinned.

Lastly, Daisy dealt herself a card and held it up — the two of hearts. Everybody cheered, and Daisy just laughed. She got to her feet and kicked off her shoes, removed the scarf, the bolero, the blouse and the skirt, revealing that it was just a light see through fabric and the opaque layer under it was actually a petticoat. She did a twirl to applause and sat down again. She passed the cards to Clarrie and we went again.

The next rounds, both of cards and drinks, came and went, and we were all getting a bit tipsy and more boisterous. Daisy hadn’t lost again, Carrie came down to jeans and T-shirt, April lost twice and revealed a nice white bra with lacy edge to go with her denim miniskirt, Linda was still fully dressed in jeans, long-sleeved loose roll neck top and trainers, Howard and Mark had both started with no jumpers and so had come down to jeans, T-shirt and one sock, Dave had just lost shoes and socks and still had a jumper on, and I had also lost twice and was down to T-shirt, cords and of course underpants. Each strip was greeted with cheers and conducted in the centre of our circle with a twirl afterwards.

Then April lost again, and shimmied the miniskirt down her legs to reveal a nice pair of matching white briefs. She wasn’t showing anything she wouldn’t at the swimming pool yet it seemed so much sexier. We caught each other’s eye and we were both smiling. I think she was enjoying showing herself off.

Then Daisy lost again, and removed her blouse to show an industrial strength bra straining to contain impressive jugs. More cheers.

Mark lost his other sock, Dave lost his jumper, I lost my shirt, and finally Linda lost. She removed her shoes and one sock. “And the other sock!” said Howard. “It’s my first loss, I’m down to four items,” she replied. It dawned on us all that she wasn’t wearing a bra, it hadn’t been obvious even to testosterone fuelled young men thanks to her loose top, especially as she was slight of build. Of course she immediately lost again and the last sock went.

After more rounds, I became the first to lose my trousers, and revealed a pair of dark blue briefs. They probably only emphasised the package they were covering. Much cheering from the ladies.

Then Carrie came down to bra and panties, which was very nice as the bra wasn’t completely opaque and there was the suggestion of dark brown areolae and clear nipple bump. She had nice breasts, on the small side but they suited her frame. Daisy lost her petticoat, revealing big knickers and more blubber than I prefer, but still to huge cheers from all present.

A few more rounds and Howard lost his sock and his T-shirt, Dave lost his shirt, Mark had a losing streak and caught me up, revealing boxer shorts with a racing cars motif. Linda lost her jeans, revealing purple and slightly glittery briefs, very sexy. Then April lost again. It all went quiet as she stood up and reached behind for the bra clasp. She undid it, holding the front, and slipped her arms out of the shoulder straps one by one. Then with a hand over each breast, she loosened her grip and the bra fell away leaving her hands over her breasts. She did a slow pirouette, and languorously lifted her hands up her chest until her arms were above her head. She did another slow turn, eyes closed, but with the hint of a smile on her lips. She looked magnificent. She came to a stop facing me, and opened her eyes and looked directly at me. I returned her gaze, despite the attraction of those perfect breasts. I suddenly realised that everybody else was cheering, and also that my underpants were straining somewhat. I also noticed that Mark’s boxers were doing little to hide a big boner, and guessed that the other guys were similarly affected.

April sat down looking very composed and we continued. Howard lost his jeans, revealing a rather conservative pair of Y-fronts, then Linda lost again and slowly pulled each arm in turn out of her sleeves, somehow without exposing her breasts, and then inched up her top until with a flourish she pulled it over her head. “There’s not much, boys, but enjoy it if you can.” Her breasts were not that large but a lovely shape with fine güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri perky nipples that looked pretty hard. “Hey, they look pretty good to me,” said Howard, with general grunts of agreement from the rest of us chaps.

Something occurred to me. “That’s five of us now one loss from completely naked. What happens then? Does the game stop with the first one nude? Do they step out of the game and we carry on?”

Howard — of course — had the answer. “I think they play on, and if they lose again, they have to pay a forfeit agreed by the rest of us.” Everybody seemed to think that was a good idea.

So we dealt again. I had the first card. Two of clubs. Not surprisingly that was the lowest of the round. I thought at least the boner has half subsided. “Oh well, here goes.” I got to my feet and facing the ladies, hooked my thumbs into the waistband either side. Slowly and with a wiggle of my hips I eased the waistband down, millimetre by millimetre, until my pubic hair was showing and I’d reached the base of my cock. I moved my thumbs back and pulled the waistband over my buttocks. Then finally I eased it over the old man and let the briefs fall to my feet. Hands on hips I stood for a moment and saw that all of the girls were focused on John Thomas. I let them have a look then returned to my seat. I didn’t see the need to let my male friends have a twirl. As I sat down I looked at April, she gave me a wink and smiled broadly. I wondered what the wink meant.

The next round April lost. She just grinned, and said “Just my luck…” I wasn’t sure if she meant bad luck or good luck. She faced directly towards me and very slowly inched her briefs down until they were far enough to fall to the floor. She had a full brown bush — in those days virtually nobody shaved down there — and it was the first I’d seen: not even girlie magazines showed pubic hair back then. It looked so sexy, and I was aware that I’d developed an erection again, with nothing to hide it now. I saw April looking at it and she gave a slight smile and a nod. She did the slow twirl and went to sit down again. She looked at my cock, and then at the other girls, and I saw they had noticed my problem as well, in an interested kind of way. I felt a little less embarrassed about getting hard.

Next round and Carrie lost. She was more matter of fact, just stood up, took the bra off, made a brief pirouette and sat down again. She should have taken her time: she had nice boobs, a round handful, large areolae and relatively flat nipples.

Then April lost again. “So what kind of forfeit am I going to be landed with?” she asked the room at large. We all kind of looked at each other, nobody knew what to suggest. I think we were all uncertain how explicit to make the challenge; I know I was. Then Daisy said, “I think Rob should choose. After all, he’s the only other one naked.”

All eyes swivelled to me, including April’s. I looked at her and came to a decision. I spoke to her directly.

“Well, you and I are naked, but you’ve seen my genitals, I’ve only seen your bush. My challenge is, show us your genitals.”

There were a few snickers but general approval. April’s eyes widened and she put her hands on her hips. “Well, indeed! And I thought you were a gentleman!” I could tell it was mock outrage. “OK then, but as I’ve only seen Rob’s bits, only Rob will see mine! Rob, is your room nearby?”

“Across the courtyard and up the staircase opposite one floor.”

“OK,” she said, “let’s go!”

I turned to pick up my clothes but Howard was there first. “You have to stay naked until the forfeit is done! Daisy?”

“On it!” Daisy said, swooping on April’s clothes. April and I stood there looking at each other.

“If it’s only across the courtyard, that’s what, thirty yards in the open? Come on Rob, are you game?”

I stepped forward and took her hand. “There’s nothing in what passes for rules in this game that says we do the forfeit here! I’ll be back for our clothes later!” And we walked unhindered to the door. Taking a deep breath I flung it wide. At least the adrenalin now flowing had caused my todger to subside. Nobody was outside.

We hurried to the stairs and down to the outside door. “Ready?” I pulled it open; there were three or four groups of students walking past in various directions, probably coming back from bars or other gatherings. We stepped out to run round the quadrangle — it was strictly no walking on the grass in college, a misdemeanour I suspected would be treated much more harshly than mere nudity, and April hadn’t factored that additional distance into her thirty yards. A burst of cheering broke out from an open window above us, the other six crowding to peer out, the girls forgetful of their state of undress. Naturally that alerted all the passers- by, so we were then suddenly the centre of attention.

“Too late for stealth now!” April grinned. She grabbed my hand and we trotted round the path, waving to all observers, güvenilir bahis şirketleri and at the door into my stairwall turned and gave a last wave, April blowing kisses. Through the door and shutting it, April started up the stairs in front of me, which was an excellent choice on her part — I don’t think she did it deliberately, but it was a fine view. “Which door?” she said. “First on the right at the top of the stairs,” I replied.

She reached the door and stopped. She tried the handle but to no avail.

“Oh no! No keys! I guess they are in your jeans!” For the first time she looked alarmed.

I smiled. “No worries! I made a copy in case of accidental locking out!” There was a window on the landing before the next flight of stairs up, beside my door. I reached up and on top of the window frame out of sight was my duplicate key. I unlocked the door, we burst in and slammed the door behind us. April grabbed me in her arms and gave me a pretty steamy kiss. My erection was back almost instantaneously. It was a glorious kiss, with skin to skin contact almost from head to foot. After an age, we both pulled back. “Wow,” I said.

“Wow indeed. Now I guess I’d better deal with that forfeit!”

Amongst the sparse student furnishings was a plain and simple armchair with wooden legs and arms. She pulled me over to it and sat down, opening her legs and draping them one over each arm. “Take a good, close look. I want to be able to report it was completed satisfactorily!”

I dropped to my knees, put a hand on each of her thighs and leaned forward. This was my first close-up view of a pussy. It was puffy, the inner labia large and protruding, and there was a strong, musky scent of arousal. “Wow,” I said again, “that is so beautiful and so sexy…” I kissed along her thighs, getting closer. She grasped my head gently and pulled me towards her sex. I stopped kissing and moved my hands up her thighs, rubbing my thumbs gently along the edges of her pussy. I paused.

“April, I’m not very experienced, I’ve never done this before, teach me how to make it good for you.”

“Just keep it gentle, use your lips and tongue, and your fingers…”

I leaned forward some more and gave a lick from bottom to top of her pussy. I heard a softly hissed “Yesss…” Encouraged, I kissed and nibbled a bit around the pussy lips, and dipped my tongue inside. It must have been ok as April was making small encouraging noises. It was my first taste of a woman, and I had thought I wouldn’t like it, but I discovered I did, it was very arousing. I went back to nuzzling her pussy lips and gently pushed a finger inside and moved it in and out a bit, slowly. April was breathing more heavily. “Please, swirl your tongue round my clit…”

I wasn’t entirely sure exactly where that was. Remember, we didn’t have online porn, or even explicit enough magazines, to show a clitoris in those days. “Show me,” I murmured. Her hand came down and with two fingers pulled up the skin at the top of her slit, and then went round the little bud exposed there, to a sharp intake of her breath. I got the idea and nuzzled her fingers out of the way and started licking and flicking her nub. Her reaction was immediate and satisfying, it was clearly getting her further aroused. I resumed moving my finger inside. “Yes, yes, keep doing that… aah… aah… yes…” her voice rose in pitch until suddenly I could feel her pussy spasming around my finger and she got a lot moister.

She grabbed my head and said, “Easy — I’m very sensitive now…” and pulled at my head. I moved slowly up her body, enjoyed a moment kissing each breast and nibbling her nipples, and up to kiss her neck. I didn’t know how she’d react to her juices on my face, but she pulled me to her and gave a deep, passionate kiss, tongue round my mouth. Eventually she broke the kiss, and whispered, “I love the taste of my orgasm on you… I’ll return the favour later but now I want you inside me. It’s all right, I’m on the pill. Take me to bed.”

I stood up, held out my hand and pulled her up. I led her to the foot of my bed, a fairly narrow single suitable for a student with his mind on higher things. She stopped and gave me a soft kiss, and said, “Rob, are you a virgin?” I nodded. “Then let me go on top to guide the pace, and you’ll see what works for me when it’s your turn on top.”

I turned and lay down on my back. She got on her knees and elbows either side of my calves and bent forward to give my aching cock a lick, and kissed and nibbled around the top. “Later…” she murmured and shuffled up the bed on hands and knees until she was positioned over my cock. She lowered herself down trapping my hardness between us and moved her hips to gently and slowly massage my cock with her pussy. She leaned forwards to give me some soft, gentle, short kisses on the lips.

“I’m so turned on, I don’t know if I can last long…” I whispered. “Don’t worry, just enjoy the experience,” she whispered back. “This time it’s for your pleasure…”

I felt her hand grasp my cock and position it at her entrance. With lips on mine, she slowly lowered herself on to me, a little in, a little less out, a bit more in, until I was buried to the hilt. It felt fabulous. All they said about how good sex is, it’s true, I thought, and I hadn’t even come yet.

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