Three Person Pile Up

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I lay on the couch, fanning myself. It was hot tonight. And the air conditioner was broken. I was wearing only a pair of Daisy Dukes and a sports bra, and I was still hot. I wanted to go in the pool. As I was considering how much energy it would take to get up off the couch, I heard my husband, Rob, and our girlfriend, Lauren, come in from their trip to the store. They looked just as hot and sweaty as I was.

Grinning, Lauren handed me a Popsicle. It was grape-flavored. She was eating a cherry-flavored one.

“Thanks.” I hauled myself up off the couch. “I feel like going swimming. Anyone care to join me?”

“Count me in!” Lauren exclaimed.

It was dark outside, and I grinned wickedly as I headed out the back door, stripping off my clothes as I quickly chomped down my Popsicle. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” I giggled as I ran out into the backyard.

I dove in to the pool, letting the cool water close over me like soft velvet. I glided along the bottom of the pool, and emerged in the shallow end, gasping. Lauren dove in as I surfaced and I admired her smooth, pale skin where the streetlights glinted off of her. Rob was not far behind and cannon-balled into the pool, laughing.

Pretty soon the three of us were ankara escort swimming around, splashing each other and having a grand time in the inky water. Every once in a while I would see a glimmer of pale skin shining under the surface, but the darkness of the night hid most of our bodies from each other.

After I had cooled off sufficiently, I climbed out of the pool, stretching my long limbs in the night air and shaking water from my skin. Lauren climbed out of the pool behind me, reaching around to tweak my nipples. I gasped and turned in her embrace, bending my head down to kiss her deeply. Her tongue and mine tangled together and we sank down onto the nearest lounge chair, hands exploring each other’s bodies. I raised my head from Lauren’s sweet kisses long enough to see Rob off to the side, stroking his erection as he enjoyed the sight of me and Lauren pleasuring each other.

I grinned at him and motioned for him to come closer. As he approached I maneuvered Lauren onto her side then rolled over so she was lying face up on top of me. I twined my feet with hers, and used my legs to spread her legs wide. Then I reached around and started stroking her clit with both index fingers.

Lauren’s head fell back to rest escort ankara on my shoulder and I used my lips and tongue to tease her ear and neck as I played in her steamy cunt. Rob quickly joined us on the lounge chair and positioned himself at the entrance to Lauren’s hot pussy. He pushed in, using slow, short strokes, entering a fraction at a time. I heard Lauren gasp as he pushed into her tight pussy, she kept whispering “yes, more, oh yes, more…”

Finally Rob was buried to the hilt in Lauren’s twat. I could feel his balls slapping the very top edge of my slit as he began to pump in and out of Lauren. He must have been doing something right, as Lauren immediately began to moan. “Oh yes! Oh Rob, Karen – that feels so damn good!” I continued playing with Lauren’s ever-hardening clit, stroking it now lightly, then harder, constantly varying the rhythm.

Rob started thrusting in harder and Lauren began to wail as she came. I could feel a gush of wetness rush out of Lauren and down onto my open cunt as she writhed on top of me. I was incredibly aroused, and my own pussy answered with its own gush of wetness.

As Lauren’s orgasm began to subside, Rob pulled out of her and shoved his iron-hard cock into me. He felt divine, ankara escort bayan slick and hot from juices where he had been fucking Lauren. I spread my legs even further, opening both mine and Lauren’s pussies wider, and Rob went to town thrusting hard into me as I tried to concentrate enough to keep rubbing Lauren’s clit.

After a few minutes I could not continue and let my hands reach up to grasp at Lauren’s tits as Rob fucked into me. It was incredible, and I felt an orgasm building quickly. I began to buck upward at Rob, meeting his thrusts, and causing Lauren’s clit to come into contact with Rob’s lower belly every time he thrust into me. Lauren gasped at this new sensation and I felt her body tense as if she was again approaching orgasm.

Rob began to thrust into me even faster, and I screamed out his name as my pussy convulsed in ecstasy. Lauren also began groaning as Rob thrust home and began grinding his body against the both of us. I pinched Lauren’s nipples, making her cum again and buck upward, nearly upsetting the pile of us.

Rob quickly grabbed the back of the lounge chair, stabilizing us. Then he began to thrust into me again, this time much faster and harder. I knew he was close to cumming as I felt his cock swell even further inside of me. He grunted and slammed home one last time and then I felt his cock begin to spurt.

Panting, he slipped out of me and kissed us both before diving back into the pool. We’d gotten all overheated again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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