The Yearbook Girl Ch. 05

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Our love affair started that weekend, and scarcely a weekend went all that spring when we didn’t fuck. By that time, Cindy had signed with a modeling agency and was getting regular work as a model, and the agency would routinely assign her shots to me, since we had such a rapport with each other. She was the ideal model. Now most models can be temperamental, obsessing about their clothes and makeup and pitching fits when everything wasn’t exactly right, and making every shoot a living hell. Not Cindy. When things went wrong, she would make the corrections without a ruffle, always maintaining the poise and sunny disposition that made her a pleasure to work with.

And when the posing was done and the agency people left, we’d go over to my apartment and fuck. When she had her period for the first time since we’d started screwing, she didn’t want to screw at first, but I told her that I didn’t mind her menses, and I wouldn’t have to wear a rubber, so she could actually feel my dick hardening and softening inside her as we fucked. So her curiosity and her raging libido got the best of her, and that taboo was broken. We’d take a shower afterward and change the sheets, and sometimes she let me slip a fresh tampon into her as I nuzzled her clit.

She also brought over all the pictures she’d taken over the years with her Instamatic camera. I had been right; she had a true photographer’s eye for framing and composing the shots. If Photoshop had been around in those days, some of those photographs would have had serious potential. I’d also given her that spare Zeiss SLR of mine, and she was burning through four rolls of film a week, which we’d develop. There was no doubt about it; here was a great photographer in the making.

When we didn’t have work to do, we balled. She’d strip the moment she reached my apartment, and we’d spend the day nude, teasing each other with our bodies. She’d love to keep me on the edge of an orgasm for an hour, and then jerk me off and laugh as I spurted my jism onto her tits and then licked it off. In a half an hour, I’d be hard again, and we’d spend at least a half an hour with me inside her, in a leisurely fuck in which she’d cum at least one, and usually twice. After her birth control pills kicked in, one of her favorite tricks was to let me cum, soften, harden and cum again without taking my dick out of her cunt. That girl had strong cunt muscles, and she quickly learned how to use them! I’d never had that sensation with a woman before, and I loved it. And she did, too. It was always a delight to see her walking around naked, her body flushed and sweaty from her orgasm, with my cum oozing from the folds of her pussy. Once I was able to capture that moment with a camera I’d brought home. An enlarged print of that picture, complete with her dazzling just-fucked smile, was hung over my bed, where it was the first thing I saw every morning. I longed for the day when I could wake up and see the real article instead.

The modeling agency she signed with gave her all the work she could use, and she usually asked that I be her photographer. And once my photography came to the agency’s notice, they sent other models to me as well. As it turned out, that year was the last year I did yearbook photos, because I never needed the gig after that.

Cindy invited me to her graduation that June, which also meant that I got to meet her parents. They were cordial to me as we shook hands. “I see that Cindy’s career as a model is really taking off,” her father said, “and I guess we owe it all to you.”

“Believe me, she has the talent. She’s the most natural model I’ve ever worked with. All I have to do is make sure she’s in the frame. She does the rest.”

“You know, she had plans about taking science courses in college, but now all she talks about is photography. Not as a model, but a photographer. I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“Well, she definitely has the talent for that, too, and it would be a shame to waste it. I’d suggest that she do science as a major and photography as a minor, if she can. Or the other way around. But I think her destiny is in photography. She has a rare gift. I’ve seen thousands of photos by hundreds of amateur photographers, and she leaves them all in the dust. And, to be honest, a lot of professionals as well. Including me, once she gets the technical skills down.”

At that point, the ceremony was beginning, so we shelved the discussion. She looked great in her cap and gown, and I got some extra enjoyment knowing that under those garments, she was naked. It seems that a lot of the girls were dressless under their gowns, as a dare, without their parents knowing. She told me that the other girls in on the dare were doing it in their underwear, but none of them would go so far as to be totally nude under their gowns. Only Cindy would have ventured to go that far! I swear that the gown was soft enough for me to make out the points of her nipples pressing through the cloth, but maybe it was just my imagination.

I hadn’t had much conversation with her mother before the ceremony, but as Cindy was getting changed back into her street clothes and her father was mobilbahis güvenilir mi retrieving the car, she took me aside.

“So you’re the young man who’s been screwing our daughter. I’ve been wanting to meet you!”

“It’s not like that, Mrs. Martin…” I stammered.

“Oh, but it’s exactly like that, Hank. And I want you to know that we have no objections. Cindy assures me that you’ve always used birth control, and that you respect her, even in bed. That’s all we want. I keep reminding myself that she’s an adult now. And she’s earned that trust.”

She paused for a second, and then continued. “We’ve always been open in our household about sex. Did she tell you we were nudists? We’ve taught her that her body is nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve told her that sex is normal, it’s a big part of life’s pleasures, and we didn’t tell her to abstain from it. I know she’s got a strong sex drive. She gets that from me! But we insist that she be smart about what she does and who she does it with.”

“She told me about some of that, and I guessed the rest. I’ll be frank with you, ma’am. I’m falling in love with her, and I hope she’s falling in love with me. The sex is only a small part of it. No, that’s wrong. The sex is a big part of it. But not the biggest part.”

“I thought so. I knew you two were an ‘item’ that first day she came home from that swimsuit session. The signs were unmistakable. And the smells, too!” She smiled. And then Cindy joined us, and we walked over to where Mr. Martin was waiting with his Mercedes.

“We’re going out to dinner to celebrate, Hank,” Mr. Martin said. “We’d be honored if you joined us. You can pick up your car later.”

“I’d be happy to accept, Mr. Martin.”

“Please. Just Charles. But not ‘Chuck!’ I never could abide that!”

“Charles it is,” I said. We drove to one of the best restaurants in the LA area, where the valet’s tip came to more than I usually spent for a complete dinner, and the bottle of wine cost more than a case of what I usually drink. After that, they invited me to their home, a large rambling ranch house with a backyard pool. Cindy and her mother (who insisted that I call her “Kay”) disappeared into another room, leaving me and Charles in the foyer.

“Hey, let’s take a swim in the pool,” he said.

“I didn’t bring a suit, I’m afraid.”

“You don’t need one. We’re nudists … didn’t you know that? Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not a bit. If you strip, I’ll join you. When in Rome, right?”

He smiled. “You’ve got it, Hank!” And he led the way to their living room, and then through some French doors to the backyard, where there was a small swimming pool. Next to it there was a shed that I took to be a garden shed, but it turned out to be a closet with hangers, shelves, and a stack of towels. “The towels are to sit on as well as to dry off with,” he instructed. “The hangers and shelves are for our clothes.”

We stripped nude, hung our shirts and suit jackets on the hangers, and piled the rest of our things neatly the shelves. I noticed that the pool water was the perfect temperature for nudity. Charles had a pretty good physique for a man of fifty, with a bit of a paunch but otherwise fit. His cock was limp and a good six, maybe seven inches long, and was uncut, unlike my own. He gave it an absentminded rub, and we swam for a while. Then we got out and sat on the edge of the pool to cool off, our feet dangling in the water.

“How long have you known about … us?” I ventured.

“From Day One, practically. Cindy told her mother, and her mother told me. I think Kay’s told you that Cindy’s sex life is none of our business. But there’s one thing you should know. I had you checked out.”

“Checked out?”

“You’ve heard of the firm of Martin and Schuyler? The detective agency?”

“Sure I have. Everybody in Los Angeles knows about it. It’s one of the top three agencies, right?”

“Right.” He paused, and then said, “I’m the Martin.”

“Oh, Jeez!”

“Relax, we didn’t find any skeletons in your closet! We did the credit check, looked at your police record, which was clean. We talked to some of your old teachers and schoolmates, your army buddies, even a couple of your old lovers. They all told us the same thing: you’re a decent guy, honest as the day is long, reliable as Old Faithful.”

“Do you do that with all of the guys Cindy goes out with?”

“No. You’re the first. I hope you aren’t offended by this breach of your privacy, but she’s been spending a lot of time with you, and I had to think of my daughter’s needs first. Cindy is eighteen now, but she’s still our little girl, and there are people out there who could harm her. I know now that you’re not one of them. You’re everything we could have hoped for as her first lover. As a son-in-law, even, if it comes to that, but we’re not going to put any pressure on her one way or another. Not that it would do much good. She’s always been…what’s the word?”

“Willful?” I suggested.

“Willful! That’s it. A willful child. She’ll listen to us, find out how we feel about it, and then do what she pleases. That’s mobilbahis why I had to be so protective. I hope you understand.”

“Not to worry. That’s one of the first things I noticed about her. She has this streak of rebellion … no, that’s too strong. Nonconformity? Not afraid to go her own way.”

“You’re telling me! She’s never gotten into serious trouble, but she can be a handful.”

It was then that the women returned. They, too, were nude. Kay was an older version of Cindy, with the same coloring and hair, but with slightly sagging boobs that looked like they’d done their share of nursing; her nipples were dark, long, and plump. Her pubic hair was so thick that I couldn’t make out her slit at all. Like her daughter, she was completely self-assured in her nudity. The sight of Cindy’s naked body alone was enough to get me hard, and now there were two versions of it, one young and lissome, the other mature and on the voluptuous side, and both fully aware of the sexual spell they were casting. I’d been sitting on the side of the pool, but I eased myself into the water as I felt my cock swelling.

“Getting a boner, Hank?” Charles said softly. “Don’t worry about it. I get ’em all the time. The girls won’t mind. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before, right?”

I smiled back and resumed my perch on the edge of the pool. To my relief, my dick never got more than half-hard. We watched the ladies swim for a while, and then we all picked up our towels and returned to the den. By that time, Charles’s dick was at half mast, too, sticking more out than down, and I saw the girls checking us out with amusement.

“Aren’t you going to get a towel to sit on?” I asked Cindy.

“I’ll just share yours.” So we spread it out on one of the leather sofas, and her parents did the same on the other. Kay went to a wet bar and brought back a bottle of very good port, and poured us each a glass, which we sipped as we chatted. Charles switched on the stereo. “Here’s a new version of the Brandenburg Concertos. I picked it up this morning.” He put the needle on the record, and the room filled with the splendid Baroque music of Bach. He sat down with his wife, and we listened.

But that’s not all we did. I noticed that Charles and Kay were cuddling, and that gave Cindy the idea of us doing it, too. And then I noticed that Kay was stroking Charles’s dick. It became fully erect, although it didn’t increase in length or girth. Meanwhile, his hand traveled to his wife’s vulva, where he probed her thick dark thatch and traced her slit with his middle finger. His other hand lifted her left breast and gently kneaded it, to her obvious delight. I was shocked. Never in my wildest dreams had I seen two people put on such an erotic display in front of me, let alone a girlfriend’s parents!

“Is this something they always do?” I whispered to Cindy.

“Sometimes. But I think they’re doing it now as a sign that we’re free to do it, too. So let’s!”

And we did. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever done with other people, feeling the effects of the wine, listening to the soaring music, watching Cindy’s parents slowly masturbate each other while feeling Cindy’s hand stroking my dick and my own hand pressing against her swollen clit as we fondled each other in front of her parents.

It must have been having the same effect on them, because when the music was over, they got up and hugged, his cock fully hard and pointing almost straight up.

“We’re going to bed, kids,” Charles said. “Hank, you’re welcome to stay the night. Cindy’s only got a double bed, but I think you two can make do with it.”

We hugged each other goodnight. I noticed that Charles gave Cindy a chaste father-daughter kiss, with the most minimal of hugs and taking care not to let his erection touch her body. Kay, on the other hand, gave me a hug that pressed my hard dick into her hairy mons, and a mouth-to-mouth kiss that lasted a fraction longer than was decent. Then off we went to our separate beds.

“Cindy, I think your mom was flirting with me!”

“Yeah, she’s that way. One thing I didn’t tell you was that they’ve had an ‘open marriage’ for years. They’ve had other sexual partners, even foursomes. They’d do it when I wasn’t around … sleepovers with other girls, or visits to my grandparents … but I learned about it anyway. Their only rule is that everybody agrees to it beforehand. I bet she’s asking Dad right now if it would be all right if she got it on with you. And she’d ask me, too, of course.”

“What would you say?”

She laughed. “Let me think about that! I mean, we’re not even engaged. But she wouldn’t make a play for you without my approval. You’re my man. But after seeing your stiff pecker, can you blame my mom for getting turned on?”

“Hey, your dad’s pecker is as big as mine. I think mine’s a little thicker, though.”

“Maybe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dad’s pecker as hard as it was tonight. He must have been really turned on!”

“I couldn’t blame him … sitting with the two prettiest women in Los Angeles naked in front of him!”

“And the sexiest man, too! But I don’t think he’s very mobilbahis giriş interested in guys. Mom is, though, it’s plain to see! But would you want to fuck her if she asked you to?”

“She’s a beautiful woman, for sure. And you know how my body responds to beautiful women! But not if it creates problems for her, or your dad, or you.”

“I wouldn’t object, and I doubt if Dad will, either. Let’s leave it at that, then. I’m horny!” By that time we were in her bedroom, and I was inside her in seconds. I came hard and fast, from all the stimulation, and we just cuddled for a while. She brought me back to hardness with a skillful display of fellatio, beginning with her stuffing my flaccid cock into her mouth and then tonguing it to arousal. Then it was my turn to eat her out, bringing her to an orgasm as I sucked my cum from her quim, and then enter her again to sustain the orgasm with some cocksmanship. After we both came again, we fell asleep.

And when I awoke, I rolled over to give Cindy a good-morning kiss. But it was Kay in the bed with me, not Cindy. One of her hands grasped my soft dick and gave it a squeeze; with her other hand, she lifted my hand and placed it on her right breast. Then she kissed me and said, “I have Charles’s permission to be here, and Cindy’s, too. But if you want me to leave, I will.”

I kissed her back, reached for her slick pussy, and thrusted a finger inside. I tasted her juices on my fingers, stronger and muskier than Cindy’s, and also the taste of sperm. Charles’s sperm. Was it from last night, or this morning? She didn’t say, but it was obvious that she wanted more of that sweet stuff inside her, and she wanted it to be mine. As she squeezed my dick, I felt it harden in her hand.

“Ah, I see what Cindy likes about you. Is it hard enough? I want to feel it in me. C’mon, big boy!” She spread her legs wide, and I saw her sex gaping open, surrounded by her profuse crotch hair. “No foreplay, Hank. I’m already as turned on as I can be. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

That was all I needed. I slid into her, into that velvet tunnel that guided my Cindy into the world, and felt it clench around me. I went into her all the way, until our pubic bones touched, and could feel no cervix. The smell of her sex and her sweat was driving me crazy, and I gave her a pumping that left us both writhing like snakes. She climaxed long before I did, gasping and moaning, her vaginal muscles spasming, her pussy drenching my balls with her gushing juices. When I came, the intensity of my orgasm hit me like an electric shock. Then we both went limp.

“You’ll do,” she murmured. “I see what Cindy sees in you!”

“Where’s Cindy?” I found myself asking.

“She’s fucking Charles,” she said. “Do you mind?”

“Fucking her father?”

“Yes, dear,” she said warmly. “Fucking her father.”

“Has she been doing that before?”

“No. This morning was the first time. He wanted it, she wanted it, and I gave her my permission. She’s a grown woman, and I thought it would be good for her to have another lover for her to compare you with. When Charles and I were fucking last night, he told me how hot it was for him to imagine the two of you screwing in her bed. We did a little role-playing, with him calling me ‘Cindy’ and me calling him ‘Daddy’ and I swear, his orgasm practically threw us off the bed. He hasn’t cum that hard in years!”


“You bet! So this morning, after we fucked, I asked Cindy to fuck him, as a favor to me. She wasn’t hard to convince! I’ve caught her staring at Charles’s pecker when it’s hard, or nearly so. It’s only natural that she would be curious about how it felt inside her. But she needed to be reassured that I wouldn’t mind sharing him with her.”

“So you proposed that we switch partners this morning.”

“Yup. But she didn’t need much persuading!”

“How did you feel about it? I mean, role-playing is one thing…”

“I felt a little strange about it, but when Cindy assured me that you thought I was hot, and that she didn’t mind me screwing you, I figured ‘Why not?’ I knew Charles wouldn’t mind. He’s always been good about sharing me with other men. But I’m not trying to take you away from my daughter, you understand. This is strictly for lust.”

“You know, I had the feeling that you were an amazing woman and mother, just from what Cindy’s told me.”

“You used the word ‘amazing’ twice now. You know what’s amazing? You’re getting hard again! Now Charles has probably already cum twice this morning, once in me and once in Cindy. You’re one orgasm behind. Do you want to catch up, or get some breakfast?”

With that, she climbed on me, guided my hardening dick into her cunt, and rode me cowgirl style. I had nothing to do, really, but feel her cunt as my dick glided in and out of it, and watch those plump boobs bouncing up and down. She asked me to give her fat nipples a pinch, and I did. Then she told me to pull harder and, as I lifted her boobs by the nipples and pinched hard, she came once more with a keening moan. I could feel her sweat streaming down her chest, forming drips on the underside of her breasts that splashed down on my own chest. I unleashed my second load into her then, and felt her Kegels massaging my softening dick. We drowsed for a few minutes, with me still inside her cunt. So this is what it will be like fucking Cindy twenty-five years from now, I thought as I dozed. Not bad at all!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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