The Woman in the Deckchair

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Lucy seemed to be Jack’s polar opposite in some ways, and he liked it that way. She would always suggest things to spice up their relationship and bring him out of his shell. Although her suggestions scared him, he knew he would never do anything that wild alone.

This is how Jack found himself on a nudist beach. Until two days ago, he had no idea that this place existed on the shores of Devon. Now, he was stood naked under the sun, while Lucy sat on a towel, rubbing sun lotion on her arms.

Jack was glad that the beach was sparsely occupied. He could see a few other couples in the distance, along with the occasional lone sunbather. If the place was packed, he might not have undressed. And he didn’t want to be a buzzkill.

“Here, rub some lotion on my back.”

Lucy handed him a bottle of sun lotion and lay on her front.

Jack knelt, pushed her blonde, wavy hair away from her shoulders and rubbed the lotion down her back. Her skin had tanned slightly already. He saw the side of her breasts pressed down into the towel, lightly running his fingers down them as he went further down her body.

Her ass was perfect. Round, but not big. He saw the pale tan lines of a thong running along her hips. But his anxiety put the brakes on him being able to fully enjoy what was going on.

She lifted her head, looking back at him.

“Come on,” she said. “Go down further.”

“You just said you wanted it on your back.”

He heard the words come out of his mouth, and he hated himself. Shyness is not endearing when you are a man in your thirties.

So, he obliged. He ran his hands along the smooth skin of her firm ass, then down the back of her legs.

Jack sat next to her for a while. He wasn’t into sunbathing, having fair skin that would burn in minutes. Normally he would be in the water. On this occasion, he stayed where he was. This was enough; wandering around naked in front of strangers was too much. There weren’t that many people here, but still.

Lucy turned on her back. Her large, pink areolas seemed stretched out over her breasts. Her tits weren’t huge, but were just more than enough for Jack’s large hands.

“I’m bored,” she said. “Shall we go for a walk?”


She stood up, taking him by the hand as they walked. The sea was calm, and devoid of people.

In the distance was a deckchair, facing towards the shore. As they got closer, Jack could see that the occupant had long, curly brown hair.

As they approached the deck chair, Jack could tell by the large breasts that sagged slightly into her arms, that it was a woman — an older woman. He guessed her as pushing fifty.

Jack noticed the woman’s tanned breasts before he noticed anything else about her. They were hefty and round, large nipples erect in the open air.

As they got closer, Jack noticed that the woman’s breasts separated slightly over a torso that looked firm, even with the beginnings of six-pack. Her lean, muscular legs were stretched out on the sand in front of her.

As they walked past, the occupant of the deckchair turned her head and Jack noticed her regarding him through her sunglasses. She smiled. And he realized that she wasn’t the only one who had caught him perving.

Lucy looked at Jack and then at the woman in the deckchair, before waving at her.

“Afternoon!” Lucy called out.

“Hi!” the woman responded.

They approached her.

“Really quiet today, isn’t it?” Lucy remarked.

“Yes. Normally this place is busier at this time of year.”

The woman did not sound local. She sounded like a Londoner.

“It’s the summer holidays,” said Lucy. “Maybe everyone is taking their families out to other beaches.”

“Ah, mystery solved,” the woman responded. “Never seen you two here before. First time?”

“Yes,” Lucy responded. “We didn’t know this place even existed until a week ago. Are you a regular?”

Jack smiled, glanced away occasionally and tried not to stare at her tits. He was stood between two attractive, naked women. It was a surreal situation, and he was trying not to get overwhelmed.

“I have, I always come here when I’ve got the time off. Love this part of the country.”

“Where are you from?” asked Lucy.

“I’m from Torquay, but I lived in London for years.”

Jack guessed correctly. She leaned forward in her deckchair and looked in his direction. Her tits sagged down on top of her knees, forming a cleavage that would be difficult to ignore in ordinary circumstances. He had to look.

“Oh, so you’re local?” said Lucy.

The woman nodded

“Yes. What I like about this part of the country is all the quiet, discreet places where you can get away with sunbathing naked. That was my hobby when I was younger. You can’t do this in London.”

“So, a lifelong naturist, then?” Jack spoke up. He was getting self-conscious about standing there in silence, grinning, with his cock out.

“Definitely,” she responded. “Years ago, when I was in my twenties, I would ataköy escort find a quiet trail, look for a bush or forest, then just strip off.”

“Wow, that’s risky!” said Jack, trying to take his mind off the flow of blood heading towards his penis.

She smiled.

“Depends on the area. Normally, I could get away with taking my clothes off and lying somewhere in the sun.”

“Normally?” asked Lucy.

“Yes, I’ve been caught,” she replied, sheepishly.

“By who?”

“By my husband.”

“You married a guy that caught you?” asked Jack.

“Yes! Me and my friend were out skinny dipping in a quiet spot at a river, somewhere in Devon, can’t remember where exactly. My friend needed persuading, though.

Celia, her name was. She was gorgeous. Long, blonde hair. Athletic. She was a gymnast, so she had strong core muscles. The only woman I knew who had a six pack. She had tits as well. I thought, a body like that shouldn’t cover up.”

Jack’s cock was starting to throb. He hoped no one noticed. She seemed to be looking at him, but through her sunglasses he couldn’t quite tell.

“It was a beautiful, hot day and I just whipped my bikini off once I got to the water,” the woman continued.

“She was still wearing hers. Come on, I shouted, get your kit off! It’s rude to keep your bikini on after I’ve just taken mine off!

Fine, she says, in a huff. Takes her bikini off, and that’s when I saw him, walking along the trail behind her. He slowed down when he saw us. Strong-looking guy, big arms. Not like a bodybuilder, just strong. Blonde and handsome. I looked at Celia standing there topless, her fantastic tits out, and I had an idea.

I shouted, And the rest! Come on! We’re supposed to be skinny-dipping!

Oh God! she went, and she bent right over to pull her bikini bottoms down, showing this man her ass. He stopped right in his tracks.”

The woman laughed.

“I walked out of the water, signalling with my eyes to Celia to look behind her. She turned around, completely naked, and saw this man ogling the pair of us. She screamed and ran into the water. I just stood there, laughing! But he smiled at me.”

“You probably made his day!” said Jack.

“Of course. I can see I made your day too, young man!’

Jack’s erection was beyond half-mast and was pointing towards the woman.

“Oh God, sorry!”


Lucy slapped his dick as if it was a naughty sock puppet. Jack jumped backwards.


The woman reclined into her chair, laughing. Lucy put her hand on Jack’s arm.

“Excuse my boyfriend. He is definitely a breast man, and you do have a fantastic pair.”

“It’s true,” said Jack. “It’s difficult to concentrate on anything else.”

He was caught. No point being coy about it. Thankfully she smiled.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“He’s too shy for his own good,” said Lucy.

“Nudist beaches are a bit out of my comfort zone,” said Jack.

“I can tell,” said the woman.

“Tell me,” she continued, “what sort of couple are you? Do you like to keep things interesting?”

“Interesting?” said Jack.

“For example, have you ever thought of adding a third in the bedroom?” she replied.

Jack and Lucy looked at each other.

“I might be okay with that, depending on the person,” said Lucy. Jack wasn’t surprised by this.

“Yeah, me too I suppose,” replied Jack, “as long as that third isn’t a bloke.”

He had to get that out up front.

“Perhaps what you need is an experienced hand in the bedroom,” said the woman. “Someone who could…show you things.”

Lucy giggled.

“Interesting idea,” said Jack, looking at Lucy.

“I dunno,” Lucy replied.

“Now who’s shy?” said Jack.

Lucy shot him a defiant glance, but before she said anything, the woman got up from the deckchair and crouched over her basket. She had a nice ass for someone of her age. Not as fine as Lucy’s, but it looked firm, toned, like she had spent time at the gym. Jack noticed Lucy looking as well.

The woman pulled out a large towel and laid it out on the sand. She lay on it, propping herself up on her elbows and patting the space to her side.

“Why don’t the two of you come here and join me,” she said, stroking the towel next to her.

Lucy sat beside her on the towel. The woman stroked her arm as she did so. Jack took this as his cue to follow, crouching beside them.

“Oh, sorry love, there’s no towel space for three of us.”

“Why don’t you head back and grab our towel?” said Lucy.

Jack headed back towards the dunes where they were initially sat. He was dumbstruck, horny beyond belief. He would not let his anxieties get in the way of an experience like this.

Jack returned with their basket in one hand and a towel in the other, to find that they had started already. Lucy lay beside her, reaching across, running her hands around the contours of the older woman’s huge breasts. avcılar escort The woman was stroking his girlfriend’s upper back, checking out her tits as they were pressed together beneath her.

Jack looked around. So far, the few people present were far off in the distance. They might not notice. But who gave a fuck if they did?

The woman looked over at him.

“What are you doing?” she patted the sand to her right. “Come over and join us.”

Jack laid the towel down and lay next to her. The woman reached over and ran her hand down the muscles of his chest, as he placed his hand on her taut abdomen, running his hand along the smooth skin towards her breast. He cupped her breast from underneath, feeling the firm weight of it, squeezing gently, before running his fingertips upwards to feel the hardness of her nipple.

The woman breathed deeply, as both Jack and Lucy felt her breasts in tandem. She reached over, placing her hands behind their heads, pulling them both down into her bosom.

“Go on,” she sighed.

Jack could smell the combined scent of her body, sweat and perfume, as he pressed his face into her breast. Her nipple was hard in his mouth as his hand ran along her stomach, sometimes grazing Lucy’s hand.

Jack spent longer than Lucy with his mouth clamped over her areola. Lucy had already started to move down her body with her lips, kissing down towards her shaved pussy. Jack reached his hand downwards, towards her inner thigh. Her chest was heaving now, up and down.

Then everything went slightly dark. Jack lifted his head and looked behind him at three figures, blocking the sun above them. Three women, naked, looking at them with a combination of disgust and amusement.

They made eye contact for a second, before they walked off quickly, sniggering. Jack checked out their asses as they walked off into the distance. They were attractive, but the incident was a mood killer.

Lucy sat up, shielding her eyes with her hand.

“What’s their fucking problem? Prudish cunts,” she said, glaring in their direction.

The woman between them sighed, not in a pleasurable way.

“We shouldn’t be doing this. This was too public.”

Jack nodded and sat up. Having to watch over his back wasn’t fun for him.

They sat together, awkwardly, in silence. Jack broke the quiet:

“So how did this man end up being your husband?” he asked, as if the threesome they almost had was a brief disruption in the conversation.

“It was good luck actually,” she replied. “I saw him in Plymouth the day after. Noticed him in the city centre, so I followed him into a supermarket. We made eye contact near the checkout. I smiled at him and gave him the old, are you following me? line. He was a bit stunned, but then we laughed about it. He asked me out for a drink. Tom, his name was.”

“So where is Tom now?” asked Jack.

“In Spain I think,” she replied. “Not long into our marriage, he ran off with Celia. Started a new life abroad together. Should have seen it coming, really.”

“Oh, sorry,” said Jack.

“So was I,” said Francesca. “The sex was fantastic.”

The silence resumed, briefly.

“I’ve just realized,” she said, “we don’t even know each other’s names! I’m Francesca.”

“Jack,” said Jack, “and this is Lucy.”

“Well,” Francesca continued, “why don’t we come back to my place for a drink? I live nearby.”

“Yeah, why not,” said Lucy, who had been gazing sullenly off into the distance.

Francesca’s place was visible from the beach: a white block in the distance as the three of them trekked, now fully clothed, along a country road.

Jack wished he could continue this walk naked. Being nude in public felt freeing and emboldening at the same time. The most bizarre thing about this situation to him was the mundane conversation they had as they walked, like they hadn’t just had a public threesome on a beach.

Francesca made her career managing art galleries in London. She didn’t need to tell them how successful she was when they saw her home: a stunning house, shining white on a hill overlooking the sea.

Francesca let them in through an ornate, white door. The house looked like a showroom, with furnishings that could only have come out of a museum of modern art. Nothing looked like it could have been assembled from a flat-pack.

Jack contained his awe when he saw her conservatory, bay windows opening out onto a view of the coastline. A red leather couch in a semi-circle around a small glass table.

Francesca led them straight up to her grey-walled bedroom, Sunlight came in through French doors that opened out onto a view of the coastline. The carpet was a matching grey. Her double bed was light grey with black sheets.

“So,” said Francesca, “Are you two still interested in adding a third to the bedroom?”

“I am,” said Jack. “Lucy?”

“Okay,” she said, “go on.”

Francesca placed a hand on Jack’s chest.

“Sit down.”

Jack avrupa yakası escort sat back on the firm mattress. He noticed a glint of excitement in Lucy’s eyes.

“Let’s get these things off,” said Francesca, undoing the buttons on his jeans.

The last time Jack experienced sitting in front of two women with no pants on, he was in hospital for an STI check. The doctor, a woman in her fifties and a younger female nurse examined him in an office, as he sat in a seat that resembled a dentist’s chair. He was so nervous, his penis seemed to shrink back into his body. He didn’t think that was possible.

He wanted to try and fluff it up a bit, but he knew it would look like he was beating off. So, he sat there, while the doctor pulled down his foreskin between her thumb and forefinger, inspecting his glans.

He sat with the nurse afterwards, as she performed a blood test on him. She commented about how cold it was outside that winter morning. Jack took that comment for the charity it was.

Now, things were different. His experience on the beach shifted the goalposts for what was normal. It was a hot, summers day, and thankfully his cock was at its normal, erect size, in front of two gorgeous women.

Lucy seemed strangely passive as she watched Francesca part Jack’s legs with an encouraging touch to his knees, before reaching up and holding his cock, slowly tugging it.

Francesca placed her other hand on Lucy’s upper back.

“Why don’t you go down and wank him off?”

Without saying a word, Lucy knelt between Jack’s legs and held his cock, slowly jacking him off. The smile on her face suggested amusement at the situation, although she seemed a little stunned. Jack had never seen her like this.

“That’s it, love,” said Francesca, as she stood behind her, massaging her shoulders. She then dropped to her knees and pulled down the straps of Lucy’s dress, lowering it to reveal more of her cleavage. Neither of them wore bras.

Lucy giggled, and Jack noticed that her breathing got heavier. Francesca reached down and cupped her breasts, her long fingers going beneath and between them, squeezing them over her dress. Lucy’s grin disappeared, and her breathing got heavier.

Francesca leaned in to sniff her hair, then gently pulled her dress right down to her waist, revealing her breasts. She continued to fondle them as she kissed her neck. Jack noticed how Lucy’s nipples were erect between Francesca’s thumb and forefinger.

This had to be the best handjob Jack had ever received in his life. He lay back and watched Lucy’s breasts, being cupped and fondled by Francesca. He felt the pressure building in his loins.

He noticed Francesca’s other hand sliding downwards, out of sight, towards Lucy’s pussy. Lucy breathed heavily as Francesca’s hand moved up and down below the bed, still fondling her breast with the other hand.

Francesca got up suddenly, moving to the bed and lying beside Jack as his eyes were half-closed. She lifted his T-shirt, and Jack took it off, momentarily distracting himself. Francesca ran her hand up and down the muscles of his chest and stomach, while lowering the straps of her dress with the other. Jack looked up into a cleavage that seemed immense at that angle, before she pulled her dress down.

Francesca smiled as she released her huge breasts. He felt the full weight of them, the smoothness of her skin, their firmness against his face.

“Lucy, give his cock a rest, come up here and join us.”

Lucy stood up from between his legs, now fully nude. They parted as Lucy lay on her back between them. Francesca immediately reached for her breast.

“Your tits are gorgeous,” said Francesca, cupping her left breast in her hand, like she was appraising the ripeness of a fruit at a market stall.

Jack moved his head down and started kissing her other breast, slowly moving down her body, as he fingered her moist pussy.

Francesca started sucking on her nipple, using her fingers to toy with the other one, as Jack moved his face down between her legs and started lapping on her wet labia.

Lucy’s heavy breathing had turned to sighs now, as her hips undulated beneath Jack’s mouth.

“Just fuck me,” Lucy sighed.

Jack got up from between her thighs, still rock hard. She moaned as he entered her.

Francesca got up from Lucy’s breasts, and stood up to spectate. She playfully grabbed Jack’s ass as he thrusted into Lucy, before sitting back against the headboard and fingering herself as she watched.

Jack held out until Lucy climaxed. As he ejaculated on Lucy’s stomach, he saw Francesca, mouth open, furiously finger fucking herself as she looked at Jack’s wet cock.

Lucy lay there, panting, as Jack reached forward and rubbed Francesca’s breast. Lucy lazily reached up with one arm and stroked her inner thigh as Francesca came, arching her back.

They lay quietly together on the bed for a minute, Jack’s arm around Lucy as she leaned in with her hand on his chest.

Francesca got up from the bed, picking up her dress.

“If you two want a shower, I have towels in the bathroom.”

Later on, the three of them sipped iced teas on the couches of Francesca’s conservatory. Clothed and showered, Lucy leaned against Jack on the couch, as the three of them watched the calm surf below.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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