The Wedding Party: Joanie

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Author’s note: This story is part of a series called ‘The wedding party”‘. The stories can be read in any order and are vignettes involving different members of the wedding party.

As always I look forward to your comments and feedback. Please keep on favoriting the stories and me as an author. Keep voting, leaving feedback, and emailing me. I love it.


The wedding party: Joanie

I could not believe it. Becky and Mark were getting married. Well it’s not that I couldn’t believe it. I was just excited it was finally happening. The wedding hadn’t started yet. My name is Joanie and I am mother of the groom. I was standing outside the hall waiting for the bride to be ready.

I looked at the groomsmen and thought how grown up they were. I giggled to myself. From boys to men. Mark had been friends with Randy, Dave, and Greg forever. I’d known them since they were nine. When my husband Guy and I moved to town these guys lived in the neighborhood. I was grateful when they easily accepted Mark into the group.

As I reminisced, Randy caught my eye and gave me a big smile. I admit I felt a little fire down below. He was such a handsome young man. I smirked back.

The kids met when they were young. I loved that Mark made friends so quickly. Being a stay at home mom my total attention was on Mark and his younger sister Misty. My house quickly became the hangout. The other mothers did not want kids in their houses when they were not home but I was home every day.

I loved having the kids home and their friends over. Guy was working very hard to get settled in his new job and wasn’t home much. Having a house full of boys kept my attention. They were just getting into the age where they ate everything that didn’t move. Video games, basketball outside, nerf gun fights were the norm.

As the boys got older i noticed a small change. The boys would hang around with me a bit more. I’d notice them blush when I talked to them. At first I ignored it but with Guy rarely home I became more and more aware of it.

I have to admit, I didn’t realize it then but I now know I enjoyed the attention. By high school they were actively checking me out. I couldn’t blame them. Good genes and hard work kept me looking young. At 5’7 130 36c and long brown hair. I got checked out by a lot of men not just high school boys. In fact the only person who showed no interest was Guy.

As the kids turned 18 I noticed it more and more. One day, when the kids were over, I happened to wear a loose top. It wasn’t on purpose, just happens to be the top I chose. The kids came in the kitchen for drinks. I offered to get the drinks and the kids sat at the table. As I bent over to set the drinks I noticed Dave looking down my top. He then looked up and realized I caught him. He turned bright red.

No one else saw the exchange. I just gave him a smile that said ‘That was naughty’ stood up and was more careful serving the rest. However something was pulling at the back of my mind. I was a little turned on. The thought of being checked out made me feel confident. I liked it.

It was a few days later and I heard the kids downstairs. I don’t know why, after all, I’d seen them the day before, but that day something hit me. Maybe because I was in the process of dressing when I heard them. I remembered Dave looking down my top and the thought of it made my stomach flutter.

I looked through my drawers. There was a T shirt I hadn’t worn in years. It hugged my curves, had a low V neck, and showed an awful lot of cleavage. I put it on and looked in the mirror. I wasn’t really conscious of doing anything out of the ordinary. Only in hindsight did I see what I was doing.

Feeling good I went downstairs. As soon as the boys saw me they kind of stared. Not too much, but enough for me to notice.

Gregg broke the silence. “Wow Mrs G, you look great.”

“Why thank you,” I replied.

We made the usual small talk and I went about my business. I noticed the boys following me around more often. It was very good for my ego and I was enjoying the attention.

Over the years, little by little I found myself dressing a bit more provocatively. It was such a slow transition I barely noticed I was doing it. With Guy traveling a lot I didn’t realize how much I missed the attention. Over five years I started dressing more and more with the boys looking in mind.

For their part the boys paid more and more attention to me. It was like a loop, the more attention I got, the more I wanted to show off.

It Was the end of their senior year when the world changed. Guy told me he was leaving me. He had met someone at work. I was crushed. I wanted to try and work on it. He’d already decided. The boys were getting ready to graduate and I realized they’d be heading off to school. Life was changing.

Misty, my daughter, and Mark were super supportive of me and mad as hell at their dad. Mark’s friends were even madder. I appreciated their support.

One day I was on the couch alone. The kids weren’t home and suadiye escort I was feeling sorry for myself. I started crying. As I was crying I didn’t hear the door open. It was Randy. It wasn’t unusual for the boys to choose our house as a meeting place. I often had Mark’s friends here before Mark got home. I did not hear Randy come in. I just know that he caught me crying.

He came around the couch. “Mrs G, are you ok?” he asked.

He startled me. I gave a little Yelp.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I sniffled trying to pull myself together.

“You don’t look fine,” he said and sat on the couch next to me.

I looked at him next to me. He was no longer a boy. At 18 he was 4″ taller than me and had big broad shoulders. I realized he was more grown up than the picture of him I had in my mind. I still thought of him as a little kid but he obviously was no longer a little boy.

“I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself,” I said. “I’m not as young as I used to be and my world is going through a lot of changes. Guy’s gone, you boys are off to school. It will all be very different.

Randy put his arm around me. Wow, what big strong arms. Again I was reminded that he was no longer the kid who played video games in my basement. I rested my head on his shoulder and went on.

“I’m not as young as I used to be. It’s not like I have men looking for my company.”

“Don’t worry Mrs G. We’ll still visit you,” he assured me. “And any man who sees you is probably looking for your company. You’re beautiful.”

They’d often complimented me on how I looked it somehow this was different.

“I’m old,” I said

“You’re one of the prettiest women we know,” he said.

“We?” I asked

He looked like I caught him robbing a bank.

“I meant to say I know,” he tried to cover.

“You said we. Who’s we?” I demanded.

Knowing he was caught, he answered. “Dave, Gregg and I.”

Now I was curious, plus, he looked so scared I felt like teasing him a little.

“Do you guys often talk about the way I look?” I softly demanded. Seeing the look on his face, I threw in, “Tell the truth.”

He hesitated and then said, ” Yes.”

“What kind of things do you say?” I asked.

“You know. Normal stuff,” he answered.

“No, I don’t know, tell me.”

Figuring I wasn’t going to let it go he answered.

“Well we all think you’re pretty. Sometimes we talk about what you are wearing,” he responded.

“What I’m wearing?” I asked. “Like what?”

“Like the dress you’re wearing today. You’ve worn it before. You look hot in it.”

I was wearing a short sundress it was short of mid thigh. It had a Peasant style of the shoulder top that showed some cleavage. Knowing I bought it so they’d see me in it, I was happy they noticed.

“So you guys think I look hot in it?” I pressed.

“Yeah,” he said.

I decided to let him off the hook. “That’s so sweet,” I said. “I’m glad to know someone thinks I’m pretty. Now all we need is for someone to find me sexy too,” I pouted.

Randy looked at the ground.

“What?” I asked. “Do you guys think I’m sexy?” I said in an incredulous voice.

“Yeah,” he mumbled.

“But I’m almost 40,” I said.

“You’re still hot,” he replied, obviously gaining courage.

“Well,” I said. “It’s kind of cool someone thinks I’m sexy. I’ll have to live up to that reputation.”

I kissed him. Kind of near his lips. When I bent down his eyes went to my cleavage.

When he realized he’d been caught he looked away. I tell this story because this is where I opened the door. I didn’t really realize it. But it happened.

“It’s ok,” I said. “You can look, it’s nice that someone appreciates them. After all, no one’s seen them in a while.”

I adjusted the top. Now I was showing more cleavage.

“Is that better?” I asked.

He just nodded.

I kissed him again then got up to go about my business.this time I was aware of him watching. This is where I went from subconscious teasing to teasing on purpose. If I had to bend over, I bent over straight legged, or with my cleavage towards him. When I caught him looking I’d blow him a kiss. I was having fun.

Eventually the other guys showed up. I wondered if Randy would tell them. I headed up to my room I stopped to listen as I went around the corner.

“Um, you wouldn’t believe what happened.,” he sad.

Mark responded asking what happened.

“Ok,” Randy said,but don’t get mad.”

Mark promised and Randy told the guys what happened. They all looked at Mark.

He sat there for a minute. I was afraid he was going to freak out. Instead, I was surprised by his answer.

“You know,” he said. “We don’t think about her that often. I mean, she always takes care of us. We say thank you you, but no one takes care of her. Between us and Misty, we are her life. But,” he went on, “if this goes anywhere but between us, I’ll kill you.”

The guys all agreed. I went upstairs. Showing off, and knowing taksim escort that Mark’s friends checked me out made me horny. I got on my bed, pulled up my dress, and with my fingers in my panties made myself cum.

From then on, if I knew Mark wouldn’t see I’d let the boys ‘Catch me’.

Once, I came out if the shower and heard the three boys downstairs. I knew Mark was still at work. I wrapped a towel around myself and went downstairs. The towel barely covered anything. I stopped and chatted. I’m sure the curve of my ass was visible. As I headed back upstairs I’m sure they could see most of my ass from the couch. .

Another time I knew Dave and Greg we’re going to be there I walked from the laundry room to the stairs in front of them in my t shirt and panties pretending I’d just thrown everything in the laundry and didn’t know they were there.

If I knew they were spending the night I usually left my door open. I’d wear a short T shirt and cute panties to bed.

This lasted anytime they visited. I found myself looking forward to these moments and after I’d always make myself cum.

It was about a year after college that Mark thrilled us with the news he was marrying Becky. She was such a great person. We were all happy for both of them. As wedding plans unfolded there were plans for a bachelorette party in Vegas. The kids wanted to do the bachelor and bachelorette party separately. They figured they’d make the parties Friday night and everyone could spend the weekend and have Saturday day and night to have fun.

It sounded like fun. The moms, Guys current wife, Becky’s mom, and I, were invited to the bachelorette party. I wanted to go, but being single I didn’t have anyone to hang out with. I didn’t want to be a third wheel with the girls Saturday night so I decided to call a friend and see if she wanted to meet me in Vegas Saturday. She agreed and I made plans to go.

The day we were supposed to leave for Vegas she dropped out so I had a Saturday in Vegas all to myself.

The bachelorette party was Friday night. Misty told me there was a dress code for the Bridesmaids. Black dresses, black thongs. She showed me the dress. I decided that since I would be at the party I’d get the same dress as a joke.

I packed up and headed for Vegas. Friday night the party was at a bar in the hotel. The bridesmaids were all going to meet in the lobby. Guys wife and Becky’s mother were going to meet at the bar. I decided I would meet with the girls in the lobby.

I was the last one to the lobby. When I got off the elevator all the girls turned to look at me. I know they did not expect me to be wearing the same dress. They were just gawking.

Finally I said, “What, too much?”

Becky chimed in, “God no, you can totally rock that dress.”

With that the girls all made sounds of agreement and turned their attention to decorating the bride. Veil, garter, tiara, all standard bachelorette party gear. When they were done we headed for the bar.

As we started walking one of the girls said, “Do you think she’s wearing the whole outfit?”

I knew they meant me. I turned my back to them, flipped up my dress, and showed them my black thong. A loud ‘Wooooo’ went up from the girls as they immediately started giggling and switching into girl party mode.

The bachelorette party was standard fare. Party games, inappropriate gifts, loud and giggly. With so many pretty young girls we got a lot of male attention. A lot of the guys were my age. The girls would tease me and ask if I wanted any of them. I’d decline. We were having fun.

After, the girls invited me to go dancing with them. We headed to one of the hottest spots in Vegas. There was a long line out front. The girls had us dropped right in front of the doorman. I guess they found the pretty girls, all dressed alike, interesting enough for the club. They let us right in. I know if it had been just me I’d never get in.

Once inside we headed straight for the dance floor. We were immediately surrounded by men and women wanting to be part of out group. The girls flirted, teased, and blew them off. I was having a blast. Eventually the night ended and we headed back to the hotel.

Everyone split up and headed for their rooms. As I was walking through the lobby towards mine I saw Mark, Randy, Gregg, and Dave sitting at a bar. I went over to say good night.

“Oh, hi mom,” said Mark when he saw me.

“Hi guys, have fun tonight?” I asked.

“You know strippers, alcohol, cigars,” said Dave.

We chatted for a bit and one of the boys asked what I was doing the next day. I told them I didn’t know and about my friend. They felt bad for me. Randy, Gregg, and Dave were going sightseeing the next day and asked if I wanted to join them. I said I didn’t want to intrude, but they insisted. We made plans to meet the next day and I headed to bed.

I woke up and got ready to join the boys. My friend and I had planned on sightseeing so I had brought clothes. I had a short denim dress on that zipped tuzla escort up the back. The dress landed about mid thigh. It was perfect.

I met the boys in the lobby and we headed out. I could see them checking me out when I showed up. I was enjoying the attention. .

We checked out the different hotels and things to see. At one point I asked by none of them had girl friends. Dave said that none could compare to me. We all laughed but the other also boys insisted that was why.

I felt flattered. The boys were extremely attentive to me. Complimenting me, letting me shop when I wanted to, even watching me try on clothes I was interested in.

At one point I asked about the bachelor party.

“Hot strippers?” I asked.

“They were ok,” said Dave.

Then, he must not have been thinking, he said, “Not near as hot as you in a towel.”

He nearly bit off the last word when he realized what he was saying. The other two boys just stared at him open mouth. I laughed.

“Really? All those young naked girls and you’d rather see me in a towel?

“I’m sorry,” Dave started to apologize.

“It’s ok,” I said. I’m actually flattered. A handsome young man like you would rather look at me than a young stripper, I must be doing something right.

Gregg jumped in, “Mrs G. You are one of the most beautiful women we know.”

Randy and Dave nodded.

“Well thank you boys,” I said. “Well, next time I’m wearing a towel and you’re around I’ll be sure to show you.”

“Dave said, “We can only dream.”

“Oh, you dream about me?” I joked

Dave again responded, “Only since I was 12.”

We all laughed and as we walked I followed that train of conversation for a bit. The boys admitted fantasizing about me when they were younger.

“So you all used to think about me?” I asked.

“Used to?” Replied Gregg.

“Oh you didn’t ‘use to’?” I teased.

Dave spoke up. “We all still think you’re hot.”

“You guys are so sweet,” I said putting my hand on Greg’s arm.

A few minutes later we passed a store that had some cute dresses in the window and I asked the boys if I could try some on. They said yes and we went into the store. It was a little boutique and they had a lot of cute stuff. There was one sales clerk and us in the store. She helped me pick a few dresses and directed me to the dressing room.

I undressed down to my panties and bra. I was wearing a matching pink thong and lacy bra. I stepped into the first dress and tried to zip it. I got it half way and then needed help, I opened the dressing room door and asked I one of the guys for help. Greg came over and zipped it up.

I asked the boys what they thought. They of course said I looked great. I then stood at the entrance to the dressing room. Then the memory of showing off to the boys kicked in. I asked them to help me unzip it. Randy offered to help. He unzipped it half way. I asked him to unzip it the whole way. He did.

Then I had a dirty little thought. Standing there with Randy in the doorway I slipped my arms out of the dress and stepped out of it. I handed it to Randy. I was standing in my bra and thong and he was just staring at me.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

He found his voice. “Yes Mrs G I’m fine.” He stuttered.

“Good,” I said as I bent over to pick up the next dress. “Would you give that dress to the clerk and send Dave over here?”

He went to do as I asked. There was a knock on the dressing room door.

“Come in,” I said.

As the door opened I was standing in my bra and thong stepping into a dress. I pulled the dress up slowly.

“Hi Dave, would you help me zip this up?”

His mouth was dropped open but he helped. I stepped out of the dressing room and asked the guys what they thought. They again approved. I turned and let Dave unzip me. When he did I stepped out of the dress on the way to the dressing room. Now all the boys had seen me in my bra and thong. I tried on a few more dresses. I just left the dressing room door open as I changed. The guys all tried to look away.

I continued to try on dresses and clothes but I left the dressing room door open as I changed. I was having fun showing off. As I changed I asked the guys to zip me up and get me stuff to try on. The last dress was a halter style dress. It was meant to be worn without a bra. I turned away and, with my back to the boys, undid my bra. Keeping my back to them I placed my arm across, my breast, turned, and covering my tits asked Randy to hold the bra. I took the dress from Dave, turned away again, and stepped into the dress.

They’d seen me dressed like that before. I’d been showing off for years. The difference was that this time, they knew I knew they saw me.

When I turned back I once again at had three pair of eyes staring at me. It felt good. I bought a few things and the boys helped me carry my bags.

The rest of the day we continued sightseeing, but whenever I was talking to the boys I would touch them on the arms or stand a little inside their space. I ratcheted up the flirting a bit. It was fun to see them feeling uncomfortable obviously enjoying my flirting but not sure how to handle it. On my part I was getting horny. I was no longer seeing the kids who hung out at my house, but three 23 year old men who I’d always been close too and found me attractive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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