The Test Ch. 02

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She went up to the kitchen chair, not realizing what she was doing to the two men watching her. Her strong legs and thighs, and her slight tummy, were not the airbrushed variety that were common in skin magazines and she had always thought she had to work at getting men interested. No matter what her lovers kept telling her, she could not see herself as they did.

Today was no different. She was here to show up men in general, jerks that were constantly underestimating her and belittling her. She did not care if she did not arouse anything in these two guy; she was here to win a bet.

But, despite herself, she was very sensually confident, and loved being naked. Her full hips and firm breasts complemented her movements in the nude; she walked as though she was making love, sensual and forthright. From her beautifully turned ankles to the sexy back, her body promised pleasure and satisfaction; to herself and the men that were watching her now.

The two looked at each other, and Hector grinned with a wink. Fran’s cock started to get erect, and within a few moments had become so hard it pointed upward. He groaned softly with pleasure, and allowed himself a couple of strokes as Jenny sat on the chair. She looked fabulous.

And he knew what else he wanted to see.

“Okay, neighbor,” he said, clearing his voice so he could sound steadier than he felt, “I am the boy scout and I’ll be securing you.” He grabbed a long strip of soft leather with loops off a table and walked over to Jenny.

She could not keep her eyes off his cock. It was average in length, about six or seven inches, but really thick. He was uncut, the cock head peeked enormously from under the foreskin at her, and she had a sudden desire to feel it in her mouth. And he was shaved, almost like he was waxed. In fact, his entire body was taut and smooth, deeply tanned, ready to be nibbled and kissed. But his pubic area was what kept her attention right now. His cock was hard and his balls were hugging his body, and every part of them was clean shaven. She suddenly longed to touch his balls and tease them loose; she could see they pretty sizeable. They would feel great in her mouth.

She looked at the rest of him, and pure lust hit her as she studied his toned body. His nipples were inviting her to suck on him and his full lips called to hers…

Suddenly he reached over her, his body right up in her face, and pulled down her arms behind her, twisting the leather strap around her wrists gently. His body smelled of soap, expensive mutlukent escort cologne, – and natural musk – and she thought she would go crazy right there. to make things worse, his erection was right under her chin, that shiny, hot cock head just barely touching her. She could barely breath without moaning, but she controlled herself with effort. She could not give in. Not to these guys, not now.

Fran yanked down with the strap, and suddenly she was loosely secured to the back of the chair. And in the process, he had pushed himself onto Jenny inadvertently. His warm body was full in her face for a a few seconds, and his cock pushed against her throat. She gasped at the contact, feeling vulnerable and yet so … alive. Without meaning to, she licked his stomach, reaching into his belly button.

He tensed at the sensation, and let out a sigh. His cock got even harder, and thinking he was about to orgasm, he pulled away almost immediately.

“Hey, no cheating, Jen my girl,” Hector called out,”I saw that lick… or do you want to give up right now?”

“What? Me?” Jenny croaked out,”I ain’t giving up anything yet…”

Fran winked and smiled at her, and her stomach almost flipped,”She has some fight in her,” he said.

He knelt in front of her, grabbed the end of the strap and pulled it under the chair. He gently pushed her legs apart and tied them securely on either side of the chair.

“Hey…,” Jenny called out weakly,”What the fuck are you doing?”

Fran looked at her exposed pussy, lips blushing red already, plump and inviting. That is what he wanted to see, and he could barely tear his eyes away. He looked up at her, still smiling, slowly flicked his tongue at her,

“Gotta secure you, sexy,” he said throatily, almost a purr,”Girls have ways to play without their fingers.”

“You know too much,” she said, feeling completely exposed. And liking it. She thrust her pelvis at him saucily.

“Cocky, aren’t you?” she purred back at him,”My pussy will shrivel up and dry watching you two play with each other.”

“Can’t have that happen,” Fran put lotion liberally on his fingers, the clear liquid warming up as he did so, and he stuck two of his fingers deep into her. She felt the fingers enter her with shock, and she made a futile attempt to pull her thighs together. And then a completely different sensation overcame her, and she moaned as his hungry digits groped her deep inside, his other hand playing with one of her erect nipple. His tuzla escort thumb closed in on her clit, and she started to spasm, moaning as she did so.

And just as suddenly, he pulled out of her and she was left thrusting her pelvis into nothing.

“You fucking bastard,” she ground out in frustration,”Finish it off.. please… make me cum…”

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she struggled to free her arms. She wanted relief, she wanted to touch herself. These guys were toying with her.

Hector walked in front of Fran who was still kneeling, and who looked like he wanted to complete the job he had started,”No, babe… the deal was not to let you off so easily.”

“Fuck you, Hector,” Jenny panted, the moment slipping away, but still promising to erupt back,”The deal was that I would resist being turned on by watching you two. Being touched is cheating…”

Her words dried up as she saw Hector’s body. While Fran was hairless around the cock, Hector was hairy. And he was huge. His was circumcised and his eight inch cock looked like a meaty, curved wand with a beautiful head. His testicles hung loose, huge ones that swung in the soft sac.

Fran looked straight at her, smiled again – and licked Hector’s cock. He held it in one of his hands, and teased his tongue along the slit, toying with the soft flesh. Jenny felt something stir in her, recognizing raw lust building in her. Fran ran his tongue under Hector’s cock, enjoying the full cheeks for a few minutes, all the while stroking the cock. And then he swallowed Hector’s cock, his cheeks showing a faint outline of the penis as Fran sucked on it hungrily. Hector groaned and he pulled up Fran’s pussy-soaked fingers, licking them clean.

Fran’s one hand was playing with Hector’s testicles, and the other was locked around his own cock. She could see everything, and was bursting with restraint – she had to resist the sensations and thoughts rushing through her head. Her pussy started to throb deep inside her in a way she had never felt before, almost an ache.. one that a cock could easily soothe, she realized. But worse were her breasts… her nipples were tightly puckered, desperately needing massaging. She tugged gently at the strap to no avail, and she actually felt tiny drops of perspiration collect on her body. She was as attracted to Hector’s powerful body as she was to Fran, and she looked up at his well defined chest. His pecs were actually flinching and she wanted to feel them under her hands.

She anadolu yakası escort felt something trickle between her thighs, and quickly glanced down. To her dismay, she realized her body was betraying her, and her wetness was slowly working down from her pussy to her anus. And her glance told her what she knew already – her clit was erect, pleading to be touched, massaged, sucked.

She wiggled her pelvis discretely, getting some pleasure, and allowing her juices to flow down a little quicker. As she felt the juices touch her arse hole, she moaned under her breath. Now there was a dull ache there as well, and she wanted to be touched deep in her ass. This was more difficult than she thought it would be.

In front of her, Fran stood up, still holding onto both cocks. With his heart stopping smile, he saucily held both as close to her face as he could, almost touching her face. She saw the two large cock heads, one wet with saliva, both with sexy slits, both calling out to her. And to her shock, she started to cum. Her pussy convulsed, slowly at first and then maddeningly faster as she tried to control herself. It was a type of orgasm she had never had before, one that lifted her up in waves that grew stronger by the second. Before she knew it, she was thrusting her pelvis, and moaning loudly, her tongue flicking at the two cock heads. She reached over, her neck craning, to suck on them, her lips brushing against both. The sensation – tight, shiny skin against her lips – was enough to take her over the edge. With a groan, she gave in to the pulsating pleasure that was radiating from her breasts, her pussy, her ass… even the soles of her feet. She let out several short yelps of pleasure as she came, juices now flowing freely out of her.

With a last sigh, she fell back, her eyes closed, the pounding in her ears ebbing away. The guys would be mocking her now, she thought with dismay. Damn. Even in pleasure, men had managed to control her day.

“Fucking heck… as our prize, we get to fuck you,” she heard Hector say, and she opened her eyes in surprise. She met Hector’s eyes … he was watching her through slitted eyes, and she suddenly realized how much he desired her when he grinned with lust at her, his tongue beckoning her.

Shocked, she looked at Fran, and he too was looking at her hungrily.

She had assumed that they were burning for each other, and seeing their open lust for her surprised her.

“Hmm,” Fran said, “Could it be that we all get to win tonight?”

He reached over to loosen her, and she started to purr with excitement again.

“Babe, I think you are going to feel really sore tomorrow,” Hector said, “I want your ass.”

Jenny looked at the lust in Fran’s eyes as he eyed her pussy and breasts. Perfect.

Could it be that men weren’t all that bad?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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