The Storm Ch. 01

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Dressed in a stocking cap, scarf, and parka in the school colors, Greg Beckett was lingering at the door for a moment and looking back at the women in his life.

“Are you two sure you don’t want to come?”

Sprawled across the living room recliner in one of those positions that only a teenager could possibly get into – or even want to, Dana was too busy channel surfing to even look around him. Her mother though nodded emphatically as she came into the room, a mug of hot coffee in her hand.

“Very sure, thank you.”

It would take more than that to get Greg to throw in the towel though. “Oh, come on! You two’ll have loads of fun!”

The eighteen year old girl looked up at last, raising a sardonic eyebrow. “It’ll be fun to sit in sub-zero temperatures, completely exposed to the wind and the rain for about three hours?” She waited just a moment to let the absurdity of what he’d said sink in, then added the zinger, “Dad, they’re talking about it sleeting!”

“Oh, come on,” he laughed. “I know it’s going to be a little brisk, but it’s weather like this that let’s you know you’re alive!”

“It’s weather like this that gives you pneumonia.”

Greg could obviously see defeat looming and started grasping at straws. “But this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience, honey!”

“Of course, it isn’t, Greg,” his wife Loretta chuckled. “Bartlett University and Stafford College play each other every single year. If the weather’s better, maybe we’ll go with you next year.” That idea earned a derisive snort from the girl in the recliner.

“But this is going to be the best game ever! Bartlett’s got that speedster running back Tyrone Beck, but you can’t discount the arm on Stafford’s quarterback . . .”

Dana groaned loudly, cutting him off. “Face the facts, Dad. Neither of us are even remotely interested in a stupid game like football.”

“Stupid!” Greg couldn’t help but bristle at that.

She waved him towards the door as if shooing him. “You’d better hurry, Dad, or you and uncle Will are going to miss the tip off.”

“Kick off.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Greg glanced out the window to where his brother-in-law was sitting in the car already, waiting for him. It looked like he was going to lose the ten dollar bet he had made with him since he couldn’t persuade either of the women to come along. Still, at least his wife’s little brother understood the importance of the greatest game in the world.

“All right, then. We’re going to miss you two, though.” He reached for the door knob, but then hesitated. “You won’t forget to . . .”

“I’ve already programmed the recorder, honey,” Loretta assured him, plucking down a book from the shelf and turning to go over to the couch. “It’ll tape your game.” Nobody seemed to notice it, but Dana couldn’t resist looking over to admire her mother’s firm bottom in those snug jeans she was wearing.


“Though why you would want to video tape the very ball game you are going to see in person is beyond me.”

When it looked like he might be tempted to explain it to her, Dana just pointed wordlessly at the door. Heaving a defeated sigh and hanging his head, he turned and headed out to the car.

* * *

Just as Loretta had been hoping, it started almost as soon as the menfolk were out of the way.

As she pretended to read her novel, she could feel the weight of her daughter’s eyes fixed on her. Not wanting to let on that she knew she was being studied, Loretta was very careful to hide the small, amused smile that was threatening to make an appearance on her lips. A typical teenager with all of the rioting hormones that suggested and then some, Dana was not the most subtle of women.

Timing the moment as carefully as she could, Loretta raised her eyes from the book with studied casualness as if she were just going to take a look out the window. Jumping in surprise, Dana looked away from her quickly, pretending to pay rapt attention to the infomercial her channel surfing had landed her on.

With those interested eyes no longer focused on her, Loretta now allowed herself a pleased grin that she quickly quashed lest it be seen.

It was no surprise to the middle-aged housewife that her own daughter was interested in her. The evidence was pretty blatant after all and had been piling up ever since the girl reached puberty. Naturally, neither of them had been so foolish as to do anything about this illicit and forbidden attraction, but neither had Loretta done anything to put an end to it. She had reached a point in her life when it was quite flattering to know that she had caught the eye of a beautiful young lady who could literally have her pick of any man or woman she wanted.

But wasn’t she a little weirded out by the fact that her own child was romantically interested in her? Why should she be, considering that nothing was ever going to happen because of it? Greg seemed utterly blind to the young woman’s infatuation too, so there were no headaches coming from canlı bahis that direction, either.

Sipping at her coffee, she returned her attention to the book, thoroughly enjoying how fast her daughter’s eyes shifted back to her.

* * *

Within an hour, Dana could not take it anymore and climbed to her feet, heading for the kitchen as swiftly as she could.

Standing at the kitchen sink, she stared out the window at the slowly falling snow, hoping it would somehow chill down the fire that was raging within her. She didn’t know what it was, but there was just something about the older woman that never failed to drive her out of her mind with lust. It always left her feeling like quite a pervert to be thinking of her own mother like that of course, but she just could not help herself.

The idea of actually making a play for her was simply ludicrous. She didn’t have anything like the kind of courage someone would need to hit on their own parent and there was no way in the world her mom would ever agree to it anyway. She could only thank God each and every day that her dear mother didn’t know what kind of sick thoughts were going through her head or she would never be able to face her again.

Even so, being all alone in this house with her like this for a few hours, knowing that it was at least remotely possible for something wild and crazy to happen between them, was driving her to distraction.

It was almost enough to make her wish she’d gone to that game with her father and big brother.

Gripping the edge of the counter, she took several long, deep breaths as she tried to calm herself, willing her racing heart to slow down before it burst. Closing her eyes she imagined herself going outside to face the frigid weather without her coat, still trying to dampen her blazing libido. It took a little time, but she was eventually confident that she could go back and face her mother again.

As she pulled away from the kitchen counter, turning back to the living room, she managed to clumsily knock a glass off. Jumping back with a little yelp, she was not injured by the broken glass as it hit the ground and shattered with a crash.

From the living room, Dana heard a shout of distress that brought her running, completely forgetting about cleaning up the mess.

“Are you all right?!” both women shouted at once as they faced each other again. “What happened?!”

“I accidentally broke a glass but I’m okay,” Dana explained. “What happened in here?”

“The sound startled me so much that I spilled my coffee,” Loretta replied. Sure enough, there was a large and still growing black stain on the housewife’s blouse and her book too was dripping.

“You spilled hot coffee all over yourself?!” Dana worried. “You didn’t get burned, did you?”

“No. Fortunately, it’d had time to cool down first. I’d better go and change before it ruins this blouse. In the meantime, make sure you clean up all the broken glass, okay?”

Dana nodded and her mother headed for her bedroom, but the teen did not go back into the kitchen.

This was an opportunity to do something incredibly foolish that would only exacerbate her problem and she knew she shouldn’t do it. She had tried to spy on her mother before, but had never managed to see anything. Here was a golden opportunity to maybe see her topless, if she were bold enough and daring enough to try!

The teen took one slow step after her mother, then another, then . . .

* * *

Peeling off her top, Loretta held it up for a moment for consideration, wondering how she was ever going to get that coffee stain out. Sighing, she shook her head and tossed it into the nearby bathroom, watching as it went right into the shower.

As she turned her attention to her closet to pick out something new to wear, she thought she could feel eyes on her again, however. Surely her little girl wouldn’t be so mad as to actually try to spy on her while she changed clothes, though. Or would she? If she was at the door, peeking into the master bedroom, Loretta estimated that younger woman wouldn’t be able to see anything more than her mostly bare back. Even if she turned though, the bra she was wearing wouldn’t have revealed very much to those young, intense eyes.

Wishing that she had a mirror in the right place to let her know for sure whether Dana really was indulging in a bit of voyeurism, Loretta nonetheless felt absolutely certain that she was and turned away from the door a little more to hide the flush of pure pleasure that was lighting up her face. Her husband hadn’t paid anything like this kind of attention to her in far too long and getting it now, even from her own child, was simply intoxicating.

Telling herself that she needed to have a nice long heart-to-heart talk about all of this before too much more time past, Loretta considered what to do right now.

Assuming that she was right and the girl really was there, she could speak up and let the teen know she had been caught, remind her that what she was bahis siteleri doing was more than a little inappropriate, but she couldn’t quite get the words out. She didn’t want to embarrass her, after all. What she decided to do instead was continue to pretend she hadn’t seen her and go into the bathroom to hide until her daughter gave up and went away.

Loretta did manage to take one slow step towards the bathroom door, then another, but her legs refused to cooperate any further than that.

What would it really hurt if she gave her daughter a little thank you for making her middle-aged mother feel so good? She could take her bra off before she disappeared into the bathroom! With her back to her like this, Dana would not really be able to see anything, after all. It would also be something nice for the girl to remember later when Loretta finally did the right thing and had a quiet talk with her to discourage this sort of thing.

Reaching behind herself with trembling hands, the housewife unhooked the catch on her bra and slowly, carefully slipped first one and then the other of the straps off her shoulders. Firmly holding a cup in each hand, she hesitated a long moment to make sure Dana had a very good look, then allowed her bra to slip off and fall to the floor.

Still she didn’t make the trip into the bathroom, though. She felt a burning need to know how her daughter was reacting to the show she was putting on for her and risked a quick glance back behind her.

To her tremendous disappointment, Loretta saw that there was no face in the doorway.

* * *

Breathing hard, almost deafened by the sound of her pounding heart, Dana dashed back to the kitchen, passing a window without even noticing how hard it was snowing outside now.

Sidestepping at the last moment to avoid the broken glass, the young woman worked desperately to calm herself before she burst into flame. She had gotten halfway down the hall before she’d chickened out, realizing how stupid it would be to try to spy on her mother. She would surely have been caught immediately! Still, her imagination was running riot, filling her mind with all sorts of wild and sexy things she might have seen had she only been braver.

Awkwardly going down on her knees, she worked to clean up the mess as quickly as she could, her hands shaking a bit from her intense, but unbelievable fantasies.

Loretta made an appearance even as her daughter was finishing up, shuffling her way slowly and uncertainly into the kitchen with her eyes downcast. Dana was instantly aware of her mother’s arrival of course, but did not dare to look up either, her face flushing hotly. However crazy it might be, she somehow felt certain that her mother knew that she had wanted to watch her change clothes and knew about all of her madcap dreams.

Coughing softly, clearing her throat, Loretta had some trouble finding her voice at first, sounding a bit strained when she finally managed to get something coherent out. “Um, so . . . did you . . . did you, uh, get it all . . . cleaned up?”

Dana wasn’t having much more luck getting the words out. “Um . . . yes . . . yes I did.”

“That’s good.”

Composing herself as much as she could, Dana lifted her head at long last and dared to look at her mother. What she saw made her start violently, unable to stop staring. The new top the older woman had put on was not at all inappropriate to wear around the house, but it was just thin enough and just snug enough to leave the girl in no doubt that Loretta wasn’t wearing anything underneath. The teen was helpless to do anything but stare at her mother’s breasts, her mouth hanging open.

As the silence lengthened, Loretta lifted her eyes slowly and discovered her daughter’s expression. She looked away again hastily, but her warm cheeks and happy smile made it clear that she was pleased. Even if Dana had not been spying on her before, her mother’s thank you had still been delivered.

It took a real effort, but Dana eventually managed to stop staring at her mother’s bosom, looking anywhere but at the other woman determinedly. She felt deeply and thoroughly embarrassed to be acting like this and was dead certain that her mom must know by now what kind of a weirdo she really was. Staring at her own feet, she waited in silence for the lecture she was sure must be coming.

Loretta waited too, but when she finally dared to look back and saw how her daughter was standing, she guessed what might be going on in her pretty little head. Eager to reassure her that all was well, she stepped forward with a warm smile, closing the distance between them. With two fingers under her chin, she lifted the girl’s face back to her own. However, whatever words of comfort the housewife might have meant to say died in her throat as she gazed into Dana’s startlingly warm and clear eyes, immediately getting lost in their crystal depths.

Standing so very close to the woman she had desired for so very long – close enough to feel the warmth radiating bahis şirketleri from her body, for her distinctive aroma to fill her nostrils – Dana was simply overcome.

It was Dana who had spent the all of those years infatuated with her mother, but it was Loretta who now leaned in and brushed her lips gently across the teens. It was the briefest, tenderest of touches, yet it left them both feeling as if they’d just been goosed by a bolt of lightening. Breathing hard, huge smiles on their faces, the couple now spent a little time regarding each other with dancing eyes.

For that one, all too brief moment, they were no longer a mother and daughter and neither of them had an unsuspecting husband. Instead, they were just a deliriously happy couple realizing just how very deep and how very powerful the connection was between them and intent on exploring these fascinating new feelings. It was a moment of the purest pleasure imaginable, yet it didn’t last for too long before reality settled down on them again.

With seriously mixed feelings about how intimate she and her daughter were getting, Loretta decided that she needed some space and some time to think, and stepped back so quickly that she stumbled over her own feet, laughing awkwardly. Turning, she hurried out of the room as fast as her unwilling, rubbery legs could carry her.

Dana could only watch her go, her very soul still quaking from the effects of that kiss.

* * *

Sitting on the living room couch, Loretta was staring at the coffee soaked book she had dropped earlier without really seeing it.

Something seriously perverse had been stirred up in her, something that everything she had ever known told her that she absolutely had to ignore, but she wasn’t certain that she could. Not only was she all alone in the house with a desirable young woman who most certainly had a thing for her, not only was she effectively trapped there with her by the arctic conditions outside, but she had just been given the kind of jolt she hadn’t felt since she and Greg first got together. She seemed to be running awfully short on will power just now and didn’t think it would take much persuading to make her do something foolish, something that they would all regret.

The only comfort she could find at that point was that she thought that Dana was smart enough to know what a mistake all of this was and would surely do whatever it took to help cool things back down.

Loretta was distracted from her thoughts by a movement, looking up to find her teenaged daughter standing in the archway that led to the kitchen. Dana stood there in silence for a long moment, but an eloquent conversation took place between the women nonetheless. It was a debate of sorts, a discussion of forbidden and disturbing topics that were somehow incredibly enticing.

Dana moved now, crossing the room to stand in front of her mother. Having spent her entire life dreaming of an encounter just like this one, there was no way she could just stop now that she was on the verge of making it all come true.

When Loretta might have risen, making one final desperate attempt to keep this from happening, Dana moved first and perched herself on her mother’s lap, facing her. “Oh, Dana . . .” the older woman whispered, hopelessly trying to find the words to talk her out of this, while at the same time reaching out to firmly grip her by the hips, holding her in place.

Leaning in, the eighteen year old quieted that final plea forever by kissing her mother firmly. Loretta did not struggle against this assault, her head tilted well back and her mouth opening at the slightest provocation to accept the girl’s probing, exploring tongue.

Running slow, stroking hands over her mother’s face, Dana did an extra thorough job of making out with her. Though lost in the moment, she knew deep down that this was something she might never be allowed to do again and so she was determined to make the most of it. Loretta obviously had the same thing in her mind as she was more keeping pace with her daughter.

Without any conscious direction from their owner, Loretta’s hands gave up the teen’s hips and moved up her back, sliding up under her T-shirt. Excited fingers fumbled, searching for a bra catch that was not there. Dana straightened up again, peeling off that shirt as fast as she could to reveal that the bra she was wearing closed at the front. The women smiled at each other playfully, both finding the incident humorous.

With hands that were shaking with excitement, Loretta reached up to open that catch, pulling the cups away to fully reveal her daughter’s small, but perky breasts. While her mother took the time to admire her firm young tits, Dana went ahead and took her bra off, pitching it away carelessly.

It was perhaps some lingering sense of what was right and wrong that caused the older woman’s hands to slowly rise toward that sweet little bosom no less than three times, but retreat again each time. Loretta knew full well that this was not the kind of activity she and her daughter should be partaking in, after all. It was not only incest, it was adultery! Seeing the trouble her mother was having, Dana took Loretta’s hands in her own and pressed them tight to her breasts.

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