The Sitter Ch. 2

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A week had gone by since the Smith’s had me over last. When I got a call from the Smith’s again, only they didn’t want me to baby-sit for them but for the Henderson’s who lived two houses down from them. I was disappointed I mean Mr. Smith took my virginity.

I had decided to forget about the Smith’s and go to the Henderson’s house on Friday night. when I arrived I was shocked to see that the Henderson’s were going out with the Smith’s that night so I had to watch the Smith’s two kids and the Henderson’s four kids. They also brought over their own sitter as well. They said that they were going to stay at a hotel and they would be back the next afternoon. I needed to let my mom know, so I called and she said no problem.

The other sitter was 20 years old and she was a little heavier on top than me if you know what I mean. Anyway as soon as the ‘rents left, the war started…kids flinging shit everywhere. Damn it was though they were hopped up on coke or something. So Tina (other sitter) put in a movie for them to watch. They quieted down and watched, and Tina sat there knitting something. I tried but I couldn’t help looking at her…she was beautiful. I wanted her so bad. I think she caught me looking at her, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom to cool down for a minute. I was looking in the mirror and asking myself if I was sexy.

I thought I was pendik escort I lifted my shirt off and showed off my baby titties. They were a nice shape still and not hanging like hers were. I then started feeling my tummy, and slowly slid my hand down my pants and started playing with my pussy it was already wet and my clit was throbbing. I started by inserting one finger then two then three…I was going to town on myself and loving it. It must have been ten minuets because there was a knock on the door, it was Tina and she asked if I was okay and I told her Yes, I was just fine and that I was having “girl problems”. She said ohh, be out in a minute I told her. I then cleaned up my pussy and made myself presentable again.

I went in the room and the only one there was Tina she said that she had told the kids to get ready for bed, they were upstairs. She asked me if I wanted to sit on the couch with her, I said all right and sat down and we were watching the ten o clock news. Tina reached over and touched my inner thigh and said that she noticed me looking at her and that she knew I was masturbating in the bathroom. I was so embarrassed, she don’t be ashamed I masturbate all the time too. Tina pulled out a vibrator that she called the rabbit. It had some little ears on it that were I guess for the clit or something. She asked if I wanted a demo, tuzla escort Hell Yes went off in my head. Uhh sure was the reply!

She then told me to take off my clothes and lay on the couch. I said “hey I thought you were going to do it on yourself.” No, no honey you need this more then I do trust me. I took off my clothes and she started by kissing me all over my neck and tits. She was making me so hot that she may not even need the rabbit. She then pulled off her shirt, and revealed that beautiful body she must have played sports or something she was totally toned but with big tits. They were hard unlike mine which were a little softer. She told me that they were implants, she had them done because she was a dancer.

Anyway getting off the subject, were was I. Ohh yes…titties and lesbian sex. So she inserted a finger into my box and started fingering me. Then with a click of the hand the Rabbit was going to town on my pussy. It was the best feeling in my life. The rabbit was pulsating in and out and vibrating my clit all at once. I screamed and then she took a pillow and said bite down it was going to get much better. After about my third orgasm and being totally soaked in love juices. She turned it off and asked how it was, GREAT!

She said that this maybe the last time that we see each other, and she wondered if she wanted to ümraniye escort join in with her, her boyfriend and her brother. That sounded to good to be true. She called them up and said they would be here in half an hour they had to go get supplies, (supplies) I thought what the hell do they need. Anyway Tina said I would like Scott (boyfriend) and Chris (brother). She has sex with both of them all the time, they love fucking her double style.

Chris and Scott arrived with a big brown bag full of shit, there was pot, rum, vodka, acid. All the shit that I have never done. So about two hours later it was about 1 o clock. They were getting ready to leave, when Tina said hey boys you want to see Kelly’s tits. They both stood there like little puppies waiting to be fed. I removed my top and they came right over and started fondling and kissing them. Tina pulled Scott’s pants and underwear down and started stroking his cock and kissing it. While poor Chris had to undo his own pants but once they were off we all ran to the living room naked.

Once there Tina showed me many things about how to fuck two guys at once and how fun it was to have both your pussy and ass fucked at the same time. We took turns fucking the boys that night before we new it, it was six am. There was semen and pussy juice everywhere. The boys got up and made breakfast and we went up stairs to get the kids up. The kids went down stairs and ate while Tina and I went to take a shower. Once in the shower she asked me if I needed to have my back washed, and my front. I said only if I can wash yours…then Tina’s hands found there way back to my tits and she…

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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