The Shirt that Shrunk

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“Desire is love’s partner”

(Oliver Herford & John Cecil Clay)

Derrick and I were in our bedroom packing for an upcoming vacation.

“Honey, go look in the closet and help me pick something out to wear on our trip,” I was sick of packing and starting to get cranky. I was hoping he might be able to speed things up a little by helping me.

“How about this?” He came out of the closet with a cute denim shorts jumper.

“OK, that’s good. I’ll take that. What else?”

“How come you never wear this shirt anymore?” he asked from within the closet.

“What shirt? I can’t even see you.”

“This one,” he walked out of the closet holding up a white knit top.

“Honey, that thing shrunk. It’s too small for me.” I looked at the shirt and was amazed that I had ever purchased such an item. The fabric was basically a white tee shirt, but the style was pretty provocative. The front had a sweetheart neckline that followed the natural curve of my breasts and dipped slightly to end in a point between them. The top then laced closed between the breasts, with the laces traveling down to just below the breasts. I always wore the shirt tightly laced, but the laces were a great tease anyhow.

“What do you mean it shrunk? I *love* this shirt. Try it on!”

“I’m telling you, that shirt is too tight for me. It doesn’t fit.”

“I really want to see it. Put it on.”

“Oh, OK, this is silly. I don’t even know if I can get it on.” I pulled the shirt I was wearing over my head and reached for the white top.

“Take off your bra,” he commanded.


“Take off your bra. I want to see how the top looks without a bra under it.”

“Well, OK,” I was starting to get the idea that we were enacting a fantasy of his. I reached for the front clasp of my bra, and unsnapped it. I then pulled the bra down my arms, arching my back, then dropping it on the floor. Derrick watched with interest.

“Here, hand me the shirt,” I requested, reaching towards it. He handed me the shirt, and I pulled it over my head and onto my body. As I expected, the top was skin tight. I pulled it down and straightened it, but left the laces loose and untied. My full 34C breasts pulled at the fabric illegal bahis and loosened the laces even further. The pink color of my nipples was visible through the light colored material.

“See, it’s too tight.”

“No, it looks great on you,” he stared at my breasts. “Really, you look great,” He continued to stare.

“Honey! I couldn’t wear this out in public. It’s practically indecent. But I’m glad you like it.”

“God, you have great breasts!”


“You know what? I just realized that I’ve never seen you in a wet tee shirt.” I glanced at his crotch and could see that he was starting to get an erection.

“Huh? Oh, I guess not.”

“Nope, never.”

“Well, I guess I had no idea you wanted to. Do you want to?” I was surprised by this line of conversation.

“Yea, I wanna’ see you in a wet tee shirt. *That* shirt, in fact. Right now.” He walked into the bathroom and came back with a very full glass of water.

“OK, you can get me wet, but you’re going to get the bed soaked. Let’s do this in the other room. I walked into the bathroom and took off my shorts and panties, not wanting them to get soaked, also.

“Yea, stand in there and I’ll do it,” he pointed to the shower. He was really getting into this. I stepped into the shower and he placed the glass of water above my right breast. As he began pouring the water on me, I flinched because it was cold.

“Yikes! Honey, that’s *cold*”

“Yea, I know, heh, heh” he chuckled and continued pouring, eventually switching to the other side.

“OK, that’s enough! Brr!” The front of the shirt was completely soaked, very cold, and very clingy.

“Yea, that’s great.” Derrick set down the glass and reached towards me. “C’mon back in here.” I followed him back to the bedroom.

He sat on the edge of the bed. I was standing nearby. He reached up and grabbed my hips, and pulled me so that I was standing between his legs directly in front of him. He then started playing with the fabric of the shirt, pulling any excess fabric towards my back so that shirt was even tighter. My skin was getting very cold and my nipples were crinkled and pointy. The color was even more visible now that the fabric was wet.

I illegal bahis siteleri watched this with fascination. He was clearly very aroused. Next he began palming the breasts, squeezing and kneading them through the wet fabric, and pushing them together and upwards. I enhanced the effect by bring my arms inward and flexing my peck muscles.

Next, his fingers began pinching the nipples through the wet fabric. The combination of cold and touch was extremely stimulating, and I arched my back to move my chest even closer to him. His fingers continued, alternating sharp quick pulling pinches with rolling twists. I could feel the heat and moisture as my pussy began to respond to the delicious tactile punishment.

Derrick moved so that he was laying on his back. I straddled his right leg, taking my weight on my knees and arms, and leaned down to begin kissing him. I brushed my lips lightly against his. He responded by deepening the kiss and moving the tip of his tongue into my open mouth. His hands returned to squeezing as we kissed. I moved so that my crotch was now against his upper thigh and began rocking my hips slightly and rubbing myself against him, occasionally moving

my tongue in time with my hips. We ended the kiss a bit breathlessly.

Suddenly Derrick moved one hand to the back of my head and the other to the small of my back, pulled me tightly towards him, and quickly swung my body over so that we ended up with me on my back and him above me. He lowered his head and began licking the pointed tip of one aching nipple through the wet fabric. I really wanted him to take the shirt off and continue, but I knew he was enjoying this with the shirt on.

He then began moving his body downwards. His hands pushed the bottom of the shirt upwards so it bunched just below my breasts. His warm lips began kissing the cold skin on my stomach. I knew they would be headed downwards in a few moments. I briefly considered interrupting this to offer him a blowjob, but decided to skip it since we were obviously both enjoying things.

I could feel his warm breath as he moved his mouth towards my cunt. He very softly began kissing my puffy outer lips, and I spread my legs further apart canlı bahis siteleri to offer him better access to the rest of me. This earned me a similarly soft kiss directly on my clit. I moaned and shifted my hips to push towards him slightly. Silently I begged for more, mentally chanting the rhyme, “kiss me, lick me, suck me, tongue fuck me.”

Derrick then began licking me, moving his tongue around and across my clit in wet strokes. Periodically, his tongue would stab up into my wet canal and drag back towards my clit and wetly across it. As I continued to vocalize my approval, his mouth began connecting with my wet cunt in progressively longer and harder sucks. In my mind, the chant continued.

His mouth locked against me, and his tongue aggressively stroked across my clit. As I got nearer to orgasm, he would repeatedly break the seal between mouth and cunt, lick along the length of my soaking wet pussy, then begin sucking again, focusing his attention on and near my clit.

When all I could think was that I wanted him to suck, suck, harder, just *exactly* as he was at that moment, my moans changed to staccato gasped pleas. “Yea, yea, yea, oh, yea, oh,” I continued my encouragement, occasionally changing the pitch to a more emphatic syllable as the excitement built up and his actions inched me closer to my impending orgasm.

Finally I reached that magical moment when each movement of his tongue produced an exquisite wave of localized pleasure. I thought about how each time I reach this point I want to stay here forever, and to feel this perfection he is creating with every stroke of his tongue over and over again.

Of course the pleasure was and always is a bit too much perfection, and after a few moments my inner walls began contracting as heat radiated outwards with the sudden release of blood. I’m sure I cried out and arched my back.

Before I could even catch my breath, Derrick was pushing into me. His hot and stiff erection moved along my wet and slick insides. Watching and listening to me come had already brought him to the ragged edge himself, and he came after a short period of thrusting. As his body stiffened and his cock began pouring it’s sticky fluid into me, I watched the intense pleasure display itself on his face.

After it was over, I gladly pulled the wet shirt off of my freezing cold body. I stared at it for a moment, and decided that it needed to be washed. I wanted to pack it for the trip after all.

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