The Retreat Ch. 00-01

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Authors note. This is the sequel to Tabby Kat. The reader may want to peruse that story before reading this one as the events in it have an effect on events of this one. Please note that if you are looking for a quick story, look elsewhere as I have taken time to develop the characters and tell a more involved story.


From Tabby Kat.

Wednesday, Mid Afternoon.

Frank and Sarah Wilson sat in the patrol car watching the traffic go by on Santiam Highway at the east end of town. They were thinking that some would not slow to the new speed limit as they came into the town, and Frank had the radar pointed at the incoming lane. However, it wasn’t the incoming traffic that had the action that afternoon. A dark gray sedan was headed east on its way out of town. Frank watched as the car swerved slightly out of its lane and then back. He sat up a little straighter as he saw it and Sarah felt it and turned to look at the oncoming car. Again, it glided a little too far left, crossing the line and then back.

“Interesting,” Sarah said. The car pushed pass and as it did so, they looked at the driver. As the car reached a point adjacent to their position, they noticed that it had a passenger as well who’s head was in the driver’s lap.

Frank laughed as he turned on the lights of the patrol car. “This ought to be fun,” he said. He pulled in behind the sedan and followed, waiting for the driver to notice they were behind him. The passenger’s head suddenly popped up and looked back at them, then turned back towards the driver’s lap. Frank knew what that meant. That she was doing up the driver’s pants after ensuring his dick was in place as he couldn’t do so himself and keep the car on the road. Once everything was done, she sat back in the passenger seat and grabbed the seatbelt that she had not had on and the car pulled to the side of the road.

“Kids,” Frank laughed. “Probably couldn’t afford a motel, and didn’t want to get caught by the parents. I think I’ll let them get a good scare out of this.”

“Want me on this side?” Sarah asked.

“Wouldn’t hurt. Be sure that you have the shades on and look as mean as you can. I know that’s not easy for you, seeing you are such a lovely and sexy woman.”

“Stop it and go scare the shit out of them,” she responded with a laugh.

The two officers exited their vehicle and walked slowly towards the stopped sedan. Sarah stopped at the back of the car with as much of a scowl as she could show on her face, being sure that she would be seen in the right outside rear view mirror. Frank continued on after a surreptitious touch of the taillight with much the same look until he reached the driver’s window, automatically watching carefully for any sign of a weapon. His eyebrows raised a little as he saw the driver. It wasn’t a teenager as he thought, but rather a man perhaps in his late thirties or early forties. As he reached the back window of the car, he had noticed that the girl was young, and now he wondered if he had a case of child molestation. Even though he knew the girl was a willing participant, age of consent was still eighteen in the state of Oregon, unlike a lot of other states that had lowered it to sixteen, as their northern neighbor, Washington, had done.

“License, registration and proof of insurance, please,” he announced to the man.

“Yes, officer,” he said and reached into his back pocket for his wallet. As he moved, his suit jacket came open, and Frank saw the handle of a holstered firearm.

“Stop!” he ordered. “Sir, please place your hands back on the steering wheel.” The man did as he was ordered. “Do not move.” Frank kept his hand on his own weapon as he came closer to the window. “Sir, I know that you have not done anything threatening to me, but for my own peace of mind, I’m going to reach in and take the weapon out of your holster. We don’t want any accidents, do, we?”

“No, sir, we don’t,”

“Can he do that, Daddy,” said the girl.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. He’ll give it back to me when we’re all done here.”

“When I reach in, I want you both to be very still. Once I have the weapon out of the car, you may again continue to retrieve your papers.” Frank carefully reached in through the open window and undid the strap that held the weapon in its holster with his left hand, his right still on his own. Slowly he withdrew it, being sure that his finger was alongside the trigger guard, but not on the trigger itself. He backed away from the car, and still watching the pair, motioned for Sarah to come to his side. Without taking his eyes off them, he handed her the piece, and once again asked for the required paperwork. The man again reached for his wallet, removed his license, then told his daughter to open the glove box to retrieve the other stuff.

“Go slowly when you reach in, baby. We want to be sure not to give the officer any possible reason for drawing his own weapon.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered.

“I’ll need to see your permit to carry, too, canlı bahis sir.” Frank said. The man reached into his wallet again and handed Frank a second piece of paper. The registration and insurance card were finally retrieved and Frank backed away from the car as he studied them. Stephan Roberts, read the name on the license. “Fuck,” Frank thought to himself. “I’m going to lose my job, now.” He looked wide eyed at his wife and partner and motioned her back to the car.

“Mr. Roberts,” Frank began as a truck flew by on the roadway moving as much to the left as the driver dared to give the officer room, “We’re going to move off the highway a bit more. What I want you to do, sir, is once I pull back onto the road, just fall in behind me and follow me to a spot where we can conclude this business more safely. However, before we do, I need to see some I.D. of your passenger, as well.”

“Sweetie, go ahead and give him your license.”

“But I wasn’t driving.”

“No, ma’am, you weren’t. I still need to have your I.D., though.”

She reached for her purse and opened it rather huffily.

“Slowly, please, Ma’am.” She slowed her movements and carefully withdrew her own wallet to retrieve her license and handed it over. “Thank you. Just follow me after we pull back onto the road, sir.” With that Frank made his way back to the car, glancing at the I.D. of the passenger, and both he and Sarah got in and put on their seatbelts.

“Trouble?” she asked. Frank handed her the licenses he had. Stephan Roberts was the one, and the other had the name of Amanda Roberts. “Okay,” she said. “Forty-three-year-old driver and twenty-year-old passenger. Same last name. Whoa! Married her young, didn’t he?”

“Not married. She’s his daughter,” Frank said as he pulled out onto the road again. “The real problem is who he is.”

“Who is he?”

“Judge Stephan Roberts.”

“Oh, fuck,” she said.

“Yeah. We just caught the judge getting a blowjob from his daughter. I’m going to take them to the turn off into the woods and stop in the clearing behind our place. Maybe if we just show him a place where he can have some privacy, he won’t try to take away our badges for pulling him over.”

Frank made a turn onto a dirt road that wasn’t marked on any map. He ignored the sign that read “Private Property” and moved through the tree lined path until he came to a clearing overlooking a valley with a number of lakes visible, and a ranch style brick house barely visible through the trees in the background. He stopped the car and turned off the engine before stepping out and motioning Judge Roberts to maneuver his car to a spot slightly forward of where he had parked.

“Mr. Roberts,” Frank said as the Judge got out of his car. “The reason I pulled you over was because the blowjob you were receiving from your daughter was causing enough of a distraction to you that you were in danger of being involved in an accident. Your vehicle crossed out of your lane twice as I watched it. Therefore, I thought it prudent to bring you here so that you can finish your, uh, project in a more private area without concern of being caught or causing a road hazard.”

“That sign back there said private property, officer. Do you usually bring people onto private property to conduct police business? How do you even know this place?”

“I assure you, judge, I am not in the habit of bringing people here for police business. I brought you here so that you could finish things safely. You are welcome to stay as long as you need to. I own the property.”

“You own this property?”

“Yes, sir. Twenty-six beautiful acres of land with a house and plenty of trees. In fact, mostly trees.”

“I see.”

“So, that takes care of the problem of keeping you safe on the road. I hope that you will be more careful, sir, and don’t let your daughter suck you off while you’re driving.”

“And what do you want, officer.”


“You bring us back here in this remote area, owned by you, where no one can see. I am sure that you have something in mind for a payback for your silence. The fact that you own twenty-six acres of land tells me that you have to be on the take.”

“Judge, I am appalled that you would think that of me. Here I’m trying to be a nice guy and help you solve a problem of privacy, and you accuse me of blackmail and embezzlement. Just so you know, sir, I inherited this land. My great, great, great grandfather bought it and it’s been passed down ever since. You can give my name and badge number to Internal Affairs, if you want. Have them check me out. They’ll find all the records of where it was passed down. On top of that, I have a lot of investments going on, too. I don’t need this job, but I like doing it. I like keeping people safe. I have no need of your money nor do I want it.”

“Frank, honey,” Sarah’s voice came from the car. “It’s time. Want me to sign us out?”

“Sure, love. We’re done here. Here’s your paperwork and weapon, judge. Take all the time bahis siteleri you need. And if you want to come back, just let me know that you are going to be up here. Like the sign says, it is private property.”

Sarah approached as he finished. “Lisa called. She wants to know if they need to bring anything for the retreat.”

“Just themselves and the baby,” Frank said. “It’ll be great to see them again. They haven’t been able to attend for three months because of the birth. And with Charles and Tabitha back in town, it ought to be really great.”

“Sure will, sweetie. Think we ought to invite anyone else that we haven’t already?”

Frank thought for a few seconds. “You’re absolutely right, love. What was I thinking. Judge, you’d fit right in with our little group. Why don’t you come this weekend? Bring your wife and son as well as your daughter. I think you’ll have a great time. I promise there won’t be any media there to bother you.”

The judge’s face paled. “I’ll make it happen,” he said tersely.

“Good. Let me write down the directions for you. We’ll begin this Friday at five-thirty. No pets, I’m afraid, and no one under the age of eighteen, which isn’t a problem for you since I know that your daughter is the youngest. See you then.” He handed him a piece of paper that had his name, address, phone number and directions to where everyone was going to meet, then he and Sarah left the two standing in the clearing, Judge Roberts wondering how he was going to explain to his wife that the whole family had to go on some sort of retreat.

The Retreat

Chapter 1

Wednesday Mid Afternoon

Kelly Roberts sat at her vanity wearing only the robe she had put on after her shower. She watched herself combing her ash blonde hair in the big oval mirror and wondered what she should do. She could see the tears in her own ice blue eyes as she thought about her situation. ‘Why had he done this?’ She dropped her robe from her shoulders and looked at the image in the mirror. ‘No sag,’ she thought. Her C cup breasts were quite firm and still perky. Better be for what she had paid. So, what had enticed him away from her? She stood and took in the sight of her belly. It had taken a lot of work and quite a bit of money, but it was still tight and didn’t show any signs of her having had two children. As with her boobs, a lot of that money had gone to the medical community. She had had the boobs lifted and the skin tightened on her belly. She ran her hand down across her belly and through the small tuft of hair above her pussy before shoving a finger inside it. ‘Maybe that was the problem,’ she thought. ‘Maybe her hole was too loose for him to enjoy anymore and he had gotten a younger, tighter cunt to fuck. But, still, why hadn’t he said anything?’ They had talked about it all before. Before they married, they had discussed what kind of marriage they wanted. Neither were against an open marriage. The only reason that they hadn’t set it up that way was because of his ambitions. People wouldn’t want a judge who slept around. But now, this was happening.

She hadn’t heard the door to the house open. She did hear the door to her room creak as it was pushed open. “Hey, Mom?” Said her son, Brian. “Whoa!” he exclaimed not bothering to look away as she grabbed her robe and quickly put it back on.

“Don’t you knock?” she asked.

“Sorry, Mom,” he answered. “Still looking great, though.”

“Stop it, Brian. That’s enough. I have problems enough without your continual attempts to seduce me.”

“What problems, Mom?”

“Not for you to worry about.”

“Maybe I can help. What’s going on?”

“Nothing for you to concern yourself about.

“Hey,” he said as he walked to where she stood again brushing her hair. “If it concerns you, it concerns me.” He wrapped his arms around her and gave a slight squeeze, his hands working slowly upwards towards her breasts. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

Kelly sighed. “Your father is cheating on me,” she finally said grabbing his hands and pulling them down to her stomach and away from the boobs that he was too close to for her comfort. After moving them, they started to move downward, and she again stopped him as he answered.

“What? No way. Dad wouldn’t do that,” he said then finally moved his hands away.

“He hasn’t touched me in the last two months, Brian. His libido has never been that weak. Usually he would want to,” again she paused. ” Uh, never mind.”

“Just because he hasn’t wanted to fuck you doesn’t mean that he’s cheating. He’s probably just busy with some case at work. I’m sure that he hasn’t had any woman’s pussy wrapped around his dick other than yours any more than you have had some other cock up your pussy.”

“Brian!” she yelled seemingly for his choice of words. But she knew what he did not: that if her husband was having an affair, the later part of his statement wasn’t true anymore than the former part was. She often had someone on the side, sometimes spending the night and once bahis şirketleri in a while the whole weekend with them.

She thought back to five months before when she and her husband had been spending a lazy Saturday afternoon by the pool on a warm end of March day. Her husband had noticed her squirming a little as she watched Bob the pool cleaner doing his job. He was a little short, but otherwise, solidly built with strong arms that pulled the net through the water to gather up leaves and other debris that had fallen into the pool.

Saturday. Afternoon. Five months earlier.

“You want to fuck him, don’t you?” Steve asked quietly.

She just looked at him and then looked away.

“Have you fucked him before?”

“No. I’ve never even thought about doing it with him before.”

“I’ll pretend to be asleep. You can tell him that I’m napping and that I’m a heavy sleeper. He’ll never suspect that I even know what happens. Go ahead. Go for it.”

Steve adjusted his sunglasses a bit so that his eyes would not be seen. Kelly looked at him questioningly. “Are you sure?” she asked. He had never watched her being fucked by any of her other lovers before. He nodded. Seeing that he was serious, she slipped silently into the water while the pool man was concentrating on the other end. Once in the water, she reached behind her and undid the bra of her bikini, letting it float away. She pinched her nipples to be sure that they stuck out, though the cool water was already having that effect on them, and swam underwater around the edge of the pool to where Bob was catching debris in the net. She crouched just out of sight right below where he was until the net came close and then grabbed it and stood as if it was pulling her up with it.

“Looks like you caught a big fish this time, Bob,” she purred as she looked up at him, her tits hidden by the edge of the pool. “Now what are you going to do?”

“Well,” he replied teasingly. “Usually, people eat fish.”

“Ooh! That sounds interesting,” she said rather seductively.

“You are such a flirt, Ms. Roberts.”

“A flirt?” she asked pushing away from the edge a bit and laying back in the water so that her ample tit flesh bobbed seductively. “Gee. That’s too bad. I was going for tease.”

Bob’s eyes opened as wide as they could at the sight before him and he glanced at her husband at the end of the pool. “Ma’am. You shouldn’t be letting me see you like that,” he said, his voice quiet not wanting to alert the seemingly sleeping man. He looked towards him again. “What would the judge say?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him. He’s taking a nap, and once he gets going, a hurricane couldn’t wake him up. I could be fucking you in the same bed he’s sleeping in, and he’d never know.” It was a lie, but he couldn’t know that. She had baited the hook and cast her line in the water. Now she just needed him to take the bait so that she could set the hook and reel him in. Right into her hot, needy cunt.

“But you’re his wife,” he protested as the shorts he wore began to show signs of his bulge.

“Yes, I am. So what?”

“I should not be seeing you with your- your- your…” He motioned with one hand towards her chest.

“Tits, Bob?”

“Hanging out. Bare!”

With her left hand, she deftly undid the ties of her bikini bottoms as she laughed at her intended target of seduction. “Pull me up, Bob. I need to get out of the water.”

Without thinking, Bob switched the net pole to his left hand and grabbed her outstretched one with his right. As he helped the judge’s wife to the cement that surrounded the in-ground pool, his eyes grew wider. “Shshshiiit,” he hissed as her bottom half came in to view. “Ms. Roberts. Where is your suit?”

“Well,” she answered. “Some of it is over there,” she pointed at the bra floating some feet away near the middle of the pool. “And some of it’s right there.” She indicated the panty portion near where they stood. “And for now, that’s exactly where they’re going to stay.” She grabbed his dick through his shorts and gave it a tug. “Maybe we should throw yours in with them.”

“But your husband! He will wake, and I will be fired.”

“I told you he won’t wake up. Come on, Bob. I could really use a good fucking right now. I won’t force you, but if you want, I’d be very willing. Steve says my pussy is magical.”

She was gently rubbing him through his shorts as she talked, and he had no real chance of refusing even if he had wanted to, which he really didn’t want to. “Oh, fuck,” he moaned as he dropped the net he still held and tore the shorts down his legs. “Are you sure he won’t wake up?”

“Absolutely”. With the fabric out of the way, Kelly was able to grab his cock more firmly. She lowered herself to her knees and licked from the bottom of his balls up to the top of his dick and through the piss hole, lapping at his pre-cum. Then she swirled her tongue around the edge of his head before lowering her mouth over it and sucking it in.

“I need to sit down,” Bob said, his legs shaking slightly as his cock disappeared into her mouth. She rose and led him to the lounge chair she had been laying on right next to Steve and he looked nervously at the “sleeping” man.

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