The Presentation

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She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. This headache was just getting worse. The entire afternoon she has spent in the boardroom with stuffy, uptight men in suit and ties listening to them argue over the presentation. It had to be ready for the meeting tomorrow.

It had to be done right, and she would have to do it herself.

She spoke quietly, “This is the offer we will give them.” She grabbed a marker and flipped over the poster board, sketching out a rough draft. The three men just stared, mouths agape. Pushing the board across the table, she stood to leave.

“Finish this before you leave. I will see you all in the morning. Early.”

As she walked the hall to her office, she reached down to remove her shoes. She loved dressing the part of important businesswoman, but these Manolo Blahnik heels hurt her feet.

Closing her office door behind her, she tossed her shoes in the corner and opened her blouse. She headed into the bathroom, removing her clothes as she walked. She studied herself in the mirror as she adjusted the temperature of the water in the shower.

Hair up and looking frazzled, and she had dark circles under her eyes. But her breasts were firm and perky, her skin smooth and pale. She turned to view her rear; it was still tight and lifted, even though she had neglected exercise since taking the promotion. She ran her hands over her large hips and shapely thighs; it had been so long since feeling the touch of a man. She had no time for dating, she was always at work.

Pulling the pins from her hair, she stepped into the steamy shower. She needed to wash away the stress of this last week. She didn’t know if her presentation tomorrow would be accepted, but someone had to make the tough decisions. If it didn’t work out, maybe she would move down to Florida to spend time with her sister. As she washed her hair, she dreamed of a white sand beach, an umbrella drink in hand.

She was so far in dreamland; she didn’t hear the door to her office open. Jay entered her office and immediately saw her clothes on the floor leading to the bathroom. Hesitating just a moment, he walked quietly to the bathroom door and peeked inside. He could see her in the shower, through the steam.

He bit back a groan. Watching her sensuously moving behind the glass door, she was so damn sexy. He stood watching her wash herself. Mesmerized and growing harder by the moment. His hand went to his bulge and started to rub. He was glued to the spot, time stood still.

Suddenly the water stopped and she stepped out. He was like a deer caught in the headlights. He quickly turned to head for the office door, but his feet got tangled in her skirt that was on the floor. He fell sideways, hitting his head on the doorjamb.

He woke slowly. His head was pounding, and he felt like he was in a deep, dark cave. Opening his eyes, he tried to focus. Everything was a blur. He raised his hand to his forehead. Or rather, he tried to, his arm wouldn’t move. His vision was coming back, that was at least something. But why couldn’t he move his arms or legs?

“Welcome back, Jay. You took quite a tumble.” He could see a pair of pale legs. Very shapely and sexy, curving upward to reveal her, naked and stunning. She smiled down at him.

“You have been caught Jay, you naughty, naughty boy. And now you will be taught a lesson. I will remind who is the boss here.”

She knew it sounded cliché, but when she found him unconscious, an overwhelming desire to have and possess him had come over her. She didn’t know exactly what she was doing, but she was going to have her way with him.

After stripping his clothes off, and tying his hands with his tie and his ankles with his belt, she had waited for him to awaken. Growing moist with the thoughts of using his beautiful cock to fulfill her needs.

She knelt beside him. His eyes widened as he took in the site of her small breasts near his face. “Would you like to touch them?” she whispered.

He gasped, his mouth wetting at the thought. She leaned over him and slowly lowered first one, and then the other to his eager lips and tongue. He suckled and nibbled on each breast as it was offered. She let out small moans each time his teeth grazed her hardened nubs. He could feel his penis growing and hardening by the minute.

After her nipples had been thoroughly lavished, she leaned back on her heels to smile down on him. “That was very good. I think your mouth may just be what I need.” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She trailed her fingers down his chest, tickling down to his belly button. His cock surged upward, and he moaned loudly.

“Tsk, tsk… no you don’t, big boy,” she laughed. “You haven’t earned that yet.”

She climbed up onto his chest, straddling him and leaned back. He could see her moist treasure.

Her pussy was neatly trimmed and so tempting. He moaned again.

“Oh, would you like a taste?” she asked, dipping her fingers down to part the glistening lips. She swirled her finger around, and brought it back out, moist with her juices. She showed him her finger, brought it to his face, but as his tongue darted out, she quickly changed direction, bringing it to her own mouth and licking it clean.

He stared at her mouth, her finger just inside, licking it clean while she smiled down on him. He again tried to move his arms and legs, it was no use, he was tightly tied. As a matter of fact, his hands were starting to feel numb; they were tied beneath his back. He arched his back, trying to buck her off.

She just raised up a bit, and inched forward, moving her pussy towards his chin. She reached down and grabbed his hair, raising his head up. “Lick, boy.”

His tongue darted out and she ground herself into his eager mouth. He dipped his tongue into her wet folds and tasted her sweet cream. She arched her back and pulled on his hair, letting his lips and tongue pleasure her. When his lips clamped around her hard clit, she let out a moan. Her body tensed up, then she was cumming hard against his mouth. He tried to lap up all her juices, his face was soaked with her cum.

As her orgasm subsided, she released his hair and swung her leg so she was again sitting next to him. She smiled and ran her fingers down his cheeks, to his collarbones and down to his nipples, giving each one a twist. His cock twitched again. It was harder than he had ever seen it, oozing precum from the tip to wet his belly.

“It looks like he’s ready for me now,” she said, climbing on top of him again, this time straddling his straining cock. She took it in her hands and rubbed the tip against the lips of her sex.

Looking him in the eye, she growled, “You will not cum without permission. Do you understand?”

He bit his lip and nodded. She slowly lowered herself down on his eager dick. When she was all the way seated, she ground herself on his pelvis, rocking back and forth. Her small breasts swayed and the nipples were so hard.

He bent his knees to get enough traction to rock up into her. She put her hands on his chest and started to lift her hips, up until his cock almost came out, then slam back down again. Over and over, he could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing his cock. Trying to milk his cum from him. He willed his orgasm away.

She slammed down and rose up, moving quickly now, her breathing ragged and her hands clawing at his chest. Her back arched, she stopped breathing and rocked back and forth. He could feel her contractions around his raging cock. He could feel his balls tightening; he knew that in another moment he wouldn’t be able to hold out anymore. She stopped rocking. She slowly rose up and removed herself from his cock. Sitting again next to him, she lowered her head until it rested on his belly. “Thank you,” she whispered. She took the head of his cock in her mouth, and gently cleaned it. “Thank you,” she said again.

She rose up and walked into her bathroom, he could hear the shower start. He lay there, his hands and arms numb, and his erection slowly went away. When the shower stopped, he looked towards the bathroom, waiting for her.

She finally came out, dressed in jeans and a button up blouse. She smiled at Jay. “Would you like to cum?” she asked.

“Yes, please. Could you untie me first though?” he begged.

“Of course I will untie you. But you will do what I want, when I want. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes. I will do whatever you want,” he stammered.

“Good boy. I think you will do nicely,” she said.

“There is a sex store a few blocks from here, we need to do some shopping. First, we will get you a cage; you will only get an erection when I say so. Of course, for your training, we also need to get a plug, and I think a nice strap on will be good for starters. Let’s get you untied and dressed so we can get started.”

She walked over to Jay in her bare feet, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri knelt by his knees and unbuckled the belt around his ankles. Grabbing his hips, she rolled him onto his side and untied the tie that bound his wrists. He lay back, massaging his arms and looked at his boss Dawne.

She really was a beautiful woman, with long blonde hair, and a body that would make a dead man hard. His cock twitched, and started to come back to life. He was lying naked on the floor with a beautiful woman kneeling next to him. She had told him she was going to put him in a cage, he wasn’t sure what he thought about that. He wondered if she was normally this way with her men.

Jay had been working with Dawne for 5 years; they had been equals until she was promoted this last year. He knew she was smart, a go-getter, but she hadn’t exuded any real authority until she became the boss. He had never met any of the men she had dated, and honestly didn’t know if she had dated any at all. Rumor around the office was that she was a lesbian.

Dawne rose up and threw Jay his clothes. “Get dressed, I’ll call the car service.” She was nervous. She couldn’t believe that she had done that. She had teased and denied him, using him for her own pleasure. She had never been that demanding in her sexual life. She hadn’t known she had it in her.

She walked to her desk, and pulled her cell phone out of her purse. She had her back turned to him, completely ignoring him. Now was his chance. Quietly, he approached her, and when she put her phone down, he grabbed her by the neck, gripping tightly. He growled into her ear, “We will not be buying a chastity cage tonight, Dawne.”

She gasped and tried to turn. He held her in place, grabbing her wrists together and pulling them behind her. He pushed her body over her desk, knocking the lamp off and onto the floor. Leaning over her, he roughly bit her ear.

She pulled her arms, and arched her back, trying to get him off her. He had such a firm grip on her neck, it was difficult to breath; his other hand binding her wrists tightly behind her back.

“I am not going to be your little fuck toy Dawne,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think that is what you want at all. I think that you want to be fucked good and hard, by someone who knows how to do it. You want to be told what to do. You want to be a good little slut. You tied me up, you teased the hell out of me, and now you are going to be punished.”

Quickly, he removed his hand from her throat and took the loose tie from his neck to bind her wrists. He pushed her back onto the desk. She hadn’t said anything to him, but her breathing was harsh and rough.

He hesitated for a moment. If he were wrong, he would lose his job. But his instincts told him that he was right.

Reaching around her, he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, yanking them and her panties down to her knees. She was sufficiently bound, as he had been earlier.

He pressed his hard cock against her soft ass, leaning down to kiss the back of her neck. “Are you ready for your punishment?”

She didn’t say anything, looking at him with wide eyes, a bit of a panic in her face.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to Dawne. I won’t force myself on you. I’m not a rapist. You have to tell me what you want.”

He once again pressed his cock between the valley of her ass, moving it up and down, grinding into her. She raised up on tip toes to get a better angle, hoping to feel his cock against her pussy. He backed away. Leaving her laying across her desk, her pants gathered around her knees. She didn’t move.

“Tell me what you want Dawne. Tell me what you need,” Jay said.

“I want you, Jay,” she whispered. “I need your hard cock.”

“And do you need to be punished for teasing me earlier, Dawne?”

“Yes. Yes, I need to be punished. I have been a bad girl. I’m so sorry,” Dawne whimpered.

He reached between her legs, running his fingers along her flower. “You are so wet, are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes, Sir. I am ready,” she said.

He pulled his hand back and smacked her ass on the right cheek with the palm of his hand. She jumped and cried out. He quickly smacked her left ass cheek, pushing on her tied wrists to keep her down on the desk. Back and forth, he gave a dozen swats.

She was panting, her pale ass red. He touched between her legs, and the wetness was overwhelming; she was dripping.

“Mmmm, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I think you enjoyed that didn’t you?” he asked. “I don’t think you want to be in charge all of the time, do you? You need to be told what to do sometimes, to have someone else make the decisions.”

His fingers continued to tease her wet pussy. She squirmed and whimpered. With his other hand he started to stroke his now rigid cock. The precum was oozing down his shaft, flowing copiously from the tip.

“So, Dawne, it looks like we have a predicament here. You teased me. You tied me up and didn’t let me cum. I am not a boy toy. I will not be caged and trained. Now, it seems to me that you enjoyed that punishment. Am I correct?”

She nodded.

“You need to tell me what you want. Should I leave now?” he asked.

“No. No, please don’t leave. Please fuck me,” she said quietly.

“What was that? I didn’t quite hear that. What do you want?” he asked again.

“I want your hard cock. I want you to fuck me. I need it. Please,” she said.

He slid up to stand between her legs, rubbing his dick up and down her dripping slit. She wriggled back against him, pushing up onto her toes.

He grabbed her wrists with one hand, her hip with the other, and thrust himself slowly deep into her moist tunnel. He was ready to explode, but wanted to take his time and take his pleasure from her. Fully seated, he just stopped and enjoyed the feeling of her hot wetness enveloping him.

She whimpered again, trying to buck back onto his cock, trying to make him lose control and take her hard and fast. He pushed her down onto the desk by her bound wrists, and swatted her ass.

“Don’t move,” he growled. “This is my turn, and I will savor every moment as I choose.”

He slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy. All the way out. Feeling it pulse and wrap around him, trying to hold him inside. Then pressed it back to her opening, slowly popping his defined head into the entrance of her tunnel. Then he slowly, slid his cock back inside, to fill her deep. He could feel her pussy gripping him. His balls were tight and pressed up against her.

Again, he slowly pulled all the way out, then pushed all the way back inside.

Again and again, until he was almost in a trance. Pushing down on her wrists. Slowly sliding out, then slowly popping back inside. Balls deep. Feeling her wriggle, her pussy clenching. Her wetness dripping. Watching his cock disappear each time inside her. His balls tightening, he felt his orgasm approaching.

He pulled his cock all the way out again, and released her hands from his grasp. His wet, hard cock jutting straight out he stepped back, breathing heavily.

She looked back at him, her eyes questioning. He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not a Dom any more than you are. I don’t want to force you to take my cock.”

Dawne leaned to the side, to get purchase so she could stand. She looked him in the eyes. Then she dropped to her knees in front of him. She opened her mouth, offering it for his cock.

He gently took her by the head. “Are you sure?” She licked her lips and moved her head forward to take his cock into her mouth. Her tongue sneaking out to lick the tip, then swirling it over and around his cock. Looking up into his eyes, she sucked hard on the tip of his cock. Then closing her eyes, and losing herself in the moment, she sucked it down as far as she could. It was covered in her juices, and the combination of tastes had her in ecstasy.

He grabbed her hair, and guided his cock deeper into her mouth. Her hands were behind her; she could not control the depth, but opened up further to take more of his cock in her mouth. She used her tongue, pushing against his cock, stroking him with her tongue and lips.

Faster and faster he thrust, she moaned around his cock, making it thrum. All the way to the back of her throat she took it, until he gasped and started to shoot his cum deep inside her mouth.

Swallowing, and continuing to suck his cock, she smiled up at him. She leaned forward and back, stroking his cock over and over with her mouth until he pulled her away.

He fell to his knees next to her, caressing her head against his chest. At that moment, she felt so warm and happy. Protected in his arms. She felt cared for.

“Would you like to come back to my place? Spend the night with me,” he said.

She nodded, tears in her eyes. She would worry about work tomorrow. She didn’t know what this office affair would mean for her. She didn’t know if after tomorrow’s presentation if she would even still have a job.

At this moment, she didn’t care. Dawne felt that she would always feel safe in Jay’s arms. They could work out who would be in charge in bed; besides, it was fun taking turns.

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