The Pool

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Jill was standing at the kitchen sink looking outside. She has just finished baking a chocolate cake, and was cleaning up. She was waiting for her boyfriend to come home.

Jill went into the bedroom, and changed into a pair of cotton white shorts, and a white tank top. She didn’t put on her panties or bra, it was way too hot. Besides she was hoping to get some playtime with Derek when he got home.

Jill went outside, and laid down on one of the loungers by the pool It wasn’t too long before she heard Derek’s car pull up. A smile spread across her face but quickly went away when she heard both car doors close at the same time. Great, Derek was not alone.

Derek came around to the back looking great as always. His lean body looked fantastic in his red t-shirt and black shorts.

“Jill, this is my buddy Tom. Tom is going to stay for supper tonight.”

Jill looked up and saw Tom standing there. He looked like a Greek Adonis. Olive complexion, dark hair, and very toned.

“Hi, Tom. Nice to meet you.” Jill held our her hand to Tom.

“Hi, Jill. Nice to meet you too.” Tom took her hand, and kissed it.

“We are going for a swim. Are you going to join us?” Derek asked Jill

“Sure. I’ll go, and get my suit on.” Jill said, standing to go into the house.

“Don’t worry about your suit,” Tom said as he was getting undressed. “We’re not.” With that, he removed his boxers, and jumped into the pool.

Jill only had a quick look but liked what she had seen. She got out of her lounger and proceeded to get undressed. She looked around to find Derek, as he obviously didn’t mind her getting undressed, and jumping in the pool with a complete naked stranger.

“I thought you were going to join us Derek?” Jill asked, wondering why Derek hadn’t gotten undressed yet.

Derek walked over to Jill, and kissed her.

“Why don’t you jump in with Tom, and have some pendik escort fun, and I will join you in a minute.” Jill looked at at Derek “You mean…”

“That’s right baby. I brought Tom home for you to play with, and then we can all play together.”

Jill gave Derek a deep kiss. “Mmm, thank you, lover.”

Derek smacked her on the bottom when she turned to dive into the pool.

Jill swam over to where Tom was relaxing. Her small but full tits lay on top of the water. She turned and leaned back on the edge of the pool. Tom came, and stood in front of her and without saying anything, he reached out and put his hands on her tits. Gently kneading them he flicked his thumb over her already erect nipples. Almost instantly, she began moaning softly, feeling the heat rise in her pussy.

Tom replaced his hands with his tongue, and licked then sucked on her nipple. Nibbling he increased the pressure of this hand on her other breast. He moved his mouth to the other breast and gave it the same treatment.

Jill’s hands were entwined in Toms hair. It was a good thing they were in the water because she was not sure if her legs were going to support her any longer.

Tom lifted Jill out of the pool enough for her to sit on the edge. He spread her legs open, and looked at the wonderful sight in front of him. Jill placed her legs on Tom’s shoulders forcing him closer. Tom dove right in on her bare pussy. He spread her lips open, and lapped at her with amazing skill. Jill was leaning back on both her hands, and enjoying the great sensations running through her body. Tom was working on her clit, coaxing it out from under its hood. First with his thumb, and then with his tongue. Jill grabbed the back of his head and held him there. Derek was great at eating her pussy but there was something to say about a stranger doing it. Tom had worked three fingers suadiye escort into her and was fucking her hard with his hand.

“Yes, please don’t stop,” Jill yelled “suck my clit, oh yes!” Jill was cumming in no time. Tom drank her in until she stopped shaking with her orgasm.

She sunk back into the pool, and kissed Tom deeply tasting her juice on his mouth, and tongue. She could feel his cock against her stomach and wanted in in her mouth. She dove under the water, and took him her her mouth for one good stroke.

When she surfaced she backed him up to the stairs where she had sat, his cock standing straight up in the air. She knelled down on the step in front of him, wrapped her hand around his shaft and gently squeezed. The low moan gave her all she needed to hear to keep going. She started stroking his cock slowly. Jill put her mouth over his head, and sucked hard. Up and down she began fucking her mouth with his cock. She grabbed his balls, and squeezed them a couple of times.

“Fuck yeah, suck my cock. Derek was right, you are a good little cock sucker,” He grabbed Jill’s head, and held her on his cock, right to the base.

“You have a great cock,” Jill said looking into his eyes. “I would love to have it in my pussy.”

“By all means. Why don’t you sit on it?”

It didn’t take Jill long to straddle herself over Tom’s cock and lower herself onto him. She felt nice, and full. Her back was to Tom giving him a great view of her ass. While Jill rammed herself on his cock, Tom gave her ass a few great sounding smacks.

“Oh yes, spank my ass!”

After giving her a few more smacks, Tom spread Jill’s ass cheeks to get a view of her little hole. He started to rub it with this thumb, listening to Jill moan, feeling her pussy clench against his cock.

“You like it when I do that, don’t you?” Tom asked

“Yes, tuzla escort I do. I love having my ass played with.” Jill looked over her shoulder, and gave Tom a sly smile.

Tom let this thumb enter her tight little hole, and yes it was tight. While Jill rode Tom with his finger in her ass, Derek made his way back to the pool.

“Hey baby, looks like your have a good time,” Derek said to Jill while grabbing a handful of her tits.

“Oh I am. Tom has such a great cock.”. Seeing the bulge in Derek’s shorts, she continued, “It looks like your cock could use some attention now. Why don’t you come over here to I can help you with that. I’d love to have your cock in my mouth while being fucked.”

Derek stoop up from the edge of the pool, and dropped his shorts. His cock stood out already dripping. He sat down on the edge of the pool so that Jill could lean over and devour him.

She didn’t waste time playing. She took the full length of Derek into her mouth, stopping to suck the head good & hard.

“Oh yes, that feels great!” Derek moaned with pleasure.

Jill continued to impale her mouth up and down Derek’s cock. He tasted so good. She didn’t believe that she was sucking one cock while another was insider her very wet pussy. She was getting very close to cumming. Tom must have sensed it because his thumb began moving faster in her ass, and he was rubbing her clit with this other hand.

She picked up pace sucking Derek’s cock. Derek was pulling her hair moaning, his breathing getting heavier.

“Fuck Jill, I’m cumming!” Derek yelled as he held her head on his cock so she could get all of his cum. While she was drinking his juice greedily she could heel her orgasm rising to the surface.

Just when her orgasm hit, so did Tom’s. He raised her off his cock, and let his hot cum spray over her ass. As soon as she felt Toms cum she started to cum herself. Tom kept rubbing her clit sending her reeling over, and over again.

“Oh yes, that was fucking hot.” Jill said as she licked the last bit of cum off of Tom, and Derek.

“Why don’t we go into the house, and see what king of fun we can have in there?” Derek said,

All three looked at each other, and raced into the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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