The Package Ch. 06

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Back to Work

Suzanne came round slowly feeling wonderfully relaxed and soporific. Gradually she realised that she was naked — fairly normal for them. Then she felt warm on both sides and was draped with two hands. Slowly she opened her eyes and found herself staring at a face surrounded by a mass of golden ringlets. Delicious memories started returning, and she felt herself begin to tingle all over again.

She turned her head gently to the other side so as not to disturb Claire, and looked with tenderness at her husband’s face. James was just beginning to stir, and she couldn’t resist running her hands lightly down his naked body to caress his morning erection.

“Wonderful wakeup sensation,” he mumbled as he reached his head over to plant a gentle kiss on her lips. His hand moved languorously up her side to cup a breast. The palm of his hand snagged on her nipple, and she deepened the kiss in response.

As she squirmed with pleasure from his attention, she felt Claire beginning to move. Suddenly Claire’s hand was caressing her morning erection and she felt her lips on her shoulder. Then she could see James’ dawning realisation of their exploits on their wedding anniversary.

“So what’s the plan for the quickie before we have to rush off to work?” Claire whispered.

Suzanne and James giggled. “Let’s see, two pussies and two dicks. Easy maths. Suzanne, straddle James, then I’ll do a reverse cowgirl.”

Just like the previous evening, Claire’s direct talk excited Suzanne and James. He helped her up onto him and grabbed two condoms from the bedside drawer. Claire rolled one onto him and guided him into Suzanne’s pussy. He rolled one onto Suzanne and Claire straddled him to put Suzanne into her pussy. They were so wet with anticipation that both dicks slid straight in to accompanying sounds of appreciation from all three.

Suzanne found rubbing breasts with Claire while James fucked her and she fucked Claire was a real turn on. She didn’t think her dick had ever been so hard. A sheen of sweat covered them. All three were moaning and grunting as they slammed into each other.

James came first, spurting his seed into Suzanne and triggering her own orgasm as she spurted into Claire, whose face was scrunched up in an agony of enjoyment. James’ hands on Claire’s sides supported her and Suzanne as they held each other, gently kissing while coming down from their high. As they softened and plopped out, Claire half rolled to kiss James and Suzanne collapsed down on the other side.

After a few minutes they all began to stir to get ready for work.

“I’ll make coffee and toast while you two use the showers,” James offered.

When he heard the hairdryer, he went for his shower. As he passed the girls, they glanced at each other, and his cock grew semi-hard seeing them with their arms above their heads drying their hair in their underwear.

“Pleased to see us?” giggled Claire.

He noticed that Suzanne was also semi-erect, although he wasn’t sure whether he or Claire had done that. Perhaps both, he mused.

The girls were already having breakfast when he came down in his suit.

“Clients today?” asked Suzanne.

“Yep. Difficult meeting about bending the software to their weird way of operating,” he said. “What about you Claire?”

“I’ve got a couple of lectures and I need to go look up references that I found on the internet in the library. Oh, and you look scrumptious in that,” she said with a saucy grin.

After a quick breakfast they all left. James took Claire to drop her off near the university in the city centre. They chatted comfortably in the car, and gave each other a quick peck as she got out. She waved and grinned as she walked off, throwing her long hair over her shoulder in an unconsciously sexy move that kept floating through James’ mind at the most inopportune moments in his difficult meeting.

On Business

Suzanne was excited. Very excited and very horny. She couldn’t keep still, jumping up to go to the kitchen and get a drink she didn’t really need. Glancing out of the window. He could be ages yet. He could be here any minute. His flight wasn’t delayed, she knew that from the web site. She flicked on the television, aimlessly channel hopping. Turned it off and looked out of the window for the umpteenth time.

James had been away for a fortnight on the other side of the world working with one of his computer clients. They’d managed to speak virtually every day. The sound of his voice on the phone had aroused her intensely, and his casual dropping into the conversation of what he would like to do with her, and what he would do when he got home was matched by her whispering her own naughty thoughts to him. Satisfying as it had been to masturbate while talking with him, she wanted to feel his body pressed up against hers, and feel a lot of other things too.

Suddenly she heard a car, and was absurdly nervous all of a sudden. She rushed to the door with butterflies in her tummy. There güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he was with a thousand watt smile lighting up his tired face, looking sexily rumpled from all the travelling. Suzanne shut the door behind him. James dropped his cases and crushed her to him.

“God I’ve missed you so much,” he murmured into her ear before taking her mouth in a hard long kiss. Pulling back he gazed at her, “You are so beautiful, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you as my wife.”

Suzanne gazed at him in return, glorying in the feel of him against her, and loving the things he said. She took his face between her hands, kissed him gently on the mouth, and said seriously, “I love you so much. You make me feel so good about myself,” then she grinned saucily, “and if you don’t take me to bed instantly, I think I’m going to explode I’m so horny.”

James’ eyes widened, and he laughed, “God, if you wanted to push my buttons, you’ve just pressed the biggest red one there is. I’ve been wanting you so much, it’s been painful.”

Suzanne reached between them, and felt the steel rod. “I thought you’d be too tired, but obviously not.”

“I think I’d still want you desperately if I hadn’t slept for a year.” James also reached down and felt her raging erection. “As you say — so horny.” He grabbed her hand, peeled himself away from her and led her off to the bedroom grinning like a boy in a sweet shop, tiredness suddenly forgotten.

Suzanne couldn’t get over the sweetness of their last lovemaking and the glorious peak gently climbed, but none the less explosively satisfying. Afterwards they had drifted gently into sleep. James was so deeply asleep, but Suzanne had drifted awake, replaying the initial desperate coupling when they’d first reached the bedroom. They’d been partially clothed in their urgent need and the release had been shatteringly good, accompanied by fierce cries from them both.

Then they’d finished undressing each other, and still desperate for each other, they’d kissed and caressed as if they were exploring each other again for the first time, finally coupling again in the slow gentle way that had branded each of them in the deepest recesses of their hearts. Suzanne drifted off to sleep again with a smile of pure joy on her face.

Another Secret

James came round slowly feeling wonderful. Why was he feeling so good? Come to that where was he? Tantalising memories of Suzanne started his erection, and he began to realise that the memories were not dreams or fantasies, but that he was home and they had really happened. The wonderful feeling was happiness and a warmth in his heart engendered by the love they had shared last night.

He stretched luxuriously. He must have slept twelve hours straight. He got up and went to the bathroom. When he came out, Suzanne was just coming into the bedroom. She looked a million dollars to his biased eyes. Clear complexion dusted with freckles. A smile that set him on fire. A sparkle in those green eyes he could drown in. Gorgeous auburn tresses hanging loose this morning. A red T shirt hugging her torso and revealing her small breasts. Nipples hardening from seeing him naked, which had a hardening effect on him too. Jeans painted onto her hips and legs. For some reason, the bare feet completed his hardening.

“Hey, I’m pleased to see you too,” she laughed at him, putting down two cups of coffee. “I thought I heard you. There’s brunch when you’re ready.”

“I think we might have some unfinished business before brunch,” he said, moving over to kiss her. Suzanne grabbed his cock and stroked it, causing him to moan and reach to caress her breasts. As his thumbs found her nipples through the T shirt, her moans joined his. She pulled back as he stripped the T shirt off over her head and returned his hands to her breasts. Her head fell back and her breath came in gasps with the feel of his hands on her nakedness and his thumbs teasing her nipples.

One hand trailed a sensual path down over her stomach to her jeans. The flesh in its wake crawled with a pleasure that was magnified by the finger run round inside the top of her jeans. Then the other had left her breast cold to slide down to help undo her jeans. Then a new sensation as his hands slid down the outside of her torso to push into the top of the jeans over her hips and slide them down with her panties, trailing back up to cup her ass cheeks.

“Oh God, I love what you do to me,” she breathed in his ear, as their naked bodies touched from knee to breast. She could feel her breasts pushed against his chest, the hairs tickling her nipples. His cock and her dick were pressed between their stomachs side by side. Neither could help wriggling slightly to stimulate their members and rub them together.

Suddenly James picked her up and laid her on the bed. He reached out and grabbed the oil, spreading some on his stomach, her stomach and then gently massaging oil onto her dick. She squirmed with pleasure. He güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rolled a condom on and stretched over her guiding his cock to her pussy pressing the head into the entrance. He locked eyes with her as her breath hissed from her, slowly pushed home, engulfed by her hot wetness, and shut his eyes and groaned.

She felt him lower his body onto hers. As he began to move in and out of her, her dick was massaged in the oily area he had prepared. She felt the familiar tightening of her muscles and the heat pooling in her stomach. She was dimly aware that they were both panting and sensations were exploding through her, till grunting and groaning together they both came.

After a moment, he twisted them so they were both lying side by side, still connected, so that his weight was off her. Kissing gently, they both said, “I love you so much,” causing them to giggle.

“What is it that’s bothering you?” he suddenly asked.

She looked up at him in surprise, unaware that she had been frowning. “You know me better than I know myself, I think,” she said. She felt her frown this time, and made several attempts to start.

“It’s OK. Whatever it is you can tell me you know. I’m not about to run away.”

Suzanne smiled at him then, a quick serious smile, not one of her melt your bones smiles. “You know I told you I met Claire in town while you were away?”

He interrupted, “You brought her back here, didn’t you? But you didn’t know how to tell me?”

She looked at him in amazement. “How did you guess? But it wasn’t here — we went to her place.”

He lifted one eyebrow, questioningly.

“Her place was nearer. Quicker,” She clarified.

She noticed that he was getting hard. She breathed a sigh of relief. He was turned on by it, not upset as she had so feared he might be. It was one thing to be with Claire together, but entirely another on her own.

“You must have been desperate!” he laughed. “Tell me about it.”

“Well, we almost literally bumped into each other outside a shop. We decided fairly quickly that we’d go for a coffee. You remember how much she turned us both on in the restaurant? I was getting pretty turned on chatting and sitting opposite her in the coffee shop.” She gave him a saucy grin. “Oh, and I was missing you too. I could see that she felt turned on like I did. Before we had really started our coffee, she suddenly suggested “my place or yours”. We were out of there almost before the words were out of her mouth we were so desperate for each other.”

She noticed that James was now rock hard, and reached down to stroke him. She was hardening too, and James reached down for her. After a moment, he said, “I want to be inside you again.”

Suzanne grinned her assent, and he reached for another condom. Sliding gently inside her, he trapped her dick between them again and they both grunted quietly with the pleasure. Suzanne continued the story.

“I think the people in the coffee shop were surprised when we left full mugs of coffee, and at the haste with which we went. They couldn’t see the fire,” she smiled. “As we rushed out we quickly agreed her place was nearer, and she knew her housemates were out. You’d be amazed at our restraint when we go there, we waited till we’d got to her bedroom before we removed a single item of clothing. She didn’t want her housemates to come back and find clothing strewn up the stairs!”

They both laughed, the vibrations exciting them more. For a moment they just moved together sharing the slick hot friction between them, and allowing the eroticism of it to excite them. After many moments, their movements slowed, and James asked, “So was it good?”

“Oh yes. Just as good as when we were together. We only stopped because after about four hours, we heard one of her housemates come back. She’s so honest and says so exactly what she feels it’s really exciting, as you know.” She grinned up at him. Then her face grew serious again. “I felt so guilty afterwards. I hadn’t asked you. I didn’t know how to tell you on the phone. I was so scared of you being upset, or angry, or worse. And I couldn’t bear it over the phone. I needed to see you and hold you.” She laughed at herself. “Or perhaps I needed you to hold me.”

“Oh Suzanne. I love you so much; you need never be scared. I really appreciate you feeling you should have asked me. I also know that Claire is such a witch you wouldn’t have had time to think of it till afterwards,” he laughed again. “God I wish I had been there.”

Suzanne’s face fell suddenly.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Oh, you should see her student house. James, it’s horrible. She’s tried so hard to make it nice, but it’s a dump. It’s clean, but the carpets are threadbare with ingrained dirt. The decoration is basic white or cream. The furniture is workable, but just cast offs. It’s heartbreaking to see the attempts to make it look good, like the flowers on the coffee table.”

His arm tightened around her güvenilir bahis şirketleri pulling her harder against him. “Well at least we could invite her round occasionally.”

Suzanne kissed him and moved seductively against him. “That might have other benefits too.”

“Oh God Suzanne, I hadn’t thought of that. I was just feeling guilty that we haven’t done it before.”

“Oh we have done it before. It’s just we could do it again — and again.”

“You minx.” James rolled Suzanne onto her back again and started moving purposefully in and out till they both came apart again.

When they had recovered a bit, Suzanne grinned at him. “Seems to be a lot of cold coffee around. And I need another shower.”

James grabbed her for a kiss, “A shower sounds like a really nice idea. Any ideas what we should do in it?”

Suzanne wriggled out of his grasp, laughing, and swayed across to the bathroom. “I’ve got a few ideas, apart from cleaning up.”

James watched the muscles rippling on her delightful body as she disappeared into the bathroom, and was amazed to find he was hardening again.

Claire Comes Again



“I was thinking about Claire.”

James grinned suggestively at Suzanne, and she punched him playfully on the arm.

“No, not like that. Well at least not like that at that moment,” she amended saucily. “Although now you mention it…”

“OK. Sorry. What were you thinking?”

“Could we ask her to live here with us? She could have the spare room. I know she hasn’t got a car, but there’s a bus from the end of the road into town. Her place is so grotty, I hate to think of her living in that dump at her age, and I know she hates it too. The post-grads she lives with are better than the under-grads, but they’re still several years younger than her.”

James looked at her seriously. “I don’t know. I’ve not thought about it. You’re right though, we do have the spare room available. Is there a reason you’re asking now?

“Only that she’s coming tonight.” Suzanne blushed as James lifted an eyebrow at the double-entendre.

Primly, Suzanne started afresh. “Since she is visiting us tonight, it made me think of her. — You’re incorrigible,” she spluttered as he raised an eyebrow again.

“Sorry. You’re right. Let’s think it over while we’re getting ready. If we’ve reached a decision we’re both comfortable with, we can ask her tonight.

When Claire arrived, Suzanne gave her a long hard kiss, so much more than friendly. Claire emerged slightly flustered and blushing with a question in her eyes.

“It’s OK. I’ve told James.”

The relief was evident on Claire’s face as she turned to him and reached up to peck him on the cheek. He surprised her by pulling her into his arms and kissing her as thoroughly as she and Suzanne had kissed.

When the kiss broke, James looked down into her slightly flushed face, and ground out, “I don’t know what it is about you, Claire, but neither Suzanne nor I seem to be able to get enough of you.”

Claire grinned, “Suits me. Do you do this with others?”

Suzanne and James looked at each other in surprise. “No,” they said together, and laughed.

“You might be interested to know that neither do I. It’s just you two.” It wasn’t like Claire, but that admission made her blush.

Suzanne said wonderingly, “Do you know, I hadn’t realised but you are so right. This goes much deeper than any of us had realised.” She pulled at Claire’s hand, “Come in and have something to drink. We’ve got a proposition for you that’s suddenly acquired more significance than I ever thought possible.”

As they moved into the sitting room and chose chairs around the rug facing the fire, Suzanne noticed that James had a wondering look on his face too.

“Come on you two. What’s this proposition? The suspense is killing me after that build up.”

James passed out drinks and kicked off, “Claire, we know you live like a student, and Suzanne saw that when she came at your place.” He raised one eyebrow and Suzanne grinned at his deliberate mis-use of words.

“We know now that you are older than you look, and living like a student sucks after all this time.” He paused.

“So? I can’t change it because money is so tight. And I’m not moaning. It’s what I want to do.” Claire questioned.

Suzanne took up the story. “Claire, we have an idea about how you could change. What we don’t want to do it make you feel you have to do it because we’ve offered, or that there is anything you have to do for us if you do take it up.”

Claire looked intrigued. “What on earth….?”

“We have a perfectly good spare room, and we wondered if you would like to make it your home. — well really make all of this your home.”

Claire gasped. “You can’t be serious.” And looked from one to the other with her mouth open.

James and Suzanne both looked straight at her. James spoke for them both, “We are perfectly serious. We discussed this, mulled it over, and determined that we had, both of us, to be perfectly comfortable before we offered.”

Claire looked as if the breath had been knocked out of her. Her normal bouncy responses just weren’t in evidence. “I can’t believe you’d do that for me. I’m so overwhelmed I don’t know what to say,” she breathed tearfully.

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