The Nudist Beach Ch. 02

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I woke up from a long lazy nap, the sunlight dancing over my toes as the shadows lengthened in the coming afternoon. My eyes still closed, I felt deep in la-la land as I became aware of strong, furry arms around me.

I took a deep breath and stayed still, unable to fully pull myself out of my reverie. I knew I was on my favorite nudie beach, I knew there were big, strong arms wrapped around me, and a man hand cupping my naked breast. Then a smile crept over my face as it all came back to me. My new lust. Or love. In that moment, they were one and the same.

My mind wandered to the first time I saw him, fake snoozing on the beach, while secretly watching me jack myself off with a cucumber. Then magically he was there, fucking the tits off of me while sparkling his eyes deep into mine. I shivered, thinking about his big wet cock driving into me, splitting me open, his mouth devouring me like the mango I had rubbed all over my crotch.

I pulled the big towel a little bit more over us, snuggling up into his body as he curled himself around me and held me tight. I was very wet and slimy between my legs, my kitty felt a little sore. My eyes stayed closed and I started drifting into dream land. That was when I felt him, hardening against my ass, sliding his cock in between my thighs, rubbing it gently back and forth, teasing my wet lips with his tip.

My body shivered and I felt the throb coming back into my blood. My heart was pounding and I had to take a deep breath. I put my hand over his hand and together we squeezed my breast hard, pinching the nipple. I felt his cock leap a little bit, as if looking for its home. I pushed my ass against him, tilting it back, and he slid his tip into my wetness.

“Mmmmm…” was all I could say, and he responded by pulling my hair back and sucking on my neck, holding on lightly with his pokey incisors. His hand moved down my stomach and his middle finger slid easily into my juicy crack, causing my clit to leap into a small flame at his touch. I turned my head to the side and then we were kissing, his tongue found the depths of my mouth and I tasted his masculine essence. I wanted to turn around and kiss him deeper but I felt him sliding inside of me and I wanted that more, so I tilted my ass up and pushed against him hard. He was fully inside of me, deep and throbbing, and I felt his body shudder as he squeezed his arms around me tight.

“Nicky, my new love, where did you come from?” I was breathing heavily. He had told me earlier that he was from the east coast, and then the west coast, and then Alaska. He had been deep in the wilderness, building his uncle a cabin and living off of the land. He had come to this island because he had the strong feeling that he was going to meet someone special. I smiled, thinking how we had fallen in love with our souls before we had gotten to know each other as people. Busted through all the fake barriers and went straight to the heart. We did know each other. I could feel it as we moved together, our bodies in rhythm like the crashing waves on the beach.

“I’m here now, baby. That’s what matters,” he said into my ear. “Here for you.”

I had been single for a while, banging some guys, rejecting others, but mostly working on keeping myself healthy and fulfilled, no matter who came in or out of my life. I had gotten really good at pleasing myself, which had kept me isolated from others. With this man that I was now being engulfed by, I had no reservations. He could bang me until I could no longer walk, for all I cared. Hopefully he did.

His dick was growing inside of me, and I had the most intense desire to suck on him. The deeper he thrust into me, the more I wanted it pushing into my mouth. I wanted to taste every part of him, feel his heat, bring him to pleasure with my lips and tongue.

I opened my eyes slowly, and as the world came into focus I noticed another couple nearby. A naked woman was lying on top of a man and they were making out deeply. I sucked on Nicky’s hand while drinking in their presence. Her ass was full and round, shining golden brown in the sun. Her thighs and arms were muscular, and she was moving like a snake over his body. I felt Nick slowing his pace as he nestled his face into my neck. “They’re beautiful,” he whispered. He was breathing heavier and I bahis firmaları put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his hair, letting him know to bite me harder.

They certainly were beautiful. The woman was raising herself up like a cobra, showing us her full, juicy breasts. She lifted her round, brown ass high in the air and wiggled it as she continued to kiss her man. Then she had her hands on his chest, massaging him gently, running them over his hips and thighs. I watched as she pulled something out of her bag, gave it a poke and a twist, and with a jolt I realized she had an avocado in her hand. “She likes fruit,” I said to Nick, and he giggled and said that it looked yummy.

The woman was brown and thick, with smooth glowing skin and short black hair, cut like a tousled pixie. I was trying to guess her ethnicity, thinking she might be from the Pacific Islands or Asia. I really had no idea. She was from all over, and she was ageless. She had no self-consciousness, moving with ease, concentrating on her man and the pleasure they were sharing. As she straightened up, I noticed an intricate, all black tattoo running up her thigh and onto her rib cage. It looked to me like a dragon, or a serpent of some kind. She was bad ass.

She took a scoop of the avocado in her hand and began smearing it all over her man. She took her time, massaging it into his chest, shoulders and arms. I could hear him moaning softly, during the lull between the crashing of the waves.

“This beach is so hot,” I whispered to Nick.

“I know,” he said. “People are really comfortable with themselves. And you are the hottest thing on this beach. I’m so glad we found each other.” He pushed his cock deep inside of me while he slid his fingers over my clit. I felt myself swelling up with happiness, enjoying the perfection of the moment. If there were people on the beach watching us, I no longer noticed or cared. I was drinking in this gorgeous couple, learning to be un-self conscious through their grace and comfort.

They were getting into it. She was prancing around like a happy deer, giggling as she found new ways to massage him. She went into a downward dog position, her feet near his shoulders and her hands moving down the front of his thighs. I imagined that he had the greatest view ever, her rose pink flower opening up for him as she rubbed him down. As I looked closer, I saw sunlight glinting off of something in her crotch, and I could see that she had several tiny rings piercing her outer labia. Hard core Dragon Lady, she is damn hot! I was thinking, enjoying the show unfolding before us. I bet his dick loves the way that feels.

The man’s cock was hard, rising up into the sky while she continued to touch him, rubbing the green silky avocado into his skin. I couldn’t tell very much about him, other than he had silvery black hair and a beautiful, suntanned muscular body.

Dragon lady took the avocado pit and started rubbing it on his neck, over his chest and then down to his balls. She used the pit to massage his entire crotch area, stretching out his cock and making little circles with it, taking her time on the underside of his balls. She moved it around his inner thighs, pushed it against the soles of his feet, and then dropped it into her bag.

My puss started pulsing like crazy as I watched her kneel over his face and pause there for a moment, giving me a perfect view of her silver labia rings and her wet, pink flower petals framed by a patch of short, black fur. I could see her rosy red clit poking out, engorged with blood, and I could tell that she was a woman who owned her pleasure.

She swayed back and forth over him, massaging his ears, pulling on his earlobes. At this point I could guarantee that he really did have the best view ever. She was playing with him like she had all the time in the world, like sex was a delicious never-ending journey that ebbed and flowed throughout the day. I felt my heart expanding and my crotch grew wetter as I took in the glorious view.

Nick moaned into my hair and pushed himself deep inside of me. He was pinching my nipples, biting my shoulder. I looked up to see her easing herself onto her lover’s mouth. His tongue was reaching for her, and she let him have a little taste at a time before she sat down hard, sliding kaçak iddaa back and forth, smothering his face and throwing her head back in ecstasy. He lapped at her dripping wetness and pulled her hips toward his face, fucking her hole with his tongue. She rocked back and forth, then flipped around and bent over to take the entire length of his cock into her mouth. Her knees were wide, giving us a fantastic view of her dark brown asshole and her shiny wet muff, now being smeared all over her man’s face.

“Ahhh…,” I moaned and Nick squeezed my hips. He was thrusting into me with force and I pulled away a little bit, holding his tip lightly, not letting him come inside.

“What, baby?” he asked me, and I told him that I really, really needed to taste him, like I was a vampire and his cock was my blood. He laughed and said “Whatever you want, mermaid,” and then we were kissing again, breathing each other’s air, biting lips, pressing our cheeks together.

I glanced at our couple and I saw that she was now kneeling in between his knees, her black hair bobbing up and down as she sucked on him. She seemed to sense my eyes and slowed down, savoring the tip, rolling her tongue around it. She made little circles one way, and then the other. She licked it long, all the way down to his balls, and then she lifted his balls and licked his ass, poking her tongue inside of him while she stroked him.

Now she was taking his balls into her mouth, first one and then the other, pulling them outward with her mouth. She moved her tongue back up his length of his glistening cock, and I knew she was performing for us. She circled her tongue around him, teasing him while he moaned, and then she plunged her mouth onto him and took his entire length all the way to her throat. His body jerked and then she was sucking hard, lustfully, spreading his thighs apart and stroking the bottom of his shaft.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I gave Nicky my mermaid smile of mischief and then I scooted down so that I could rest on our blanket while I sucked his gorgeous dick to my heart’s content.

I forgot about our couple, forgot about everyone else who was still lingering on the beach. In fact I forgot about everything else in the universe except this perfect man part in my face and in my mouth. I had cock fever. I felt it really bad in that moment. I softened my mouth and tasted him slowly, pushing my tongue into the slit at his tip. I tasted my own sweet-salty flavor mixed with his man juice, loving the silky softness and the way it quivered when I put my lips to it. I sucked on the head, running my tongue in circles one way, and then the other, as I had seen Dragon Lady do. Nick was moaning softly, his hands entwined in my hair. “Baby,” he was saying. “Baby that is so good, so good…” I told him that he tasted good, and he really did, like sweet salty ocean candy.

I tried to take his entire length into my mouth, but he was too big. I shifted around, getting comfortable, catching my breath, and then I tried again. I softened my throat and went as deep as I could. I felt his cock moving in my mouth, pushing against me and I felt so close to him, connecting with such an intimate, sensitive place on his body. I wanted to get him off hard. I began moving my mouth rhythmically, running my hands up his thighs and then stroking them around the base of his shaft, twisting them in opposite directions while I sucked.

I took a moment to glance at our couple and she was still sucking him reverently, pulsing her hand on his balls with one hand while stretching his shaft upwards with the other. He was pushing his hips up into her face and I could tell he was getting close as his moaning got louder.

I pounced back down on Nicky, opening my mouth wide and taking most of his length into me. I kneeled over his leg, and then I was pushing my crotch down onto his shin, rubbing my swollen clit on his knee while I sucked him hard and deep. His dick was alive in my mouth. It was getting bigger and wetter, driving into my throat as slimy drool poured out of my mouth. I ran my tongue down his entire length, remembering Dragon Lady’s example, and I licked his balls and then lifted them up so that I could lick his ass. I spread his legs a little bit and licked him everywhere, taking his entire ball sack into kaçak bahis my mouth, sucking and pulling gently. I pushed my breasts down onto his cock and titty fucked him for a few minutes, then I took him back into my mouth.

I could feel the tension in his pelvis as he moaned and pushed up into my face. He was in a beautiful place, at my mercy, high on pleasure and the anticipation of more. Whatever you do, don’t stop, I told myself. Do not stop for anything, even if it hurts. My jaw was starting to get sore and I grinded my clit into his leg, rubbing up and down against his kneecap. I softened my throat even more and pushed his cock so deep into my mouth that I gagged. I took a breath and tried again, wrapping my lips around his glistening manliness, now reddish brown and throbbing in the afternoon sunlight. I could smell the funk in his dark, wet pubic hair and I inhaled deeply. It was the best smell in the world, causing my pulse to increase, as my crotch got even wetter.

I could hear our couple moaning with more intensity. Nick was saying “Uhhnnn…” and then he was whimpering a little bit, his hands pulling gently on my hair as I kept my mouth latched on to him. His dick seemed to fill my entire mouth, and he was saying “Ahhh like that, just like that…”

I was pumping up and down, wiggling my tongue on him as he held my hair back away from my face. I increased the pace, sucking hard and deep. My clit was tense against his leg, then his body jerked and I moaned as a huge stream of warm liquid shot into my mouth. Without thinking I started swallowing as I continued to suck. I had never swallowed semen before. I had just never felt like it. In this moment, worshipping at the temple of my new babe, it was the only thing I could imagine doing. I kept my hand on the base of his shaft as he emptied himself into my mouth.

My puss shuddered against his leg and I felt a surge of wetness and release as I had my first ever “legasm”. I kept sucking on him, gently now, running my tongue over his length, making sure to get every single drop of his essence. I was surprised that I didn’t mind the taste. It was kind of salty, creamy, and a little bit sweet. I remembered him telling me that he loved fruits and I started to smile, thinking about the delicious fruity goodness that I was drinking from his body.

Finally he was spent and I kissed his tip softly and wiggled up next to him. We embraced and I buried my face into his soft, sandy chest hair and inhaled deeply, wiping my sticky face on his skin, saying “Yumm…”

He kissed my forehead, my cheeks, and then we were making out again. I was glad he wasn’t squeamish about tasting himself on my lips. We were both delicious and we were enjoying absorbing each other without inhibition, mixing our flavors together to create something entirely new.

We glanced over at our gorgeous couple and they, too, were all cuddled up and appeared to be napping. They had a thin blanket pulled over them and we could hear soft giggles coming from their direction.

“Gigglers,” Nick whispered in my ear. “That avocado treatment looks like fun. I bet it is so good for your skin.”

“It is,” I said. “I’ll do that for you, baby. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Same here,” he said. “And I really do love you. I hope it’s ok that I say that. Sometimes you can skip the courtship and go straight to the love.”

I looked into his hazel brown eyes that looked like a million tiny stars were twinkling out of them, and I kissed him softly on the lips. “I love you too,” I said. “And it’s ok to say anything you want with me.”

We smiled at each other and a few lifetimes flew by in that moment. I thanked my guides for leading me there. We were sticky, sandy, and drenched in sweat. We glanced over as our couple jumped up and dashed into the frothy waves, smacking each other on the ass and laughing. Nick and I started giggling and then we couldn’t stop. We stretched against each other and kissed a few more times, rolling back and forth, reveling in our slimy sweatiness.

A little while later they were back, drying each other off, then lying down in each other’s arms, perfectly still. Just napping, la-la-la.

“I think it’s time for a swim,” Nick said to me and I agreed. I glanced over at our luscious couple and this time she was turned towards me, looking right at me with her dark brown eyes. She had a soft smile on her face and I was smiling too. I blew her a kiss and she winked at me, then I took Nicky’s hand and we scampered off into the waves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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