The Night Gerard Got His Revenge.

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This is a fictional role play between me and a female friend of mine her username will remain anonymous but mine is TwistedAssassin and the thing we use for role play is IMVU. This is the story of a young daughter who has tortured the life out of her poor father and not he is taking his revenge. I hope you all enjoy the read and I look forward to hear your comment and criticism. Let me know if you want more of these to follow as me and anonymous might make a few more of them.

Angel: As Angel laid there in her bed, she had nothing but a pair of black thong panties on her slender tan body. She ran her hands over her body stopping at her ample breasts as she played with her nipples for a moment pulling and tugging on them, nothing has been able to curve her sexual needs for some time, no one as able to please her, able to make her cum. With a bit of a sigh she slid out of her bed and ran her fingers through her tangled hair as she picked up a sheer thin nighty that was on. She walked out of her bedroom knowing that her Father was supposed to be at work today so she had the house to herself. Walking down the hallway and down the stairs she walked over and turned the TV on and started flipping through the channels as she laid upon the couch her legs spread wide open showing her thong, her hand was placed upon her amble breast playing and tugging against her nipple as she desperately tried to find something on the TV that would help her and aid her in her neediness to get off.

Gerard: As Gerard got off work early he would walk to the nearby shop to buy some things he needed for the night ahead of him. He hadn’t fucked a female since his wife and mother of his daughter had died five years ago. He had watched his daughter grow into the woman she now was and every night when she pranced around in her underwear she gave him a hard-on which he always had to hide from her in case she would freak out and run away or something. He was going to punish her tonight for all the hard-on’s and endless nights of fapping she had caused him. As he entered the shop he wondered around picking up black clothing, a black balaclava, and some Japanese rope. He then took the items to the check out and paid for them before heading on his way home. As he drove closer to the house he would stop a couple of doors away from his door so that Angel didn’t hear the car engine, He dressed himself in the car donning the balaclava and black clothing, totally hiding his identity. Once he was ready he would grab the rope and throw it over his shoulder. Getting out of the car dressed up and fully equip he would lock the car before stealthily walking to the living room window, ducking down he would peek through the opening in the curtains to see his daughter sat in front of the TV playing with her breasts. His cock starting to throb and harden in his pants as he watched her.

Angel: As she laid there, completely unaware of what her own Father had planned for her she found a porno that was on as she turned the volume on the tv up and watched as an older man was pounding away at a younger woman’s pussy. Dropping the remote control on the floor she pulled down her top slightly revealing her firm perfect breasts as she started pulling and tugging on her nipples. Instantly she started to moan as she kept her eyes glued to the screen. Within minutes she was dripping wet from watching and playing with her nipples as she pulled up the sheer white cloth and slid her hand down into her thong as she started rubbing her throbbing clit, opening her mouth slightly she started moaning loudly as her back arched, her eyes still on the screen her fingers working feverishly within her panties.

Gerard: Gerard would watch as his daughter changed the channel onto a porn channel and begun to squeeze and play with her perfect tits even more. His erection fighting for freedom as it throbbed against his pants. Pulling her top up and over her head and sliding her hand down her panties making a small amount of pre-cum leak from the tip of his dick and soak his boxer shorts. He would groan softly before moving from the living room canlı bahis window and running around to the back of the house. He walked up to the back door and tried the door handle, it was still open. He grinned but it was soon snatched away as he knocked a glass from the side counter just next to him and froze as it shattered against the floor, forcing a loud smash to ring through the house. He quickly shut the back door and hurried to hide somewhere where his daughter would see him when she came to investigate.

Angel: Hearing the shattering glass she stopped what she was doing and looked over at the clock. Still hours before her Father got off work, perhaps it was something the cat knocked over she thought to herself as she got up from the couch in nothing but her thong and a pair of high heals. Making her way into the kitchen she looked around and seen the glass up to the floor as she shook her head and opened the closet door and quickly swept the glass up. Walking over she opened the fridge door rummaging around for something to drink, as she stood there, practically naked in front of the fridge, her nipples grew harder, one hand over her breast as she played with the hardened nipple she let out another moan and shut the fridge and started to walk back into the living room, wanting nothing more than to cum.

Gerard: As he hid around the corner he watched her every move, from seeing the glass, to playing with her nipple as it grew harder from the ice cold fridge breeze. As she turned to walk back into the living room he would swiftly leave his hiding place and intercept her before she got into the sight of the front window. Covering her mouth with his right hand his other would wrap around her in a vice like grip as he threatened her life if she screamed and preceded to drag her against his body down into the basement.

Angel: Not hearing a single sound she felt the hand clamping down over her mouth as her eyes went ride as she tried to pull forward away from the man that was behind her, hearing the threats that he made tears started to stream from her eyes as she was drug away, she wasn’t fighting the man as she closed her eyes and started to cry shaking her head back and forth as if trying to tell him no to stop what he was doing. As she was drug down the steps her breast bounced with each step as she realized that she was practically naked. “Please….Please….” Her muffled voice came out from under his hand as she cried to him.

Gerard: He wanted to set her free because she was his daughter and he hated the fact he was making her cry and fearful, but at the end of the day she had caused all of this sexual tension to be built up within his body. This was her own fault and he wouldn’t stop. Getting her into the basement he picked her up and dropped her onto a table before dropping the rope onto her stomach and beginning to use to to tie her wrists to the table legs and then tying her ankles to the table legs. He knew the none would hear her screams or pleas for help down her hence why he took his hand from her mouth. His hands taking off the gloves hiding them as he finished restraining her to the table. Looking to his left he would see a small pen knife and he would flick it open before using it to cut her panties from her body, rendering her totally naked. He looked over his daughters naked body and with out thinking his hands pulled out his cock and begun to tug on it. Like a zombie he walked to his daughters head which hung over the table purposely for this reason and he guided his cock into her mouth. Slowly starting to thrust his hips back and forth into her throat as her nose buried itself into his balls, his hands nipping and viciously pulling on her nipples.

Angel: As she was pressed down on the table and restrained she closed her eyes trying not to scream for her life, she knew that her life was now in danger and the fact she was in the basement she would never have been heard. As her head hung down from the table she seen the man pulling his cock out of his pants and her eyes opened wide as she started to shake her head back and forth as the man slid it into bahis siteleri her mouth and thrusting against her mouth pushing his large cock down into her throat. Tears welling up in her eyes as she laid there helpless, slurping and sobbing noises escaped from her from time to time as the man ran his hands over her breasts as she pulled against the restraints she was tied up with. “Stop…..Please…..” She tried to plead with the man but it was useless as he continued plunging his cock deep into her throat. After a moment, she stopped resisting as she closed her eyes hoping she would wake up from the nightmares.

Gerard: His thrust got harder and harder as he drove his fully erect fat cock into her throat and kept it there for a second. He would slap her tits as he choked her with his cock for 45 seconds exactly before taking his cock from her mouth and letting her gasp for air. He would then begin to viciously face fuck her with his throbbing hard cock as he continued to slap her firm pert tits from left to right with both hands. He would then plunge his cock back down her throat and leave it there for double the time he did the first time, wondering if she would pass out or not. Once the minute and a half pasted he would take his cock from her mouth before placing the head inside of her oral hole and slapping it about inside of her mouth. As she had her eyes closed he would take his balaclava off and place it loosely over her head so he could breath easier. As he placed the balaclava over her head he would move to place his cock at the entrance of her cunt which dangled over the edge of the table like her head. As the head slid between her lips he would threaten her.- IF you head moves ill slit your throat whore -He hadn’t realised she might recognise his voice as he thrust the full length of his cock deep into her cunt and begun to pound in and out of her tight wet hole, fucking her like she hadn’t been fucked before.

Angel: As he continued his treatment his cock jamming into her throat over and over and when he held it there she tried to pull away knowing that it was useless she had no way to be able to move. As he slapped her tits she began to cry out and whimper slightly as if she was almost taking pleasure in what was happening to her. As he plunged his cock deep within her mouth for as long as he did she started pulling against the restraints again moaning slightly growing more and more excited. She could feel herself growing wetter and wetter from the excitement. Placing something over her face she dared not to move as she heard the voice and her eyes opened as she stopped dead in her tracks. ‘There is no way its my dad.’ She thought to herself for a moment as he thrusts the full length of his hard fat cock into her already swollen pussy she started to moan and scream out in pleasure giving into the stranger that was giving her such a treatment. She dared not move her head as she pulled on the restrains this time not trying to get away but because of the pleasure that she was given, her back arching against the table as she moaned and started screaming more with pleasure.

Gerard: His cock throbbing inside of her as he continued to smash his hips into her own, the power of his thrust driving the balaclava to inch further off of her face. Not realising this he grunts and moans loudly as he continues to pound into his daughters tight little pussy. His left hand resting on her right thigh and squeezing it painfully as his right hand rests on her left tit and squeezes that, twisting the nipple of her boob between his index finger and thumb. His eyes rolling into the back of his head as his hips pounded harder and harder into her, rocking the table back and forth and bruising her hips with his own.

Angel: The cloth falling from her face she looked up, she could help but to resist to see the man that was doing nothing but giving her this amazing pleasure. Her eyes opened wide as she seen that it was her own Father. So many thoughts ran through her own mind, she didn’t care if it was wrong, he was the only one that had been able to please her in any form. “YES DADDY FUCK YOUR bahis şirketleri WHORE.” She finally screamed as she started pushing back against him loving the pain from his hands, his massive cock pounding into her tight pussy, the rope burning against her skin. “FUCK ME DADDY MAKE ME CUM LIKE THE WHORE I AM.” She screamed again as she rolled her hips into him screaming in complete pleasure.

Gerard: His eyes widened but his thrusts didn’t stop as he saw the balaclava fall tot he floor. Falling as if it was in slow motion before reality came back to light and he heard his daughter screaming out at him for him to fuck her and make her cum, calling herself a whore. He groan and smiled down to her as he propped a leg up onto the table, driving his cock solidly into her open wet cunt, pounding the hell out of his own daughter and loving it. His hands roughly molesting her tits as he carried on to fuck her in the beastly way he was, yelling out. “IM GUNA MAKE YOU CUM YOU LITTLE WHORE!” Gasping hard as he took a breath and moaned in the pleasure he was receiving before shouting at her again and slapping her tits harder than he had ever spanked her before, even when she was a little naught bitch. “THEN IM GOING TO CUM ALL OVER YOUR SLUTTY FACE!” He screamed out as his balled tighten up and his cock twitched and throbbed inside of her, letting him know he was growing closer to awaited climax.

Angel: Hearing his groans and the pleasure that he was receiving from the acts she pulled at the restraints wanting to touch him, wanting to run her hands all over his body, wanting to feel his naked flesh against her own. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she screamed out hearing her daddy calling her a whore and that he was going to cum on her face she moaned more pushing harder against him. Screaming over and over as her entire body started to tremble underneath of his own. As the waves of pleasure started roll in she screamed even more as her entire body stiffened beneath his as she started cumin for him, waves and waves of pleasure, orgasm after orgasm came as she started to buck violently against him wanting more and more she would do anything she had to in order to keep him hard and keep getting the pleasure from him.

Gerard: He would moan louder and louder as he felt her cunt begin to convulse and spasm around him, Her pussy cuming and her orgasm taking over her body as one hit after another. His cock driving faster and harder as he almost there pulls his dick from her slick wet folds and runs to her head. Forcing his cock into his whore of a daughters mouth he fucks her face, moaning and grunting as his chest heaves to take in the oxygen it needs as his cock twitches and his thigh muscles tighten. His balls tightening, he takes his cock from his daughters mouth and fires jet after jet of hot creamy spunk over her lips nose and cheek. His moaning and breathing stop as he cums all over her face. “OOOH FUCK….YOU DIRTY SLUT!”

Angel: As he pulled out from her dripping wet cunt she almost wanted to cry as she wasn’t done with the massive cock yet. As he shoved his cock back into her mouth she took every inch of her daddy’s cock with anticipation moaning as her tongue worked over his cock tasting all of her juices on him. All she could do was take him and moan. As he pulled his cock out and sprayed his seed all over her face she opened her mouth catching some of it in her mouth licking her lips as she tried to taste all that she could. So the moment wouldn’t be over she pulled at the restraints. “Daddy, untie me….please?” She looked up at him giving him puppy dog eyes that normally melted him. She wanted to taste more of him, she ached to feel him inside of her once more.

Gerard: Seeing his daughter in a different light he grinned down at her and shook his head. He wasn’t letting her go, not tonight not this week, probably not this month. This was his revenge for all the times he has had to sit back and watch her wonder around the house in next to nothing. This is for all the times he lay awake at night, listening to her moan as she finger fucker her soft tight cunt. He slapped her face lightly and bent down to kiss her lips softly before pitting his trousers on and walking upstairs to fix some room. Leaving her there for the time being until he was ready for a second round on her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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