The Motion of the Ocean

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It was just before sunrise when we arrived at the marina. The weather report predicted a beautiful day, the sky was clear the sea was calm and a light cool breeze blew in from the ocean.

For the first time in months we had a whole day we could spend together. About time, too. The stress of our jobs keeping us apart was beginning to take its toll on our relationship. We had begun to argue over petty little things that shouldn’t have mattered. I hate arguments, so does she. We knew it was just stress and we always made up quickly. But her new job required some odd hours and my promotion meant that ‘occasionally’ I had to make a road trip for a few days. ‘Occasionally’, however had quickly turned into once a week as my boss put more and more responsibility on my shoulders.

Now it was time for a break, just the two of us. A cruise up the coast, maybe a little fishing, maybe some diving, maybe just a day on the ocean getting some sun and spending some quality time together.

Jeannine loaded the ice chest and a few other things onto the boat, wearing a faded, snug pair of jeans and a bikini top. With her long, dark hair hanging down her back, her deep tan and the way she filled those jeans, I began to have thoughts of robbing a few banks, just so I could retire early and spend every waking moment looking at her. Watching her as she cast off the mooring lines, I was convinced she would be worth the risk.

We left the ‘No Wake Zone’ and I shoved the throttles all the way to the stops. Jeannine always loved taking the swells near the shore at full speed. At 26 feet, the Cigarette is big enough that the ride wasn’t too rough, but small enough to get airborne off the larger swells. I have to admit I enjoyed it too, though for different reasons. Seeing her standing beside me with the wind in her hair and the bouncing of the boat causing a bouncing in her bikini, it’s a wonder I didn’t wreck the boat.

At a few miles out I cut the throttles. “Well, my one true love, what will it be? Fishing, diving, just cruising around, or would you prefer some other kind of fun?” I said with a wink and a wolfish smile.

“Hmmm… Maybe all of the above though not necessarily in that order.” She returned the wink and the smile. “Actually I heard of a wreck just south of Key Biscayne that the last storm uncovered. That could be interesting. I got some vague GPS coordinates from some fishermen at the marina. Do we have enough fuel?”

“We’ve got enough to make it to St. Croix if you want.” I grabbed her around the hips and pulled her close. “I could call in dead for a few days and spend them with you on the beach. What do you say… Sand in your shorts… Fruity umbrella drinks… Me…”

“You know I want nothing more than to have you all to myself for a week. But your boss thinks the world of you and you would probably get away with it. Mine, on the other hand, has been watching me like a hawk since I started there. I would probably return to find my desk had been cleared out.”

“Well, you can always find another job…”

“But I like it there except for the boss. And she’s not so bad when she isn’t standing over my shoulder asking a dozen questions. Besides I’d like a little stability in my career, bouncing from job to job won’t help that.”

“I know,” I said, “we just don’t get to spend enough time together lately. And I miss you.”

“Well, we have today. That’ll just have to get us through for a while. So, You want to dive on the wreck or what?”

“I’m thinkin’ ‘or what’.” I gave her the wolfish smile again.

“Oh, we will ‘or what’, but later, you dirty old man.”

“Hey! Who you callin’ old? You dirty old woman?”

She laughed, “Well you are getting a little gray.”

“That’s from putting up with you. And I earned every one of those. Just be glad I still got some left to turn gray. Besides I can still take you in a fair fight.”

She exaggerated a pout.

“Hey, I said a fair fight. Pouting is not fair.”

“Who said I fought fair? Now kiss me you old fool?”

I did. Thoroughly. “How ’bout I get a blanket and throw it on the deck and we ‘or what’ right here right now.”

She smacked my arm and pushed me away. “Are you out of your mind? We’re only a couple miles from the marina, anyone could come up on us and have the show of a lifetime!” Her shocked look I didn’t quite buy. “Though I have to say, I’m really tempted. But, let’s dive. We can have all the fun you want later.”

I jammed my hands in the pockets of my shorts, kicked the captain’s chair and skulked a bit over-dramatically. “Ok, Mommy.”

She giggled and kissed me again. I cranked the throttles back up and followed her directions.

“Not the most accurate coordinates I’ve ever gotten.” I said “But in that area the water should be 40 to 60 feet deep. I can use the fish finder like sonar and see a fair layout of the floor. At those depths it should give me a pretty wide view.”

“Well they aren’t the best, that’s true, but it was the best the fishermen could offer. They said the Coast Guard had been out to check it out and they got the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri coordinates from their own GPS when they were told to fish elsewhere.”

“Hmmm… That sounds fishy indeed.”

“More bad puns?”

“Unintentional, I assure you. It’s just odd that the Coast Guard would be so secretive about something like an old wreck.”

I flipped on the fish finder and began a search pattern scanning the contours of the ocean floor looking for anything that didn’t look natural.

She changed from jeans into her bikini bottom on the deck.

“You sure you don’t want to ‘or what’?” She gave me the look again. “Ok, Mommy”

She kissed my cheek. “You’re so cute when you’re angry.”

“You should see me when I’m lusting after you. Oh… Wait… I AM lusting after you.”

She spread a beach towel on the forward deck and laid down on her back to work on her tan.

“Sure!” I called over the windshield. “I do all the work and you get to relax.”

“So?” She smiled back. “I got the information on it. Besides you know I don’t know how to read that thing.”

“Fair enough. But you owe me a little extra ‘or what’ for this.”

“Careful, I may ‘or what’ you death before we’re through.”

“I could live with that” I said grinning again.

She shook her head in mock disgust. ” And the bad jokes just keep a comin’.”

“Do I know any other kind?”

“No, but I like your bad jokes. They’re the best.”

“Does that mean my good jokes are the worst or that my bad jokes are actually funny?”


‘Thought that’s what you meant.”

After half an hour of searching, I spotted what could be a wreck on the fish finder. I almost missed it entirely. Watching the LCD display was difficult when I had other things to watch that were much more appealing.

“What’s this look like to you?” I said as I made a turn for another pass.

She came back for a look. As we passed over it again I cut the throttles.

“Looks like an old ship, lying on its side. But what’s all this?” She said, pointing to some odd shapes and lines that seemed to grow out of the deck area.

“Don’t know for sure. Might just be rocks and silt or coral or tangled timbers from the masts. Only one way to find out though.”

She grabbed her tank, flippers and mask and started for the transom. “Last one in is shark shit!”

“Oh, that’s fair,” I said sarcastically as I went forward to set the anchor, “Did you glue my tanks to the rack again?”

“No, silly… But I did nail your flippers to the bulkhead.” She laughed.

I grabbed my gear and joined her. I put my flippers on, then the tank, and then I checked her tanks and regulator. She checked mine as I donned my mask. She started for the edge, when I stopped her. “Have I ever told you just how incredibly, indecently, beautiful you look in a bikini?”

“Aw…” She turned and started towards me.

“SHARK SHIT!” I yelled as I jumped in.

I could hear her hit the water directly behind me. As the bubbles cleared, she grabbed my arm and turned me around to face her. Then she gave me the finger, removed her mouthpiece, and blew me a kiss. I removed my mouthpiece and returned a bubbly grin.

The water was crystal clear and we could see all the way to the bottom. As we descended I could see the ship, lying on its side. From the shape of it I could tell it was likely more modern then Civil War era and likely an old whaler. No treasure, but it would still be fun. As we closed on the wreck I could see that the shapes on the fish finder were just dunes of silt that had gathered like a snow drift around what was left of the masts. The aft decks were still fairly covered but the fore decks looked clear.

We swam around it for a few minutes checking to see how structurally sound it was, then, convinced it was sturdy enough, we found a hatch to the lower decks and entered. We poked around for 15 minutes or so, but found nothing but fish. We went back outside and looked the weather decks over, but again found nothing to indicate what ship it was.

A few more minutes of taking pictures of each other and our tanks were getting low. Disappointed, we headed back up.

“Damn! I can’t believe it was empty.” She said, as she tossed her flippers and mask into the boat. “And the Coast Guard was being secretive about that?”

“Well,” I said, helping her up on the transom. “Maybe it was salvaged years ago, then a storm moved it, another one buried it and this last one dug her up again. The Coast Guard boys may have thought it was something else.”

“Yeah, probably. But this was supposed to be a virgin wreck.”

“Well, with the currents down here, that sort of thing happens out here a lot.” I lifted the tanks into the boat. “Speaking of virgins…”

“You know I’m not…”

“I would hope not. That would mean I’ve just been having wet dreams for two years.”

“Then we’ve been having the same dreams.” She grinned. “You hungry?”

“For you, baby. Always hungry for you.” I said the, wolf showing again.

“Alright, no lunch for you.”

“Well güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri maybe a bite?…”

“Too late.” She said, “Had your chance. Muffed it.” She turned her back.

“Have I ever told you just how incredibly, indecently beautiful you look in a bikini?”

“Oh, no you don’t.” She accused, turning back to me “You’re not getting me with that one again… At least not ’til after lunch.”

“Fair enough. So what do we have for lunch?”

“Oh, NOW he’s hungry.” She rolled her eyes, then laughed. “Come on, I brought some salami, provolone, rye bread, pickles, chips, pasta salad and a nice bottle of wine.”

“Mmmm… A meal fit for a king… ” I pondered for a moment. “Hmmm… Can a Captain eat meals fit for a king?”

“I thought you were captain last time, it’s my turn. You’re first mate.”

“Mate?… Mate? Did you say Mate? And I’m first! Oh, happy day!”

She punched my arm, “Will you stop it?” Her tone was anger but her smile gave her away. “Ok, you can be Commodore.”

“Well, it is my boat.”

“Not after I divorce you for being a smart ass.”

“I’d rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass.” I ducked another punch in the arm. “Besides you can’t divorce me.”

“Why not?”

“Because we aren’t married.”

“Yeah! About that.”

“Damn! Me and my big mouth.” She stood there with her arms crossed tapping her foot and giving me her best, fake ‘You’re in trouble now’ look. “Ok, Ok. Being as you are Captain on this trip, you have the authority to marry people. So after lunch you can marry us.”

“I don’t think I can legally perform the ceremony for our own wedding. Besides there are no witnesses, it’ll never stand up in court.” She turned and looked disinterested. “I don’t want to marry you now anyway.”

“What? Why not?”

“You haven’t even proposed.”

“Yes I did.” I protested. “Two years ago and you laughed in my face.”

She turned to face me again. “It was the night we met. You were drunk, tripped and planted your face in my boobs.”

“That’s right! It was love at first sight… Well, feel… or would that be considered a grope? In any event, I did indeed propose and you turned me down. So I’ve had to settle for being your sex slave boy toy for two years.”

“Ok, it’s a fair cop, but society’s to blame.”

“Agreed. Let’s eat.”


After lunch, I tossed a blanket on the forward deck and doffed my shorts. I had just gotten comfortable when Jeannine came up from the cabin.

“What are you doing?” The accusing tone of her voice made me nervous.

“Umm… I’m working on my tan?”


“Well you know how my other girlfriend hates those unsightly tan lines.” I said, sarcasm dripping from the words.

“Other girlfriend, huh? I’d get you drunk, drag you to Vegas, marry you, then divorce you and take everything.”

“You know you’re my favorite. Besides you can have everything anyway, none of it’s any fun without you.”

“You do say the sweetest things.”

“Anything for you, Babe. Now hush, and let me sleep.”


“Well. Yeah. After a that lunch fit for king, commodore, captain and first mate, I need a nap.”

“The hell you say!” She jumped on top of me, straddling my torso, “You’re not going to sleep now. We were going to have some more fun.” She thumped my chest with her fist. “Now wake up, dammit!”

“Or what?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” She bent down and kissed me hard on the lips.

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” I said between kisses, “And I’ve been asking all day.”

“And you got it. Stop complaining.”

“Who’s Complaining?”

She kissed me again, and deep and hard. I pulled her down close to me, caressing her back. Her fingers combed through my hair, her own cascading around us as the kisses became more and more intense. Her hips were moving in short strokes up and down my abdomen as if searching. My hands worked lower on her back finally finding the luscious hills of her butt. Squeezing them gently, then more firmly, her hips picked up pace. I pinched her left buttock, not hard enough to leave a bruise, but hard enough to make her squeal.

She pulled back quickly, “Hey, that’s not fair!” She cried.

“Who said I fight fair?” Pulling her close again, “Speaking of fair, one of us is unclothed, and one of us…” I unhooked her top, “…is not.”

“And where did you learn to do that one handed?”

“Oh, years and years of practice… Actually my other girlfriend showed me that trick.” I closed my eyes and started to bring my arms up to protect myself from the immanent onslaught of fists. But they never came.

“I must meet this other girlfriend sometime. Perhaps I can get her to teach you some more neat tricks… Like how not to talk to your lover during ‘or what.'”

“Well you can meet her right now, if you like. She’s right here… Straddling me, and threatening to divorce me before I even have a chance to marry her.”

“Oohh… You do say the sweetest …”

Catching her off guard, I rolled taking güvenilir bahis şirketleri her with me. Pulling the bikini top off her shoulders and down her arms, I tossed it aside. She ran her fingers through my hair again, then grabbed a handful, and pulled me down. She kissed me lightly on the lips, then my cheek, and then my ear. I slipped away, kissing down her neck and across her shoulder and down the front of her neck.

My hands slowly moved up her sides to the firm globes of her breasts, gently squeezing them together and planting soft kisses on them. Her back arched upwards as I explored each nipple with my mouth and tongue. They responded, eagerly.

She moaned softly as I lightly kissed down her belly, around her navel. I could hear her breath deeply as I traced a line with my tongue across her right hip and down the inside of her thigh. Pulling the bottom of her bikini down her legs as I continued towards her toes, kissing licking and gently biting along the way. Her skin still tasted of salt from the ocean mixed with her own sweet taste. A better desert a man could not invent.

Starting back up her other leg, I worked my way to the back of her knee, then reaching a hand up, stroked her belly and tickled her. She squealed and rolled onto her side to get away from the mischievous hand. ‘So predictable sometimes.’ I thought to myself as I rolled her on over onto her belly. I continued up the backs of her legs to her buttocks, kissing them all over, wet sloppy kisses that made her shiver.

“Ass kisser. Now I know why your boss thinks so highly of you.” She giggled. “Are you a brown noser too?”

“That’s not funny.” I said, and ran my wet tongue down the crack of her ass.

She shrieked and rolled over again. “That tickles!”

“So predictable.”

I buried my face in her lap, feeling the warm soft hairs against my cheek, the stubble of the two days growth of beard brushing through them. I heard her breath deep as my tongue explored her treasure. Her prized gem peeking out of hiding, I greeted it warmly, and it welcomed me. Taking it gently between my teeth, I hummed in low tones as the tip of my tongue washed over it. The vibrations made her squirm, I worked my tongue more aggressively as my teeth held her captive. Her fingers ran through my hair harshly pulling at it and releasing and grabbing again as her hips began to buck. Only when her thighs pressed hard against the sides of my head did I release her.

She fell back, gasping. I placed warm light kisses around her belly as her breath became more regular.

I pushed myself up on both arms, then faked a slip. And fell face first into her cleavage. Looking up I stammered, “W-Will you marry me?”

“Ha Ha. Very funny. So where’s the ring Romeo?”

“If you are good to me,” I winked, “I’ll get it for you.”

“How good do I have to be?”

“How good are you?”

She pulled me back down and rolled on top of me again. “Oh, I’m bad… I’m very bad.”

She leaned down biting into my shoulder then kissing it and then down and across to my left nipple. Biting again as she dragged her nails down my sides sending tingling sensations throughout my entire body.

“Bad can be good.” I breathed.

She slowly worked down my abdomen kissing and biting, lightly scratching at my skin. She pulled at the hairs around my navel with her teeth, sending chills up my spine as her hands reached lower to my waiting erection. Stroking it between her hands, I could feel her breasts brush against my thighs. Then I felt her lips, soft and warm, as she kissed the tip then down one side. I felt her tongue hot and wet as she licked both sides up and down. She took me in her mouth, working excruciatingly slowly halfway down my manhood before sucking hard and pulling back, and down again. I was ready to explode by the third repeat.

I put my hands on her head and gently pulled her face towards mine. “You’re trying to suck the life right out of me aren’t you?”

She smiled wryly and kissed me, “Only part of it. No sense taking it all before you marry me. Insurance companies don’t count the girlfriend as a widow. Can’t collect” She giggled.

“Well that makes me feel so much better.” I said with just a hint of sarcasm. “By the way, I named you as the sole beneficiary on the policy a year ago.”

“Aaww… ” She cooed, “That’s so sweet. Now I can drain your life out of you and not lose the money. You think of everything.”

“Anything for you, babe.”

She wriggled, grinding my erection between us. She kissed me hard again, then bringing her knees under her she guided me into her. Lowering herself onto me so slowly, it seemed like an eternity, muscles contracting and relaxing like a python swallowing its prey. She planted light kisses across my cheek and ear, her hair, warmed by the sun, flowed across my face, her hands massaging my shoulders, hips grinding against me. Slowly her hips rose and descended again, I savored the full sensation of it. Her breasts brushed against my chest as she moved, her nipples growing harder from the contact. I ran my hands up and down her back feeling the firm muscles, then lower to her rump, I squeezed two handfuls and rubbed the wonderful globes, coaxing her to increase the pace and force of her strokes. Sliding my hands up her side, I pushed her upwards, as I firmly kneaded those perfect mounds, rolling her nipples between my fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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