The Housemate

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It had been building up for a while. She had been gaining confidence around guys and I’d been more and more friendly towards her and taken an interest in her life. We’d spent more time talking with each other recently, and it became increasingly clear that there was a connection developing between us. It was the occasional lingering glance, the smile combined with a gaze that was held just a little bit too long, and the deliberate attempt to avoid all bodily contact. Whilst the latter may seem strange, it was almost as if we knew between us that if we did touch each other it might become too much to resist the temptation. Unfortunately, the temptation very much had to be resisted.

She is my girlfriend’s housemate. The same girlfriend who has been becoming increasingly more annoying and less like a girlfriend and more like a wife of 30 challenging years. To an outsider it may not have seemed unsurprisingly to think that Janice, my girlfriend, was actually my sister the way she treated me sometimes. I had only known Faye for about a year, and only really properly for a couple of months, as she had started to come out of her shell.

The first time I ever saw Faye, I was attracted to her straight away. It was the middle of the summer and she was wearing the most stunning combination of clothes you could hope for when making a first impression. She had on a mid-thigh length black skirt and white tights with black pumps. She looked incredible, and that was before I even began to take in her upper body. I was in my girlfriends house, and we were on the bottom floor having just arrived back from the cinema. I had heard all about Faye, but had yet to meet her…

I could hear her coming down the stairs from the top floor with a deftness that defines her. She seems to effortlessly glide with the confidence of a super model when she walks. We heard her coming down and turned to look at the stairs. I was in particular quite keen to see what she was like. She did not disappoint. The first thing to appear were her toned calves as she came into view near the bottom of the spiral staircase. Seeing the white tights, and then the combination of them with the tight, thigh-length black skirt that appeared at the top of her long well-defined legs was an astonishing sight. I suppressed an audible gasp by turning it into slight cough.

She was speaking to someone on her phone and initially didn’t realise we were there. She looked up mid sentence, and her expression showed the surprise spread quickly over her face, before turning into a slight blush as her eyes fell on me, and met my appreciate gaze. I couldn’t help but admire her delectable form.

After the initial meeting it took quite a while for her to open up, and say a little more than “how are you? how was your day?” small talk whenever I went round there, but over time she became quite chatty and I enjoyed our little interchanges more and more.

Even though we spent more time together, it was always as a threesome, very rarely did my girlfriend leave us alone together. When she occasionally did, I especially enjoyed the conversation with the lingering glances. Her hazel eyes were immensely beautiful, and her smile captivating. I often wished I got to enjoy them more than I did. That said, me and my girlfriend were coasting along in our relationship seemingly happy on the surface, with her nagging levels ever increasing and my resentment at this heading the same way, but both of us just accepting it, for what it was.

So what happened to change all this? My girlfriend’s father was visiting us, and as is his want he took the four of us out to dinner. We went to a local Thai restaurant, and were led to a fairly small circular table in the back where there was “mood” lighting (hopefully they hadn’t mistaken it as a double date!). I sat opposite her father, and the girls took the spaces between us. I had Faye to my right, and Janice to my left. The thing about spending time with Janice’s father was that it was never uneventful – he liked his wine, and liked everyone else to enjoy it. I was more than happy to oblige of course, but Janice has a tendency to get emotional after a bit of alcohol. Faye, on the other hand didn’t usually drink very much. Upon sitting down he glanced at the wine list, and ordered up two bottles for the table. Everything was set for the drama to unfold… but little did I know quite what would happen.

The meal was going well, we all got through a large glass of wine or so each and conversation was flowing with Faye was looking a little flushed (which only served to heighten her beauty). She caught me glancing at her on a couple of occasions and she smiled sweetly, but subtly. It wasn’t long before the waitress came to order our food. Janice ordered her meal first and then headed off to the toilet. While her Dad was perusing the menu again, ordering his food and several side dishes for the table, I turned to Faye and said “Having fun?” and she just grinned, canlı bahis mischievously, taking her eyes down to my waist level and then back up to meet my eyes, while her tongue licked her lips seductively. She was turning me on a lot right at this point, I was feeling particularly horny – I had been for much of the day in fact. I was tempted to join my girlfriend in the toilet for a quick release. If I had left right away then, I would most likely have caught her still in there, but decided against it for some reason.

We probably weren’t being very subtle, and when the waitress turned to take my order she gave me a not so subtle wink too, and I just grinned at her and ordered my Duck red curry, with their famous sticky rice. As she leant over me slightly to take Faye’s order, she gave me a nice view of her cleavage and this gave me a quick idea. I cautiously slid my right hand under the table, and ever so gently rested it on Faye’s right thigh. She was wearing a fairly short skirt with no tights so I was touching her bare skin and it instantly sent a warm fuzzy feeling through me. She let out an audible gasp as I touched her for the first time ever. She recovered her composure quickly and continued to give her order to the knowing waitress, so I upped the ante and started to slide my hand gently up her soft leg. I could feel her thigh tense up in anticipation of how far I would take it. Although I badly wanted to keep going and going, I stopped when I felt the fabric of her skirt and only slid my little finger under the material. I left it there for a short while, and as the waitress pulled up having finished taking her order I pulled my hand away too, leaving us both wanting more. I chose not to look at Faye after that, and we both just resumed where we had left off with the conversation about global warming with Janice’s father. He was oblivious to what had just gone on fortunately, and despite me wanting to do it again I knew it would be a disaster getting caught so I thought better of it.

By the time Janice came back to the table, my heart beat had returned back to normal and although Faye looked flush, it was probably perceived by the others that the wine was the cause, and either way no one was going to be rude and mention it. We tucked into our meals, and I feasted on the spring rolls in sweet chilli sauce – they were fantastic. Everyone was enjoying themselves and the wine was being quickly devoured with Janice’s dad ensuring our glasses were frequently topped up. Faye and I would occasionally rub our legs together, with me taking the lead mostly and pushing my leg into hers only for her to move her leg ever so slightly against mine erotically.

What with Faye getting drunk, I didn’t want to miss up on the opportunity to take this further, given that I might not get another chance anytime soon. Janice and her Dad were getting a bit deep into Janice’s career options for once she finishes her degree, so I took the opportunity to slip my hand under the table once more and brought it to rest on Faye’s bare thigh again. It felt just as good second time round, and I badly wanted to turn and look deep into her captivating eyes, as I slipped my hand gently up her leg, under her skirt, tantalisingly close to her special place.

As I got closer and closer I could feel the incredible heat she was generating, and I knew she was enjoying this just as much as I was. I paused at the very top of her thigh, and rested my hand on the very inside of her leg, poised to touch her panty covered pussy. The anticipation was incredible, and I just had to tilt my head further towards Janice in the vague notion that I gave a shit about what they were talking about, just to distract myself.

At this point I was about as hard as I have ever been in my life. It was the point of no return – either I went on or I pussied out. I was tussling with this dilemma in my head, just as Faye rested her hand on mine and inched it onto her special place, and as I let my hand rest there cupping her mound it felt as though it was on fire, partly because of the emotional high and but mainly because of the heat that she was generating. It was absolutely mind blowing, and I couldn’t help but think that although it was hardly on the same level as making love, it felt just as good right now.

I gently started to move my middle finger along the length of her slit, just tracing the line between her lips, up and down a couple of times ever so slowly, savouring the moment, as though I might never get the opportunity again and at the same time, taking illicit pleasure from the fact that both my girlfriend and her dad were within touching distance and I could (and should) have been doing this to my girlfriend, rather than her housemate.

After a minute or so of rubbing against an increasingly wet pair of knickers I was beginning to wonder if I should try and slip my finger under the waistband so that I could touch her, skin on skin. I think I was in another world, bahis siteleri when she suddenly pushed her chair back and rose from the table leaving my hand groping at thin air. I was shocked and left feeling empty as I watched her fine form walk towards the stairs to go downstairs, making me feel deflated and disappointed.

My eyes followed her as she walked so elegantly, and turned so delicately at the top of the stairs momentarily, pausing just long enough to throw me a wink and a cheeky smile. It was at that point that I knew for definite that she was enjoying it just as much as I was. However, it put me in two minds – do I follow her down (would that be too obvious?) or do I wait for her to return and see what is to come? It was at that point that I brought my gaze to Janice, and she caught my eye and dragged me into her conversation with a “What do you think, honey?” which effectively made my decision. It was for the best, because even in my slightly drunk state I knew that walking off after Faye could well raise an eyebrow or two.

As it was, I stepped up and joined in the conversation and did my bit. I concurred and generally agreed, nodding my head at the right time and making the right noises at the appropriate moments. However my mind was thinking of a missed opportunity. I could have been downstairs, inbetween Faye’s sexy legs with her skirt bunched around her waist and her knickers quickly disgarded with me deep inside her, and kissing her passionately as we frantically made love. I did wonder if she was down there pleasuring herself with similar thoughts, and I really hoped she was.

My eyes kept flicking over at the top of the stairs to check on her return and it didn’t seem like long until she was back, walking slowly towards our table, never taking her eyes off me, and although the lighting was low I saw her tongue escape her pretty mouth and graze delicately and seductively over her lips. It made my heart flutter and I don’t think that short sequence of events will ever leave me for as long as I live.

I looked away as she neared the table, so that it didn’t seem obvious to the others. She sat down with a little less grace than usual, allowing her chair to move slightly to her left, even closer to mine. I felt my already hard cock jump in my pants at the thought that she wanted to be closer to me, I knew we were going to be able to continue where we left off.

I thought to myself that it was best to give it at least a couple of minutes before putting my hand under the table again despite the urge that made me want to do it straight away. I was a little surprised when within about 10 seconds of having sat down, Faye had her own hand under the table and I felt her hand on my lap but even softer than I expected. At first I thought she was going to stroke my hard dick through my trousers, but the quick removal of her hand and the thought that although the alcohol had loosened her up, she really wasn’t that bold put me straight. I could however, still feel a slight pressure on my lap and I realised that there was something there…

I put my left hand under the table and gave Janice’s thigh a gentle squeeze, and although she didn’t react or look my way I was hadn’t intended to keep it there. I quickly brought my hand to my lap to see what was there. I could feel it was a little bundle of cloth, and couldn’t at first make out what it was but after a moment of moving it around in my hand I felt the dampness on part of the cloth and it dawned on me what Faye had done. She had taken her knickers off downstairs and brought them up to give to me.

It was at this point that I thought my cock was going to explode out of my trousers, and I so badly wanted to bring the knickers above the table and smell her aroma. The setting hardly called for that, and it would have given the whole game away, so I came to my senses and spent a short while just enjoying having them in my hands. I glanced slightly towards her, which was harder now that she was sat at less of an angle to me, but I could still see her flash me a cheeky knowing grin.

Knowing she was knickerless and had handed me the very same garment that had been protecting her most sacred place only minutes before, made me so horny. Anyone in that situation would have interpreted the way I did – it was an open invitation to go further than I had last time, and I certainly wanted to make the most of this opportunity. In a perverse way I thought I would tease myself, and her at the same time by re-joining the semi-serious father daughter conversation and take it off track a little in order to give myself a bit of a grace period having contributed fairly recently. I waited for a short pause, and jumped in with a comment about how good the food, and particularly the wine was. The bottle was empty, so unsurprisingly this prompted Janice’s father to stop a passing waitress to order another bottle which I’d hoped he might. I knew we weren’t going to be leaving anytime soon.

I bahis şirketleri let them drift back into their conversation before I slowly edged my right hand under the table. In a further move to build up the tension, I didn’t touch her leg straight away – I left it dangling and then just gently brushed the outside of her thigh before moving it away again. She murmured and moved her left thigh towards me to touch it against my hand. I didn’t want to hold back any longer. I moved my hand right onto her thigh about half way up, and held it there for a couple of seconds just enjoying the warmth of her skin. Ever so gently, I moved it gradually down her leg towards her knee before stopping and bringing it back in the other direction. As I did this, I could feel her thigh muscles tighten in anticipation.

As I got closer to her pussy, my cock got even harder which I hadn’t thought was actually possible. My hand got closer and closer to the place where her leg meets her pussy, and I paused within touching distance, and while I felt the heat she was generating on my fingers I turned to her and quickly gazed into her eyes, and saw what I was hoping for – implicit permission to go further. I immediately touched two finger tips to her pussy lips which were already very wet, and I was delighted by her reaction, the huge smile that spread over her face, showed me that she wanted this just as much as I did.

I moved my fingertips ever so lightly once up and down her slit, wanting to take things slowly and make this last as long as I could get away with, savouring each precious moment of the encounter. I then proceeded to start a gentle stroking motion up and down, varying the pressure and the speed a little. In response she slouched a bit on her chair pressing her pussy more into my hand, keen for me to penetrate her. I continued on for a few seconds before taking my middle finger and positioning it at her opening. I left it there momentarily, then slowly eased my finger into her incredibly tight vagina only as far as the first knuckle. I could feel the muscles clamped tightly around it and I only just managed to wiggle it a little against the pressure. I began to imagine how amazing it would feel to have those same muscles working on my rock solid cock.

I started to pull out, but then edged my finger back in – this time up to the second knuckle which was nearly as far as I could get in our current respective positions. I left it there for a while enjoying the feeling of her warmth and being incredibly turned on by having my finger inside this amazing girl’s most special place while my girlfriend was at my side completely unaware.

I then pulled out of her completely, with my head turned towards her to see her reaction. She looked delighted, and then aghast as she realised my finger was gone. I rested my hand on her bare vagina, lightly stroking my whole hand up and down. Not being able to resist I then reinserted my middle finger back inside her, and started a slow light thrusting movement with my finger. Although Faye was very well lubricated the strength of her muscles and her tightness made this slighter harder than I might have thought, even though my angle of penetration was hardly ideal. By this point my hand was practically covered with her juice. I was yet to taste it, but I knew I would soon.

I kept this up for a couple of minutes and I have to admire her performance throughout. She managed to keep almost always quiet – she turned a few moans into coughs, so much so that Janice asked her if she was alright but she shrugged it off, not wanting to open her mouth to answer just as I increased the speed.

She then started to rock her body subtly to meet my finger thrusts and she tightened up even more, and I knew she was close to orgasm. I wasn’t sure what to do, whether to take her over the edge and hope she didn’t give the game away or leave her hanging and horny and hope to finish her off afterwards. In the end, generosity won out, I just couldn’t leave her in that state without bringing her to climax – it would have been cruel. I kept up the intensity, slowly stroking away at her insides, and sure enough within a minute or so she came with a silent explosion, her body rocked under the table and her thighs trapped my hand in place and prevented me from moving at all, keeping my finger trapped firmly inside her. The walls of her pussy clenched tightly around my finger and then as she came back down from her orgasm they gradually slackened and as her thighs parted, I slid my finger out and brought it back to rest on her thigh. We had gone full circle and were back to where it all started.

I took a moment to reflect on what had just happened and I could believe it. On the surface she was such an innocent girl, but I had just fingered her to orgasm under the dinner table with my girlfriend – her good friend sitting at most a metre away. It was mind blowing.

The timing couldn’t have been better as Janice’s dad let out a yawn, turned round to get his coat from the back of his chair which signalled the end of the meal. As we got up and put our coats on, Faye leaned over to whisper in my ear. “Wow! I can’t wait for my turn…”

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