The fire

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The fire rose into the night, twisting and turning. It threw embers to the sky, its heat and light drawing the crowd like human moths to a giant candle. And like the fire, those people too, twisted and turned their bodies in constant motion, dancing to a driving rhythm that was more than the music blaring from speakers. It was the rhythm of the fire, old as time.

She felt that rhythm deep inside her self as she swayed in front of the huge bonfire. She didn’t mind the slow drizzling rain that fell or the mud that was everywhere. She felt only the heat, and longed to feel more of it in her.

As she danced, she noticed the men watching her. Some single, some married like her. Her ample breasts strained against the thin shirt she wore. As the rain dampened it, her nipples stood out prominently, and knowing they watched her made them harder.

The song ended and people drifted away to tents to retrieve more liquor, more dope, and more potions and concoctions to make the night more surreal nd fantastic. She walked to the cook tent, a need for food outweighing a need to get high. At least right now. As she fixed a plate, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. She turned suddenly and bumped into him. She laughed and started apologizing, but realized she knew him. The face and name clicked suddenly and she remembered him from last year. He had expressed interest in getting together last time, and lived close to her back home. But schedules never worked out and she hadn’t thought of him in months. They chatted for a moment, small talk to reacquaint themselves and talk about all that was going on around her.

But then her eyes started to wander over his tall, lean frame. At the same time he leaned close and whispered in her ear, “You have the most incredible looking tits. Every guy out there was watching you and is talking about them.” His words made familiar warmth begin between her thighs. “Well how would you like to get a better look at these incredible tits?” she said, her own words shocking part of her, delighting another. He canlı bahis smiled and nodded the want between them growing as evident as the bulge in his shorts.

She stepped out of the tent to look around for anyone she knew. No one was around. Her husband would be at the other end of the campgrounds, probably talking business with someone. “God why wouldn’t he just loosen up a little, just for the weekend,” she thought. While everyone else here gave in to drink and drug, and the pleasures of the flesh, he would stay painfully in control and not understand why she got so wild and uninhibited out here.

They started walking off towards the darkness beyond the glow of the fire and the camp. The ground was slick with mud and the rain seemed to be getting harder, but neither minded. They walked until they were a few hundred yards from the camp, still able to hear the sound of the music, but not be heard by the others. He led her underneath a large cedar tree, its needles and branches having kept the ground around it a margin drier than the rest of the ground. Knowing they would not be interrupted they began to give in to the fire.

He pulled her to him and they kissed, hard, hungrily. His hands slid under her shirt wanting to feel those incredible tits. She broke the kiss and stepped back for a second. She pulled the shirt over her head, and reached behind to undo her bra. Now free her plump, but rather firm 38DD breasts were his to enjoy. He fell to his knees in the mud and began squeezing them, his mouth latching onto a nipple and sucking hard. She moaned at the intensity of the feelings and pulled him to her, nearly smothering him with her cleavage.

“Do you like what you see, or should I say feel?” she asked with a laugh. With his mouth full of nipple he muttered yes and began licking his way around each breast. The sensations were causing the heat between her legs to grow and she could feel the wetness begin to seep out of her pussy, dampening her thong panties.

She pushed him back for a second and dropped to her knees bahis siteleri now, She kissed him more, and then pushed him down so he was lying on the ground. Her hands reached down to undo his shorts and he smiled knowing of her love for sucking cock. She was a veritable fiend for oral sex, and would admit it freely. His shorts slid off and his thick seven inches sprang out. She moaned at the sight of his manhood and with no preliminaries took him into her mouth, sliding her lips down the shaft. In two seconds she deep-throated him, loving the feel of his cock pulsing in her throat and mouth. She slowly slid back up, sucking as hard as she could and released him with a loud pop. He had gasped at the first sensations and let out a half moan, half shout at the end. She grinned fiendishly and began to suck him with fervor. She didn’t want him to cum, but she rarely got to suck such a nice big cock, so she was going to by God enjoy it.

After a few minutes of bliss for both of them, she released him and climbed on top of him. ”Now lets fuck. Let’s fuck like animals out here in the mud and rain.”

He answered her by growling and suddenly grabbing her. She squealed with delight as he rolled her on her back, and reached down to remove her muddy shorts. In a flash they were both fully naked and in another flash, he slid his throbbing rod deep inside her tight wetness. She wrapped her legs around him and grabbed his ass, begging him to fuck her hard and fast. The fire in her cunt was an inferno now, and only his cock, his cum would put it out.

The rain began to come down harder and the sheltering branches could not protect them now. But as the water fell on them, it spurred them on. Soon he was pounding into her, his cock like a piston sliding into her. She raked his back with her nails and swore like a cheap whore at him, begging him to fuck her, describing how good it felt to be fucked like an animal in the mud and rain.

Their pace became more frantic now, her orgasm approaching. Suddenly the first one hit her and she screamed bahis şirketleri it out, her body shuddering under him as he drove into her even harder. As the feeling subsided, he slowed and looked down at her. “I want you from behind, I want to fuck you like a dog, like a horse takes a mare.”

He got off and she quickly rolled to her knees. Her ass was covered with mud, and he wiped it off with his shirt. He rubbed the tip of his cock over slit, teasing her clit, until she turned and told him to hurry up and fuck her. He placed the tip of his cock against her dripping snatch and with a bestial roar, drove it deep into her with one hard stroke. She screamed at the sudden invasion. She had expected to be filled, but never so violently or suddenly. She gasped at the sensation, then gave in to it. She thrust her ass back against him, encouraging him to fuck her hard and deep. They started going and soon he was pummeling her from behind. She felt his balls smack against her as his stomach slapped her ass. She soon came again and could feel him getting close. His motions became more frenzied, his moans louder. Suddenly she felt his cock swell and with one last stroke he buried his rod deep inside her as his seed filled her. As he came, her last orgasm was triggered and she shook and screamed at the pleasure she was feeling.

After a long moment, he leaned back and withdrew from her. She looked at her watch and realized they had been gone only ten minutes. She turned to face him and saw his cock, still hard glistening with their juices, She crawled to him and took him in her mouth, milking the last of his juices and savoring the taste of her own. He knelt, eyes closed at the feel of her mouth. She released him and knelt facing him. They kissed again, more softly, both feeling the warmth of their bodies against the cool rain that fell on them. They stood and quickly dressed both deciding they had fallen down in the mud while dancing. That’s what they would say to explain the mud all over them. As they reentered the camp, a few people eyed them suspiciously then knowingly smiled. They rejoined the crown dancing around the fire once again.

“Who knows,” she thought as she watched him dance with the flames. “I may have to have my fire put out again tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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