The Encounter

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Sitting in the restaurant waiting for her friend to show up Lee wondered why it seemed her life lately had become a crazy mix of work, work, and work. Looking at her watch one more time she starts thinking about her life; it had been months, to long, since she had been on a date let alone had sex. Not that she wasn’t an attractive person, just a bit over the generally accepted weight of beauty. If she were to lose thirty pounds her body would be considered very sexy, with large breasts and curvy hips, but she just had been so busy with work she hadn’t really even had time to worry about it.

Looking at her watch again, sighing, she glances around the room, everyone seems to be here with a date or a spouse or a partner; and here she sits, alone as usual. As she looks around again she notices the sexy man in the corner looking at her. He isn’t alone, he has his back against the wall his date, wife, partner is facing him. His eyes are what caught her attention the first time, his arms, the second, but it was the strong long looking fingers that caught and held her attention. He was looking at her, but slowly running his fingers up and down his date’s hand, but staring at Lee. The intense look was rather unnerving, then he slowly looked down to her chest, Lee could feel that look burn into her chest, her nipples getting hard, her breathing picking up pace. Moreover, he knew, because a slow grin spread across his face, followed by a quick wink. Lee shook her head and let out a little laugh, it had been canlı bahis way to long since she had sex.

Looking to the door, she notices her girlfriend finally has arrived. As her friend walks toward the table she once more glances at the man, he is still staring, and as he catches Lee’s eyes he licks his finger and slowly reaches over and runs his finger over his dates lips all the while looking at Lee. As her friend sits down, she notices Lee is a bit flustered and asks what is up…Lee laughs and says it has been to long since I have had sex. After enjoying their meal, Lee and her friend stand up to say their goodbyes, before leaving Lee glances across the room looking at the man one more time, not realizing that her look is hungry, wanting.

As she heads back to work, like a typical evening, going in after hours, she thinks I am going to have to do something about needing sex. As she enters the entryway heading into the office, she feels a hand grab her shoulder. Gasping and turning around she feels her mouth covered with a hard mouth, pushing with all her might gathering her breath to let out a scream she about chokes when she realizes who her ‘Attacker’ is, it is the man from the restaurant, still freaking she trys to push him back. Feeling his hands cover her breasts and squeezing her nipples, pulling on them even as he sucks her tongue into his mouth. Lee feels her body tensing, moistening, heating. Gathering her senses a bit she pushes against his shoulder and looks around, there is nobody bahis siteleri around. The entryway to work is absolutely abandoned, and she relaxes into the kiss.

Suddenly he pushes her against the wall and pulls her shirt up, biting on her nipple hard, making her scream, then pulling her breast out of the cup of the bra, asking forgiveness with his lips and tongue as he gently licks and sucks. Lee feels his hands slide down her back grabbing her ass as he pulls her into his body, feeling his hard cock pressing into her belly. She starts gasping, panting, her crotch is soaked, as he pulls her skirt up, she can feel her panties sticking to her pussy with moisture, then he slowly slides two of those long hard fingers up and down the wetness. Lee gasps and her head slides back, she reaches forward, pulling on his belt and pants, getting them unzipped but not unbuttoned, before he slides down her body and pulling her panties aside sticks his tongue into her pussy lips, and licking from her vagina to her clit, sucking on her clit, then slowly she feels him stick two fingers insider her, slow then fast pressing for that spot.

AAaaa, god he hits it and she feels herself start to shudder, feeling herself coat his fingers, as he starts moaning on her clit she about falls apart, grabbing his shoulders she pulls him up begging him to put his cock in her, she reaches down and finishes opening his pants pushing them down so his hard cock can be free. She grabs his dick and pulls it towards her pussy, bahis şirketleri he again grabs her ass and lifts setting down on the bench in the entryway, he pulls her down on his cock, gasping as he feels the muscles in her vagina, clench on him as he pushes in and in. He almost cums as he feels her muscles spasming on him, and then she starts to move moaning and begging for him to fuck her. He can’t hold back anymore and starts lifting her hips with his hands pounding her down onto his dick while he pushes up, he leans forward bites a nipple and then pulls back as he can’t control a groan escaping. Lee feels her body tensing and then suddenly releasing in a shock wave of shudders and muscle contractions she lets out a scream, feeling her go over the edge the man, starts pumping faster as he feels his balls tightening finally he feels the rush of sperm leaving his dick filling her, as he experiences a powerful orgasm.

Lee’s head falls forward and lays on his chest as he leans his head back against the wall. Slowly she starts to realize where she is, more importantly, that she doesn’t know who he is. He starts to feel her tense, and leans down, lifts her head up and grins at her. She feels him lift her off his lap, standing her on her feet. He reaches to her crotch and pulls her panties back over her sopping pussy, slides her skirt down her hips, and pulls her shirt down over her breasts without putting them back in her bra. He stands up zips and buttons his pants, winks and walks away.

Lee is in shock, she can’t believe what she has just done, and then she looks up, sees the video camera that she knows feeds to the guard’s station, groans, turns around and decides to go home and finish her work in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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