The Car Wash

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Nicole didn’t like washing her car on the front yard or driveway. Too many nosy people stating the obvious. “Washing your car are you?” or “Nice day for it”. There was room in the backyard for her to park the car and she would wash it there away from the eyes of the nose public.

I had just come home from work and had an appetite for dinner. I enjoyed cooking for Nicole and she enjoyed eating everything I made. It was mutually beneficial as I would often get rewarded with lengthy kisses for my troubles. Usually I shopped for the week buying several meals at once and cooked what she felt like more on the night. I was going to start dinner but needed to know what she wanted and how long she would be so I could time it with that.

I peered out the backyard and saw Nicole and instantly went hard. She was wearing hot pink boylegs and a white singlet. Judging by the free bouncing around in her top I would say she wasn’t wearing a bra either. I stared as she made her way around the car, eyeing her sexy legs as she walked up and back spraying water over her car. She gripped the hose in a way I could imagine she was holding my cock. Hand wrapped around it firmly as it sprayed a jet of liquid. It was a very pleasurable sight.

She began to lean over her car to reach a far part. Her hot ass was pointed toward me wriggling with the motion of her wiping her car. My mouth was almost watering seeing her wiggle about and I was extremely aroused. I began to rub my jeans where my erection was. I just had to have her now.

I slid the screen door across and she faced me. She began to giggle. I had no idea why or what for. The closer I walked the more she smiled cheekily. I didn’t know whether to tickle her or plant one on her lips.

“How long are you going to be, gorgeous?” I asked. “About 10 more minutes,” she smiled. “What did you want for dinner?” I questioned. “That!” she laughed as she squirted a jet of water at my crutch where my cock was bulging.

Nicole started to giggle like the naughty girl she was. I leapt forward to wrestle the hose from her but she kept squirting my pants. I chased her around the car and she continued squirting me and screaming. I managed to reach her and grabbed her around the waist. I started tickling her and she dropped the hose. It began to wave around soaking both of us. I could see her breasts through her wet white top.

I picked up the hose and squirted her. She was canlı bahis letting out a combination of giggles and screams. I went to turn the hose off and she sprayed me with the last of the water before the hose was turned of fully. As I walked toward her she threw a bucket of soapy water at me and started laughing hysterically.

She ran into the house and I ran after her. I followed the dripping water into the bathroom and managed to pry the door open.

I grabbed her around the waist amidst a few light objects being thrown at me. I started kissing her neck as she giggled some more.

“What to do with little miss naughty?” I asked rhetorically.

I continued to kiss her madly all over her neck and worked my way to her mouth. It wasn’t long before we were engaged in a passionate kiss. Between kisses I licked the water off her face before diving in to taste her sweet lips again. My cock was pressed hard against her crotch. I was already hard and leaking and wanted nothing more than to fuck her.

Instinctively she jumped on the basin which was about waist height and spread her legs. I ran my fingers on the outside of her pussy and gave it a light rub through the now soaking boylegs. I kissed my way down her wet top and lifted both of my hands up to her chest. I took her top off and began to massage her breasts with my mouth. She started to take my sports top off as I kissed her perky tits. She leant back and threw my top in my face and started laughing again. I mumbled “Naughty girl” and continued to kiss her breasts.

She gently rubbed my chest and back as I kissed and sucked all over her boobies. I was rubbing her thighs up very high as I continued to kiss her breasts. I was kissing the main part with my mouth, fitting in as much as I could, and licked around her nipples in circles with the tip of my tongue. Every breath required I would swap to pay attention to the other breast. I continued to rub her thighs up very high.

The little treasure that sat in the boylegs was getting more and more tempting. I lowered my head and starting kissing toward her pelvis. I made a stop to her belly button on the way down – pashing it like it was her mouth. Putting my lips all over it, with a lot of tongue action and sucking. I kissed it enthusiastically for a minute or so before working my way down to her hot pussy.

I started to suck and bite her boylegs where her pussy was, sucking in all the water bahis siteleri that was covering it, and any juices that had leaked through. Nicole was moaning with pleasure as she stroked my hair. I poked my tongue firmly against where her pussy was and gave a few small nibbles. I paid attention to all parts of her pussy and inner thighs with my mouth and tongue.

I ran my hands around her ass to get a good feel of her sexy ass cheeks, the ones that teased me into an erection earlier. I rubbed and massaged her ass for a bit before returning them to her gorgeous legs. After a few rubs of her thighs I removed her boylegs slowly. Pulling them down her thighs, past her knees, along her shins, and took them off her feet.

Her legs spread somewhat and I was staring at her moist pussy. Nicole looked at me with her sexy sapphire eyes urging me to stick something down there. I rubbed her toes and put them gently in my mouth, kissing them softly. I moved my attention slowly up the inside of her calves. She began to moan again and play with my hair and my face. I kissed higher and higher up her legs but going slowly to tease her. Kissing her knees, and then gradually up the inside of her thighs.

About half way she grabbed my head and pressed it hard against her crotch. Her pussy was pushed hard against my lips and she was thrusting it back and forth in my face. I sucked up all the juices she had been leaking and began to run the tip of my tongue up her slit. I eventually reached her hard throbbing clit and paid attention to it by running my tongue on and around it. I went back down her slit, pushing her pussy lips apart with the tip of my tongue.

I pressed my tongue in a little bit further as I ran it up and down her slit until it was about half way in. I began to make gentle thrusts and she thrusted back, moaning and squealing. She was rubbing my hair hard. Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to know she was enjoying it and that she wanted me to fuck her madly.

I sucked and pashed her pussy all over, taking in all of her juices. I made sure every inch of her pussy was being satisfied with different parts of my mouth. It tasted very nice and I couldn’t wait any longer to fuck her. I gave a little more attention to her clit before rising up.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my fly. I took them off with my boxers and my cock popped up like a jack-in-a-box. It was very moist and covered in bahis şirketleri precum. Nicole began to stroke it as I wrestled my pants from my feet and kicked them away. She was massaging the tip of my penis and spreading my precum all over it. I looked her in the eyes and smiled.

She parted her legs and put her hands on the bench for support. I ran the tip of my cock up and down her pussy slit. She was began moaning and panting in anticipation. I rubbed it against her clit, and then back down her slit. I pressed it against her pussy lips and my head entered her warm moist entrance. It felt so good. I pressed it in deeper and deeper.

I got about half way and Nicole grabbed my ass and slammed my cock all the way in. I was pressed hard against her and began to pound her. She was kissing me all over my neck and chest, panting and moaning, massaging my ass and using it to hold on. I was playing with her hair as I was fucking her at a nice and moderate pace.

I would vary between short and fast thrusts, and long and slow ones. She was playing with my ass as I pounded her warm moist pussy. She began to pash me madly running her hands all over my face.

I grabbed onto her ass and continued to pound her more and more. I was a nice soothing rhythm as I started licking around her lips and kissing her neck. I was worked my mouth around her neck and back to her lips again to enter another passionate pash. I started to pick up speed and fucked Nicole faster and faster.

I could see her boobies bouncing around and started massaging them gently, rubbing her nipples between my fingers. They felt so good as I massaged them with one hand, holding her ass with the other for support. She smiled at me between panting heavily and I smiled back. She went to kiss my neck and I held her head against mine as I fucked her with a fast speed.

It felt incredible and I didn’t want to stop. We were making sloshing noises as I pounded her harder and harder. I could feel my balls slamming against both her and the bench. I put my finger down and started to rub her clit as I fucked her harder and faster. She held onto my ass and began to moan and squeal.

I could feel her clench hard and knew she was about to cum. It was an instant turn on and without warning I exploded an orgasm deep inside her. Shooting jet after jet of cum as she climaxed all over my cock.

I fell out of her and began to pash her madly – kissing slower and slower as our heartbeats returned to normal.

We both said “I love you” at the same time and then she pressed her head against my chest.

Dinner can wait. We decided to take a nice warm shower instead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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