The Boardwalk

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He leads you by the hand, along the boardwalk. The two of you are alone there, save for the birds. There is an observation tower, three stories tall. You climb it together, fingers intertwined. At the top, you lean against the rail and look around you. Behind you, nothing but a sea of green mangroves. In front you can see the boardwalk below you. He cups your ass and kisses the back of your neck.

His lips glide over the nape of your neck, as his hands slowly unbuttons your shirt. You feel the pale skin of your breasts tighten under the warm sun, and the salty breeze. He bites down on your now bare shoulder, and you gasp, pressing yourself back into him. His fingertips run up and down your sides, teasing. As his fingers begin to pinch your nipples, you idly wonder if anyone will come down the trail. By the time he slides your pants down over your hips, and his fingers start to glide over your slick pussy, you know that you don’t care.

He continues to kiss your neck, sometimes biting down just hard enough that you shiver. One hand is rolling your nipple between two fingers, a sweet sensation that seems to pull heat up from your pussy. The other hand slowly spreads your pussy open, and you moan as the wind kisses you. He slowly slips a finger inside you, then runs the soaked finger back and forth over your clit. You sway your hips in rhythm with his fingers, a dance güvenilir bahis of slow building passion.

Suddenly he roughly spins you to face him. He takes a nipple into his mouth, while thrusting two fingers deep inside you at the same moment. You cry out, and grip the rail tightly. His tongue flicks over your nipple, hot and damp, then he bites down hard enough to make you groan. The fingers fuck you hard and fast, and you feel the tightening in your belly building. Your moans get louder and longer with each thrust.

Then the fingers are gone, and you growl in shock and disappointment. He drops to his knees before you, and replaces his fingers with his mouth. One long slow lick, molding his tongue to your pussy, your clit, ends your protests. He starts to flick his tongue back and forth over your clit, as you grip the back of his neck in your hand. You feel his lips close over your clit, and he is sucking on you, varied with sudden flicks of his tongue. One finger teases the your pussy, barely penetrating you.

You pull him up, and kiss him, tasting your hot need in his mouth. You press him into the rail and pull up his shirt. You run your mouth over his smooth skin, until you find his nipple. You smile to yourself as he gasps when your teeth close over it. You reach down and cup him between the legs. His cock is as hard as your remember it ever being. He is wearing türkçe bahis nothing underneath his shorts. You feel dizzy with lust.

You kiss and bite your way down his torso, to your knees. Impatiently you open his shorts and pull them down. You take his cock in your hands, enjoying the soft skin, the heat radiating from him. You run your soft lips over the sides of him, and he moans for you. You allow the head of his cock to slide between your lips, sucking softly. You know he is not even watching the trail below, and if anyone should happen to come up the boardwalk there would be no hiding you taking what was yours. The thought makes you smile, and you let your mouth slide over him.

His cock fills your mouth perfectly. You start to slide your mouth up and down his length. You feel him trembling, moaning. You only stop when you feel his cock start to throb in your mouth. You stand fast, and kiss him hard, letting him taste the salty flavor.

He steps behind you, and spreads your legs. You bite your lip and brace yourself against the rail as he rubs his cock, slick from your mouth, over your pussy, then enters you. He starts to fuck you, his hands cupping your breasts. With each thrust he feels harder, thicker inside you, and you start to cry out every time he fills you. One hand tangles in your hair, and roughly pulls your head back. You are feeling that fire güvenilir bahis siteleri build inside, rushing through your belly, filling your veins. He starts to pound his cock in and out of you now, and you know nothing could stop what is building inside the both of you now. He cries your name out, and some water bird answers. He bites down on your shoulder hard, and you let go. You struggle to breathe as your entire body contracts, every muscle trembling. You feel him shoot inside you, hot, and he calls your name again and again, still with his teeth on your shoulder.

When you can both move without shaking, you dress, and walk down the boardwalk to the car, fingers intertwined. He opens the door for you. He leans over and kisses you, and goes to start the car. You reach out and stop him.


Before he can respond, you are reaching across, and freeing him from his shorts. You lean across him, and take him into your mouth again. He moans deeply, and you shiver. You taste your pussy, musky and sweet, as you begin to suck him hard and fast, feeling him swell in your mouth. His hand tangles in your hair and you feel his fingers caressing you. The muscles in his thighs start to tremble, and suddenly he shouts your name as he cums. You swallow him down, and lick the head of his cock before you put him away.

You only smile in response to his shocked look. You are already thinking by the time you get home, he will be ready again, and making love in the bath sounds soothe your sore muscles…

As you pull out of the parking lot, another car pulls in, and you laugh in sheer delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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