The Alley

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Stacey sat at work staring at the computer screen in front of her, her mind not really on her work this day. She thought that she had moved on from him, after months of messages and chats she thought they had both lost interest. A new boyfriend had helped, and she had lots of fun times with him, but as the shine came off that relationship, her mind had drifted back toward him more often than she wanted to admit.

She had gone looking online for the stories he had written for her, but they were gone, he had taken them down. No longer did she have her little corner of the internet where she could take herself to relive those memories and pleasure herself.

Then it happened.

She found an email from him sitting in her inbox, and she responded. Yes, she would like to chat if he still wanted to.

She sat staring at her computer screen now wondering if that was the right thing to do. Some things are best left in the past. Their games had been fun. She had shared photos and thoughts with him that she shared with few others, but perhaps that was just the past.


He had visited their old website a few times, to see if there was anyone there to start an interesting chat with. He always started each visit checking if she was there, but she never was. He remembered the photos she had shared with him; photos of herself. some clothed, some not. He wished he had kept them, he wished he had the images to connect to the memories of their chats as he pleasured himself, like they’d used to do together. He had the memories sure, but he missed the things they discussed in their chats.

Then he’d sent her an email, not thinking she’d respond and suspecting she wanted him to leave her alone. When the ‘new mail’ symbol had appeared on his email he caught his breath. He responded straight away, she was back checking into their old chat site. A few chats later they were talking about old times, it was then she had told him where she was working and he realised she was not that far away.


He had to admit it to himself, it sounded crazy. Chat is one thing, but this idea was completely inappropriate. Yet he’d never thought they’d be chatting again, never realised that they were so close. She mentioned in her emails about how she wished she had copies of his stories, he desperately wanted any photos of her he could get. Should he? He wanted to test the boundaries, he wanted to see if she was up for their games again. Meeting had always been a key part of their fantasy game.

The email simply read:


This Saturday, will you meet me outside your work? Don’t talk to me, just come out the back of your work and let me fuck you.


PS Take off your panties before you come. güvenilir bahis I will be there.”


She couldn’t believe she was contemplating this. In fact she couldn’t believe he had suggested it. But, how could she resist it? This was an extension of their games with one another, an extension of their chats. He had the ability to captivate her mind with his stories and descriptions. She’d love to know if he could captivate her body as well.

She turned to her colleague and asked her if she could cover her while she used the bathroom.

As she walked into the ladies bathroom, she locked the door behind her. She needed this time to herself. She was nervous, excited and unsure whether to go through with this.

“I can’t believe I am even thinking about this.” She said to herself in the mirror. Staring at her reflection, she realised she was wearing an outfit perfect for what he has suggested, a short plaid skirt and her fitted white button down shirt. How could he have possibly known?

Taking a deep breath she slid her hands up under either side of her skirt and slipped her fingers into the elastic of her black lacy panties, dragging them down over her hips. They fell to the floor. Stepping out of them, she reached down to pick them up, looked at them in her hand and then scrunching them into a ball she looked at herself in the mirror and lets out the breath she hadn’t realised she was holding.

Unlocking the bathroom door, she turned toward the fire exit, and placing her hand on the handle, softly pushed it open, wondering if he was standing outside.


As he stood in the alleyway he played with his phone, trying to distract himself while he waited, wondered if she would come. His heart was racing, his cock was in a state of semi erection.

When he heard the click of the fire escape and the door open he was afraid to look up in case it wasn’t her. He caught sight of her bare leg first as she stepped out from behind the door and then the rest of her appeared.

She took his breath away. She was the same as the photos she had shared, simply stunning, a body worth admiring and ravishing at the same time. He was at that moment glad he had emailed her again.

He watched her body sway as she walked the short distance toward him, and he straighten.

“Hi.” He smiled at her.


She smirked at him, but didn’t say a word, following his instructions. As she got to him, she reached out her closed fist to him, opening it revealing her black panties and handed them to him. As he looked back up at her face, she smiled at him again. Then she turned away from him to face the wall, and placing the palms of her hands against türkçe bahis the wall, braced herself in front of him, just like he told her to.


He stared at the flimsy lace material sitting in his palm. “Oh shit, this is real” he thought to himself inside his head. He stuffed the panties into his pocket, not sure if she wanted them back or not.

He then watched as she turned and positioned herself against the wall, turning to look over her shoulder at him.

He placed his hands on her hips, a chill running up his arms as he touched her for the first time. He ran his hands over her hips and her ass, watching the material glide over her smooth skin underneath. He reached down to the hem of her skirt and with two hands lifted it up, exposing her bare ass to the cool air.

He couldn’t help but stare, the two round cheeks of her ass looked perfect, her taut legs spread underneath it, her long dark hair flowing down her back. Her white black shoes planted firmly on the ground.

His heart was pounding inside his chest, his cock rock hard. She wanted him to fuck her like this right now, right here. He might have suggested it, but she was demanding he do it now.


She loved the feel of his hands roaming over her ass. Her breath caught in her throat as her ass was exposed to the cool air as he lifted her skirt up. She could feel him surveying and taking in the sight. She hoped he was enjoying what he was seeing.

Her ass pushed back and up like a cat in heat as she felt the heat of his gaze and she moaned, pushing her opening to him.

She heard the sound of a zipper, and took a deep breath. What was going to happen next?

“Oh” she moaned as she suddenly felt what could only be the bare skin of the head of his cock rubbing on the inside of her leg. She could feel it glide up and down the inside of her leg, closer and closer to her increasingly wet slit. Her breathing was heavy and her legs were shaking in anticipation.


Looking down, his cock in his hand, the bare head so very close to her glistening slit he watched the gentle wobble of her ass cheeks as her legs shook. He was nervous, struggling to believe this was real, and hoping he did not disappoint her.

He looked down and placed the head of his cock up against her wet pussy and shuffled forward, ready to push himself inside her.


Suddenly she could feel it, and her body tensed. She could feel the head of his cock pushing into her, forcing her lips apart, stretching the walls of her pussy. She didn’t understand why, but she felt a primal urge to have him inside her now.

An email, a response, a challenge, güvenilir bahis siteleri and here she was, his cock finally sliding into her pussy in the alleyway outside her office. She moaned.


He placed his hands on her smooth ass as his cock slid all the way inside. He could feel her pushing her ass back toward him, her back arched, her head lowered, a soft whimpering coming from her mouth. He slowly started rocking against her, hoping he didn’t cum too soon. He wanted this to last, he wanted this to be something they could always remember.

He slid his hands up under her top, cupping her perky breasts and rubbing them through the material of her bra. He wished he could see it, he wished he could see those breasts encased in the lace of her bra.


She didn’t know how long she could hold it. She rocked back and forward with his movements. Her pussy filled and stretched by his cock. It was the first time she has had a cock inside her for some time, it felt so warm inside her. She couldn’t believe he was inside her.

Throwing her head back suddenly, her orgasm overtook her and she moaned loudly toward the sky, pushing her ass back toward him, shaking, shaking all over.

Lowering her head she opened her eyes just in time to see the first jet of his white cum splash against the ground at her feet.


He was taken by surprise as she flung her head back, her ass pushing back against him. Her orgasm was strong, and he could feel her pussy clenching around his cock. He pushed back into her and feeling the cum rising in his balls quickly withdrew from her, pointing his cock between her legs as the first spurt of cum shot from inside him between her legs and onto the ground at her feet. Followed by another and then another.

As his orgasm subsided, he leant against her back, wrapping his arms around her in their most intimate embrace yet.


She watched intently at the pool of his cum between her feet, thankful that she didn’t need to worry about how she tidied herself up before going back to work, but resentful of not being able to enjoy the sensation of his orgasm inside her.

Thinking of her work, she realised she needed to get back inside. Straightening up, she turned to face him. His face was flushed, like hers, his cock still dripping the remnants of his orgasm.

She leant forward and kissed him on the lips, “Mark, please call me. I want to see you again.” And squeezing his hand one last time walked back toward the fire exit and inside, back to her desk.


Standing there, he pulled up his underwear and his shorts, buttoning them up and tidying himself up. Finally, he slid his hand into his pocket, feeling the soft lacy material of her panties, tucked safely inside, and he smiled. They had finally met and these were the evidence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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