The Accountant

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I guess I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not, really. A little guilty maybe, but not ashamed. I took advantage of a situation that I probably shouldn’t have, but you know, I think it’s going to work out for everybody concerned.

I’m a mid-level manager for a medium size company, and I have about twenty or so employees. Our department has three accountants, one a senior accountant in charge of the other two. The senior accountant, an older guy, decided to retire, and management told me to promote one of the remaining guys to the senior position, and then hire someone to replace him.

Well, one of the remaining accountants had been with us for only six months, so I wasn’t going to promote him to senior accountant. The other guy, Rodney, was a mousy sort of guy who you would never think of calling “Rod”, but had been with us for several years and did good work, so he was the logical choice for the promotion.

Of course I had to go through the company required motions of interviewing both men for the job. The first guy knew that he wasn’t ready for promotion yet, and just about told me so in his interview, so I knew there’d be no trouble in promoting Rodney. But for some reason I toyed with Rodney in his interview, telling him that whoever got the promotion would have to fit in with all the company’s expectations, and that one of the expectations would be the determination of a candidate’s stable home life.

Actually, during this interview I had the idea that maybe I could get a free dinner out of this. Being single for many years, I was tired of my own cooking, and eating out could be expensive. I told Rodney that as part of determining the stability of his home life, perhaps I should meet his wife and we could all chat over dinner somewhere. At the mention of having dinner out, he became somewhat flustered, and finally said that he’d talk it over with his wife.

The next day Rodney approached me, and in a nervous sort of way, asked that instead of a dinner out, perhaps I would go to his house for dinner. I found out later that Rodney was very uncomfortable in social settings, he and his wife never went to parties, for instance, but I thought sure, why not, and I accepted his invitation for dinner at his house.

A few days later I arrived at Rodney’s residence, a small condo set off from the others in the area. I met his wife, Janet, who was a pretty woman, about thirty, and with a good figure from what I could tell. She was wearing loose, non-descript clothing with her hair pulled back in some kind of old fashioned bun, and was about as mousy as her husband. During our introduction and most of the conversation she kept her eyes on the floor.

During the dinner, while she was next to me changing plates, I slipped my arm around her waist and gave her a little tug toward me. She leaned toward me, with no objection from her or her husband. A bit later, when she was next to me again, I slipped my hand lower and rested it on her soft ass, again with no objection. I guess it was at this point that my desire merely for a free dinner took an unethical turn, and at my next opportunity I not only rested my hand on Janet’s ass, but I very obviously caressed it. I knew Rodney could see this, but again no one seemed to object to my subtle advances.

I had brought a bottle of after-dinner wine, and when the meal was finished I opened the bottle and we brought it into the living room. I sat on a sofa, Rodney sat across from me on an easy chair, and after a moment or two Janet came into the room, and with nowhere else to sit, sat next to me. We all had a few sips of the wine, and as we chatted, I casually rested my hand on Janet’s knee. As we finished the wine, I talked with Rodney about the company, and as I did so, I moved my hand further up Janet’s leg. I made up some official-sounding story about how the person promoted into the senior accountant’s job would have to be a company man and agreeable to management’s actions. I moved my hand all the way up Janet’s thigh, and started to rub up and down, getting closer to her crotch each time. I was doing this in full view of Rodney, and although I knew he could see what I was doing, he seemed too enthralled with the idea of the promotion to object.

As I continued my b.s. about what would be expected of a company man, I moved my hand down, then under Janet’s skirt and back up to her bare thigh. My fingers were soon rubbing along her panties, then down between her legs. I moved the edge of the fabric of her panties aside and slid my fingers down along her pussy lips. The only reaction from Janet was a gasp as my finger dipped between her lips, and as I glanced at Rodney, his gaze seemed to be transfixed at my hand in the area of his wife’s pussy. At this point I decided to raise the ante.

“Stand up,” I commanded Janet, “and take those off.”

After only a second’s hesitation she did what I asked as Rodney watched, seemingly fascinated. As she stood next to me holding her panties in her hand, I slid my hand all the way up her skirt to her pussy. I was surprised güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to find that she was very wet, and I slid one finger, then two, into her very easily. She let out just a little moan, and I could see that her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed.

I looked at Rodney, but he was just watching his wife. “Rodney!” I called out to him, but there was no reaction. “Rodney!” I called louder, and with a start he turned toward me. “Take off your pants,” I ordered him. He immediately stood up and peeled off his trousers and undershorts. His cock was short, but I saw that he was hard, and I realized that he was enjoying watching me fingering his wife.

“Janet, take off your top,” I directed his wife, and as she started unbuttoning I slipped off my pants and undershorts. As she slid off her top, unsnapped her bra and dropped both to the floor, I could see that her gaze was on my cock. As she stood next to me I could see her soft breasts, not overly large, but certainly more than would fit in my hand. Her nipples were hard and pointing out toward me as in invitation. I took her hand and fit it around my cock. She simply held it there, but after I took it and moved it up and down in a stroking motion, she continued the motion on her own. I looked at Rodney, but he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were on his wife’s hand stroking my cock which was becoming harder by the second.

I thought maybe Rodney needed a little more incentive about this time, so I said, “Rodney, a management position such as the one you want demands that the person holding that position will be a team person that will do what is required for the good of the company. My visit here this evening is to determine not only whether or not you can be a team player, but whether your wife will also fulfill her part of that role.”

Rodney looked at me with almost a look of desperation, so I continued my part of the charade by offering him a chance to stop what was happening, or to continue.

“You can stop my evaluation process, if you’d like, Rodney,” I continued, “but the choice is up to you. Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh, no,” Rodney said almost immediately with the desperation in his voice that I had seen in his eyes moments earlier.

“And you,” I said to Janet, “would you like to stop my evaluation for your husband’s chance at promotion?”

Janet only shook her head back and forth without moving her gaze from my cock as her hand continued to stroke me.

“Ok, then,” I said, as I spread my legs a little. “Come and move over here and kneel between my legs.” As she did so, I told Rodney to sit on the couch next to me, since I wanted him to get a good view of what was going on.

Once Janet was in position, I told her, “Now take it in your mouth and do the same thing your hand was doing.” Her warm mouth was immediately around my cock, and she followed my instructions well by bobbing her head up and down along the length of it. I could see that Rodney, with his little cock standing up, was intently watching my cock sliding in and out of his wife’s mouth.

But about this time I thought that maybe I needed some insurance from Rodney someday going to my upper management and perhaps filing some sort of sexual harassment claim over this “evaluation.” I needed something that would make it too embarrassing for him to describe what was going on here. At the same time I wondered if it would be any different to be sucked on by a man than by a woman.

So I said to Rodney, as I reached down and casually fondled one of his wife’s tits, “Has Janet ever done this to you?”, pointing to her mouth sliding along my rigid cock. When he shook his head negatively, I asked, “Would you like her to?” His head eagerly bobbed up and down as he continued to watch what Janet was doing to my cock.

“Ok, then,” I said, “but to have her do it to you, you should know how it feels to her, so I want you to take her place and do just what she’s doing.” Rodney hesitated only for an instant before sliding off the couch, and as Janet moved to one side, he moved between my legs and put his mouth around my cock and imitated his wife’s up and down movements. My question was answered, because I couldn’t tell any difference between how it felt to be sucked by the wife or the husband. As he continued to suck me I reached over and played with Janet’s tits, making her hard nipples even harder, either from my touch or her watching her husband sucking on my cock. I then moved my hand under her skirt and plunged two fingers up into her pussy. She started to breathe harder as I plunged my fingers up and back inside her and she watched her husband’s action on my cock. In a few moments more she gave a gasp, then a soft moan and collapsed against the arm of the couch, and I felt the contractions of her pussy around my fingers as she orgasmed. Rodney looked up in alarm, but I assured him that his wife was alright, and that he should go and sit back down in the chair.

In a few more moments Janet opened her eyes again, and the first güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri thing she looked at was my hard cock sticking up in the air. Of her own will, she knelt across my lap and took my cock in her mouth once more, stroking along its length as her head bobbed up and down in rhythm. Her mouth was so sweet and soft, and I pumped my hips a few times in a fucking motion into her mouth. But I didn’t want to cum yet, I saw there was much more in store for me here, so I pulled away from her, and pointed her toward her husband’s stiff little cock. She immediately moved to him, took it into her mouth and performed the same stroking and sucking motions that she had just done with me.

She’s getting good at this, I thought, but she had drawn her mouth along him only about a dozen times before I heard him grunt and thrust himself up into her mouth as he came. Janet’s head jerked up as Rodney’s cum spattered across her lips, but with my hand on the back of her head I urged her back down on to her husband’s cock.

“Drink it down,” I told her. “Swallow it all, and keep sucking on him slowly until you’ve gotten it all.” Janet did as she was told, and when Rodney’s spent cock finally slipped out of her mouth, I told her to kiss him. I watched as their lips met, and I wondered what he thought of the taste of his own semen.

I had Janet stand up and take off her skirt, then sit on the couch, lean back and spread her legs. Her pussy was wide open and her moisture glistened along her lips as I knelt in front of her and touched my tongue to her slit. She gasped as I ran my tongue around her clit, and to add to her pleasure I slid two fingers into her. She was mewing softly as my fingers and tongue worked in and around her pussy. I lapped up and down along her pussy lips and in between them, but when I moved up and started a sucking action on her clit, her mews turned to moans. I wet a finger of my other hand with her juices and moved it below her pussy to the opening of her ass. She jumped as I touched her there, but when I pushed the tip of my finger just a little into her asshole, she gave a loud deep guttural groan, then convulsed into a penetrating orgasm. Her knees clamped around me and she pushed my head down hard against her cunt.

When she finally relaxed and her breathing slowed, I could stand it no longer. I stood up, took off the rest of my clothes, then bent over and as her husband watched, I slid my cock deep into Janet’s wet pussy. I didn’t move for a few moments, savoring the warm tight feeling of being inside her, and as I looked at her I could see a little smile on her face. I started to pump into her and leaned over and held her breasts in my hands as my mouth sucked on one nipple, then the other. I pumped into her hard, almost slamming my cock into her cunt. But after a dozen hard strokes I realized that if I kept that up I’d be cumming too soon.

Rodney had moved next to me so that he could better see what was going on, and I noticed that to his credit he was hard again. I reluctantly pulled my cock from Janet’s pussy, and motioned to Rodney to take my cock, with all his wife’s juices on it, into his mouth. In an instant he was sucking on me, tasting his wife along with my precum. As Janet watched, he sucked and stroked my cock, and I finally had to pull away from him.

“Ok, enough of that, Rodney, come over and kneel between Janet’s legs,” I directed him. He did as he was told, and as he gazed straight into his wife’s pussy, I realized that he had probably never directly looked into her cunt before. I told him how to lean forward and lick along her lips, then in between them, but when I touched her clit in showing him where else to lick and suck, she gave another moan. Rodney was startled, but I assured him this was normal, it only meant she was feeling pleasure. I guided his fingers into her pussy, and it was obvious he had never done that before. They both were getting into it now, she was mewing again, and Rodney was enjoying giving her pleasure by licking and sucking her pussy where my cock had been deeply embedded just minutes before. Then I showed him how to wet a finger of his other hand in his wife’s juices, and I guided it to Janet’s asshole. She started to moan, and as Rodney’s finger penetrated her tight hole, Janet moaned loudly and rocked into another deep orgasm.

As she came down from her high, I realized that two of her orgasms had been brought on by having her asshole played with. I grinned inwardly, knowing that I was going to kick this situation up another notch. I gently took her arm and got her to kneel in the middle of the floor, her legs spread a little and her face turned sideways down on the carpet. I brought her arms around and had her spread her cheeks, opening her pussy and asshole to the gaze of her husband and me. I wet my middle finger and rubbed it around the tight skin of her hole, then with a little effort, pushed it inside.

“Uh,” said Janet, and as I started a gentle stroking, she continued with “Uh, uh, uh,” in time to my strokes. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I went in a little deeper each time, and in a moment she was pushing back in rhythm to my strokes.

Rodney watched with a look of amazement on his face. I could tell that he had never heard of anal play, so I withdrew my finger and urged Rodney close to his wife’s ass.

“Lick it,” I told him, and when he hesitated, I said, “She will really like it, I know, and as you do it, put two fingers up inside her pussy.”

Rodney gave a little shrug as if to say, “What the heck, ok,” buried his face between his wife’s cheeks, and I could see his fingers slide into her cunt.

I had to pee, and as I walked to the bathroom I could hear Janet’s breathing getting heavier. In a bathroom cabinet I found a tube of ointment, then took my pee. I walk back out to Janet and held my cock, with a few drops of urine on the tip, out to her. She raised up and took my cock in her mouth and swallowed it all the way down, and tasting my urine, I know.

I pushed Rodney away from his wife’s ass, then told him to take the ointment and smear a liberal

amount around her asshole. “Make sure there’s a lot of that on your finger, too, and slide your finger into her,” I directed him. Janet gave a loud “Aaahh,” as her husband’s finger penetrated her, and in a few moments she was pushing her ass back against him, setting up a rocking motion with him. I had him add another finger to the first, and even though she pulled away from him a little when the second finger went into her, in another moment she was again rocking back and forth against her husband’s hand.

I just sat for another minute or so, hardly believing that I was watching this timid employee finger fuck his equally timid wife’s ass. But those few minutes were about all I could stand.

“Ok, Rodney, now smear that ointment all around me,” I said, pushing my rigid cock toward him. Rodney obediently rubbed the ointment all around my cock, and gave it a few extra strokes, I thought, but then what I was going to do next was just starting to dawn on him. He watched as I lined myself up behind his wife, and with her still spreading her cheeks, I touched the head of my cock to her asshole. It must have suddenly also dawned on Janet as to what I was intending as she gave a little cry and pulled away a little. I pulled her back toward me and pushed my cock against her opening. With all the lubrication and finger action it didn’t take much to get the head of my dick into her, but I stopped there to see what Janet would do at that point. To my amazement, she slowly pushed against me so that more of my cock entered her, then pulled away a little, then came back again, and I realized that I wasn’t fucking her ass, her ass was fucking me.

As her husband watched this anal action, I could hear Janet very quietly saying something. I leaned down toward her and heard her saying very quietly, but in time with her stroking, “So good, so good, so good!” I smiled to myself, and as I watched my glistening dick sliding in and out of her, I thought, I met this mousy-looking woman just an hour or so ago, and here I am, fucking her very willing ass as her husband watches.

I was soon buried up to my balls in Janet’s ass with each of our strokes, but in a moment more I started to think that as far along as I had taken this “job interview”, I might need some additional insurance against Rodney ever taking any formal adverse action against me. So I slowed my stroking, and asked him if he’d like to do what I was doing. Without taking his eyes from the spot where my cock was slowly stroking into his wife, he gave several emphatic nods.

“Ok, then,” I said, “but you know what’s required here. If you want to do this to her, you’ll have to…?”

“Yes, yes, I know,” he answered, “I’ll have to have it done to me.” He quickly copied his wife’s position on the floor, reaching around behind himself and pulling his cheeks apart. I had pulled out of Janet, and she moved around behind her husband. With her staring at Rodney’s rear, it was obvious that she had never seen a man in this position before, and I’ll have to admit that I never had either. I quickly instructed her to put the ointment all around her husband’s ass, then an additional amount on my hard dick. Like her husband had done, Janet stroked me a few extra times, then as I directed, she slipped one of her fingers up into his asshole. Rodney gasped as Janet’s finger first penetrated him, then was just holding his breath as she stroked him, going deeper each time. In another moment, even without a word from me, she slipped a second finger into him, imitating what he had done to her just a short time before. Rodney gave a soft grunt, then seemed to relax himself enough to accept his wife’s fingers in his ass. He soon was rocking back against her hand, and I could tell from the smile on Janet’s face that she was enjoying this turn-about.

I moved then to position my cock up to Rodney’s spread ass and as Janet withdrew her fingers she leaned over and gave the head of my dick a little kiss. She watched closely as I put my dick right up against his puckered hole. “Hold still, dear, and just relax now,” she said to him, then turned to me and said, “I think he’s ready, push it in now.” Wow, I thought, she’s giving me directions on how to fuck her husband’s ass!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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