Surprise Ch. 2

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As she lay in bed she couldn’t help but think about the act that had went on with her son. The more she thought about the way he had treated her the more her pussy began to throb. She felt her juices begin to slide down her legs and she knew she needed more.

She quietly walked down the hallway to Michael’s bedroom. She peeked into his room and watched as he slept off the alcohol that he had consumed. She wondered then if he’d even remember what he had done to her, and how much she had enjoyed it in the end.

She shook off these thoughts and entered the room. She came up to the bed and pulled back the blankets to reveal her son’s naked body. She stared at him for awhile, focusing mainly on his cock. It was beautiful, though now limp; when hard she would have guessed that it was about nine inches in length. He was thick too, and she remembered how well that cock had filled her pussy. She started to rub herself as she stared at her sleeping son; the need to be fucked by him again was fogging up her better judgment and without knowing it she had moved onto the bed.

She realized after a minute that she was mounting Michael, holding his limp dick in her hands. She had all ready gone too far, and now she couldn’t pull back.

She began to rub the head of his cock over her slit, in long slow strokes. She watched his face for signs of awakening as she did so, but Michael didn’t stir. She grabbed his cock harder, rubbing it against her clit faster as her desire over took her. She was cumming in a matter of minutes, her juices flowing over her hand and down onto Michael’s cock. As she began to calm down Michael began to move and his eyes fluttered open.

“MOM! What the hell are you doing?” Her face flushed from embarrassment; “I needed you again Michael. I want to feel your cock inside of me, please fuck me. Just one more time and then no more. Please Michael I need you.”

“No, go away. I don’t want to fuck you again. Leave my room so I can sleep.”

Her facial expression changed from one of sexual desire and pleading to anger, “Michael, I want you to fuck me, and God dammit you will! I didn’t get enough of you the last time, I need more of that big cock of yours, I have to feel you filling up my cunt again.”

“No, I got what I wanted and now I’m done. I don’t want you anymore. Go find someone to fuck if you need it that bad.”

“I don’t want anyone else I want you.” With that said she began to rub her dripping pussy over his dick again. She thought to herself that he might be able to say no to her words but there was no way he could say no to his actions.

“Mom, stop! I don’t want this.”

“So now it’s my turn huh? You will fuck me, and you will do it good my little boy.”

Though he kept refusing his dick wouldn’t listen to his brain and it began to grow under the thrusting of his Mother’s hips.

She smirked, “see I knew you’d come around.” She guided his now rock hard cock into her cunt and began to bounce up and down hard on him.

Michael was a bit scared of canlı bahis these actions; his Mother had turned on him. She had become an animal, losing all rational thought and giving into her carnal lust. He watched her face as it contorted into a look of pure unadulterated ecstasy, a little sneer coming to her lips as she worked his cock deeper into her hot pussy.

“Oh God! That feels so good! I love this cock; I could fuck it all day long!

He stared at her, his mouth dropping and his eyes widening as he realized that she didn’t care that he was attached to the cock she was fucking. She was using him as a human dildo. He also realized that he was the one that turned her into these sex-deranged animal and now he’d have to find away to stop it.

Though these thoughts were racing through his head, he felt his balls begin to tighten and his dick swelling inside of this thing he use to call Mom. He felt the first squirts of his jizm shoot out, as his Mother’s cunt tightened around him in her own orgasm.

When his Mother the release of his spunk into her she began to scream out sounding like something possessed by the Devil himself.

The sounds of this guttural language scared Michael even more and he grabbed his Mother’s hips and threw her away from him. She landed on the floor with a loud thud, but instead of crying out in pain she let out an evil laugh, stood up, and left the room.

Michael stared after her, wondering if it had been a dream, but the stain of juices on the carpet confirmed that it hadn’t been.

Michael tried in vain to avoid his Mother, but she wouldn’t allow it. She’d come to him whenever she wanted it, sometimes five or six times a day and fuck him with the same demonic like fever as the first time. She’d spank him if he couldn’t perform for her, most of the time leaving huge red marks and even bruises on his ass checks, she never understood that he could only take so much.

Michael began to accept his fate. He was being punished by God or some other type of deity for showing his sexual attraction to his Mother.

After months of this sexual abuse Michael had to have release. He couldn’t handle her anymore. She was wearing him out mentally and physically. He had thought for months about where he could go or whom he could turn to. Finally, he went to talk to his best friend.

Sitting on Gerry’s couch he really had no idea where to begin, he sat there playing with his hands, and studying his feet.

“Mike, what’s up? You look nervous as fuck dude. You get in trouble with the cops or something?”

“Naw, it ain’t nothing like that man. Look I’m going to tell you this and all I’m looking for is suggestions, don’t fucking judge me or I’ll end up beating your ass.”

“Hey, hey Mike! What the hell’s the problem? Man what you do kill the fucking Pope or something, shit dude!”

“Hey, look I’m just nervous. Sorry Ger, didn’t mean to jump down your throat like that.”

“It’s cool. What’s up?”

Michael sat there for a while still trying to figure out bahis siteleri where to start. Finally, he just blurted it out. He told Gerry everything from what he had done up until last night when his Mom had fucked him until he couldn’t stand anymore and then she had hit him for not being able to cum again.

Gerry sat staring at Michael trying to take it all in, “God, you are the luckiest man alive! What guy wouldn’t want to fuck your Mom? Shit, I’d go fuck your Mom right now!”

“No, you don’t understand Gerry. I can’t take it anymore, I can’t do it but I can’t stop either. I’ve thought about moving out but she’d follow, I know she would. I want this madness in her to stop.”

“Come on man! You can’t tell me that you don’t enjoy it?”

“I do and I don’t. There are times when I get hornier than fuck thinking about the next time she’ll come in and fuck me. Then there are times when it makes me sick. I just can’t do it anymore. What should I do? How should I get her too at least calm down a bit? Hell, I’ll fuck her the rest of her life but not six times a day Gerry, I can’t take it!”

“All right, all right. Well, here’s my thought. Maybe you just aren’t good enough for her. Maybe she needs more. You know a second guy. Maybe that would calm her down.”

“You’re fucking ridiculous man! I come here for your help and all you can do is think about fucking my Mom with me. Fucking sick man. I’m gone.”

“No, Mike I’m serious. Just one time dude, come on! It might help, I swear to God.”

After some thought Michael decided to try it. He still didn’t agree with it but it couldn’t hurt to try.

They made the plans and the next night Gerry came over to play some board games with them. Janet was as nice as ever to him, and she acted like a Mom to Michael instead of the sex-craved animal she usually did.

After sometime Gerry said that he was getting bored of these games and asked if they wanted to play something else. They both looked at him surprisingly and Janet asked what else they could play.

With a naughty little grin on his face he pulled out a deck of cards that had been in his jeans pocket.

“We are going to play some poker, but not just any type of poker. Whoever looses has to do the sexual bidding of the person with the highest hand.”

Janet’s eyes widen and she looked over at Michael with anger in her eyes. He looked over at her and smiled, so she does have some regrets for the way she’s been acting, he thought to himself.

“What?” Michael said in her direction.

“Nothing, I’m going to bed. I’m tired of playing too.”

“You’re not going anywhere Janet. If you don’t want to play the game, then don’t but I want some of what you’ve been given your dear old son here, and I’ll get it now.”

She looked at him and opened her mouth to speak but she couldn’t think of anything to say. Her lust began to build up taking her on a roller coaster of emotions.

“You want this, then come and get it boy!” She tore at her clothes, shedding them off in mer seconds, bahis şirketleri while Gerry and Michael stared at her in amazement.

She climbed up onto the table and lay down, spreading her legs wide open in Gerry’s direction. He sat staring into her womanhood, his hard cock pressing up against his jeans, making it uncomfortable for him to have them on.

Both Gerry and Michael disrobed and came towards Janet. Michael stuck his cock in her mouth and began to fuck her face hard, slamming his hips into mouth as she took his entire length.

Gerry positioned himself between her legs and rammed his throbbing rod deep inside her slippery pussy. This set Janet off on a long line of grunts as he drove his cock as deep inside of her as he could.

Without warning Michael came down her throat, Janet choked on spit and cum as she tried to swallow it all down.

She tried to move her head but Michael wouldn’t allow it. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face into his pelvis.

“Keep sucking you sex-hungry whore. Keep me hard!”

She whimpered a bit as she tried to keep working her mouth on her son’s cock, her jaws starting to ache from the pressure.

When Michael had had enough, he pushed her away from him. Gerry ended his stroking and pulled out, watching as a line of her cream trailed from the head of his cock.

“Get up Janet.” Said Gerry not as commanding as Michael but effective all the same.

They sandwiched her between them as they led her from the kitchen into the living room. Michael lay down on the couch and told her to sit on his cock.

He wrapped his arms around her and flattened her body to his as Gerry got back behind her, rubbing his dick in the crack of her ass.

She said nothing, but Michael could see a pleasing look in her eye as Gerry shoved his cock into her tight puckered hole.

Gerry grabbed her hips hard and began to pull her back onto him as Michael moved his hips; she began with her moaning again as they both penetrated her.

“Yes, fuck me. God I love feeling both of your cocks in me! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum all over your cocks, fuck me hard!”

They both felt her tighten as she began to cum; grunting loudly as her juices flooded out over their swelling cocks.

“Cum for me boys! I want to feel your spunk filling me up! Cum now!”

They tried to last longer but both felt the pressure in their balls and could no longer hold out. They both spilled into her at the same time, causing her to cum once more as they filled her to the brink with their cum.

She lay on the couch, half-asleep as Michael and Gerry redressed. As Michael walked Gerry to the door they looked at Janet, her eyes half-closed, still spread on out on the couch, sperm leaking from her pussy and ass.

“She looks satisfied Mike. Hopefully this helped you out, I know it did me.”

“Get outta here man,” Michael said with a laugh. “I’ll call you and let you know what happens.”

A few days passed before Gerry got a phone call from Michael.


“Hey Gerry. Man it didn’t work, now she wants it more and she keeps asking for you to come back over. I can’t take it man, this had got to end.”

“Well, then I guess it’s off to plan B.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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