Sun Worshipers Ch. 03

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We carried our luggage into the bungalow while Michelle went through the bungalow opening the windows against the stuffy tropical heat that had built up from being unused so long. A gentle breeze wafted through the house – rapidly cooling it off.

After Michelle was satisfied we wouldn’t have any problems with the way the bungalow was equipped, she left – promising to return sometime midmorning the next day.

Julie and I pulled our bathing suits out and, after putting them on, headed out to take a swim. The water was not quite as warm as we thought – the light breeze kicking up some whitecaps. As we swam, we were amazed at all the tropical fish that just swam around and seemingly ignored us.

Julie spotted a small coral outcropping about 200 yards off shore. ‘I’ll race you to it,” she said. Already in a full Australian crawl – stroking those long arms of hers – her long legs churning up the water. Being caught off guard – she was well on her way to the coral atoll by the time I got started. Needless to say – she beat the pants off me.

Panting, I pulled myself up on the coral alongside her and sat down. “Wait until I get you back to the bungalow,” I said. “I’m going to give you a licking like you’ve never had before.”

“Promise?” she asked.

“Yea. I brought the ping pong paddle – just for that fine ass of yours,” I said.

Leaning over, she put her mouth on my ear lobe – licking and sucking on it. Julie’s way of starting foreplay. I pulled her over onto my lap – holding her with one hand on her inner thigh and the other around her waist.

Spreading her thighs a little, I lightly stroked that soft skin of her thighs – working my teasing fingers toward the juncture of her thong bikini. Her hard nipples were jutting out the cones of her swimsuit bra – tenting it like little cocks. Only I knew better. My Julie was getting aroused and my stroking the outline of her pussy lips was stoking her fires.

I leaned down and kissed her – a long soul searching French kiss – deep into her mouth – our tongues dueling for control. As my finger pushed aside the material covering her pussy, one of her meaty cunt lips sprang into view. I began stroking it – flicking her hardening clit – easing my finger inside her – teasing her. Then I felt the material – we had both forgotten to remove Brenda’s black thong from deep inside Julie’s pussy.

That cooled things a bit. Brenda’s thong would have to come out of there before we could fuck.

“Julie, let’s go back to the bungalow.”

“O.K. Race you.”

And we took off. This time I was prepared for her. Catching her halfway to shore, I pulled hard on her legs and, when I reached her head, ducked her. By the time she came up sputtering and spitting out water, I was standing up and walking ashore. I waited there and, when she reached me, kissed her.

“Even?” I asked.

“Even,” she said. “For now.”

We made our way to the bungalow, stripping off our swim suits as we went. The nearest bungalow was more than a quarter mile away so, if prying eyes wanted to pry – let them.

Once inside – we headed for the shower – to wash off the canlı bahis salt water and to take Brenda’s black thong out of Julie’s pussy. The shower was one of those spray heads on the end of a 6 foot or so hose. Removing the spray head – left a small host that, when placed in the right spot – flooded Julie’s pussy with a stream of water. Since Brenda’s thong had pretty much dried in place – it took some working to get it loose. I kept up the water flow with one hand while I poked and pried with the other until, finally, I had it in my hand. Hanging it on a faucet handle, I shut the water off and re-attached the spray head.

I hadn’t noticed – in my concentration to remove the thong – just how worked up Julie was. As soon as I straightened from putting the shower back together, Julie reached up and kissed me.

My tongue was deep inside Julie’s mouth when I first felt a hand on my cock. Pulling back from Julie – I turned around. Michelle. She was naked already and, from all indications, ready to join in. Pulling her inside, I closed the sliding door and turned the water on while Julie and Michelle were kissing.

I took this moment to admire Michelle’s cute little body. She had beautiful blonde hair which she had up in a scrunchy. Long slender neck with delicate ivory like cheekbones. Full pouty lips with a liberal quantity of scarlet red lipstick – what I call a ‘whores lipstick.’ She had a nice butt – small yet firmly rounded ass cheeks. Bust about a 34b but nicely formed and with no hint of a sag. Nipples about the size of a pencil eraser.

Then I spotted it. Hanging between her legs – at the juncture of her mons – where you would normally expect a pair of fat cunt lips – was a cock – without a hint of hair around it nor was there any hair around her almond sized balls! Her tumescent cock hung down – starting to harden. I could tell it would be a nice size when it was fully erect. And in the little pee hole was a stud. She had her cock-head pierced. The other end of the stud poked out beneath the ridge of her mushroom cap.

Michelle, looking at me quizzically, asked, “Don’t you like it? When I talked to Brenda she said you had said something about needing someone to help. Won’t I do? When I get it hard, I can fuck as well as any man – better sometimes since I know how to really please a woman.”

By now she was smiling – that toothy grin from ear to ear. And Brenda hadn’t spilled the beans either – just lending more to the mystery.

We continued with our shower – using liberal quantities of soap to massage each other. First, Michelle and I worked on Julie – soaping and rubbing every known crevice until she was panting and gasping for air. Her cunt lips were swollen and red with the desire to fuck while we kissed so lovingly. Then Michelle kissed Julie while I moved behind Julie and began inserting a finger in her ass – reaching around to the front I inserted two fingers of my other hand into her cunt – teasing her clit – deeply inserting my fingers – rubbing her spot.

Then it was Michelle’s turn. As I worked on one side of her – Julie worked on the other – soaping her tits – rubbing more into her bahis siteleri ass while Michelle’s cock started to harden. With a soapy hand – I reached down and began to stroke her cock. Peeling the foreskin back – then pulling it forward – jacking her off in a rhythm commensurate with the way Julie was pinching and pulling Michelle’s tits – teasing that little stud in her pee hole.

I watched fascinated as Michelle’s cock continued to grow. It wasn’t very big around like mine was – probably no more than an inch and a half – but it was rather long. About 8 inches.

“Stop, Jim,” she said. “If you keep that up, I’ll shoot all over the shower and there’s plenty of the day left. Besides, it’s your turn.”

And the two of them started in on me. My cock was already rock hard from the prospect of what was to come so, needless to say, it wasn’t long before I was begging them to stop. After a liberal soaping and several fingers up my ass – playing with my prostrate gland – my cock was deep purple – the spongy mushroom cap was swollen and the little pee hole was spread wide as though I were about to cum.

Pushing their hands away, I said, “girls – it’s about time to dry off and retire to the bed, don’t you think?”

There was a lot of giggling and pinching and squeezing as we dried each other. Michelle was fascinated with the length of Julie’s nipples and insisted on sucking one every chance she got. Me – I was fascinated with Michelle’s little cock.

While we were drying off, Michelle said, “I came back to the bungalow because I had forgotten to give you the key. Brenda isn’t due until tomorrow and – since you left the door unlocked while you were showering, I just wandered in. When I discovered you in the shower, I decided to join in and see what happened.

Reaching the bedroom – Michelle and I pushed Julie down on the bed. Michelle on one side – I on the other. We began making love to her. As I kissed Julie, Michelle began sucking one of her nipples – licking her belly button – working her way to Julie’s swollen mons.

I moved toward the other nipple – working it in and out of my mouth – biting hard – then harder. As Julie yelped – I rose up and inserted my cock-head into her mouth. Meanwhile, Michelle had reached her objective – Julie’s cunt. Licking and sucking Julie as only another woman can do – Michelle crossed two fingers and inserted them into Julie as she nibbled on Julie’s clit.

Julie was moaning and thrashing around – wanting to cum but Michelle and I kept her on edge. When we felt she was about to cum – we stopped and concentrated on each other.

Michelle swung around and, while offering her cock to me, took my purple mushroom cap in her mouth and teased my pee hole with the tip of her tongue – then nipping my spongy head – then forcing as much of me as she could in her mouth until I bottomed out on the back of her throat.

I hadn’t been exactly idle. I pulled Michelle’s cock into my mouth and began sucking as I jacked her off – teasing that stud with my tongue – biting and sucking while I squeezed her ball sac – rubbing her prostrate gland as well.

Pulling out of her bahis şirketleri mouth, I turned my attention to Julie. Pulling Julie on top of me, she reached down and, after rubbing my mushroom cap back and forth to open her up, eased her cunt down on my hard length. This was always the tightest of positions – my girth being almost 2-1/2 inches was bad enough but to take the entire 9 inches length as well was a little much. Rising and lowering herself on my cock – soon she had to rest – panting – lying on my chest with her mouth on mine.

As we kissed, I felt her stiffen. I knew something was up. Michelle – probing Julie’s ass – first with fingers – probing – twisting – pulling her sphincter – teasing that little star shaped rosebud – widening her to accept Michelle’s cock. Julie gasped. Her eyes flew open and she began to scream – screaming as though Michelle was torturing her.

Michelle stopped her intrusion on Julie’s ass – resting – letting Julie get used to her size before continuing to press ever so slightly into her. Then we worked to establish a rhythm. As Michelle pulled out, I pushed in. As I pulled out, Michelle pushed in. I could feel her stud through the thin membrane separating Julies cunt from her anal track.

Holding Julie’s hips – I began forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her – holding still with each in stroke to let Michelle catch up – then pulling back. I could feel Julie’s velvet sheath begin to clench and unclench around my cock – milking me – forcing my cum out of my ball sac as her orgasm began.

My cock expanded – my cum boiled up through that tube on the underside of my cock – my cock-head began to expand as I came. Four – five. No, six or more heavy spurts of cum – deep in my darling daughter’s womb – working more and more on that baby we so wanted.

Michelle began to cum in Julie’s ass – I could feel her throbbing cock spurting a cum enema in my darling’s ass.

We lay there kissing and hugging as our breath finally came back to us – the race had been so long and run so well that neither of us had thought to breathe during the process.

Then we moved apart and headed to the bathroom to clean up. My darling daughter, Julie needed another shower. Michelle showered with her to help was her cum filled ass while I used the sink for my ablutions.

I fixed drinks while Michelle and Julie finished up. As we sat there sipping them, I couldn’t help but wonder – how would a stud feel in the head of my cock.

“Michelle,” I asked. “Where did you get your cock pierced? Did it hurt much? How does it feel when you are fucking a woman?” I must have a hundred questions.

“I had it done at an Adult Novelty shop down on Water Street,” she said, smiling at my obvious curiosity. “No, it didn’t hurt much though it was some time healing and sex wasn’t very good until it healed. But it’s been worth it. Now I have a ‘built-in’ French tickler and, once a woman sees it or even hears about it, she HAS to find out how it feels inside of her. It’s really been more than just a novelty.”

I looked at Julie. “What do you think, Julie?” I asked.

“I’d love to try it. Then I’ll tell you, she replied.”

With our drinks finished, we all dressed and went out for dinner. Michelle was going to show us ‘her’ St. Thomas tonight. As she drove, I couldn’t help but wonder how that stud would feel in my ass!!!!

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