Spanish Goddess Seduces a Lover Ch. 06

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After the most deep peaceful sleep I woke up before her again. I was looking at her breathing, chest and boobs moving up and down slowly. I moved next to her and started whispering in her ear.

“Anna… Anna-Stay-Sheahhhh” I said slowly over and over. “Wake up Anna.” I said quietly.

She stirred a little and said “Oh, I was in such as deep sleep.”

Then smacking her lips eyes still closed “You haff taken… me… to heaven… many… times. And I was sleeping as with angels.” She said.

I just looked at her in amazement. Her grasp of the English words and how she put them together was unbelievable to me.

“Uh Anna.” I whispered.

“Jesss my love.” She said.

I was looking down at her pussy inviting me to it her soft wispy black pubic hair had me wanting to touch and caress it. As I put my hand on to her mons pubis I whispered to her.

“When is the last time someone ate your pussy to orgasm?” I said.

“Wha?” She whispered still groggy.

I moved my hand down to feel her super soft pubic hair and gently I squeezed and pushed down on her mons pubis.

“I want to eat your pussy for breakfast.” I said.

“Ummmm,” she moaned quietly still half asleep.

As I moved my hand down closer to her clit and I positioned my hand so her clit was between the gap of my fingers. Her clit was not being touched by my fingers as they were pressing and caressing her outter pussy lips and my palm was pressing her mons pubis at the same time.

“Um that feels so goot.” She said as she stretched, arched her back and thrust her pelvis up to my wandering fingers and hand.

I moved closer to her and used my other hand to rub her hips and top of her leg near her pussy and was kissing her soft tummy as it moved up and down while she breathed.

“Ummmm Sii sii.” She moaned as I was very gently caressing her pussy and mid section wandering my hands over all of her skin still not touching her clit. I was kissing her tummy constantly, planting soft kisses and licking and sucking gently.

“Oh mi dios usted está sorprendiendo a mi amante que me toma más arriba y más arriba.” she whispered in Spanish.

(Oh My god you are amazing my lover taking me higher and higher.)

She arched her back more and moved herself closer to me to maximize contact with the rest of my body. Then she wrapped her legs under mine to put even more tension on us.

I looked up at her face and said “I want to eat your pussy Anna, when was the last time someone ate you?” I said.

“No one has even come close… to what I know you can give… me… so I am as virgin… you have taken me where angels fly to heaven. There is no equal to your passion for woman.” She said softly.

“Eats been a while and it will be so worth the wait, you have fucked me into bliss, rubbed my back into orgasmic convulsion and now you want to eat me as well. I am so lucky as a goddess to have found a Master of Love.” She said with such enthusiasm as she smiled at me.

“I want to get down between canlı bahis your legs now Anna,” I whispered.

She slowly eased her legs and I was able to get up.

“I think we need a towel,” She said as she looked at me with lust in her eyes and pointed to a door where they were. “I Sometimes… I… I… squirt!” She said quietly.

As I got up I said “I’ll get 3” and quickly moved over to the linen closet in the hall.

“¡3 toallas! ¡Oh cogida! Voy ahora a morir… y a ir al cielo.” She exclaimed.

(3 towels! Oh fuck! I am going to die now… and go to heaven.)

I came back with 3 towels and also grabbed a flat pillow and I said “Lift”.

She put her legs down and then forward under her slightly to lift her butt in the air. I put the pillow down first then the 3 towels folded in half next and she eased back down. Her pelvis was up high as she looked at it.

“Oh mi dios I que va a venir 100 veces tiene gusto de esto.” She exclaimed in Spanish and started laughing out loud.

(Oh my god I going to cum 100 times like this.)

“Anna breathe in deep and slow ok so you can relax and feel the full effects.” I said as she obliged and started breathing in deep. Then she looked at me kind-a odd. But slowly started breathing in deeper and deeper breaths. “Good” I said then continued “and re-laaaax, yes relax Anna.” I continued.

I moved down to her ankle closest to me and reached out to gently put my hand under it and caress as though massaging. I bent over and started kissing the top of her ankle and foot.

“Haga que 200!” She said excitedly as she felt the sensations.

(Make that 200!)

I was using both hands to massage the top of her foot and ankle then gently lifted her leg up and held it to me for support as I rubbed her calve as well. I moved down so I could kiss her leg as I lifted her leg higher.

Her soft skin was astonishing to touch and I was reveling at it as I caressed and kissed her leg.

I turned slightly and while holding her leg with one hand and arm I used the other to rub her thigh moving my hand toward her upper inside thigh. Squeezing her soft thigh and rubbing my hand all over.

“Put a pillow under your head so you can watch” I said “and breathe in deep and slow as I massage you and try to relax.”

She nodded and was just watching me as I moved. I then pulled her leg out wider to give me room to get between her legs.

I gently put her leg down and the calve was dangling off the bed.

I moved quickly down to the end of the bed so I could climb up between her legs and was kissing her other leg as I did. She moved both thighs out to allow me access to her. As I got closer to her love vortex I reached under the leg off the bed then lifted and pulled up slightly. She took the hint and lifted it up placing her foot in the edge of the bed. Both knees were now bent as I leaned down on the bed and moved in closer. She started to moan as she knew by her position and time I took to prepare that she was going to bahis siteleri cum a lot. She had her hands up to her face arms pressing on her boobs and nipples. She watched me wiggle myself up closer, getting as comfortable as I could for the munching I was prepared to give to her now wet pussy. Lift your legs up and put your feet on my back I said.

“Are you sure I won’t hurt you.” She said

“I would rather die eating your pussy than any other way.” I said.

“Oh my god!” she blurted as I got closer and closer. I moved my arms around to her sides and put my hands on each hip and starting caressing there. I started kissing her inner thighs while I was moving my hands closer to the tops of her legs.

“Estoy cerca del número 1 y usted no me ha aspirado todavía.” She said in Spanish.

(I am close to number 1 and you have not sucked me yet.)

“Ohhhhhhh” she started saying as I leaned forward to kiss the side of her pubis mons and very thin wispy pubic hair. I was teasing her and she knew it waiting for me to actually start. She had moved her hands and arms now closer to my head and was waiting to grab my head and shove it into her aching pussy begging for satisfaction. I stuck out my tongue and flipped it up and down like a snake then I said in Spanish “¿Está usted listo a cum todavía?”

(Are you ready to cum yet?)

Then I quickly moved my face down opened my mouth wide, planted it on her snatch and sucked her clit and as much of her upper pussy as I could.

“Ayeeeeeeeeeeee,” she screamed “Si Si Suckkkkkk jur GAUD-DESSS cunt to heaven.”

She grabbed my head and forced it down and I could only breathe through my nose as she held me down and was bucking her pelvis up to me.

“Oh mi dios de mierda I’ virgen de m no más. Usted liberó mi gatito.” She screamed thrusting her pelvis for all she was worth.

(Oh my fucking god I’m not virgin any more. You freed my poosey.)

As she pressed her legs hard into my back I pushed my back straight to give even more force to her thrust and pulled her hips to my face hard sucking quickly on her clit like a straw.

She cried out again as another wave crashed through her and I was licking as the juices started gushing forth from deep within her being.

“Oh my Fucking GAUD!!” she screamed quickly then clinched her teeth hyperventilating.

The only sound I heard for the next few minutes was her forcing breathes between clinched teeth shooshing constantly writhing and twisting as I held tight and continued sucking and licking and caressing her mons pubis with my finger tips.

I eased up a bit and lifted my head up, pussy juice dripping from my mouth and said “Are you ready to cum yet?” she opened her eyes and glared at me shaking her head and convulsing still but did not say a word. I moved my head down and nibbled her pubic hair and kissed the side of her legs and pubis mons planting soft kisses on it every where.

I did this for a bit

“Oh you are so good at that. I have never had any feeling bahis şirketleri close to these.” She said.

Slowly I reached down with one hand so I could insert a finger in her sopping wet pussy.

“Jess fuckkkkk me with jour feengers.” She said.

I inserted my thumb which slide in with remarkable ease and pressed up with the side of my thumb at the odd angle to push up on the spongy mass of her g-spot. As with a lot her sexual parts her g-spot seemed very large.

“Oh yeah you found the spot Oh fuck that feels amazing!” She said as I moved pushed up and down on her g-spot and I could feel engorge even more if that was possible and get rougher texture as well.

I shifted my position removed my thumb then I inserted two fingers in her super wet hole and did the come hither movement on her g-spot. She started moaning louder as she got closer to another orgasm.

Then I pressed down and cupped her blood gorged pubis mons with my other hand and squeezed it gently repeating this movement and in unison pushed up hard on her g-spot very quickly almost roughly. After doing this for a moment she became silent for a bit and I wondered what was up. Then she cried out in ecstasy as another orgasm took over her. I was really thrusting up hard and massaging her now fuller mon pubis as she was moaning and gushing forth slippery love nectar from inside.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh huhhhh SI” she screamed as I continued my movements.

She was in a constant tone again yelling Si often. I slowed down my momentum and came to a stop. I removed my fingers from her snatch and her pussy was still convulsing and twitching and she cupped her hand and held it down over her pussy to ease the sensitivity. She was speaking in a slurred voice as she spoke only the first syllable was able to come out

“Ju… may… me cu… soooo har–t”.

As she laid there coming down from her high I relaxed as well and was starting to get my second wind and wiped my face on the bed. Then I moved back into position and bent my head back down to continue. As I touched her lower pussy with my lower chin she pushed my head back and moved her torso away from my face quickly.

“NOOOOOO! Wait… sensitive.” She whispered as she pulled herself up in a fetal position.

After several minutes she yelled out “GAUD I never thought cuming was so much as these.”

“Usted ha reventado mi gatito virginal abierto de par en par.” She said.

(You have busted my virgin pussy wide open.)

As she lightly touched her still sensitive pussy then yanked her hand away quickly.

“I certainly know these now; I have experienced pussy on fire master lover.” She said with a dreamy lustful look in her eyes.

Then she reached up and looked at me and started frantically kissing me everywhere.

“You have taken me beyond heaven to the highest possible realm of sexual ecstasy! I am jours, Gaud-dess forever take me as your love slave.” She exclaimed as she did a movie actress faint act.

After she calmed down completely she was stretching out relaxing, so I took this opportunity to yank the very heavy sex juice soaked towels off the bed and went to the laundry room.

End of Chapter 6

There is more to cum…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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