Skinny-Dipping with Cousin Emma

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Two weeks ago, my aunt Amanda invited me and my parents to join her family on their annual trip to Vermont. They rented a lakeside cabin for the four of them – aunt Amanda, uncle Jack, and my cousins Emma and Andrew – and one for my mother, my father, and me. Trips to Vermont are a veritable tradition for their family, and they were nice enough to share it with us this year.

Of all my cousins, Emma and Andrew are probably the closest to me in age. I’m 19, Andrew is 19, and Emma’s 20. However, since we live so far apart, we only get to see each other a few times each year at best. I love spending time with Emma, and over the years I’ve developed feelings for her, despite the fact she’s my cousin. She is a regular subject of my sexual fantasies, and in spite of some so-called societal taboos, I want to fuck her and cover her with my cum. I thought I would have to accept that something like that would never happen, until this summer.

My parents and I arrived the first evening, checked in, had dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and went to bed. The next day, we spent several hours at the lake, swimming, talking, and just enjoying our time off. In and out of the water, I couldn’t stop myself from checking out Emma in her bikini. I hadn’t seen her in a swimsuit in years, and she had developed quite a bit. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were big enough to bounce when she moved, especially in that flattering bikini, and I could swear I saw her nipples poking through once or twice. I spent just as much time looking at her ass, though. It was so perfectly round and jiggly, and I wished I could see it without anything covering it.

My aunt had mentioned that there was a nude beach along a nearby lake, but this beach was not clothing-optional. Nevertheless, since public nudity is one of my kinks, I imagined what it would be like to go naked at this beach. It was so secluded, I doubted anyone would ever find out. Thus, I hatched a plan. That night, after everyone had gone to sleep, I would sneak down to the beach and skinny-dip in the lake. If only I could get Emma to join me… hah, what a horny fantasy.

And so I slipped out that night, bringing nothing but the clothes on my back, which I would soon shed. I made my way along the path through the dark woods until I came to the shore.

There were a few houses nearby with porch lights on, but no one seemed to be up inside, as all interior lights were off. Beyond the porch lights, only the moon illuminated the quiet lake scene. Nevertheless, this minimal lighting seemed bright enough to me, as I was about to strip naked, and my bare body would be lit up for all to see.

I knew I wanted to be naked, though, and the thought of being visible, and potentially seen, was part of why I found this so exciting. I couldn’t decide if I would want to prolong my time exposed, moving leisurely from the safety of my clothes to the obscurity of the water, or if I would sheepishly dash to the shore as fast as possible and take refuge in the lapping blackness.

I decided to bite the bullet and strip my shirt off. As my t-shirt’s collar hopped across my chin and ruffled the front of my hair, I reassured myself that for now, this looked completely normal – I could be stripping down to swim trunks and going for a conventional swim. Of course, that was not what I was doing, and the fact that I was choosing to do it alone under the cover of darkness might already raise some eyebrows. Nevertheless, I continued undeterred, plucking off one shoe, then its corresponding sock, which I slid into the shoe, then the other shoe, and its sock, until my feet were bare. I felt more vulnerable as my bare feet came in contact with the cool, moist sand, which matched the cool breeze blowing across my bare chest and back. I felt so naughty already, but I knew I wanted to continue.

I slid off my jeans, bending over slightly to collect them, then placing them on the beach chair upon which my t-shirt already lay. We’re in the endgame now, I thought, as I stood there, in the moonlight, wearing only my underwear. I should probably get this over with, my inner monologue warned me, since it would already seem strange to see a guy standing by the lake shore in just his underwear. Given their pattern, it was unlikely anyone would mistake them for swim trunks.

With one final deep breath, I grabbed the waistband of my boxers, and slid them down, past my buttocks, down my thighs, past my knees, down my calves, around my ankles, and off in one swift, quick, painless motion. Almost in a trance, without taking in the full situation yet, I quickly laid them on top of my other discarded garments. I was really in the altogether now, and I didn’t feel embarrassed yet. In fact, it felt natural. All of my body felt the same air currents, so no part felt particularly underdressed. My sand-pressed feet moved my bare, smooth body as a single, harmonious entity, not divided by a waistband, collar, or any other constricting fabric ring. I was free.

And I was student sex parties porno naked. I realized that anyone in any of the houses could see my naked body, well illuminated by the moonlight. I remembered what my mission was: skinny-dipping. It was time to carry that out. I tried not to move awkwardly as I took each step towards the water, though I shivered slightly, not out of chill, but because, deep down (and also, to a certain extent, at the surface), I was nervous.

Nevertheless, before I knew it, I was at the water’s edge. I placed one foot in, reaching the sand beneath without even fully submerging my foot. The water was just as warm as it had been during the day. Feeling confident that water temperature wouldn’t be an issue, I took several more steps in, one up to my ankle, one up to my mid-calf, one up to my knee, one up to my mid-thigh, until my cock and balls were about to be submerged. I definitely felt the water temperature when they went under, but the same would happen in a swimsuit. Now, my buttocks were submerged, and the cool water lapped at the small of my back. I quickly walked forward until the water climbed up over my chest (the coolness definitely awoke my nipples) and shoulders, leaving just my head and neck exposed. To fully acclimatize myself to the water temperature, I briefly brought my head underwater, feeling my hair float around freely, then brought it back out.

I was now up to my neck in water, and feeling safe and covered by the dark lake. Certainly no one could tell I was naked, and maybe they wouldn’t even see me at all. Regardless, it was now time to swim. This was what truly set skinny-dipping apart from swimming with clothes on: the feeling of water flowing all over your body, allowing your cock to dance in the cool currents as you slip through the drink like a dolphin. Or something. But it sure felt good, and I was savoring the feeling when I thought I heard something in the woods, in the direction of the path I had taken. I stood at nervous attention for a few moments, but dismissed it as an animal (hopefully not a bear) and continued my secret nighttime frolicking.

Until I heard a voice.

“Hey Brendan!” I don’t know if she would punctuate her greeting that moment with an exclamation mark, but it definitely sounded like one to me. It was Emma’s voice, and it was close behind. I slowly turned my head around and saw her standing there on the shore, midway between the end of the path and the waterline, a few yards away from the chair with my clothes. “Going for a midnight swim?”

After a few seconds, I answered as calmly as possible. “Yep! Did you know you’d find me here?”

She replied, “I thought I might. Andrew and I come down here to swim at night sometimes, and I heard you leave for a walk a little while ago. Heck, I’d join you, but I didn’t bring my swimsuit!” I didn’t have the nerve to tell her that I didn’t bring mine, either.

“Do you want to take a boat out?” she offered. I opened my mouth to reply, but I didn’t know what to say. Normally, I would have said yes without hesitation, but if I got out of the water and into a boat, she would immediately see that I was naked, and I didn’t know what she would think. She also knew that my answer would almost certainly be yes, so she didn’t wait for a response.

“Here, I’ll pick out a boat – how about a canoe? – and you can help me carry it down to the water. How’s that?” I was still at a loss for words. I didn’t want to shut down my cousin’s plan, but I was also in a compromising situation at the moment. I decided I didn’t want to risk hurting her feelings, and that I would embarrass myself instead if I had to. She might run away, or never look at me the same again, but I thought that maybe if I was honest, she wouldn’t make a big deal of it. At least, I hoped so. Maybe she would call me a pervert, and tell her parents –

No. I had made up my mind. I put on my brave face.

“Hey, a boat ride sounds great, but believe it or not, I’m…” I looked down at the water briefly before uttering the final word. She couldn’t see any of my body below the neck, on account of the dark lake, but what was obscured in real life would soon appear in her imagination. I bit the bullet and spoke the final word, not shyly, but not proudly, either.


After hearing the word, she processed what I said at a normal rate, meaning that the realization, and the associated mental image, hit her within the next second.

“Oh,” she began, as time briefly slowed down for me. “You’re skinny-dipping,” she declared as a reassuring grin materialized on her face. “Andrew and I do that a lot! Can I join you? Now I don’t have to worry about not having brought the proper attire!”

Wow. That was a lot at once. Emma was totally unfazed by my confession – she didn’t make fun of it, or think I was weird for wanting to swim naked. And she said she had done it too – many times! With Andrew, her brother! Did she mean she had done it here, submissive cuckolds porno at this lake? So she and Andrew have seen each other naked on multiple occasions? Wait, was I about to see her naked too?

I realized that I still had to answer her question. “Sure! Come on in!” I replied, still reeling from everything she had just casually revealed to me.

“Thanks!” she chirped, smiling at me as she turned around. She only hesitated for a second before she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and, with her arms crossed, pulled it up above her head and off, rustling her curly hair as the back of her bra became visible to me. She then quickly slid her short khaki shorts down her respectably long legs – she was already barefoot- and tossed them on the same chair her discarded shirt adorned. In just a few seconds, she had undressed herself down to her bra and panties. There was her ass, or at least the parts of her nice cheeks which weren’t covered by the standard-variety panties. She turned her head slightly and glanced over her left shoulder at me – shoot, she saw me looking at her – before smiling almost imperceptibly, turning her head back, and then reaching her hands around and unclasping her bra, deftly sliding it down her arm, and tossing it on top of her other clothes, as if it were just as commonplace and unexciting as a pair of shorts. To her, I suppose it was.

Now, with almost no fanfare, my cousin, a beautiful young lady of twenty with an amazing body, was standing topless before me – albeit with her back towards me. And just as quickly as she had removed her other garments, she slipped her thumb into the waistband of her panties and slid them down, lifting up one foot then the other and returning to a standing position with the underwear in her hand. She had kept her legs essentially together through the process, though she left enough of a gap to allow the panties to slide down easily. As she nonchalantly tossed the panties – which had begun to tangle around themselves, as panties do – onto her clothes chair, I processed everything I had just seen. First, she had just bared her ass before me. I’d seen it in a bikini – indeed, I’d silently admired it in a bikini – but clearly this was much more. I saw the top of her cheeks for the first time – they emerged beautifully from her lower back – and I saw her crack, no longer obscured by a triangle of fabric. Yes, this was the whole ass, and it seemed so jiggly and pure and round and tantalizing and squeezable. I wished I was allowed to touch it.

And the other side of my brain was reminding me – I had actually seen a brief glimpse of one her breasts as well! When she had bent down to guide her panties along her legs, she had bent slightly to the left, giving a brief side view of one of her small breasts. I saw her nipple! And her soft, curved, slightly pointed tit! It was so soft, just as soft as that ass, and just as squeezable and tantalizing – and suckable. Could I ever touch that?

And then a third thought occurred to me – had I seen any of her pussy? I almost certainly saw some hair down there, just beyond the bottom of her ass crack – the hair was quite an exciting sight in and of itself, let me tell you – but had I seen something more?

All those thoughts had occurred in the space of about a second and a half, as she flung her panties onto the chair. Thus, before I had the time to fully answer the pussy question, there were new developments. Now that she was naked, it was time for her to get in the water. She stood up straight, glanced back again, then without any more hesitation, she turned around and ran for the water. It was like watching her in slow-motion. Right away, I was faced with her nipples and her bush. Her nipples rocked up and down on her beautiful, bouncing little tits. Her bush was neatly trimmed, yet still obscuring her slit and any view I could hope to have of her vagina. And after a few seconds of putting on this bouncing, revealing show, she reached the water and splashed in, quickly entering a swimming position and swimming towards me. In all that time, since I invited her to join me (it had only really been a few seconds, but so much had happened, at least from my perspective, that it felt like a long time), she hadn’t said a word.

“Yo, this is so much fun, I wish we were allowed to do this during the day,” she remarked, smiling and making eye contact with me. She was treading water, with only her shoulders and up visible. I took a second to respond, so she continued, “Hey, thanks for letting me join you, I hope it’s not too weird to be naked with me, but to me it’s just like being with Andrew, we’re family, and it’s not weird to see each other naked.”

“Yeah, no problem. I’m glad we both thought of doing this,” I said, smiling back at her.

With that out of the way, we started to chat about normal stuff as we swam around. I only ever got split-second glimpses of a nipple from time to time when one crested above the water, and as far taboo heat porno as I could tell, she hadn’t seen anything below my chest either.

As we swam, talked, and played in the moonlight, we eventually made our way over to the small floating dock a little ways out from the shore. Emma perched her forearms up on the surface of the dock, lifting her tits out of the water. I followed suit. Damn, there were those tits again. I still couldn’t believe I was seeing them. I mean, I had only seen them for a few seconds up until now, but now there they were, out in the night air, plain to see. I couldn’t believe she was so comfortable exposing them like that. Those tender, milky mounds which jiggled with her body movements, and those sweet little reddish nipples, firm from the cool water. I simply could not believe they were there, and they continued to dominate my mind. They were so beautiful. As we continued to make conversation, I tried not to look at those sweet tits too much, but after a few seconds, I had already drank them in quite a few times. I mean, I hadn’t seen boobs that many times before, and here were my cousin’s, right next to me! Plus, each time I looked at her in conversation, those tits were in the corner of my eye, drawing my vision in their direction.

“Wanna sit on the dock?” Emma inquired, making eye contact.

“Sure!” I replied, without thinking. And so Emma began to hoist herself up by her forearms, pulling her lower back out of the water, and then her butt – the cheeks were free again, and they flew past my face with the rest of her legs close behind, until she was completely on the dock, dripping wet and shaking the platform quite a bit. Was that another glimpse of her pussy? And some wet pubes? Before I could look again, she pulled her legs forward and hugged them to her chest, and rotated her body to look at me. I briefly noticed that her heels were in front of her groin at the moment, and her knees were in front of her tits, before I looked up to meet her eyes.

“Need help?” She chirped, extending a hand.

“Thanks, no, I’ve got it,” I replied quickly. Now it hit me that I was going to be pulling my naked body up onto the dock too, showing it to her for the first time. What would I do? Was my cock too small from the water? Could I hide it until it returned to a normal size? Should I just keep it completely hidden? I probably could… But deep down, I knew I didn’t want to. I thought my cousin was hot. I had fantasized about her many times. And with my public nudity/exhibitionism kink, showing someone my naked body was very sexual, giving a thrill akin to having sex. And the best part was, in this situation, it was completely justifiable, since we were skinny-dipping, and she had said it was cool to see each other naked. She was unwittingly turning me on and letting me live out my fantasy!

Well, there was no more time to think. I began tensing my arm muscles and hoisting myself out of the water. Before I knew it, my knees were on the platform. I brought them forward and sat my ass down, then turned around. I was now sitting side by side with Emma, looking out at the lake with the shore behind us. We both had our knees in front of us and our feet up on the dock.

Then, Emma put her feet and legs down into the water, so that they were hanging over the edge of the dock. Once again, there was that bush. I looked for a second at that, then for a second at her nipples and breasts.

Then I thought about what would happen if I put my legs down too. She would see my dick for the first time. Right now, it was between my thighs, hidden from view, still under the effects of the cold water. Now, if I just thought horny thoughts for a few seconds, I could grow it back to a respectable size, then show it to her. Maybe she’d look, maybe she wouldn’t, but exposing it would be enough of a thrill for me. Well, I thought about her tits, and her pussy, and her ass, and her seeing my dick, and how I wanted my dick to grow and become big to impress her, and I thought about fucking her pussy with that cock, and cumming in her pussy with my huge, juicy, thick cock – there we go, getting bigger now, just about ready to show off. And after a few more seconds, it was time.

I tried to nonchalantly slide my legs forward, my knees descending to the level of my hips and my feet splashing into the water, followed by my calves. As my thighs made contact with the wet wood, my wet and soft but full cock became visible in the moonlight, sitting between my thighs. Emma had glanced over at my legs when she saw them start moving, and she might have gotten a glimpse of my cock as well. Now, we were both in a more relaxed position. We stared out at the water together and continued talking, remarking on the beauty and solitude of the lake. And we were both naked, though we had little reason to look at each other at the moment.

All of a sudden, her shoulder and upper arm, still slightly damp, touched mine. She had just shifted position, but now she was basically leaning against me! That made me feel something. Naked physical contact with a hot girl I’d fantasized about was a dream come true – and she was my own cousin. I never thought something like this would actually happen! Had she looked at my cock? I hoped so. And speaking of my cock, it might be starting to do something –

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