Sisters Train A Future Cuckold Ch. 02

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Sara woke me up bright and early the next morning, she came into my room and pulled the covers down and started sucking on my cock. When I finally woke up I thought I had been dreaming about getting my cock sucked until I looked down and seen my younger sister Sara sucking my cock all the way down her throat. I grabbed her by the back of her head and started pumping harder and harder into her small dainty mouth.

My cock unleashed a huge amount of thick rich cum, and Sara was swallowing as fast as she could but she couldn’t keep up, so I came all over her face and some of it even sprayed into her dirty blonde hair. Sara quit sucking and came up and stuck her cum coated tongue in my mouth and I sucked all the remaining cum from her mouth and licked her face clean. We lay in the bed and made out for a half-hour before I had the strength to get up and get dressed.

Sara went into the bathroom and was taking a bath when I went down stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Susan was sitting at the table with this evil grin on her face. She got up from the table and walked over to the kitchen counter where I was standing. She got right up in my face and ask me if I had been a bad boy this morning, she said she could smell cum on my breath and she wanted to know why I had sucked my cock off and not come and got her to do it, I wasn’t about to tell her I just got a blow-job from Sara, so I told her that I woke up horny and wanted to taste my cum first thing in the morning.

Susan reached down and pulled my cock out of my underwear, and of course it sprang to outdoor sex porno life and Susan was rubbing the head of it up and down. She reached around me with her other hand and eased a finger up my asshole, she told me to get her coffee cup off of the counter top and for me to deposit a load of cream (cum) in it for her.

I took her coffee cup and placed it in front of my swollen cock and she stuck another finger in my asshole and milked the cum out of me, then she brought the coffee cup up to her lips and drank my cum and the little bit of coffee that was in the cup. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth and was enjoying her self immensely.

She then told me that she wanted me to meet a girlfriend of hers tonight, and for me not to cum any more today. She told me to go up stairs and take a shower and for me to shave my cock and balls. She said, when I get done shaving for me to call her up stairs and she will inspect my private’s to make sure I am cleanly shaven.

I went up to the bathroom and took a shower, I shaved all the hair off of my cock and balls and called Susan, she came into the room and had me bend over, she took her hands and spread my ass cheeks and she looked at my ass. She told me to hand her the razor that I had missed a lot of hair around my asshole.

She lathered me up and shaved all around my asshole, when she was done shaving my asshole she wiped the shaving cream off and stuck her tongue right up my ass. She was lapping at my asshole like a dog laps water out of a bowl it felt so good pre-cum was forming public agent porno at the tip of my cock head. After she had licked and sucked on my puckered asshole she got up and had me eat her cunt real good. After that I got up and got dressed Susan handed me a cock cage to put on, I slipped the cage over my cock and balls and Susan put a lock on it.

She said she wanted to make sure I didn’t play with my cock till she was ready for me. About 2 hours had gone by when the door bell rang and Susan answered the door, It was her girlfriend Kim and she was a knock out, she was about 5’ 10” blonde hair nice tits, I would say about a 36 C, nice round ass and she had a beautiful face with nice thick lips, the kind you dream about sucking your cock.

Susan introduced us and we walked into the living room and sat down, my cock was trying to get hard but the cock cage prevented that from happening. Susan started the conversation off with how I liked to suck my own cock and cum in my mouth, and Kim was real interested in that and wanted to see me do it. Susan had me take off my clothes and masturbate in front of Kim. I could tell Kim was getting horny because she was rubbing her pussy with one of her hands.

I suggested that Kim and Susan take off there clothes and join me. Kim took off her clothes and she had a shaved pussy and it had big lips that you could tie up in a knot. Pre cum started forming at the end of my cock and I took a finger and wiped it off and sucked on my finger to clean it. I could tell that Kim loved watching me play with my reality kings porno cock.

Susan seemed like she was in a hurry and told me to get down on the floor and start sucking my cock. I laid down and put my legs over my head and started tonguing the end of my joint when Kim came over and started fingering my asshole with one hand and playing with my balls with the other. When this happened my cock slipped 3 inches deep into my mouth and I knew I couldn’t hang on not cumming for long.

Kim couldn’t believe her eyes, watching me suck my own cock. She told me that when I cum not to swallow it, she wanted to taste it in my mouth. She rammed two fingers up my asshole and I started pumping cum into my hungry mouth, lucky for me that I stopped cumming because one more squirt and it would have been running down my face.

Kim jerked her fingers out of my asshole and put her mouth over mine and I pushed the spent cum out of my mouth into hers with my tongue. We swapped it back and forth two or three times before we both swallowed it. Kim and I hit it off real well and after I had sucked my cock Kim and Susan gave me a nice long blow job. Kim liked the idea that I would eat and fuck my sister she wished that she had had a brother that would have serviced her that way.

Well after that day Kim and I fucked and sucked all the time, and a lot of the times Susan was their too watching and participating, I just couldn’t quit servicing Susan because I had Kim. A lot of times when both of them had fucked and sucked all of the cum out of me and I couldn’t get a hard-on they would kick back and suck each others pussy till they cum again. Kim and I got married about six months after Susan introduced us. Hell my sister went on the honeymoon with us. That’s what you call keeping it in the family.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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