Siblings with Benefits Ch. 05

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As I lied there in my bed with my eyes closed, my breathing and heartbeat finally beginning to return to normal. I still couldn’t believe what had just happened. Had I really just gotten a blow job from my older sister Megan? The same Megan who, after she had swallowed every drop had told me that we hadn’t even gotten to the best part yet? It still seemed like some kind of sick twisted wet dream. My thinking was interrupted as I once again felt my semi hard cock sucked into Megan’s soft wet mouth.

I opened my eyes to the sight of my sister lying on her stomach between my legs wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy red and black lace panties. Megan’s long dark hair was fanned across my stomach and thighs and she was resting her cheek on the inside of my left thigh. Seeing me watching, Megan removed my cock from her mouth and playfully flicked her tongue across the tip sending a shudder through my body.

“Yeah little brother? You like that? You like having your nasty big sister between your legs sucking on your big beautiful cock?”

“Oh yeah.” I whispered.

Megan sucked it in again. Even though I had cum only a couple of minutes ago I was getting hard again. She looked up with those big crystal blue eyes and winked at me as she took it all the way down. I moaned as I felt her tongue swirling around. Megan took her mouth away and smiled at me. Taking her hands she pushed herself up and crawled up between my legs.

I stared wide eyed as Megan worked her way up my body, her small but perfect tits were just close enough that I could feel her hard nipples sliding up my stomach and chest. Stopping with her face over mine, Megan leaned down and gave me a long lingering kiss.

I reached up, putting my arms around her and she let her weight go so her tits were pressed against me. Megan had straddled one of my legs, and even through the panties I could feel the heat of her pussy against my thigh. Megan broke the kiss and pushed up over me again, she smiled down at me. Damn she really was beautiful I thought.

“Scootch over.” She told me. With an effort I moved to the side, as she rolled over onto her back next to me. Megan stretched her arms out over her head arching her back; I leaned over to lick her right nipple hoping she wouldn’t get mad. I just couldn’t help it; she let out a delighted giggle.

“Ohh somebody likes those.”

“Sorry.” I said starting to pull away. Megan put her arm around me, gently holding me there.

“Go ahead little brother their all yours.”

Loving the sound of that I continued licking her nipple making slow circles with my tongue.

“Nice, see how much better you are already?”

I propped myself up, so I could begin tonguing the other one. Megan sighed contentedly, as she began playing with my hair. My hand was on her stomach and I started to slowly slide it down her towards her… pussy. Yes I thought my sister’s pussy.

“There you go,” She said softly. “Keep going.”

Still licking her nipple, I let my hand wander until I felt the waist band of her panties then slid my hand underneath. I could feel her pubic hair, which was damp to the touch, then my fingers found her pussy. A shiver went through me when I felt how wet it was, and the moan that escaped from Megan added to the thrill. I started to rub my hand up and down stroking it.

“Inside.” She whispered. Nervously I pushed a little with the tip of my middle finger.

“Little lower.”

I moved then pushing again felt my finger slide inside. A little more, and it went all the way in. Her pussy wasn’t just wet it was hot as well.

“Ohhh yeah,” Megan sighed. “Now in and out.”

I worked my finger back and forth as Megan moved her hips into it, her breathing becoming even faster.

“Okay stop, now take it out.”

Reluctantly I slid my finger out removing my hand from her panties. Sitting up next to her I resisted the urge to smell my fingers. Megan looked at me, and whispered;

“Little brother, it’s your sister’s turn to cum now. You think you can make me cum?”

“I think so.” I went to put my hand back between her legs.

“No,” She shook her head. “Just like I told you there’s a better way.”

“A better way?”

Megan nodded pointing towards the end of the bed.

“Your turn little brother.”

Getting her meaning, I once again felt my heart begin to race.

“I don’t know how.” I said feeling stupid again.

“I’ll teach you.” She said then pouted. “Unless you don’t want to.”

“Well I…”

“You don’t want to lick my pussy Mark?”

Already learning how this game was being played I quickly replied;

“Megan can I please lick your pussy?”

I was rewarded with a huge smile, and another one of those little coos.

“You are a quick learner, and I would love to see that beautiful face between my legs little brother.” She pointed at the foot of the bed again.

“Go ahead lie just like I was.”

I stood up aware that I was completely naked and feeling a little uncomfortable, as she watched Megan said;

“Little mofos porno brother you are looking good.”

A little embarrassed I walked to the foot of the bed. Megan shook her head saying;

“That’s one hell of an ass.”

I got to the foot of the bed and went to get on when Megan stopped him by putting her foot on my chest.

“Hold on a minute.”

I looked down loving how her foot looked on me with her red toe nails. For whatever reason, looking at girl’s feet got me horny. I had never mentioned it to anyone because no one else seemed to think they were sexy. Megan removed her foot then lifting her hips slipped her panties down her hips and lifted her legs up, slipping them off. As she did I caught a glimpse of her pussy framed between her thighs it was so wet I could see it glistening in the candle light.

“Okay.” Megan said as she put her legs down and opened them wide.

Still feeling as if I were dreaming I slid onto the bed and lied on my stomach between her legs propping myself up on my elbows I stopped when my face was only inches from her pussy. Megan had a small patch of hair just over it but the rest was bare and her pussy itself was as pink as the skin around her nipples. Unsure where to start I turned my head to the side and kissed her upper thigh just to the left of her pussy this close I could smell her musky scent. Despite going off like a rocket less than ten minutes ago I felt my cock begin to twitch.

“Slide your finger back in.” I obediently took my finger and pushed it in. As I slid it in and out her pussy made a wet sucking sound.

“Yeah,” she breathed, “Now another one.”

I slipped my middle finger in as well moving them in and out. Megan’s pussy which already felt tight clenched around my fingers.

“Like that trick?” She asked. “It’s better around a cock.”

I didn’t answer I was completely intoxicated by the scent of her pussy and the sight of my wet fingers sliding in and out.

“Now go ahead Mark lick it! Lick your sister’s pussy.”

No longer giving a shit about the right or wrong of it I eagerly leaned forward and removing my fingers plunged my tongue directly into her pussy.

“Ohhhh(.)” Megan moaned as a shiver went through her legs. Spurred on by her reaction I began moving my tongue in and out faster. Damn that tasted good!

“That’s nice Mark, but put your fingers back in and lick the outside.”

Sliding my fingers back in I licked her pussy up and down noticing that when I got to the very top Megan would let out a deep breath and her hips would twitch.

“Nice little brother real nice, She breathed, “Now right on my clit.”

I paused where was that? Was it that spot at the top? Come on you fucking idiot I thought to myself. Sensing my hesitation Megan said;


Sliding her hand down she spread her pussy in front of me. Holding it open, Megan took her middle finger and with just the tip of her red nail slowly stroked the very tip of her pussy. I was all but drooling just when I didn’t think she could work me up anymore Megan found one more dirty little trick.

“Right here Mark, see that little button right there?”

I saw what she was talking about and also heard how she groaned when her finger rubbed across it.

“Okay.” I whispered and with her holding herself open I began flicking my tongue across it.

“Oh right there Mark right there!” Still working my fingers in and out I leaned forward pushing harder with my tongue.

“Yeah now suck on it, but easy just like my tit.”

Putting my lips over her clit I began very gently sucking it in and out of my mouth. Megan’s breath caught as she began to thrust her hips in rhythm to my sucking.

“Look up at me.” Still sucking I turned my eyes up to meet hers. Megan let go of her pussy and taking both hands began to play with her nipples.

“Oh you look good down there.” Her breathing was getting heavier and her hips were moving quicker. “Look at you licking my pussy, oh you like it don’t you?” She put her head back and moaned adding; “I know I do.”

I stopped sucking and using just the tip of my tongue began tracing slow circles around her clit it had been in a dirty story I read so I figured I would try it, apparently it was a good trick as Megan gasped;

“Oh yeah just like that Mark, just like that!” Megan lifted her legs and draped them across my back her thighs squeezing my head.

“Oh! Move your fingers faster.”

Megan’s hips were bucking faster and harder shoving her pussy into my face I loved it! The smell, the taste, and best of all Megan’s moaning. At first I wasn’t sure if she was just telling me I was doing okay to make me feel good but this wasn’t an act! Getting brave I switched it up, once again sucking on her clit but faster, at the same speed as my fingers. It was the right move as Megan’s legs tightened around me even more.

“Oh god, yes!” She exclaimed reaching down to grab my hair, holding my face there. The more excited she got the harder I was getting moms girl porno I could feel my cock pushing down into the bed.

“Oh Mark,” She moaned, “Oh yeah.”

Her fingernails were actually digging into my scalp but I didn’t care, realizing if her hand was on my head then she had let go of her right tit I reached up and began to play with her nipple.

“Yes! Oh yes!” She groaned, “Oh just like that don’t stop Mark don’t stop oh please just like that.”

Hearing her say please sent a thrill through me and I moved quicker. Suddenly Megan squeezed my head even harder and her hips left the bed but stayed there not bucking just grinding into my face I could feel her thigh’s tremble, she cried out loudly;

“Oh god yes!! Yes! Oh fuck yeahhhhh!”

Megan’s entire body went rigid trapping my face between her legs, she let out another long loud moan then collapsed back onto the bed. I continued to lick around then sucked on her clit again.

“Hey no!” Megan said pushing my head away as if I had hurt her.

“Too sensitive after that.”

I nodded and stayed there enjoying how wet my face was, and how good her pussy looked. Speaking of her pussy I was as hard as before and hadn’t she said something about fucking?

“Was that okay?” I asked.

Megan had been lying on her back staring at the ceiling trying to catch her breath.

“Uh huh,” She said without looking up. “Little brother I have never cum that hard.”

“Me neither.”

Megan laughed at that.

“No one’s ever tried to make you cum before Mark.” She pointed out.

“Oh yeah right.” I was back to feeling stupid.

“No worries Mark, I just got to be the first.”

She propped herself up on her elbows to look at me.

“I’ll tell you something little brother, I’m not a slut but I’ve had enough to know most guys suck at sucking. Girls find out your good at it, then little Krissy is going to have a lot of competition,” She sighed then said;

“Never mind if they find out how big that cock is.” She was silent for a moment then gave me that nasty little smile again.

“Speaking of, your hard again aren’t you little brother?”

“Oh yeah.” So hard it was hurting again.

“Sit up let me see.” I pushed up to my knees my cock was sticking straight up and Megan let out a low whistle.

“Oh look at that. You ready to fuck me Mark? You ready to break the rules and fuck your sexy big sister?”

“Yes.” I answered immediately not taking any chances.

“Good because I am so ready to get some of that cock.”

Megan slid down a little further on the bed and raising her legs put them up on my shoulders her feet dangling behind my head. The head of my cock was only an inch or so from her pussy. I grabbed it and went to try to push it in.

“Here let me.” Reaching down she grabbed me, and squeezed sending a shudder through my body.

“Oh that is so hard again.” She said as she guided the tip to edge of her pussy.

“Now stay still a minute.”

She began to rock her hips sliding my cock back and forth on her pussy I moaned damn that felt good and all I could smell was her pussy. I wanted it so bad! Without realizing I was going to I whined;

“Oh, please Megan, please don’t tease me.”

“Ooooh,” Megan cooed smiling wickedly. “I love that little whimper of yours Mark, I really do, but don’t worry your big sister isn’t a tease,” She winked, “Not for you anyway, we just have to get it nice and wet that’s all, after all it is a big fucking cock you want to shove in my tight little pussy.” She stopped moving her hips and nodded;

“Go ahead push it in, but just a little.” I pushed it in just past the head and groaned. I was so close to finally getting it, who cared if it was my sister?

“MMM,” Megan sighed then, “Okay, all the way in.”

At this point I didn’t need to be told twice. With a thrust of my hips I pushed it in so far I could feel Megan’s wetness against my balls.

“Whoa!” Megan gasped her eyes widening, “Easy Mark easy.” She winced a little. “Damn that’s wide.”


“Don’t be just go slow okay?” I nodded.

“Go ahead,” She said. “In, and out. Nice, and slow.”

Putting my hands around her thighs I pulled it out a little then pushed it back in then again.

“Oh yeah that’s the way Mark nice and easy let me get used to it.”

A few minutes ago I had thought nothing could have felt better than her mouth, but I was wrong! Her pussy felt amazing, hot, wet, and tight, very tight.

“You like that? You like fucking your big sister?”

“Oh god yes.” I answered.

“Yeah,” As she had done to his fingers Megan clenched her pussy around me and I moaned…

“Like that?”

“Uh huh.”

“Okay, go a little faster.”

I began to move quicker also pulling it out a bit more each time Megan lolled her head back onto the bed.

“Damn that feels sooo good.” She groaned. “Look at you fucking my hot little pussy. Now all the way out real slow.” I did, and when the tip momsbangteens porno came out there was a wet sound from her pussy.

“Now back in slow,” We both sighed with pleasure as I slid all the way back in.

“Faster!” I began to pump my hips faster and Megan once again put her head back moaning out;


I leaned forward pushing her legs back her hips lifting up off the bed pumped her even harder.

“Oh damn,” Megan said. “Yeah keep going like that.”

I kept going thrilled to realize I wasn’t even close to cumming yet.

“Okay hold on.” Taking her legs from my shoulders Megan stretched them out on either side of me and said;

“Get off your knees and lie between my legs over me.” I looked at her confused.

“Like you’re doing a push up.” That made sense. I slid my legs back and pulled myself up until my face was over hers.

“Yeah that’s it little brother.”

She reached down and grabbing my cock guided it back inside her pussy. I began thrusting in and out exactly as if I were doing a push up. Megan put her hands on my biceps and squeezed.

“Jesus Mark you got some nice arms.”

She was looking up at me and I realized this was the exact image I had jerked off to her lying underneath me naked and sweating. Megan reached up putting her arms around my neck.

“Come down here and kiss me little brother.” I leaned in, my mouth meeting hers as I did she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me in even deeper.

“MMM you taste like me, now come closer.” She whispered lifting herself up a little I slid my arms under her as I held her. Megan put her arms around my shoulders pulling me back to her incredibly soft lips.

Could it get any better than this? We were kissing; our tongues in each other’s mouths, her nipples pressing into my chest, and of course the amazing feeling of her pussy. Megan was now moving her hips in rhythm with mine while rubbing my back with her hands. As she broke the kiss and put her head back, I leaned in kissing her neck; her breath was hot in my ear.

“Oh this feels so good Mark,” She said while rubbing my shoulders, “Krissy is going to be one lucky girl.” At that I realized I should feel bad about this, after all wasn’t this cheating on Krissy? Hell I’d figure it out later.

“Speaking of,” Megan continued, “You better go easy with her, you could hurt her with this thing.”

Not wanting to hear about Krissy anymore I kissed her again sliding my tongue into her open mouth. Feeling like I was getting close I started pumping faster.

“Uh-huh little brother, not yet.” With an effort I slowed down.

“Why not?”

“Because we haven’t done my favorite yet, this is nice but trust me you haven’t really fucked me, not even close to how I need it.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but she hadn’t steered me wrong yet. We stayed where we were for a few more minutes. I was deliberately going slow trying to hold back, but it wasn’t easy.

Underneath me Megan was sighing in pleasure with every thrust her eyes closed lips parted she looked beautiful! Opening her eyes she said;

“Get back up on your knees.”

As she spoke she removed her arms and legs from around me. As I sat back on my knees Megan sat up looking directly into my eyes;

“We’ve gone easy long enough Mark, time for you to become a man and learn how to take a woman the way they all need it whether they admit it or not.” With that Megan rolled over onto her hands and knees and lowering her chest to the pillow pushed her incredible ass up in the air. Oh my god did that look good.

“Let’s go Mark, come take your sister.”

I got behind her pausing for a second to take in the view. My sister’s ass pointed up in the air waiting for me to fuck her doggy style. Fucking my sister doggy style. Sick yes but did I care anymore? Hell no! Knowing what had happened to Megan as a young girl and afraid of not putting it in right, I took my cock and started at her clit slowly sliding it up her wet pussy pushing against it

“Ohhhh,” Megan sighed. “That is sooo nice little brother, do it again.”

Smiling to myself that I had done something to make her moan without being told how, I slid the head of my throbbing dick up and down a few times getting that sweet sigh from her each time. I was teasing myself however so the next time when I felt her tight pussy begin to suck me in I thrust my hips burying my cock all the way. Megan’s pussy was so wet I could feel it against my thighs. Megan let out a loud gasp;

“Holy shit That’s deep!”

I couldn’t believe it, but it felt even better at this angle I began to slowly pump her incredible pussy. I started slowly pumping in and out enjoying the sounds she made each time I went all the way.

“Uh-huh,” Megan said, “I said take it! Fast and hard Mark! Grab my hips and give it to me!”

I had been holding back as she had been telling me easy all night. Grabbing her hips as she had told me to I started pumping quicker.

“Goddamn it Mark,” She said turning her head so she could look at me. “I said fuck me really fuck me like you know you want to. Like I know I want you to!”

I began to go harder, Megan moaned, but then snapped at me again;

“Stop playing and give it to me Mark! I’m giving you a chance to be a man not a little boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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