Shower Thoughts

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I want to share my dream with you – this is the vision that I had — I do hope that it does touch you in a way — for it was playing with my head quite a lot – and touched me –

I was just getting into the shower yesterday –and I imagined that I was walking into the bathroom — the shower was already going — I know you had come home – with a bit of head ache right after work — and I was trying to be there as soon as you got home – I knew you would beat me – but I wanted to catch you as soon as you were home – and how perfect was this — that I caught you right where I really wanted you — said “it’s just me” as I walked into the bathroom – the steam hit me — I could feel my clothes get a little damp with that hot air — my tie was already off as with my jacket — they were coming off as I was walking through the house – the shoes came off by my toes pushing at the heals — I know that is not the best for my shoes but I was in a hurry — my fingers on my buttons — “I rushed home to wash your hair” – You say “Perfect”- and you peak out at me — my shirt coming off and then my muscle tee being pulled over my head — I know that the hair on my chest was curling more in the moist air — I undid my belt — and as I pulled off my pants — I opened the door to throw them on the bed – you say — “close the door – it is getting cold – you are letting all my hot air out”

I laugh – because I know that things will be getting hot soon escort ataşehir — I enter into the shower — the water is hot — you face me — and my hands go quickly behind up and from your back slide up so that I am at the base of your neck with the nape of your hair in my hands — so that your chin arches up slightly — the water spilling over your forehead and on your hair – getting it is wettest — your body next to mine – but I do love so washing your beautiful hair. Your hair is so thick I have to pull it apart and really get it wet – so that all of it is deeply wet — but I massager your scalp as I do so — kissing your forehead also — mmm your eyes are closed keeping the spray of water out but your hands are on my chest — steadying yourself — you feel the broadness of my chest – as you run your fingertips in the fur that covers my chest — I know that you are also enjoying this on another level too because your take one leg and wrap it around the back of one of mine — bringing me closer to you — as my manliness strengthens and grows harder in-between our stomachs — I reach behind you and get the shampoo — and then squeeze the bottle go get a healthy amount into your hair – and begin to get the lather up — the smell with the steam makes everything smell so nice

I ask if your headache is a little better and you say “mmm mmmm” — but in a positive way — this time — I lean a little further down so kadıköy escort that I can get a kiss as my reward for my headache remedy – my fingers massage a little of the shampoo into your eyebrows too — and then my thumbs go behind your ears again massaging the soap in so that every strand gets washed. Now comes the rinse — I turn you around — and have you face the shower head — the water beating down on your head — your eyes lowered and closed so that the soap does not get into your eyes — I massage more – but make sure that the soap slides down your hair – and rinses off and down the drain – I like the way your butt feels against me – and by the way you push it back against me a little I guess you do too — I step back a little — and take your hands and put them on the wall ahead of you — and with my one leg I nudge your up so that your foot then goes on to the lip of the tub — your back arches a little bit more — as now I can center myself more to make love to you –

I feel my cock enter to your yielding body – and my hands which were just steadying my self on your hips – are now more urgent – and making sure that I an fully encased in your wetness – the roundness of your hips – the way your body feels – the water bouncing off your back then onto my chest – making me feel more powerful – wanting to take you now – but the water and the possibility of slipping shy me away from becoming too aggressive right maltepe escort bayan now – but more so now – I want to be one with you – fill you – stretch you with my cock – and you arch and bow your back – pushing at me – so that the base of me is pushed all the way in you – the head of my cock feeling the resistance of not being able to go any further – filling you completely.

My hands now slide up your slick body – to cup your full breasts – kneading them – arousing them more – I know your eyes are closed even though I can not see them from this angle – but I know you are blocking out that sense so that you can feel me more – that you can focus your attention more on what you are feeling inside yourself – but now with your breast being rubbed – there are multiple sensations – and your body is warm all over from the shower and the excitement – while I kneed your breasts – I work down to the nipples – pulling them – getting that little bit of milk that you have so earnestly worked on to give to me flowing – The thought of your milk – that you have worked on it – to pump your breasts four times a day to get that going – so that you could fulfill that fantasy for me – to give of yourself to me – excites me more – and each drop of sweetness is a testament to how you have given yourself to me – but I don’t want all that sweetness to be wasted on the shower floor – I just wanted to excite your nipples as I brought you to your first orgasm – so that I could feel the muscles of your pussy hug and contract around me – that I know that I brought you there – fills me with pride – and I hold you – and you standup and I slip out – and we turn off the shower – but there is more to come later — —- —

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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