Sharing a Secret Conclusion

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Chapter IV

Without a word, Willow Bird turned her back to him and slipped her shoulders out of her dress, revealing her slender body to his spellbound gaze. As she turned slowly to face him once more, the afternoon sun played on the delicate tilt of her breasts, casting their shape in perfect silhouette across her smooth swell of her stomach. Realising that she had taken the first step along a forbidden trail, she was suddenly overcome with modesty and crossed her arms protectively over her breasts, not realising that the innocent gesture only served to make her even more desirable in her brother’s eyes.

“Oh, my beautiful little Ton’shtay!” His voice was tight with passion as he gently lifted her hands from their precious charges and stooped to kiss each one in turn. The deep brown circles of her areolas seemed to stare back at him like the eyes of a startled deer, so close that he could make out rings of tiny dimples around her erect nipples. His hands began to roam over her back, his fingers tracing the outline of her ribs and down the delicate steps of her spine. His hands strayed lower still, and he felt her flinch like a restive pony as his hands slid under the waist of her dress to cup the soft flesh of her buttocks, to push her body gently against his. They clung tightly to each other for a long time, lost in the exhilarating press of their two bodies, until the boy felt her hand brush lightly against his side as she fumbled with the girdle at her waist. There was a slight rustle as her white doeskin dress fell at her feet and she stood naked and shyly proud before him.

For a long time, the young warrior could only gaze in wonder: He had lived in a world without women for three long winters and hadn’t witnessed the blossoming of the awkward, coltish body that was his twin self, into the lithe beauty standing before him. He swallowed hard; he had wrestled this body in their childhood play and had even slapped it more than once in their many squabbles, never dreaming that it would ever be surrendered to him with such sweet abandon. Painfully aware of his cock straining against the soft pouch of his breechclout, he tore impatiently at the leather thongs around his waist and threw the skimpy garment aside, smiling bashfully at his sister’s admiring gaze.

Willow Bird took him by the hand and led him towards up the steep slope of the riverbank. Over the centuries, the winter rains had cut deep into the rock to form a shallow cave, hidden amongst the low bushes. It had been their secret place ever since they discovered it as children, and they had played there during the long summer months, while The People waited for Te’ton-kah to pass on his long northward migration. Willow Bird squeezed her brother’s hand excitedly as they stooped under the rocky threshold. Yes, it was fitting that this should be the place to play this last, wonderful game and take leave of their childhood forever.

The sandy floor made a soft, cool bed as they lay together, their hands and lips roaming over each other’s naked bodies in a joyous voyage of discovery. Willow Bird took her brother’s hand and held it against the little bush of hair between her legs, lightly pressing his fingers into the warm cleft beneath. She had never known the touch of another’s hand on her secret place before, but a sixth sense drove her on and she began to move her hips slowly, steering his inexperienced fingers through the moist folds towards the tiny mound nestling at the peak. He heard the sharp hiss of her indrawn breath as he found the spot and glanced up anxiously, but she smiled back at him, murmuring dreamily. “No, brother, it does not hurt. It feels good…so very good. Don’t stop…my sweet, lovely, handsome brother…please don’t stop!”

She reached for him and began to stroke him, just as she had done on that thrilling night in the lodge, only this time there was no old healing woman to stop her. Yielding to a sudden impulse, she leant over him and took his rigid cock between her lips, careful not to move her body away from his questing hands. His long groan of pleasure thrilled her very being and she began to suck greedily on him, bobbing her head to draw him ever deeper into her mouth. She slid her hand beneath her chin and gently lifted the soft pouch of his testicles closer to her nose, savouring his musky male scent and the feel of the soft skin brushing her cheek. Soon, Me’eeku began teen porno to flex his back, pushing his body upwards to meet her so that she could feel the ridge of his cock sliding along the roof of her mouth.

Every instinct told her that he was approaching his climax and she scrabbled at his probing fingers, whimpering with lust trying to make way for his throbbing cock. She almost succeeded and she felt the warmth of his cock pressing against the lips her vulva for an instant before he pulled it away sharply, gasping with pain as it slid from her tight grasp. Willow Bird gave a petulant squeal and tried to grasp him once more, but he turned on his side and whispered urgently. “No, sister -not inside you!”

He gave a sudden gasp as a thick white stream jetted from his cock to splash heavily onto his sister’s belly. He clutched at his aching groin as more pulsing spurts followed, dripping in long strings through his cupped fingers like bead necklaces. As quickly as it began, the flow stopped and the young warrior gave a long sigh and squeezed the final drops through the puckered end of his foreskin. He dared not look at his sister, for with the aftermath of his climax had come a sudden shame with the realisation that he had come very close to raping her.

Every fibre of his being had yearned to take her; to mount her slim body like one of the hungry stallions he had watched so many times on the Plains, but a strong inner voice had kept him in check. They had already broken the strict taboos of their tribe and risked severe punishment if they were ever discovered. Should his sister become pregnant as a result of their forbidden love, he knew that they could expect no mercy from the tribal elders. They would both face banishment, or even death, while the innocent child would be left on the plains to die from exposure. He had already suffered the pain and loneliness of exile and he knew that he could never inflict that fate upon the sister he adored.

He had to be strong, for both of their sakes.

Willow Bird lay beside him, sobbing bitterly with frustration and disappointment, trying hard to find a reason for her brother’s brutal rejection. Me’eeku tried vainly to comfort her and explain, but she pushed him away angrily and turned away from him. He clutched at her shoulder and pulled her back to face him once more and gazed intently into her tear-filled eyes.

“Think, my sweet one, Think! What if I were to give you a child? They would kill us both!”

It had been his turn to be strong, but from the way his body was still shuddering, she realised that it had been a harsh decision for him to make.

Her tears subsided as the torment in her body gradually ebbed away and she began to comprehend the dreadful truth behind her brother’s words. How could she be angry with him? Even at the peak of his climax, his thoughts had been only of her. She wiped away the stray tears with her hand and smiled weakly at Me’eeku’s troubled face.

(Poor Me’eeku: How little you know of the ways of women: We worship the Moon, for it is She who brings us our babies. I am only a young girl who has never known a man, but I understand these things much better than you. It has been only a few days since my monthly flow, so do not fear for me, my beautiful brother – we can enjoy this wonderful time together.)

Unconsciously, her fingers had started to soothe herself, but even as she felt their familiar caress, she knew that they would not bring her the fulfilment her eager young body craved for. She yearned to feel her brother deep inside her, but how could she make her him lose his fears and satisfy her fierce hunger?

Her fingers became still as she suddenly realised that she already knew the answer!

She had always been the stronger partner in their ‘dream talking’ but the idea of using her powers to control her brother’s thoughts had never occurred to her until now. She drew her hands away from their pleasurable task with a contented sigh –she would not need their familiar comforting. Ignoring the pricking of her conscience, she began to concentrate hard.

Me’eeku stared in stunned amazement as she stood up and began to untie the thin horsehair cord around her waist that proclaimed her virginity. With this simple gesture she was surrendering herself to him completely, for no Cheyela man would ever dare to violate the sacred travesti porno cords she wore between her thighs. Her courage faltered for a moment and she hesitated, but her impetuous body had already made its decision and she let the slim cord slip through her trembling fingers onto the sandy floor.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter V

Unaware of his sister’s plan, Me’eeku knelt before her and laid his head against her soft belly, perplexed by the highly erotic thoughts flooding through his mind. The sounds of the afternoon seemed to fade around him until he was aware only of the rise and fall of his sister’s warm body against his cheek and the gentle sigh of her breathing. Willow Bird was urging him on with all the power her mind could muster and she could hardly contain her delight as she felt him respond.

He stared at the little mound between her legs and gently kissed its crown of soft hair before lowering his head to rest his chin below the “V” of her open thighs. Whimpering with excitement, she slid her hands down to part the lips of her vagina for him, imploring him to act out her wildest fantasy.

Me’eeku’s head swam as he gazed at the breathtaking sight before his eyes. The neatly furled folds of brown skin between her legs had opened and their smooth inner surfaces gleamed pink and moist, like a prairie flower after rain. He felt an irresistible urge to kiss them and his tongue began to flicker snake-like in and out of the pink blossom, eagerly lapping up the beads of dew from the rosy petals.

Willow Bird gave a primitive purr of delight and squirmed her body forward to press her newly opened lips hard against his. Intent in her growing rapture, she was releasing all restraint on her innermost thoughts, so that Me’eeku could sense every tremor and thrill of her approaching climax. Driven almost crazy by the torrent of joy invading his mind, he buried his face into his sister’s moist crotch, sharing the regular spasms that were thrilling through her body. His lips had found her swollen clitoris and he sucked on it greedily, rasping his tongue across the tip until she squealed at the exquisite torment. Frantic with desire, she began to roll her hips in a relentless rhythm, faster and faster, while her hands roamed ceaselessly over her breasts, squeezing and tweaking their hard nipples until the world around her seemed to explode in one glorious wave of ecstasy.

Me’eeku felt her knees brush against his ears as she thrust her sex towards him in brazen enticement. The delicate lips he had kissed so recently were now thick and prominent, making the tiny entrance between them gape open in mute invitation. Giddy with lust, he dragged her down to the sandy floor and knelt over her panting body, ready to plunge his aching cock deep into her very being.

Like most young girls, Willow Bird had wondered what it would be like for a man to enter her for the first time. With the sudden weight of her brother’s body came the realisation that her long wait was finally over, and she reached down for him in joyful anticipation, guiding his warm cock through the folds of her labia. She winced with pain as it pushed against the tiny flap of skin inside, stretching it taut until it suddenly parted. Strong hands slipped under her buttocks, cupping them and lifting her upwards to ease the path of his invading cock as it pushed relentlessly inward, stretching the walls of her virgin passage for the first time. Instinctively, she clenched her legs over his back, locking his body to hers like a mountain lion holding its prey as they began to writhe together in the timeless, miraculous dance of life.

Me’eeku’s thrusting became faster and more savage until she could feel the tip of his cock pounding against the hard ring of her cervix, as if demanding entry to her innermost depths. Beneath him, his gentle, modest sister had become an insatiable animal, but he hardly noticed the grip of her sharp teeth on his neck, or the scrabble of her fingernails across his back. The rocky walls of the cave began to ring with her short screams as she gave voice her ecstasy.

Willow Bird gave a final long moan and her body arched upwards as a miracle erupted deep inside her with all the force of a raging torrent. Every muscle in her body seemed to convulse at once, clamping around the hard flesh that was ravishing her so sweetly. It gave tricky masseur porno a final deep thrust and she could feel it swell against the walls of her vagina, stretching and filling every fold and tiny crevice with warmth as it pulsed out its tribute to their love.

They lay close together, unwilling to break the wonder of their coupling, until Me’eeku’s softening cock slipped from his sister’s soft embrace, spilling a little stream onto the sand. Alarmed by the sight of the bright blood smeared over their flanks, he stared at her, but Willow Bird only smiled at him tenderly, shaking her head at his male ignorance. For her, it was a symbol of pride, not concern; she had taken her first steps into womanhood with the brother she adored and he had proved to be a gentle guide. She wiped their loins with a tuft of dried grass before reaching up to draw him back into her arms, yearning to feel the weight of his muscular body covering hers once more.

* * * * * * * * *

Chapter VI

Me’eeku woke with a start. His life as a fugitive had honed his senses to an animal-like instinct and he had been alerted by the distant cries of the pony-herders on the far riverbank. The long, lazy afternoon was nearly over and the young boys were riding out to bring the herd closer to the village for the night. He looked down at his sister, lying asleep in his arms and gently kissed her forehead. She made a contented humming sound and her long eyelashes quivered, but she only turned towards him slightly so that her warm breast flattened against his naked chest. Reluctantly he freed himself from her sleepy embrace and shook her gently awake. Hand in hand they went down to the river’s edge where she tenderly washed all traces of their lovemaking from his body. Later, as they dressed in the seclusion of the trees, Mooncalf smiled shyly at her brother’s quizzical expression as she retied her virginity cord between her thighs. Their sharp-eyed mother would soon notice its absence and there would be much giggling and scarcely veiled questions from her friends when she next stayed in the women’s lodge at the time of her monthly flow. She carefully brushed the sand from her doeskin dress and slid it over her shoulders, noticing the woeful look on her brother’s face as her slim brown body was finally hidden from his adoring gaze. The mischievous smile she gave him seemed to say,

(You will see it again many times, never fear, my little stallion brother)

* * * * * * * * * * * *


The young warrior let the roan amble back to the village at its own pace, unwilling to end the wonder of the afternoon. Willow Bird sat behind him, resting her head on his back, deep in thought. Her heart was overflowing with tenderness and devotion toward her wayward brother – things would never be the same between them ever again. As twins, they had always been closer to each other than most brothers and sisters, while the strange mental gift they shared had tended to set them apart from their friends. Even when they had taken their separate trails: he as a young warrior and she into the domesticity of the family lodge, their easy friendship had stayed intact. This afternoon they had forged a new and more powerful bond, which she knew nothing would ever break.

Me’eeku had no such loving thoughts to console him. Throughout his exile, his constant fight for survival had helped to dull his needs, but as the long, lonely months passed, he had found little respite from the devil-spirits that had filled his nights with tormenting dreams. The passionate intensity of their lovemaking on the riverbank had reawakened a fierce need in him that he knew he could not resist. His duty as a brother was clear: he must leave his people once more and seek out a new life, far away from the allure of his sister’s beautiful body. There was no other honorable trail for him to take.

But Willow Bird had already formed a plan. That very night she would pay a secret visit to Netayah, the old woman who hadsaved her brother’s life. She guessed that Netayah might have other skills too, for it was rumoured that many an anxious young maiden had ceased to weep after a midnight visit to the old woman’s smoky lodge. Life could be harsh for an old widow like Netayah, especially as she had no relatives to support her, but it was strange how her lodge never lacked for meat – generous gifts left at her door by young men returning from the hunt. Yes, old Netayah would be sure to have a potion to help her. She lifted her head and kissed her brother’s warm shoulder.

[Netayah will never grow hungry while I still have you, little brother.]

* * * * THE END * * * *

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