Sex With My Cousin Ch. 02

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I’ve written a story about getting with my cousin Melissa. That was my real fantasy. However, I have realized that I have a very good looking family. However, despite their good looks, I’ve never had a crush on any of them, spare Melissa. Despite that, I had a recent experience with another cousin, and she was the one who made the move!

I had come home from college for Thanksgiving. I usually don’t come home for Thanksgiving, but I wanted my parents to meet my new girl friend, Jenna. I had stopped all my sexual relations with Melissa. I just felt that an incestuous relationship couldn’t last. Anyway, my parents live in Boston, and I have a cousin, Alice (Melissa’s older sister), who is four years my elder and is going to law school at a college right outside the city. Her parents live in the mid west, so we always have her over for major holidays. On this occasion, she had brought her boy friend, Mark, to get my parent’s approval. Now, this approval thing was a joke, but my parents were always the first to meet her boyfriends, and my girlfriends.

Ever since I left for college, my parents sold their big apartment and opted for a smaller one with only two bedrooms. Even though Jenna and I had been fucking for almost a month, I didn’t think that my parents would love the idea of us sleeping in the same bed. So, I reserved a hotel room for a few nights. It had two queen fake angels porno sized beds, even though I only asked for one. We were going to sleep in the same bed anyway, so we just used the second bed as a couch.

Before going over to my parents house, Alice and Mark came up to our room. They said that the hotel had overbooked, and they had no where to stay. Since we had an extra bed, Jenna and I let them have it. Jenna and I were gonna be fucking that night, regardless of the people in the room. And we were pretty sure that Alice and Mark would be screwing, too, so we weren’t concerned with sharing a room with them.

The four of us left and went to my parents apartment. Alice and I got approvals on our significant others, and we sat down to eat. Sitting at the dinner table, I began to realize that everyone at the table was good looking. Now, I said earlier that everyone in my family has good looks, but something struck me at how perfect the couples were. I wasn’t really counting my parents, because, even though I’ve had an incest experience, the thought of my mom or dad in the sack turned me way off. But I looked around at the three other young people at my table, and I realized that they were all very pretty/handsome.

I’m not gay or bi, but I have no problem admitting that a man looks good. And Mark looked good. Alice had done fake cop porno very well. Alice was tallish, I’d say about 5’6. She had modest tits, I’d say a b-cup. She was very athletic, though, and was in really great shape. Jenna, is, well, to die for. She has a perfect chest, the nicest ass and the greatest blonde hair. And just looking at her face would make any guy pop a boner. I was lucky to have her. However, to my credit, I was well hung, and I was in excellent shape. We were a fantastic couple.

Dinner finished around ten, and Alice, Mark, Jenna and I retreated to our hotel. It was still early, and we contemplated seeing a movie, or hitting the clubs, but in the end, we all wanted to stay in the hotel. We turned on the TV, and saw some pretty good movies on. We chose one, and we all got onto Alice and Mark’s bed, since it was closest to the TV. The movie was surprisingly long, probably about three hours. It was very interesting, and I didn’t turn away for the entire movie. When it was over, I looked up to see Mark and Jenna both asleep, but Alice awake.

Alice and I decided not to wake them. Besides, we had a lot of catching up to do. We talked for a while, and then the talk got sexual. We both confessed our favorite sex positions, and what we had done with our partners. Then, the talk got very intimate.

“Does Jenna give you head?” fake hospital porno said Alice.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Does she give good head”

“Yea, she’s amazing.”

“Are you sure?” Alice replied, “The best you’ve ever had?”


“Well then I’ve guess you’ve never had an Alice blow job.”

This shocked me completely. Here was my cousin, four years my elder, hitting on me, with both of our partners in the room. But Alice had a very tantalizing look about her, and, well, played along.

“No,” I replied, “I haven’t.”

Well,” she said as she looked at the growing bulge in my pants, “then you haven’t had the best blow job the world has to offer.”

I began to feel my hormones racing as I replied: “Well, are you going to show me what one feel likes, or are you going to stare at my dick all night?”

Well, that was the end of the conversation. She reached down and pulled off my shorts and boxers. I still couldn’t believe this was happening, and I was scared that Jenna or Mark might wake up. I wasn’t objecting, however, and Alice began to lick my cock in an incredible way. I don’t know what she did, but it was fantastic. She began to gently go up and down on my dick, never stopping her licking. Gradually, she got faster and faster. I was amazed that she was able to go so quickly without choking on my dick, but she could. She was as good as she said she was. I cummed more from that blow job then I ever thought I could. There was no chance that I could cum again that night.

“Well,” said Alice, “wasn’t that the best dick sucking you’ve ever had.”

I had to agree with her. “Yes,” I said.

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