Serendipity Ch. 04

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – A good day for Nicole

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

04 A good day for Nicole

I vaguely remember Mickey getting up sometime in the middle of the night, and I think she said something to me in the morning, probably getting ready for work. Remember I said I am NOT a morning person. I finally stumbled out of bed around ten and made it to the shower to wash off the crusties from last night and try to join the world of the living. I toweled off most of the water, threw on a pair of boxers from my bag and made my way to the kitchen. Somebody had managed to dig out some of the pots and pans so I was able to make something for breakfast. I’m normally a milk and cereal guy, but there wasn’t any. I managed to find heat and eat sausages and a few of eggs so I had something to go on.

“Something smells good” I heard Nicole say from behind me. “Any left for me?”

“I put the last of it on, but I’ll split it with a naughty little pixie I know.” As I turned around to find Nicole in her thong carrying her bra. “Jesus Nicole, you need to warn a guy walking around like that!” Those long nipples just standing out there waiting to be nibbled on.

“What, so now you don’t want to see them…?” starting to bring her hands and bra up to cover them.

“No, I just…”

“I see how you are, you just wanted to get in my pants yesterday!” As she got up and began stomping off to her bedroom now fully covering her tits.

“Nicole,….. NICOLE!”


“Give me a second, I’m only operating on half a blood supply.”


I walked around the end of the island with the frying pan and spatula in hand…. And my cock sticking straight out through the flap in my boxers.

“Oh… I guess you really do like them,” she said dropping her hands from her tits and walking back over to the island staring at my cock.

“You still want sausage and eggs?”

“Amongst other things.”

We sat and ate. Nicole staring at my cock sticking out of my boxers, and me staring at her tits and nipples.

“So do you really like my little tits and nipples?”

“If you’d have asked me that a few days ago I would have said no…”

“So you really don’t like them?”

Nicole… settle down and let me finish… OK?”


“Now, if you had asked me a few days ago I would have said no. In fact I hadn’t even thought about small tits or black women.”

“You hadn’t even….”



“I said I hadn’t thought about it, because it wasn’t anything worth thinking about as if it was something different.” That earned me a ‘what are you talking about’ look. “I grew up up north. Primarily white with a little bit of black and asian thrown in and about four different Indian tribes in the area.”


“I didn’t think about it because I don’t care what the outside looks like.”

Nicole leaned back and cupped her tits and tweaked her nipples.

“OK, I care about what SOME of the outside looks like. But black, white, Indian, or Asian on the outside, they are all pink on the inside…” I said with a grin looking down at her thong covered pussy.

“Oh you are just too bad…”

“Now concerning the small tits. Nicole, what do most women with small tits do to them?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do most women with small tits do to them?…. They cover or hide them.”

“We do not!”

“Nicole, how many bras do you own that aren’t partially to extremely padded?”

“But, but…”

“Yes you have a nice butt, but we’re talking about your tits.” God I love that line!

“But I go braless around the house.”

“Doesn’t count. Only where other people can see you counts.” Her mouth started to open and close but nothing came out. “In fact I bet you can’t even go up to the crossroads store with your nipples showing a little even if all the other girls are letting theirs show? I don’t think you can do it.” She looked a little hesitant, glancing down at her nipples a bit and looking like she was trapped. “Tell you what. You get that old padded bra out, whatever else you’re going to wear, and then your vest and jacket. That way you can show them off or chicken out…”

“I’ll show you chicken out!”

Nicole took off for her bedroom and came back a minute later with the bra in hand… and no thong. Damn if she didn’t look a little wet. “Enjoying the thought of this a little are we?”, I asked as I looked at her bare pussy.

Nicole stuck her tongue out at me. “Just for that I’m going to make you eat me before I leave.”

“I was kinda hoping for that anyway. Now hop up on the counter and put your bra on.” I grabbed canlı bahis a sharpie off the top of one of the boxes and got ready to mark the bra. “Got it situated right where you normally wear it?”

“Yea, but I forgot how snug this old one is, not sure if I can wear it or not.”

“Well it’s about to get some room in it so be patient.”

I walked to the side and looked at her in profile, then made little marks where the bra stuck out the most, then from the front where I thought her nipples should stand out the best. “X marks the spot for a tasty treat!”

“Oh you are totally infatuated with tits and nipples aren’t you?”

“Already told you that, now off with the bra.” I grabbed the bra to cut the nipple hole, but it wasn’t going to work the way I had planned. My original thought was to grab the spot and snip the tip, and let Nicole slip it back on, but there was too much padding for that. So I traced a little circle and then carefully snipped my way around and down through what felt like a foot of padding. Realistically it was only half an inch or so, but damn! “OK, slip it back on and we’ll see how it fits.”

As Nicole slipped it back on it was as if her nipples were waiting to be let loose. They slid right into the holes as if on their own while she reached back and snapped up. “That definitely gave me some room… Oh that is almost obscene!” as she looked down at her nipples standing out.

“Not what I’d call it!”

“OK tit man… what would you call it?”

“Exotic, a little erotic, definitely a woman who’s sure of her figure!” I tried to reach for them but she swatted my hand away.

“I can’t wear this!”

Go put your outfit on and we’ll look again.”

Nicole walked hesitantly into her room. I heard the shuffling of drawers. “Oh that’s different!”

“What did you say?”


I bet she just put her shirt on and felt it rub over her nipples… and only her nipples!

Nicole came out with a nice dress shirt and mid-thigh skirt… and her nipples standing out like a girl with normal nipples who was braless.

“I can’t go around like this!”

“Nicole, stop and close your eyes.”


“Now think of all the mannequins in the store window.”


“Now open your eyes and look in the mirror.”

“OH MY! I do look like one of the window displays don’t I?”

“Now if it’s OK to put something that looks that good in the window, why is it not OK to have the sales girls looking that good as well?”

“I don’t know?”

“Now put your vest on.” As she slid the vest on and covered her nipples I could see her relax. “Now when you get up to the store, you can leave the vest on if you chicken out or take it off to let those beauties out where they can be appreciated and enjoyed! Now what was that about a last meal?” I said as I sniffed the air enjoying the aroma of juicy pussy.

“Mmmmm I did say I was going to make you eat me didn’t I?” With that Nicole jumped up on the counter and lifted her skirt.

“Commando girl, it just gets better and better!” as I dived for her pussy already spreading a little on its own as she spread her thighs. I spreads her with my thumbs and began running my tongue around her clit. I had just started to work my tongue into her when….

“Man you need to give pussy eating lessons and let me be the example! Oh yeah, right there… just a little more….. I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGG”

Nicole laid back down on the counter, skirt still up around her waist and legs spread putting that lovely pussy on display. “Enjoying the feeling of your nipples inside your shirt a little?” as I enjoyed the sight of her laid back, skirt flipped up, and her pussy spread a bit showing her dark inner lips around a nice pink oozing center!

“I didn’t really think so, but man that was quick!”

I grabbed a dish towel to wipe her pussy and the counter under her and helped her off the counter.

“I’ve gotta get going, I’m running up to the Crossroads store to talk with Brenda about what I found.”


“Oh, I forgot to tell you. When I logged in yesterday I looked up my extra uniform discount and it said I had used 62% of my allowance. Brenda said she would tell me my options after she talked with some guy named Sam.”

“I kicked my head back and laughed… “Sam is not a guy, its SAMANTHA, and she is quite a wild thing too and she’s also the regional manager, not a district manager. She’s also the one responsible for the nipples out mannequins and dress policy. You catch her on a day off and you’re likely to find her in a bikini top and boy shorts…. both of which will be at least two sizes to small and unlined!”

“WHAT? What have I got myself into?

“Don’t worry, Sam is good people. Oh here,” I tossed her a hand towel from the counter.

“What do I need this for?”

“For the car seat on the way home so you don’t leave a big wet spot on your skirt or the seat!”

“Funny mister!” and stuck her tongue out as she headed out the door.

My next project bahis siteleri was the entertainment center, better go put some clothes on, or at least some shorts over the boxers, and get started. As I went to pull a pair from my bag I found a note and a key on top. The note said ’round two tonight?’ and the key looked like one for the apartment. I went out and tried it and sure enough it was for the front door.

I called Mickey at work, but one of the guys answered. “Hey this is Danny, is Mickey available?”

“She’s up with a customer right now.”

“OK, not a problem. I had a question about something at the new apartment. Have her give me a call as soon as she gets a chance. No emergency, just a question.”

“Will do.”

I got the entertainment center moved around to approximately where it was going when the phone rang.


“Hey Danny, I got a message you called.”

“Yea, I found your note and the key.”

OK” she said quietly.

“Is that your key or a spare?”

“It’s a spare so you could lock up if you left before anybody got home.”

“Oh, OK. What do I do with it after I’ve locked up?”

“Well…. you….could…. put… it…on….the…..balcony. Or youcouldputitonyourkeychain “

I chuckled a little… “How about I put it in my pocket and we discuss it when you get back?”

“OK… gotta go, see you later.” Click

Jeeze, you think she has something in mind?

So I get back to the entertainment system. The girls got together on the cabinet and each contributed their portion of equipment for me to put together to see what I can make. It’s a good thing this cabinet is made from plywood to handle the weight! It was heavey enough that I had to get the 36″ TV on the dolly and then lean it up against the cabinet and slide it up the handles to get it in there. After about two hours I had it put together. Between the TV, VHS, Beta max, and stereo system with cassette and 8-track we had just about everything covered besides reel to reel.

I had just put all the extra cables and stuff in a box and kicked back to watch the race when Nicole came running in, jumped on my lap and started kissing me like I was her savior. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

“You’re welcome…. For what I haven’t a clue, but you’re welcome.”

“You were right about everything!”

“Of course I was right. I’m always right. I’m a guy!” I said with a big grin. “Now you want to slow down and tell me what all I was right about… and where’s your vest?” as I reached up and cupped her tits. “Oh and your bra too… what a naughty little pixie! OK fess up!” All the while I continued to grope her tits and run my thumbs over her nipples.

“Well I went over to talk to Brenda about what was going on. I told her I had a question about the extra discount for uniform. When I got there it was just like you said. All the girls were letting their nipples out. Lots more couples shopping there than at my store, so I took my vest off.” I rolled her nipples between my fingers through the shirt. “Oh god that feels amazing…. Anyway, what I hadn’t had a chance to tell her was what I had found out about my balance on uniform allowance I had found. She called Sam and they talked for a bit, and then Sam had us meet her up by at the food court by the payphones.”

“Sam was just what you described on her day off. Sam had me go over what I had found about my uniform expense balance. Sam had some choice words and got her portable computer out and dialed into the store remotely. I didn’t even know they could even do that. She asked me how I even knew how to do check my balance and I told her about your suggestion. She just laughed and said ‘Just like a guy to figure an angle into women’s clothes.'” The last words came a bit slower as I palmed both tits working them in circles while her hard nipples pressed into my palms.

“Anyway, in talking back and forth I discovered that they had been looking into the heifer for a while. They knew something was up, but couldn’t find anything. I told Sam and Brenda they needed to start using PIN numbers for employees’ purchases and they just gave me a look. I told them the software they have was from the same company we used in the Big Box store. We didn’t have the extra discount they used, but we had PIN numbers for employees’ purchases. It was a real pain in the ass when I had to go reset PIN’s for clerks or department managers that lost theirs.”

“They both gave me strange looks and then Sam asked how I knew all this. I told her I was the third shift store manager for a little over two years. She acted as if she wasn’t sure if she could believe me. She said I had been getting so so evaluations the last two months and wasn’t sure if I was going to be staying on and the ‘heifer’ was thinking about letting me go. I told her that was interesting because that’s was about the time I started asking questions about corporate policy that didn’t match up with the store policy. I told her if she didn’t believe me pull up my application. She did bahis şirketleri and then nodded to Brenda. ‘Sounds like I was going to be the fall guy for her little scam. Too bad I know how to find the cracks in the paperwork and keep all my original receipts. She tries to pull this one and I’ll nail her ass!’ I told her.”

“I bet you were getting a little pissed at this point?” I slid my hands down and then brought them up under her shirt, cupping that softest of skin, the underside of a woman’s tit.

“You think! I was almost sure Sam was going to fire me and run me off to keep things quiet. Especially when she asked me to give her and Brenda about ten or fifteen minutes to discuss some things.”

“So what did you do?”

“Well I guess I kinda got up in a bit of a huff, grabbed my vest, and started walking off. Brenda jumped up and came after me and grabbed my arm. I must have looked a little pissed because she held on and told me not to worry. Sam had to make some calls that I couldn’t listen to, but if they came out the way she thought it would I would be pleasantly surprised.”

“And?….” as I tried lifting her shirt, but she was going to make sure she finished her story uninterrupted.

“And I’m getting there…. So I go walking around the mall wondering what was going on, and I catch a few guys checking out my nipples and I get this ‘what the fuck’ moment. I turn into the corner behind a plant and pull my bra out from under my top and stuff it in my vest pocket to finish my walk. If I’m gonna let them show they are gonna show all the way!”

“Way to go Nicole!” She just grinned while I continued playing with those beauties under her top, rolling her nipple from side to side..

“So I get back around to the food court and Sam is still over on the pay phone, but she gives me the thumbs up and points to the table where Brenda is waiting. I’m feeling a little better and go sit and wait with Brenda. She noticed I had got rid of the bra and raised an eyebrow. I told her ‘in for a penny in for a pound. That OK with you?’ She told me if she had nipples like mine she’d be fighting the guys off.”

“See I told you they were nice, now what about Sam?”

“Well Sam said they had two problems at my store and that maybe I could help them out. I wasn’t sure what to make of it but told her to go on. Sam said the call she had to make that I couldn’t hear was to Denise to check on me.”


“Yea, my old store manager at the Big Box store. Seems they went to school together. So the problem they had at the store was they hadn’t been able to figure out what the ‘heifer’ as I called her had been doing. Then when they did figure it out, they didn’t have anyone who could take over the store.

She asked me what shift I was working tomorrow. I told her I was scheduled for the afternoon shift. Sam said she knew it was kinda short notice, but could I meet her at the store around eight in the morning. I asked her why so early, the store doesn’t open until ten? She said because I had figured out the problem, and given them the solution, and been given such rave reviews from Denise, they wanted to know if I wanted the store?” And she just sat back and grinned.

“What do you mean, ‘wanted the store’?”

“Just what I said! You’re looking at the new manager of the South Mall store! I have to meet Sam in the morning along with the locksmith when they change the locks and change all the store passwords!”

“So you went from part time second shift to store manager in an afternoon! Way to go! Hope they haul the heifer out in handcuffs!” as she finally let me lift her shirt off and lick the tips of her nipples!

“I wish,” she hissed as I nipped at one. “They are going to give her a chance to leave quietly. You could probably prove what she did on paper to another accountant, but to anyone else it would look like a ‘he said she said’ kind of deal. But she’s on her way out and I’m a store manager again!” With that she pulled her skirt off, stood up enough to pull my shorts down, and proceeded to swallow me whole, my white cock disappearing between those chocolate lips of my naked pixie at my feet

Nicole was sucking for all she was worth. Between that and playing with her nipples while she had been relaying the story, I shot off in no time. She kept me buried in her throat while I emptied into her, feeling her swallowing egging me on.

“I was thinking of that the whole time I was walking through the mall with the guys checking out my nipples, hell even a few girls hit their guys for looking!” she said after licking her lips.

“Wow, I think I’ve created a monster. A sexy monster!” I said as I reached down to cup her pussy as she sat back in my lap.

“So what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Nicole said leaning back and thrusting her tits and nipples out practically forcing my fingers into her.

“Well I was killing time until Mickey gets home.”

“Why ’til she gets home?”

“Well she left me a key and insinuated I might want to stay with her for a while.”

“Damn! Does that mean I’ll have to cover these up again?” as she squeezed her tits and nipples up while rocking on my fingers against her clit. “I just got used to having them out for you to look at.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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