Saturday Morning Rush Ch. 2

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Saturday Morning Rush Ch. 2: Jan’s Story

It always amazes me how hard Dave gets just watching me doing the most ordinary things like housework.

Okay, so it isn’t amazing, not if you know him. And okay, so me doing housework isn’t exactly ordinary.

Perhaps I should just drop that statement altogether. Or at least re-define the term “housework”. For me, housework is any activity involving any degree of effort – hence the ‘work’ part, yeah! – that takes place in the house – house work! Are you with me?

Whatever. So there I was, working hard, bent over on all fours at the foot of the bed, looking for one of my socks, which try to escape my gnarly feet on every occasion they can. ‘Fucking, cunting, slippery bollocky socks!’

That was me talking, by the way, and not the socks. Dave stood near me, staring lustfully at my outfit: T-shirt and knickers, the knickers drawn tight up, displaying a crease where the crack of my fat arse was. Jees, the man either had poor taste or really good taste, depending on my mood, I guess. I know it usually ends with a taste, whichever way. Dave bent down and smacked my arse. Cheeky fucker! Well, he was just asking for it. Nothing new there, then… )

I stopped my searching and cursing long enough to land one on his hairy shin, right on the bone. I growled at him. ‘Stay out of my way, fucker!’ Hey, you have to talk to guys in a language they understand, right?

Dave seemed to understand my reaction. Saturday morning was no day of rest for us; I had work at home to do, of course, as did Dave, as well as shopping this morning, so it was All Go. And I wanted to get started ASAP so we’d have time to go see the new Tarantino flick.

But it would seem Dave didn’t. It was probably my fault, really, having such a succulent arse. Guys, huh! Next thing I know, Dave reaches down and grabs me by the waist, lifting me up like a child off the floor. I squealed and cursed and struggled, almost kicking him in the nuts – but not quite, obviously. Then the mad fucker dropped me face down on the bed. I twisted onto my back, face flaring, teeth bared Klingon-style, eyes narrowed and challenging. ‘Cunt! Cunting Cunty Cunt!’ ( Communication has always been one of my strong points.)

My T-shirt had rucked up; I wore no bra underneath, and Dave could see the underside of my pale, unfettered breasts. The tentpole in his boxers raised a little further and seemed to nod in my general direction.

I couldn’t fail to notice it, and I knew where it was bloody well leading. In a display of wanton naivety, I held up a warning finger. ‘No, no, we’ve got things to do!’ Yeah, I know. What *was* I thinking….

Dave was slipping his T-shirt off his body. ‘How true.’ Well, that worked. Not!

I tried again, with the “teacher’s” voice…… ‘NO!’ Hey, it sometimes works. On the dog, anyway….

But then the fucker dropped his shorts, and I stared at his erection. What was I supposed to do, leave the man in that state? C’mon, be reasonable. I had no choice…..

‘Aww, Dave, now you know I can’t leave you like that. You know that. I have a sacred pendik escort duty in such matters.’

‘I know.’ What a fucking, cunting, smarmy, wise assed, full-on bastard…….

Dave dived on top of me, and we kissed, our tongues wrestling as Dave slipped his hand down under my T-shirt. Oh god, I’m so weak when he does that. He felt my body shiver as his hand rose to feel my left breast, brushing against the engorged nipple. I moaned reflexively into his open mouth as he did it. It seemed to fire him. He moved his hands abruptly from under my shirt, grabbed it and practically tore it off me. My heart raced at the display of raw passion. God, he was good at this. Dave moved up a little and looked down at me. He stared at my breasts with such a look of desire, it was enough to send jolts of pleasure to my now swollen pussy. I could feel my nipples pucker as if they were reaching up from my arching body to meet his lips.

I was resigned to my fate now, as we kissed and played around on the bed. I deliberately rubbed my hot pert nipples up and down on Dave’s wonderful hairy chest. Dave started to rub me gently through my knickers. They were a pink-bikini cut and silk with a rather large wet spot all around the pubic area. Hey, I find it hard to conceal my feelings, ok! Dave could see the crease that split my pouting pussy lips. He ran his finger along it, pushing the material further in as the wet patch spread further. I could see my soft, curly hair now through my soaked knickers. A musky smell emanated from my loins. The smell of my arousal just served to galvanise me, and made me ache to have him inside me again.

Dave lowered his hand and rubbed my crotch. I moaned and closed me eyes. Dave then went on to remove my knickers. His hands trembled as he pulled down my pretty underwear. The first curls of pubic hair appeared, the curls were damp with vaginal fluids. As Dave pulled them further down, my warm, inviting pussy lips came into view. Dave threw the knickers to the ground and marvelled once again at this magnificent sight. Dave was speechless (a minor miracle for him).

I pushed myself up and reached for Dave’s cock, which was already tipped with pre-come, stroking him, making him moan. Then I smiled and pulled him on top of me. His cock pressed onto my vulva. My warm juices spread all over it as I squirmed, rubbing my pelvis over him. Dave put his hands on my ass and pulled me even closer to him. His cock was pushing into my little cave just waiting for that one hard thrust to push it all the way in.

His cock was lodged at the entrance of my vagina. He drove me wild with his control, the bastard! I growled hungrily into his ear, ‘Fuck me Dave, I need it so.’ I nibble on his ear for punctuation.

Dave bent down and kissed me. His hand went to my breast and rubbed its hardened nipple. Goosebumps of pleasure appeared on my body and I trembled ever so slightly. He moved his cock in position and it rubbed against my clitoris. I shook as my hips pushed up against his wonderful, hard cock. I was sooooo ready now. Time for more direct communication, I think. I whispered up to escort pendik him – ‘Uh, Dave. You know the procedure by now. Do it now. Please!’ (Always be polite when you’re desperate to be fucked. )

My impatience at his teasing was obvious. He grinned down at me, then moved his cock up into my moist vaginal opening and pushed. He could feel my pussy invite him in with a flourish of juices. Dave edged in slowly, easily. I stroked his broad muscular back, trying to encouraging him to go on with moans and pushes. Dave pushed a little more and his cock became buried deep in the recess of my belly. He looked down between us and saw my inner vaginal lips wrapped around his cock, as tight as a vice. Our pubic hair intermixed and pubic flesh bumped and rubbed against each other. Dave bent down and gave me a sweet kiss. I pulled his delicious tongue in, playing with it and kissing him wetly all over his face. Dave started to move gently, using strokes of a half-inch. Damn his fucking control. I started pushing my hips and the strokes continued to enlarge until Dave was almost completely pulling out. I pushed myself against him and Dave pulled himself almost out of me. I moaned every time Dave got to the bottom and his cock rubbed up against my sensitive clitoris. Our pubic hair was mangled and dripping, spreading our combined juices all around the bed.

Suddenly filled with desire, I flipped him around and ended on top of him. I do so love to be there, above him. I rode his cock, rubbing my clitoris on the base of it every time I came down. I leaned down, kissing him tenderly, and we both pushed up into each other. I could tell he was on the verge of coming, so I slowed my assault a little. I wanted us to come together. I wanted him to feel my cavity suck the come out of his balls. This time Dave flipped us over and pushed me to the headboard. I adore the way he takes me like that. It is so fucking masculine. He pushed and pumped wildly into me, and I sank into the divine sea of sensations. We kissed but were oblivious to everything but the phenomenal feelings centred at our loins. Our moans filled the room. Dave was growling, moaning, and grunting all at the same time. “Oh yes!! Oh Jesus, Jan, you fucking gorgeous bitch!” he was shouting. Hearing him talk like that drove me crazy and I was screaming and moaning loudly and uncontrollably. Dave pushed against my clitoris, rubbing it up and down and I yelled ‘AHHH, Oh Dave, Dave, I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m- I’m I’m I’mm’ Communications systems were rapidly failing. I re-routed them to my hot pussy walls as I shook with waves of ecstasy.

At that point Dave lost it as my vaginal muscles clamped down onto his shaft and sucked it dry. He came and came into me until there was no come left in him. Dave held my tembling buttocks as I went over the brink, my muscles knotted and strained. Dave looked down and saw our genitals merged into one. I continued to hump my pussy against him over and over, my muscles pulling on his cock for every last drop of come.

I fell on top of him and didn’t move. We laid like that for what seemed an eternity. I finally (reluctantly) pendik escort bayan pulled myself off him, releasing his sweet shaft again. Dave looked down at my pussy, which was dripping with our mingled come. ( which was also dripping onto the sheets. )

‘I think we’d better clean up, Jan. Let’s get into the shower.’ Dave told me. ‘Ah, fuck it. I never want to be clean again!’ was my breathless reply. He sighed patiently at me. Dave got off the bed and saw me spread my legs to get up, releasing the excess fluids that still resided inside me. Did he lick his lips? I could swear he had.

Dragging his eyes from my dripping fanny, Dave grabbed my hand and we walked into the bathroom.

Dave bent over to turn on the shower and waited for a couple of seconds for the water to heat up. I came up from behind and wrapped my arms around him, rubbing my still-soaking pussy into the back of his thigh. Dave turned around, kissed me and signalled for me to get into the shower. I stepped in and grabbed a bottle of body wash and squirted at him as Dave was getting in. Dave pushed me playfully against the side of the shower and squirted some body foam all over my breast. He grabbed a wash cloth and rubbed it around me breast, and I responded with a ‘Mmm that feels so good.’ Communication now returning to normal, it seems.

As his right hand rubbed my chest, his left hand fell to my pussy. Dave felt for my opening and put his fingers inside me. Dave twisted them and added a second. I gasped outloud, as my warm juices started to flow again. Damn him

I hit him playfully and my best girly voice said ‘Oh Dave. You made horny all over again!’ He just grinned at me. Fucker!

He rinsed off any remaining soap from my breast and lowered his mouth to the right one. Dave sucked its nipple, which was firm and pointy. I moaned and thrust my hips against him. He felt my left breast with his left hand. He teased the nipple, pulling on it softly. I could feel the goosebumps on my areola enlarge.

Dave released the nipples from his passion and got on his knees and faced my pussy at eye level. He lowered his mouth to my clitoris and sucked it for a second. Jesus!! The sensation was delicious. My legs almost buckled as I gasped.

Dave ran his tongue over my clitoris, which had become deeper in colour and exposed itself from its sheath. I murmured and squirmed my pelvis. Dave pushed his tongue into my little opening, twisting and turning it, rubbing the walls of my vagina. He moved a finger to my ass and slowly pushed in. I can’t even begin to describe the intensity of that sensation. I almost collapsed as Dave entered another hole of mine. I was pulling and gripping his head to my pussy as he was making love to my most intimate organs. Then it happened; I cried out ‘Fuck, oh fuck, I’m coming I’m coming!!! You fucker!!!’

My knees gave and I fell on top of him. We lay at the bottom of the bathtub holding each other as the warm water bathed us. Dave got up, and put out his hand for me to take. I got up shakily and looked down at his cock (Which was fully erect. Again. Already!) I smiled.

‘Now, I guess I’ll have to do something about your little buddy there.’ I said, pointing to my cock.

I smirked to myself. ‘After all, I know how much you love to watch me do the “Housework”…….’

By Deb

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