Sandra and Graeme

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I shuddered from the force of my orgasm as I continued to come inside her. My mind reeled from the pleasure provided by the most exquisite woman I had ever fucked and the fact that she was my lover’s wife. Sandra walked in on her husband, Graeme, and I in a heated 69 session and demanded I fuck her as a “use tax” for being with her man. Graeme was the only man I had been with, but until my encounter with Sandra I was convinced I was done with women.

Sandra was well aroused by the sight of Graeme and I sucking each other as she wasted no time with foreplay and lay on the bed and drew me to her. Her knickers were soaking as I removed them and Sandra demanded I enter her. Sandra had the wettest and softest pussy I had ever felt. I nearly came upon penetration. Sandra needed to be fucked and met my thrusts with her own. She pulled me toward her for deep kisses mixed with light ones. Her soft thin lips sent currents through me. As much as I tried to last the sheer pleasure of fucking Sandra caused me to come sooner than I wished (in the months to come I would redeem myself).

As I lay on Sandra still shaking she whispered “you finished before I did, you still have some work to do,” teasingly in my ear. All I could do was grunt in agreement.

“Lick me,” she said in more of a plea than a command. As I moved to lick her I could not help but to stop at her dark nipples. Sandra moaned as I sucked and pinched her hard nipples, but said “later” as she pushed my head toward her pussy. I had no trouble locating her clit and began to flick it with my tongue but Sandra demanded otherwise. “Clean me,” she bursa escort said. “Lick and suck your come from me then you can lick my clit.”

This was completely new to me, but Sandra had such power over me that I did not hesitate. At first the taste of my cum overpowered the taste of her wetness, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I always liked the taste of my cum in Graeme’s mouth while kissing him after he blew me, and savored the taste of his cum, but this was better. Soon I had cleaned my load from Sandra’s pussy and could only taste her sweetness. I then began to work on her clit. Sandra grabbed my head as I licked and bucked her hips as she moaned. Her moans became muffled and I looked up and saw Graeme’s cock in Sandra’s mouth. This did not last long as her moans became clearer as I continued to lick her and play with her nipples. Sandra ground her clit into my mouth and crashed into an orgasm as seemingly strong as mine.

“Kiss me, I want to taste myself,” she said. I moved up to kiss her and enjoyed a long slow kiss. As I lay on Sandra kissing her and feeling her perfect breasts, I felt Graeme’s familiar hand rub my ass cheek. I then felt the cold wetness of the lube as he applied it in me, the hardness of his cock as it rested on my cheek and his hand on my hip as he was about to take me.

I continued to kiss Sandra as Graeme lubed me up. Graeme always prepared me well with plenty of lube and an exquisite finger fuck before taking me and this afternoon was no different (save the post-coital make out session I was having with his wife). As Graeme withdrew his two fingers from my slickened bursa escort bayan hole he pulled me up by the hips so I was now on all fours. I no longer kissed Sandra but our eyes fixed in a lustful gaze. Graeme teased my hole with the head of his cock rubbing it up and down.

“Fuck me please,” I moaned in response to his teasing.

Sandra who was caressing my face with her soft hands drew me to her for a strong kiss. I was overloaded with sensation. Graeme gave me what I needed grabbing my hip with his left hand and entering me. Graeme slowly penetrated me; when he was fully in my ass he stopped and kissed my neck and nibbled my ear lobe. I can’t begin to describe the joy of that moment, Graeme’s hands on my hips, his breath and lips on my neck, his flat stomach pressed against my ass cheeks, and his cock filling my ass with his presence. Sandra added to the bliss by lightly rubbing my chest and nipples. My cock was now rock hard as Graeme began to slowly fuck me.

As I adjusted to Graeme’s slow fucking, I noticed Sandra was casually rubbing her clit.

“Scoot up, I want to suck your tits,” I whispered to Sandra.

Sandra complied and I went to work on her beautiful pert breasts, kissing the sides and the cleavage (sneaking in a lick of her armpit), before focusing on her rock hard nipples. I licked Sandra’s nipples as if they were clits before taking her right one gently between my teeth and flicking it with steady rhythm. As I increased my pace on her nipples Sandra matched me by rubbing her clit more vigorously. Graeme also increased his pace and was now fucking me steadily. As escort bursa if I wasn’t swirling in a funk of pleasure from the fine ass fucking Graeme was performing and the attention I was paying to Sandra’s hard nipples, Graeme increased the fun by stroking my cock with his well lubed hand.

Sandra’s moans and breathing indicated she was close to cumming, I was on the verge, and Graeme was now vigorously fucking me matching Sandra’s moans with his own. Sandra came first with a hard shudder, I came next all over her chest (I was surprised at the volume considering the force of my earlier orgasm). Graeme tightened his grip on my hips, announced his release with a loud grunt and I felt the warmth and force of his spray blasting my innards. Graeme continued to come shooting at least six ropes deep into me before collapsing on my back. As Graeme came deep in my ass, Sandra scooped my come from her chest and fed it to me.

While Graeme lay on top of me, Sandra got up and suggested.

“After you boys clean up feel free to join me upstairs for a bath.”

“I can’t, I have a flight to catch,” replied Graeme

“Well then, can I borrow your lover for the weekend?” asked Sandra staring at me with playful eyes.

“Sure, but he is mine when I get back.” replied Graeme.

Sandra went upstairs and Graeme and I headed toward the shower. As the water warmed Graeme and I kissed each other deeply. The eroticism of Graeme’s tongue deep in my mouth while his semen leaked from me caused me to harden. Graeme was getting aroused as well. I cleaned Graeme teasingly in the steamy shower for a long time and finished him with a nice long blow job as he was one load behind.

“Have a nice flight,” I said.

“Enjoy my wife,” he replied laughing.

I went upstairs and joined Sandra in the bath tub and did just that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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